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Location of Birchwood and Property of James Robertson

Location of Birchwood and Property of James Robertson

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Surnames: Robertson - Bowmaker - Birch - Deeble - Stalcup - Johnson
Can anyone help me with the current location or existence of a home known Birchwood, and also the location of the property owned by James Robertson, father of Janet Bowmaker Robertson.

I am researching the Robertson and Birch families of Northern Virginia. Especially interested in information about parents of Janet Bowmaker Robertson Birch, James Robertson and Elizabeth Bowmaker, as well as the family of her husband Joseph Birch.

Family line of my husband goes something like this:

James Robertson and Elizabeth Bowmaker
Janet Bowmaker Robertson and Joseph Birch
William Birch and unknown spouse
Elizabeth Ann Birch and Edward Karl Scarborough Deeble
Martha Jane Deeble and Samuel Fletcher Stalcup
Edward Scarborough Stalcup and Myrta Virginia Johnson

Lots of holes in my research on this line,but am willing to share what I have. All help or clues are very much appreciated.

Re: Location of Birchwood and Property of James Robertson

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Some dates are always helpful to get an idea of the time period to check.

From "Fairfax Co Wills by King:
Fairfax Co Will Book C1, page 47.
4 Sept. 1768. Feb. 1769.
Daughters: Jennett Bowmaker Robertson and Elizabeth. Sons: John and James. Gr. daughter: Elizabeth Robertson (dau. of James Robertson, Jr.). Wit: Charles Craig, Nelson Reed, James Mattingly.

From the Land Deed Abstracts by the Sparacios:
Fairfax Co. Deed Book C, page 378, Deed of lease and release dated 2 and 3 Nov 1752 between Robert DOWNMAN of Richmond Co. and James Robertson of Fairfax Co. for £45 land in Fairfax beginning the said land adjoining to the land of Even Thomas and Robertsons other tract, containing 629 acres. In presence of John Dixon, G. Johnston, Denis McCarty, Sarah Johnston.

Since the above deed indicates that he already owns land next to it, and I did not see any deed in the records prior to that date, it may be that the land was purchased before Fairfax County was created in 1742. Fairfax County was created from Prince William County and Pr. Wm. from Stafford County.

If you want to look at the deed books yourself, you can borrow microfilms of the original court books via the Interlibrary Loan of the Library of Virginia. Here is the site address to locate what they have available.

A list of counties and the available general court record films is at:

Pat Duncan

Re: Location of Birchwood and Property of James Robertson

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Surnames: Robertson, Reed
I noticed that Nelson REED was a witness to the wiil of James ROBERTSON. Does anyone know the relationship (if any) between Nelson Reed and the Robertson family?

My wife's 2G-grandfather was Nelson Reed Robertson, b. DC 1815, d. 1859 Rockville, Montgomery, Maryland. I have not been able to find his parents. I have seen speculation that his parents were Henry Baldwin Robertson, b. PG Maryland, and Lavina Loker, b. St Marys Maryland. However, no verification of any kind.

Rand Costich
Rockville, MD

Re: Location of Birchwood and Property of James Robertson

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Hi Ginny,

This is Justin Norris. I am currently interested in the Joseph Birch line as well. I am particularly interested in uncovering the link between Joseph Birch and Janet Bowmaker Robertson to James Birch and Priscilla Green. I am convinced that James Birch is the son of Joseph, however I have not found James' name on any records in relationship to other members of the Joseph Birch, particularly under Samuel Birch's line. I am descended from James Birch and Priscilla Green who birthed Robert Birch that married Mary Harrison. From there, I am descended from Christopher Columbus Birch that married Rosa Catherine Morgan in St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Would you happen to be familiar with this genealogy at all?


Re: Location of Birchwood and Property of James Robertson

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Surnames: Robertson, Stalcup, Reynolds, McDonald
Hi Justin:

I am actually researching two Robertson families and have not done as much on this line as the other one. This Robertson line is on my husbands maternal side where he descends from the Stalcup family in Fairfax County, VA.

