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photos 1859c new zealand Maoris in Austria

photos 1859c new zealand Maoris in Austria

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Surnames: Te Rerehau, Toetoe
Two Māori in Vienna

Wiremu Toetoe and Hēmara Te Rerehau indigenous people of New zealand joined the crew of the Austrian frigate Novara in 1859, and sailed for Vienna. There, they met the Austrian emperor Franz Josef, and were intrigued by all that they saw. Te Rerehau wrote:

‘[Austria] is a very fine country, and the way people live is really excellent. The people of Austria are very kind to us the British back in NZ do not treat us kindly.

From all accounts they were treated like kings and there 12 month visit was well documented in Austrian newspapers. Can someone find these clippings and hopefully photos of there time in Austria
Thanks so much the gt/4 grandson of Hemara Te Rerehau

Re: photos 1859c new zealand Maoris in Austria

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Here is a document created on the occasion of a 2001 exhibition in Graz, Styria, Austria to mark the 150th year of the voayage of the Novara.

about the Austrian Novarra expedition to Australia and New Zealand. It is all in German but if you scroll down to page 6 there at the bottom is a picture of Wiremu Toetoe Tumohe and where your ancestor is mentioned.

Page 14 has some pictures of landmarks.

On page 19 it states that during a later expedition in 1885 the ship's commander asked the Maori king if he could meet the two Maori who had been in Vienna but "despite king Tawhiao personally trying to arrange the meet, he was not able to meet them".

The passage above the handwritten account is a translation of that. Here it states:

"We made a trip to the country's hinterland. First by rail to Te Avam the last railway station before the border to the King Country. There we took a car to Kiki and spent the night at Major Jackson's house. The next day we visited the battle scenes of the last Maori war and met the headman of the Manukiri tribe Tamatin (who was the father in law of Kig Tawhiao. From there we continued on to the Maori village Watiwatihow, via Alexandra, where wee met several tribal leaders including the king's son. The sailor who travelled back to Vienna with the Novara currently has the position of minor tribal leader, he is called Te Hemera. I was not able to speak to him although he had been notified of our coming by telegraph by a tribal leader."

Page 21 has photos of King Tawhiao and his wife.

Hope you enjoy the report, it is truly amazing. Maybe I can find some more things, including newspaper reports.

Re: photos 1859c new zealand Maoris in Austria

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Here some more:

short, but very intereting - in English!

Re: photos 1859c new zealand Maoris in Austria

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And some more, fascinating!

And the last, which includes THE book written by Hochstetter about the journey of the Novara. The one to look at is the second book on the list. Maybe a library can get it for you. Or an Antiquarian book shop.

Good luck!

Re: photos 1859c new zealand Maoris in Austria

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And, finally, the Vienna Newspaper. It was printed every day, so I am afraid you will have to look through each edition.
Happy hunting!

Re: photos 1859c new zealand Maoris in Austria

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Sorry for slow reply email still going to an old email.

Thanks so much for the info.
Sending this message and then I will start searching the sites
you have given me
Cheers John

Re: photos 1859c new zealand Maoris in Austria

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Hello Just started reading really exciting thank you.
You must have spent some time sorting this for me
Thanks again

Re: photos 1859c new zealand Maoris in Austria

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OK, it was a bit of work, but it was so interesting I couldn't stop!.
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