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Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers (1750-1789)

Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers (1750-1789)

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Surnames: Meyer, Meyers
Looking for info on parents and/or children of Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers. According to DAR records he was born in either Montgomery Co. or Bucks Co., PA and died at Wooster, OH. He was Lt., 1776-77, and promoted Captain, 1778, serving in Lt.Col. Ludwig Weltner's Bucks Co., PA regiment.

Re: Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers (1750-1789)

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Re: Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers (1750-1789)

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Surnames: Meyers, Myers, Beidler, Oberholtzer, Overholt, Loucks, Stauffer
After much research, I have concluded that my distant relative who claimed Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers/Myers as our ancestor in her DAR application was mistaken--Capt. Christian was from Maryland and died in Baltimore Co. in 1807. According to Along the Banks of Jacobs Creek, by Winifred Paul, the parents of my ancestor Elizabeth Myers Stauffer (1782-1878) were Christian and Mary Myers. That questionable DAR application says that Christian's father was Jacob, and that Christian had 3 daughters: Elizabeth married Abraham Stauffer, Margaret married a Rosenberger, and Mary married a Dillinger. According to A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Christian and Hans Meyer by A. J. Fretz, p81, Rev Jacob Meyer(1730-1778) had a son Christian "of a wild and roving disposition. He lived at one time in Philadelphia. Late in life he married and lived for some time in Ohio, where several daughters were born to him, but infelicities came and he lived apart from his wife. His latter days were spent with one of his daughters in Westmoreland Co., Pa." This is the closest possibility I've been able to find for my Christian. It also seems plausible because I am a descendant of Hans Meyer through his daughter Anne, wife of Jacob Beidler; their daughter Anna Beidler married Henry Oberholtzer/Overholt; their daughter Anna Overholt married Peter Loucks. Peter and Anna emigrated from Bucks Co. to Westmoreland Co. in 1800, and their son Rev. Martin Loucks married Nancy Stauffer, who was the daughter of Elizabeth Myers and Abraham Stauffer--which brings us back to Elizabeth Myers Stauffer's father Christian Myers. Still, this is just speculation, and I'd love to hear from anyone who has some hard facts that could prove or disprove my theory.

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I'm not sure if I can help you find your Elizabeth Myers Stauffer.
this is what I can tell you for certain.
IF your Christian was from Bucks Co. and he had been a Meyer changed to Myers he wasn't fighting in the Revolutionary War.
He was a Mennonite. None of the Myers/Meyer family were involved in that war. They in fact were ridiculed and accused by their neighbors of being "torries" for refusing to fight against the British.
I can't say for sure because I haven't seen his genealogy/history book for myself but it's possible our Meyer/Myers/Stauffer/Stover distant cousin (Rev. AJ Fretz) ended up confusing at least a few of the relations who's names were the same. it is confusing. I've found several of his records not lining up as far as actual historical records.

Whole families named their children the same names so you might be dealing with several cousins named Christian born to Meyer/Myers brothers all living about the same time who'd come to America together for a common cause.

Elizabeth is the most commonly used name on both the Meyer/Myers and Stauffer/Stover side with Barbara coming in a close second. I can guarantee you our ancestors weren't considering how difficult it would be for us who have ended up searching for them in the 20th/21st centuries.

Henry, John and Jacob were all the most common men's names in both families as well.
The Meyer/Myers/Stauffer/Stover relations show up repeatedly as it seems Myers were marrying Stovers in every generation from the time they first arrived in that area.

I just returned from PA after meeting with my uncle and his wife who've spent the last 25 years doing geneaological research, most of it within a 30 mile radius of Bucks Co.
What a great blessing for me that he and his wife had done their homework and had everything sorted out perfectly before I showed up carrying my own little shovel.

As far as the Myers/Stover side? not my own blood. My husband's and children's line.

I have a small booklet given to me by my husband's mother, great grandchild of Benjamin Franklin Myers, who is related to Christian Meyer/Myers and Elizabeth Stauffer/Stover through her father, son of Hannah Myers (daughter of Ben Franklin, grandchild of Michael, great grandchild of Christian from Bucks Co. PA.)

THEIR Christian is son of John Meyer, second born son of Hans who is the first Meyer/Myers ancestor to have settled in Bucks Co. PA.