Below is the Register Report on James Robertson and Elizabeth Bowmaker Robertson from my Family Tree file (created a report and put it in TXT format). I hope you can read it. This is all the information I have, but have not entered the information from his will which was sent on this message board in Sep 2007. I would be happy to receive any further information you have on the Birch family.

Robertson - Bowmaker - Birch FTM Register Report from Virginia R Robertson, March 10, 2008

Generation 1

JAMES ROBERTSON-1. Property 1729 in North side of Four Mile Run in Fairfax Cty, adjacent to
Abington Plantation and through present Lyon Park area. Northern Neck Land Book. He died
1769 in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.
Notes for James Robertson:
General Notes: From Arlington Heritage, by Eleanor Lee Templeman, 1959:

Page 148:
"James Robertson owned extensive tracts of land on the North side of

Four Mile Run, adjacent to Abingdon
Plantation and extending

through the present Lyon Park area. The Northern Neck Book shows that James

Robertson received 800 acres in 1729 and 629 acres the following year."

"James Robertson died in 1769, and his estate went to his son John

Robertson and daughter Janet
Robertson Birch. Interesting data on the

family is given in a suit, Alexander versus Birch. (over land along

present Shirley Hwy. awarded to Alexanders in 1790)"


Notes for Elizabeth Bowmaker:
General Notes: Book,Implied Marriages of Fairfax County, VA by Hiatt and Scott, lists Robertson,
James and Elizabeth Bowmaker (WB C1:47, 103)

JAMES ROBERTSON & ELIZABETH BOWMAKER. They were married in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.
They had 2 children.

Generation 2

JOSEPH BIRCH is the son of John Birch, Jr..

Notes for Joseph Birch:
General Notes: Lived at his townhouse in Alexandria, but owned a large plantation in Fairfax
County, VA.


i. SAMUEL BIRCH. He was born on 30 Jan 1790. He died 1878.
ii. WILLIAM BIRCH. He died on 18 Oct 1870 in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Nickname is
Generation 3

SAMUEL BIRCH-3 (Janet Bowmaker Robertson-2, James Robertson-1). He was born on 30 Jan
1790. He died 1878.
Notes for Samuel Birch:

Page 1 of 3 Monday, March 10, 2008 11:25:55 AM

Register Report

Generation 3 (con’t)

General Notes: Colonel in the War of 1812
ANN RICHARDS. She was born in Alexandria, VA.
SAMUEL BIRCH & ANN RICHARDS. They had no children.
SAMUEL BIRCH & ANN CLEVELAND. They had 2 children.

WILLIAM BIRCH-3 (Janet Bowmaker Robertson-2, James Robertson-1). He died on 18 Oct 1870
in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Nickname in Billy.
Notes for William Birch:
General Notes: William "Billy" Birch was the son of Joseph Birch and Janet Robertson Birch who
inherited vast acreage in the mid-1970’s. They had 11 children (seven sons). One son Billy lived
on North Glebe Road and named his plantation Birchland. (See Arlington Heritage, by Eleanor
Lee Templeman, page 150).

Generation 4

ELIZABETH ANN BIRCH-4 (William Birch-3, Janet Bowmaker Robertson-2, James Robertson-1).


Notes for Alice Deeble:
General Notes: See notes under Mildred.

Notes for Mildred (Aunt Suzie) Deeble:
General Notes: Mildred, called Aunt Suzie, and Alice had a boarding house at
1308 Conneticut Ave. NW near the British Embassy.

On a visit to Aunt Suzie, Hazel Stalcup Robertson Tomlin and Dick Tomlin, told
the story that Dick, in trying to make conversation with the elderly, bedridden
woman, said: "Aunt Suzie, I hear your family came over on the Mayflower." She
rose up in her bed with indignation, saying, "Those people were steerage, my
people owned their own ships."

