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I'm looking for the following sisters: Anna Brita Andersdotter, born March 11, 1859 Torpa, Hallands, Sweden and emigrated to Alborg,Nordjylland, Denmark March 26, 1877

Her sister Britta Stina Andersdotter, born June 23, 1852 left Sweden for Denmark 1879

Any help finding these two would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Andersdotter

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According to the 1880 census Anna Brita was working at the Woergaard estate (farm/dairy).

Hjoerring, Dronninglund, Voer, Woergaard, En Gaard, 46 (1), FT-1880, C6383:

Nicolaus Christhof Ruge 58, Married, Head;
Ernestine Louise Ruge, 45, Married, Wife;
Anna Britta Andersdatter, 30, Unmarried, Servant, Sweden.

More than 20 were employed at the farm/diary, but I cut them out. The sister is not there.


Re: Andersdotter

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Karsten, thank you so much for the reply and also the websit. Am I correct that the Woergaard Estate is the website you sent me. It looks like it was/is quite a place. Also seems to have quite a history. I'm not sure if this is my Anna or not because the age doesn't match, my Anna would have been about 20 years old in 1880. However, it wouldn't be the first time they had an age wrong. I will follow this lead and also continue searching for her sister. I would love to find out if either married and if I have family in Denmark! Thanks again for the lead - Jeanne Anderson Pierotti

Re: Andersdotter

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Concerning the Woergaard estate: I should have been more precise. The dairy was on a farm (annex) that was part of the Woergaard estate. So Anna Britta was not staying in the main building.

Concerning her age: There are several Swedish workers/servants at the farm. Three are listed as 30 years old - a little suspicious. Most likely the census official asked the owner, and for people not present he just gave his estimate of the age (I've seen this before in my own family for farm workers).

Concerning the sister: There is an option that she is there but with a slightly wrong name.
Look at this list:
Johanne Britta Carlsdatter 30 Ugift Tjenestetyende Sverrig
Anna Britta Larsdatter 26 Ugift Tjenestetyende Sverrig
Auguste Larsdatter 23 Ugift Tjenestetyende Sverrig
Inge Kaise Bojsen 18 Ugift Tjenestetyende Sverrig
Anna Britta Andersdatter 30 Ugift Tjenestetyende Sverrig
Johanne Stine Andersdatter 30 Ugift Tjenestetyende Sverrig

The names could be partly incorrect (as the ages).

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