Christian's son, Michael, married Elizabeth STOVER's grand-daughter, Rachel. She was Jacob Stauffer/Stover's only grandchild from his first wife, Elizabeth Swartz Stover. Rachel's last name was Kratz because her mother Elizabeth (named for her mother, Jacob Stovers FIRST WIFE) had married Philip Kratz Jr. I have located Philip Kratz' father's grave but not his own as of yet. It's possible he moved to Ohio with a wagon train of Mennonites leaving PA during the 1800's as his daughter Rachel and her husband Michael Myers had also.

The Kratz family was prominent in the Bucks County area where as were the Myers and Stovers (second generation Americans) We have little in way of that side of our family tree though, only the Stauffer/Stover side has been followed back through history.

We do know the Meyer/Myers had come from Germany through Philadelphia as Meyer and it seems the Stauffer families had also. There is though a note in our smaller family history that Elizabeth Stauffer/Stover had been an English Quaker who married into the Meyer/Myers Mennonite family. They were all living in the Plumsteadville Township and Deep Run communities in Buck's County (near Doylestown) not far from Philadelphia.

I have seen that Hans (who's first name most likely had been JOHN as every other son born to his father had been) had a brother (uncle?) CHRISTIAN who'd travelled with him to the "new world" He didn't stay in Bucks County from what I've understood according to historic/genealogical accounts we have been given. It looks like he moved farther north towards Easton. There are Meyer/Myers buried in that part of the state.

The Meyer/Myers were Mennonites,no question there. I have an obituary for my husband's mother's great grandfather Ben Franklin Myers who lived and died a faithful member of the Mennonite community he'd been part of from his birth to Michael and Rachel (Stover Kratz) Myers
in Plumsteadville PA (born Valentine's Day 1832.)

According to what I'm reading here, the Stauffer/Stover family started out as ENGLISH Quakers but at some point seem to have ended up as part of the Mennonite community by the time of the Revolutionary War.

Either way, both Quakers and Mennonites were pacifists. My mother's ancestors were Moravians who founded Bethlehem at the same time the Myers/Stovers were settling in Bucks' Co. (18 miles south) Quakertown is somewhere about half way between the two communities.

The only official story we have been given from the family (as of 1970) was on the Stover side when Jacob, father of Elizabeth who mothered Rachel who married Michael Myers was forced by either General Sherill or his father, Henry Stauffer, to go with a team that had been confiscated for the "Patriot's cause" He ended up eventually as George Washington's personal assistant by the end of the war. He wasn't carrying a gun. That story was passed on through a very elderly daughter (grandchild?) of Benjamin Franklin Myers at an annual family reunion that had taken place from about 1923 for the descendants of Benjamin Franklin (my husband's grandfather's grandfather)

My husband's grandfather never spoke to him about this history though he was at least 10 when his grandfather Benjamin died. He must have heard some of the history from his mother, Benjamin's own daughter (Christian Myers great grandchild) She was one of 14 children, mostly girls, born to Ben Franklin Myers (grandson of Christian, great grandson of John who was first generation American) The name was changed from Meyer to Myers when Michael was born in PA. (1804)as Stauffer had been to Stover about the same time.

The Mennonite community in Buck's County PA was made up of a great number of Meyer/Myers and Stauffer/Stover families who apparently travelled together from Germany where they'd been living already together in community and connected as family through marriage.
I've been searching through gravesites of those family members online as the Mennonite cemetary where most of our Myers/Stover relations were buried can be found.
Around 1830 something Michael Myers, son of Christian, (married to Elizabeth Stover Kratz) moved west to Ohio.
As I am reading ancestry sites I have concluded a number of Myers/Stover relations pulled up roots and moved WEST together.
I don't know if this will help you or not.
Just sharing what I have in way of information given me by my mother in law who is descended from Hans Meyer (father of John, father of CHRISTIAN who fathered Michael (pioneer who moved to Ohio)father of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MYERS. He is
my mother in law's great grandfather.

I can assure you no Stauffer/Stover or Meyer/Myers from Buck's Co. was willingly fighting in the Revolutionary War.

Jacob Stover (Henry Stauffer's son) was forced to take part while driving his father's team of horses and wagon which had been taken from their farm by General Sherrill for the "patriot cause"

That's another whole story. He did though have a daughter named Elizabeth who's granddaughter married a MYERS..son of CHRISTIAN.
Could it be whoever has been working on your genealogy was confused by all those same names?

