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Stramslaurnes, Austria

Stramslaurnes, Austria

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Surnames: HNATIUK
I recently came across the ship manifest of the SS Merion which sailed from Liverpool, England on the 3rd of May, 1911. The manifest listed my Great-Grandparents, Rozskis(Rose) and Onufry HNATIUK on it. It shows a town of birth, possibly for Rozskis, as Stramslaurnes, Austria. I haven't been able to find any information on this town and was wondering if someone might be able to shed some light?

Thank you,
Daryll Slimmer

Re: Stramslaurnes, Austria

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Austria of old
Austria of present:

Can you provide a scan of their arrival manifest?
Only going by the surname HNATIUK, I think your ancestors were from historical region Galicia. Austria.


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Re: Stramslaurnes, Austria

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I do not have access to a scanner right now but hope to have one soon.

The biggest problem that I am having is not knowing if Onufry HNATIUK was born in Poland or Austria. I, as well as my mother, were always told by Onufry's son, Walter, that his parents were born in Poland.

Onufry list on his SS5 Application the following as his birthplace: Austria(Now Poland) which might have something to do with border changes. His parents are listed as Wasil HNATIUK and Ksania POLIUK if the other surname offers any clues.

Re: Stramslaurnes, Austria

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You did look on the 2 maps that I provided, right.
It was Austria-Hungary and now it can be Poland or Ukraine depending on the name/location of the village. Your research will not be in Austria.

Your ancestors were Ruthenian/Rusyn. Again judging by the first and last name.
Are any of the HNATIUKs who arrived thru NY Ellis Island related to your ancestor?
By any chance your Onufry was naturalized citizen? His intent and petition would have a place of birth.

Poliuk, Prokop Starawies, Galicia 29 1884 1913
Poluch, Rudolf Starawies, Galicia 16 1898 1914
Poluch, Wiktoria Starawies, Galicia 27 1887 1914

Re: Stramslaurnes, Austria

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Re: Stramslaurnes, Austria

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Thank you for the link. As of right now, none of the names ring a bell or show a relation, while I am sure that with more research they will. All information I have stops at Onufry HNATIUK and so the real digging begins.

Re: Stramslaurnes, Austria

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Thank you, I did see the border changes, very interesting.

I do not have a copy of his naturalization paperwork but I have a transcript of it which list Poland as his place of birth.

I am thinking that the only research that I will have to do in Austria are residence searches since they moved there from Poland it seems.

As far as the Ellis Island HNATIUKs, I have made no connection yet but I am sure a connection will be made later down the road.

Re: Stramslaurnes, Austria

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You're welcome Daryll.

Don't understand that you have a transcript of his naturalization paperwork. Can you explain.

Does anyone in the family has his naturalization certificate? Of course, no mention of a placename on it but at least it would give you where the intent was filed.

How you know that they moved from Poland to Austria when in them old days it was Austria.

Do you know which port he came thru? We might be able to find someone to locate it for us and thus seeing the "Stramslaurnes" with my eyes should be able to unscramble and find the location for you.

Family went to family in the beginning so any other surname?

Re: Stramslaurnes, Austria

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My grandfather at one time had the naturalization paperwork and copied the information from it. The country of birth is listed as "Poland"

His application for a SS# lists his place of birth exactly as "Austria(Now Poland)"

I have an old note which lists my Grandfather, Onufry HNATIUK as being a corporal in the Austrain Police Force and his brother Mich as being a captain in the Austrian Police Force.

They (Onufry and Rose HNATIUK) arrived on the SS Merion at the Port of Philadelphia on 15 May 1911.

The only other surnames I have at this time are Poliuk(Onufry's mother's maiden) and Buzynski(sp) which is Roses maiden name.
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