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Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

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Surnames: Markovic Romanic
I have family (Markovic / Romanec) that married and had their 3 children in a displaced persons camp in Kufstein, Austria from 1945-1951. She (Romanic) was displaced from Poland. He (Markovic) was displaced from Serbia.

I have a few stories told from their children....however, I would love more information. I cannot seem to find anything on-line about names or information of the camp they were in.

Does anyone else have family born in a camp during that time that is willing to share some information? Any help or a point in the right direction would really be appreciated.


Re: Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

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Surnames: MARKOVIĆ
File a request for information and records with this archive :

also you could contact this person on ancestry. as they have researched through the same archive /similar case of a Serbian DP with children born in the camp :

"Rodoslovlje" Serbian Genealogy Society

Re: Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

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i have searched for you, because never have known that in Kufstein was such a camp. now found a site that says that was in the DISTRICT Kufstein in the community Ellmau at hamlet Föhrenwald(pine-forest). also new for me!
is a not so good translation into german but can read it well. i understand the camp was built from the NS-regime planned for workers of IG-Farben
then in 1945 was used for refugees from Yugoslavia!, Hungary and Baltic Sea and also some Jewish. Eisenhower made order in Oct.1945 that Föhrenwald then only be used for jewish people. the camp was one of the latest which was closed. this happened in 1957. so from your stated time your ancestors lived there it looks for me they must have been jewish?,or.r_gc.r_pw.r...

BUT i think the info is not correct. i found other info that it was in Föhrenwald next to Munich. there must be some missunderstood. someone maybe searched for Föhrenwald and found this small hamlet of Ellmau in district Kufstein and confused. how i said i never have known that in Ellmau was a "camp". it´s a small community in the mountains. now it would be of interest if your relatives really where anywhere in the district Kufstein, Austria or in Föhrenwald, south of Munich, Germany. maybe you can clear this up.

here the info to Föhrenwald at Wolfratshausen, south of Munich. today named WALDRAM:

Re: Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

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From 1943-1948 there was an organisation called the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) which (amongst many other things)ran a camp in Kufstein from 1945-46. After 1948 the work of UNRRA was taken over by several other UN Agencies when the Marshall Plan swung into action. However the UNRRA archives are still held by the United Nations Archives and Records. Suggest you try them, although exactly how much detail they have I do not know - but it could be a start.

Re: Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

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yugaya and halpark:
Thank-you so much for the information!!! I cannot wait to check out the links you’ve given me! You’ve given me so much to think about and different leads to take off on!

I’m finding the information just as confusing as you are. Here is bit more information.

She is Polish..born in Poland..however, her maiden name is Romaneck (which is Ukrainian).

He was a born and raised Serbian with strong ties to his country before, during and most definitely after the war!

They were married in Kufstein and had their children in 1945, 1949 and 1951 in Kufstein. The story is that she was in a concentration camp. She had to make ammunition for the Nazi’s. She wasn’t treated well at all. He kept trying to escape and was shot, had his leg broken…he was not treated well either. Some of his family escaped though. There is NO mention of them being Jewish or ties to them that I can find (such as names or places of birth). It is something that I am keeping an open mind about though.

When you take into account the Austrian/Serbian conflicts throughout history AND how the Polish people were treated during WWII I am confused as to how/why they ended up alive, married, and with a family…all in Austria? The war ended in 1945…that means she was pregnant during the war. I just don’t understand why they were there.

He eventually came to Canada in 1951 and she and her children came over in 1952.

I have contacted a family member living in a city near me and we are going to get together very soon. I’m hoping she can shed some light on many of the questions that are unanswered! I’ll definitely post any new information she gives me regarding the Kufstein camp!!

Thank-you so much everyone…I really appreciate the help!

Re: Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

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also the question is if was meant the district Kufstein or the capital (samenamed) of this district. i do not really know about a camp, so if then it was not really a big one.
interesting also that only the english Wikipedia has this info (maybe the german info don´t like to show it to much that they had such a camp.....):
why don´t you ask at town-office in Kufstein directly if there was such a camp or if the marriage would be stated there:

how i said - there is the english info about Föhrenwald camp in Ellmau, Kufstein, which is not correct. as we know it was meant Föhrenwald south of Munich - so there is also possibility that the english Wikipedia based its info also on that. fact is that i don´t really know about a dp-camp in Kufstein directly, but who knows, maybe you get more info so you can figure out more.

"When you take into account the Austrian/Serbian conflicts throughout history AND how the Polish people were treated during WWII I am confused as to how/why they ended up alive, married, and with a family…all in Austria? "
often specially very young people were delayed from their countries to Germany and Austria to become Zwangsarbeiter/forced laborer there. maybe that happened to her and he possible was a prisoner of war? but the marriage makes confusing. think it was not allowed that time for such people. it would be of interest WHEN they married in Kufstein. think then after war. many mysteries.....
but i also know about people from "Yugoslavia" and other "hostile" countries who fleed at WW2 and ended up in DPCamps in Austria.

i had once a neighbor-woman who was taken as a young girl maybe 14 or 15 by the nazis from Ukraine and she had to work in Austria. interesting is that she later after war married just such a man. but that´s life....