It takes a whole lot of effort to sift through them all if you hope to find your own immediate line. Because my husband's mother is yet very close to the root (her Christian Meyer born in Buck's Co. 1772) there is no question at all concerning her own ancestors.

You are welcome to contact me and I'll send you what info
I have been given. It's accurate for our immediate line.
I can't promise anything from there. I do though have a whole lot of information on the Bucks County Meyer/Myers and Stauffer/Stover family that was well researched and printed up around 1970 by direct descendants of Christian Myers and his son Michael who moved to Ohio about 1830 with his wife Rachel Stover Kratz.

Karen Kolbinsky

Re: Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers (1750-1789)

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Re: Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers (1750-1789)

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Re: Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers (1750-1789)

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Re: Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers (1750-1789)

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I'll have to think about how your info may fit with mine. As to where the Wooster info came from, I have a copy of the DAR membership application of Elizabeth Stauffer Moore (#59013)from 1906--she was the g-granddaughter of Christian Myers. The application states that Christian died in Wooster, Ohio and a note says this info came from his daughter Mary, born 1789. Info noted as provided by Mrs. Moore says Christian had 3 children: Elizabeth married Abraham Stauffer, Margaret married a Rosenberger, and Mary married a Dillinger. I did find (in The Oberholtzer Book, p4) a Margaret Myers(1781-1875) married to Tillman Rosenberger; they are buried at Alverton in Westmoreland Co., where a great many of my family members going back generations are buried. I also found (in The History of Westmoreland Co., p117 and p683) a Mary Myers married to Daniel Dillinger, though it claims Mary's father was a Samuel Myers and says she was born in Lancaster Co. Daniel and Mary's son Samuel Dillinger married Sarah Loucks, sister of the previously mentioned Rev. Martin Loucks who married Abraham and Elizabeth Myers Stauffer's duughter. Elizabeth Myers Stauffer's obit from the Herald of Truth says she "united with the Mennonite church when young."

Re: Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers (1750-1789)

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Checking the dates on Michael's father Christian they don't match the dates for this Christian Meyer/Meyers.
Michael's father had been born in 1772 in Bedminster, Bucks Co. Though I found no record for his death there or a gravesite on the gravesfinder site as many of the rest of the Meyers/Stauffer families show up this Christian is born much earlier and would have been among the firstborn children of the earliest Meyer family in Pennsylvania.
It seems at least one out of each family (Meyer and Stauffer) left to move farther south then some ended up in Ohio and Indiana.
They seem to all have been related as several brothers were having children and naming them all the same first names. If Captain Meyer/Meyers had joined the war he most likely had cut ties with his Mennonite roots at that time. Of course there are many since who have and we'd have ourselves not even known my mother in law's father had descended from a Mennonite family had she not received a copy of the family history/genealogy from a distant relative. Her father's father was a Presbyterian minister.
It doesn't seem that his mother talked to her about her history or that her family from Germany had come to this country to escape religious oppression and persecution for their faith. This was all news to us.
A Myers relative in Pennsylvania says that he has seen evidence that Christian Meyer died in PA. I find it interesting that your Christian ended up in Wooster so close to this Christian's family ..exactly where my husband's grandparents lived out their lives from childhood until they came to live in NC when they could no longer care for themselves (in their late 80's, early 90's)
Would love to know their story and how they are related to the Meyer family in PA. Lancaster is close to Bucks Co. but a different community. It's the largest Mennonite community left in PA from what I understand. Many of the Mennonites there adhere to the old ways and continue to drive horses and buggies instead of cars though most seem to be more modern than the Amish who are their nearest neighbors.
The Stauffers were also Mennonites who changed their name to Stover within 3 generations of living in Bucks Co.

Re: Capt. Christian Meyer/Meyers (1750-1789)

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As I looked over your names and dates again for Elizabeth Myers (Meyer?) Have you used the gravefinder site for the Deep Run Mennonite church there?
If memory serves me right I had seen an Abraham Stauffer buried there. Of course there are so many names that are similar for each generation I can't remember the date of his death. The generation born to Henry changed the name to STOVER but I'm not sure Henry Stauffer's brothers and their children changed their Stauffer name.
Your theory is probably the correct one. I hope you find your missing link and know how frustrating it can be trying to piece things together. It would have been so good had someone in the family kept a daily journal (or at least an annual newsletter? :)
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