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Richard D. Culbertson Culbertson Clan

Richard D. Culbertson Culbertson Clan

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I came across the Culbertson message board the other day , and I was surprised that not only were the Culbertson’s communicating with each other, but everybody seems to be familiar with the blue book genealogy.

I have two very old copies, 77 and 107 years old, both versions 1893 and 1923. My great, great grandmother was Margaret Arminda Culbertson ( p.112, #69). We are descendants of Irish Samuel (p.102, Part fifth, section first D), one of the original five brothers that emigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania in 1729.

My great, great aunt Barbara Ella Culbertson (in the 1893 edition but omitted from the 1923 edition), commissioned Lewis R. Culbertson to research, write and publish the Culbertson genealogy. Hence, the books have been passed down through generations.

I would be glad to update you on our family tree for the revision and I am very happy to hear that you are taking on that difficult project.

I live in Lancaster county, PA with my husband and over the years we have gone on genealogy field trips to cemeteries, looking for Culbertsons with the blue book as our guide. I would like to share photos with all of you at some point. We have found some family members of Irish John in Brandywine, PA.

Kindest regards and hope to hear from you.

revision of 1923 Culbertson genealogy

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Hello Cousin Peggy:
I look forward to receiving any information and photos that you would like to be included in the revision of the 1923 Culbertson genealogy.
I descend from 3 branches of the Culbertson family and each married a Breckenridge. I have also gone cemetery hunting with my family to Minnesota and to Pennsylvania. There I visited Middle Spring Presbyterian Church and Rocky Spring Presbyterian Church.
My grandfather purchased 4 copies of the 1923 genealogy, one for each of his children, and when that genealogy was written, my father was only 4 years old!!!
As I may have mentioned in my earlier message, I am also particulary searching for the descendants of female Culbertsons, whose families were not listed in the previous genealogies---and I am getting some very good results. I am on the computer at home until 2 in the morning many nights. Again, anything you wish to contribute would be most appreciated and I also do list the names of those who have contributed information.

Dr. Richard D. Culbertson
6428 Arthur Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76134

Robert D. Culberson Family

Sue Culberson Maynard (View posts)
Posted: 957629875000
I have been working on the Robert D. family for 20 years. I see your gg Aunt was Barbara Ellen (Ella) Hodge. I think we are from the same family as she was my gg grandmother, if we are talking about the same Barbara Hodge. Her father was John mother was Elizabeth? Did they live in Clinton Co., OH. Her husband was James Robert Culbertson? I hope it is the same family. I have made many trips to PA to Rocky Springs, Chambersburg and Culbertson Row. I enjoy talking to finding relatives I did not know before. Thanks for any infro and I will be glad to help you, too.

Revision of 1923 Culbertson genealogy

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Hello cousin Richard:
Thank you for your reply. Your family history regarding the Culbertson, Breckenridge marriages is very interesting, and you are also fortunate that your grandfather purchased copies of the blue book to be passed down.
Since I will be seeing my mother on mothers day, we can sit down and go over our family tree, so I can make sure that it is accurate information before I send it on to you.
Thanks so much for taking on this difficult project of revising the blue book. I am sure that generations of Culbertsons in the future will be grateful to you. I will get to you information on my family asap.

Kindest regards,

Cousin Peggy

Robert D. Culbertson Family

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Hi, Sue,

I am not related to a Robert D. My great, great Aunt Barbara Ella was a Culberson, not
Hodge. Her father was William and the family lived in Rimersburg, PA.
I am glad that you had the opportunity to visit Rocky Springs church and Culbertson Row.
Sorry, that I couldn't help you on your Ohio branch, but best of luck in your endeavor.

Kindest regards,

Peg Lydum

1923 genealogy

Richard Culbertson (View posts)
Posted: 958404363000
Dear Richard,
I am searching for information on some of the Culbertson in Georgia. Right now it's Thomas Jefferson Culbertson or Jefferson Thomas Culbertson. I understand he is a son of William Culbertson. I do think they are from Ireland. Would you have any information in your records about these folks? I am also interested in your 1923 Culbertson Genealoy book you talk about in your other messages. Do you know where I can find a copy for my records? I do get to the SLC Genealogy library now and then. Do you know if they have one on file. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
Diane Culbertson Rowley

female Coulter

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I was wondering if you ever found who the female Culbertson was that was married to a John Coulter? 4 children.We are trying to find info on John also to see if it is our line or not.If you have and data on her or him email me direct. TIA

Forest Culbertson

Carmen Strawn/Versa /Culbertson/Morris (View posts)
Posted: 961504058000
Hi, My Grand-father's name was Forest Henry Culbertson, I will look up the actual date of birth when I get home. Do you have any connection with this name. He lived in North Dakota, for a while, also IOWA.
Their desendents are having a Reunion in Selia, Washington, in July this year. Can't wait to talk with them gain more info about our family.

Culbertson geneology

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My gggrandmother was Martha Amanda Culbertson Ross. Her father was John A Culbertson from St. Clair Co., Mo. Do you have any info on this family? Would like to be included in your publication. What information do you need? I live very near you in TX. Martha her husband, Hannibal Ross are buried in Winn Hill Cemetary, Jack Co., TX


Posted: 965394717000
I am a new researcher in our family history. I would be interested in a copy of the Culbertson Family History. I am from the Nashville, Tennessee area. My father's family have lived here for several generations and came from North Carolina. My grandmother always said we were "Pennsylvania Dutch". Anything you could send me would be very helpful and interesting. Again, I am just starting out on my quest to do our family tree. Thank you in advance for your help.
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