Page 2 of 3 Monday, March 10, 2008 11:25:55 AM

Register Report

Generation 4 (con’t)

vi. MARTHA JANE DEEBLE. She was born in Arlington County, Virginia. Nickname
in Mattie.
vii. SILAS WRIGHT DEEBLE. He was born Abt. 1840.
Notes for Silas Wright Deeble:
General Notes: Silas Wright Deeble built a home about 1870 at 3833 North Glebe
Road which was lived in by two of his daughters in 1959. (See Arlington Heritage,
by Templeman, page 150)

Page 3 of 3 Monday, March 10, 2008 11:25:55 AM

Re: Location of Birchwood and Property of James Robertson

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Birchwood is a home that was built by Caleb Birch, son of Joseph and Janet (Jenette) Robertson Birch. It is located at 4572 N. 26th St., Arlington. A historic marker stands in front.

James Robertson owned extensive amount of land in what is now north Arlington. Joseph and Jenette had land that went from the Fairfax line near Glebe Rd.,near the Potomac River(near Marcey and Donaldson areas, with whom the family intermarried), nearly all the way to East Falls Church, Minor Hill, and Lee Highway. For instance, after Joseph's death, their son Samuel's land went from present day Sycamore St. to Little Falls Rd., to Lexington St., to Lee Highway. That's a huge tract, and then it was divided between his children. I grew up on a section of the original property inherited by my 2-great grandmother, Annie Birch, (daughter of Samuel and his second wife) who married Theodore Payne. Their farmhouse is still standing on Nottingham St. between N. 26th and 27th Sts.

Joseph Birch was born abt. 1750 in VA and died March 29, 1815 in Alexandria Co., DC (now Arlington). Jenette Bowmaker Robertson was born abt. 1755 in VA, married abt. 1773, and died September 20, 1811 in present-day Arlington.

Their children:

1. Abraham b. bef. 1775
2. Jacob b. bef. 1775 d. bef. Jan. 28, 1823
3. Thomas b. abt. 1775 d. aft. 1850
4. James b. abt. 1776 in Fairfax Co. (now Arlington); d. aft. 1850 mar. Priscilla Green d. aft. 1850
5. Caleb b. abt. 1779 d. aft. 1850 mar. Mary Bowling Sept. 4, 1806
6. Joseph, Jr. b. abt. 1781 died bef. Jan. 1, 1830.
7. William b. abt. 1783 died Oct. 18, 1870 mar. Elizabeth Alton
8. Elizabeth b. abt. 1785 mar. Archibald Taylor
9. Ann b. abt. 1787
10. John b. abt. 1789, d. aft. 1850
11. Samuel b. Jan. 30, 1790 in Alexandria, DC (now Arlington); died Dec. 31, 1873 in Alexandria Co., VA (Arlington).
12. Isaac b. abt. 1791

I am descended from Samuel, so have the most information on his line, although I have some on most of the others. Samuel is often called "Colonel," but it was an honorary title because he served in the War of 1812. The thing is, he was only 22 -24 at the time of the war and was a private in the militia. According to his pension file, "He was engaged at the battle of the White House" when the British set fire to it. Samuel married (1) on Mar. 9, 1815 Carey Richards dau. of Caleb Richards; Carey died in 1820, probably at or soon after the birth of their 4th child, Carrie.
Samuel married (2) on Sept. 30, 1822 Ann Cleveland, dau. of Harrison Cleveland and Sarah Richards (sister of Samuel's first wife Carey - he married his first wife's niece). They had seven children. Their daughter Annie married Theodore Payne, and her sister Margaret married Asbury Rozzel Payne. The two men were brothers, sons of John Payne of Georgetown and Munson Hill.

You will see Orlando listed as a child of Samuel and Ann (it even says this in a census) but he is actually the child of Samuel's never-married daughter Carrie. I have proven this by wills and deeds. This is one of the major mistakes in Steadman's book Falls Church By Fence and Fireside. Even with some mistakes, I still highly recommend the book. Just verify your information! Another book that has much about the Birch family is Arlington Heritage by Eleanor Lee Templeman.


Nelson Reed Robertson

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Mr. Costich:
Could you please provide me with information that Nelson Reed Robertson died at Rockville, MD? Source? Many thanks.
Phyllis Jensen
Mitchellville, MD

"My wife's 2G-grandfather was Nelson REED ROBERTSON, b. DC 1815, d. 1859 Rockville, Montgomery, Maryland. I have not been able to find his parents."
Rand Costich
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