Re: Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

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ok, now finally found something - this list shows Kufstein and that it was at Inn-river ( i wonder where exactly as the town is directly at that river). it says about ukrainians which would fit:

French sector camps
Kufstein UNRRA displaced persons camp, Kufstein: Estonian Guides,several Scout troops of different nationality, one of them was affiliated with group Wörgl I (Pfadfinder Österreichs) (?)

maybe HE was such a scout?......

in wörgl, district Kufstein I know where the barracks of the refugees were. they existed until the sixties and i know that there also were people from the Banat (Danubeswabians):
unbelieveable i found pictures of the barracks in Wörgl and did not know that they were for first for military at WW2 and later used for the displaced persons:

now my guess is that it was similar in Kufstein!

Re: Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

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now the mystery Kufstein is solved. :)
my guess was for the Enrich-Kaserne in Kufstein which was close to the Inn-river (it does´nt still exist longer since 2007 - demolished).
here the confirmation for the "camp":
"Entstanden war die Kaserne kurz vor dem 2. Weltkrieg. Während des Krieges waren dort 2.000 Wehrmachtssoldaten stationiert, nach Kriegsende 13.000 Flüchtlinge."
the barracks built in 1936 before World War II. During the war there were 2000 soldiers stationed army, 13.000 refugees after the war.

Re: Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

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Charlene, I think a bit of general background history might help. Rather potted but roughly! Until 1919 Eastern Europe was divided between three great Empires - Russian, German and Austro-Hungarian, the latter covering most of Ukraine, large parts of Poland, Hungary, most of the Balkans, lumps of Italy etc., endless different languaqes (German was the official language) and different ethnic groups. In 1919 Poland regained its freedom and independence and spread well to the east. This meant that a lot of Ukrainians (Austro-Hungarians)became citizens of Poland. Your grandmother would have been born in that inter-war Poland making her Polish by citizenship even if still ethnically Ukrainian - she may not even have spoken Polish at home. In 1939 the Russo-German pact meant that Hitler grabbed the western half of Poland and Stalin grabbed the eastern half. After the end of WW2 all the boundaries were pushed to the west permanently, mostly because Stalin's empire building plans meant he had no intention of giving up land - he just wanted more. Germany lost all her territory east of the Oder-Neisse Rivers, Poland's western border moved up to the rivers and stopped more or less at the line Hitler and Stalin had drawn in the east, i.e. the Soviet Union kept all of what had been the eastern part of pre-war Poland. However when the Nazis first invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 they were greeted as liberators by many Ukrainians, a large number of whom were German speaking. When the Nazis then behaved badly a lot of them changed their minds and fought to get rid of them. Many were deported for slave labour but there were quite a few who continued to support the Germans fighting the Red Army. When it was obvious that Germany was losing the war these people realised that they were not going to be popular with the Russians and fled in front of the Red Army to the west. There was a tragic incident in Austria when the British Control Commission forced a large number of Ukrainians who had fought with the Nazis to return to the Soviet Union despite knowing they would probably all end up in gulags or being shot. As late as the 1980s there was a famous court case in England because someone had written a book about it and someone else insisted it was/was not true - cannot remember all the details. However this does allow you to see how mixed up everyone was - almost anything could have happened to your grandmother but I think it is more likely she was Ukrainian ethnicity than a real Pole (they are very chauvinistic!) so she may have had more in common with someone of Serb extraction than might be expected - or maybe they were just two young people with nowhere to go and threw in their lot together. Do a bit of googling for maps, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Poland and Germany in the borders of c1937 and Poland/Germany today. It will help you get the picture. Oh yes - Wikipedia can be useful as a pointer but is not highly regarded by serious researchers - no peer-group reviews, anyone can add anything and anyone does! Hope this waffle has helped a bit to explain there could be several explanations. I still think trying to get the actual UNRRA records might be a good start. Good luck anyway - you have plenty tokeep you busy!

Re: Displaced Persons Camps in Kufstein, Austria

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I am so impressed!!!! Thank-you so much for your help! I don't know how to thank you!

I have much more to say...but, I'm have to head out in a few minutes. However, you may be on to something with the Polish/Ukraine information. It was believed that the Polish she spoke was different than other Poles. I thought that the cause was maybe because she was adding in a Serbian mix maybe? Or hers was correct and others different!?!? However, now I think about it, she may have been using a Ukrainian/Polish mix?!?! She was born in Tirova Woloska. I'm trying to find more about her parents to see where they were born. So far, nothing! :( OK...I have to stop reading and posting and get back to my real life hard as that is!!!! LOL ;)
Thank you again for all your help! I'll reply more when I have time...
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