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Thompson Brown

Thompson Brown

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Surnames: Brown, Nance, Jamison
I wondered if anyone has seen or knows anything of a 'THOMPSON BROWN' that was in the Williamson Co, TN area back in the 1828 period of time. He is mentioned a couple of times in name only. He is mentioned along with the names RUFFIN BROWN, JAMES P. BROWN, HENRY BROWN, and a WILLIAM BROWN. Is anyone familiar at all with this group of family? Does anyone have any books on this Brown family they might be able to look up the names listed above in and see if there is any hint of their relationship. I do know that James P. Brown and Henry Brown were brothers, but don't know how they are related to Thompson, Ruffin and William Brown. I do have the probate of Ruffin Brown, but no hint again as to his relationship with the others named above. They were definately not his children.
Any help would surely be appreciated.
Thanks, Kathy Wells.

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Jess Brown (View posts)
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Ms. Wells: I have a Thompson Brown b. jul. 1826 Jeff. Co., Al. m Nancy Owen b 17 Dec. 1822 Jeff. Co., Al. This Thompson Brown was the child of John Brown b. 1765 Spartanburg Dist., SC. d 1847 Starkville, Oktibbeha Co., MS. And Betty (Red-Deer) Crawford (reportedly dau of a Cherokee chief) b 1762 Spartanburg Dist., SC. d 1809 same place. Thompson was one of their seven children. John Brown was a Mason, and fought (alongside his father, Andrew Brown,) during the AM. Rev. at the battle of Kings Mtn. Not sure. Hope this helps, though.

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Surnames: Brown
Where was your Ruffin Brown born and died? What was his wife's name and children?

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Ancestors of Ruffin Brown

Generation No. 1

1. Ruffin Brown, born Bet. 1760 - 1770 in Prob. Henry Co., Virginia; died April 18, 1838 in Williamson Co, Tn. He was the son of probably William Brown? and Margaret. He married (1) Jean Jamison November 08, 1794 in Franklin Co, VA. He married (2) Mary P. Sudbury August 17, 1837 in Williamson Co, Tn..

Notes for Ruffin Brown:
-------1783 - Henry County, VA Tax - Thomas Brown & Negroes Nann & Jacum (1 tithe, 2 slaves 2 Horse 2 cattle); next to him is William Brown & negro Luce (1 tithe, 1 white tithe over 21, 1 slave, 1 horse); 5 down the page is: John Brown (1t, 1 white t, 1h, 2c), next to him Starke Brown (2t, 1wt, 1h, 2c) and about 8 down is Augustine Brown & William Brown and negroe Milley (2tithe, 1over21, 1slave, 4h, 12c)
-------1784 - Henry, VA tax - Augustine Brown, William Brown & negro Milley (2t, 1 over 21, 1under 16, 1 slave, 4h, 9 c); about 15 down is William Brown (1t, 1over 21, 2h, 7c)
-------1785 - Henry, VA tax - William Brown (1t, 1over 21, 1h, 14c); about 10 down is Stark Brown (1t, 1over 21, 2h, 4c); further down is Augustine Brown & 2 negro (1t, 1over 21, 2 slaves, 4h, 8c)
------1786 - Henry, VA tax - No Augustine; Davis Brown (1t, 1over 21, 3c); about 8 down is William Brown & 2 young negroes (2t, 1over 21, 2h, 1c); next to him is Starke Brown (1t, 1over 21, 2c);
------1787 - Henry, VA tax - Starke Brown (0-0-0-0-1-2); Augustine Brown (0-1-4-1-6) Augustine might be listed as over 21 and when they are aged and sickly they are exempt from taxes which might be why he has no tithes.
------1788 - Henry, VA tax - Stark Brown (1white tithe,0 black over 21,0blacks 12-?, 0?, 2horses); 6 down is William Brown (2-0-0-0-2); in another district is Augustine Brown (2-1-0-0-3) These were not real clear this year;
-------1789 - Henry, VA tax - William Brown (2 white tithe, 0 black over 16, 0 black 12-16, 3 horses); on next page is Starke Brown (1-0-0-4);
------1790 - Henry, VA tax - Augustine Brown (1 white tithe, 1 black over 16, 0 blacks 12-16, 3 horses or cattle); in another district is Stark Brown (1-0-0-3) and about 10 down is William Brown (2-0--0-3);
-------1791 - Henry, VA tax - Starke Brown (1-0-0-4); way down the page is William Brown (1-0-0-3);
-------1792 - Henry, VA tax - William Brown (1-0-0-2) and next to him is Ruffin Brown (1-0-0-2)
------1793 - Henry, VA tax -William Brown (2-0-0-3) and next to him is Ruffin Brown (1-1-0-3). Ruffin had a black over 16 with him.
------1794 - Henry, VA tax - Ruffin Brown (1-0-0-2)(no black here with him); 3 down is John Brown (1-0--0-0); 3 down is Thomas Brown (1-0-0-0); 3 down is William Brown (3-1-0-2);
-------1795 - Henry, VA tax - John Brown; 2 down is Thomas Brown; next to him is John Brown; about 15 down is William Brown (3-2-0-2); and 3 down is Ruffin Brown (1-0-0-3)
------1796 - Henry, VA tax - only one I found was William Brown (3-1-0-3);
------1797 - Henry, VA tax - John Brown (1-0-0-0); next to him is Thomas Brown (1-0-0-0); 6 down is William Brown (4-1-0-5)
Ruffin Brown did not appear again after 1795. He married in Nov 1794 and this must be about when he moved to Tennessee.

----- Nov 8, 1794 - "Marriage Bonds Franklin Co, VA" Book 1-1787-1853, pg 15 - Marriage of Ruffin Brown to Jean Jamison, Robert Stockton was Minister
------1802 Deed - Williamson Co, TN - Ruffin Brown bought land on Donelson Creek,
------1810 Tax records show Ruffin owns 106 acres at (l/4 B. Harp?),
-----Jan 1810 Assault on James, a slave of Oliver Williams. "Loose Records of Williamson Co, Tn.";
----- May 1, 1810 Williamson Co, Tn. assault & battery on Moses Chambers. "Loose Records of Williamson Co, Tn.";
------1812 tax records, Ruffin owns 106 acres land on Spencers Creek. This also shows a Sterling Brown with 125 acres on Nelson Creek;
-------1820 Williamson Co, TN census - Ruffing Brown 1-1-0-0-3-1-1-0-1-1
----Feb 13, 1821 Edward Smith married Polly Brown. They married at the home of Ruffin Brown, Thompson Brown was bondsman; "Williamson Co, TN marriage records 1800-1850" (at Ft worth Library)
-----Aug 1826, In "loose records of Williamson Co, Tn.", Henry Brown & Wife Susan vs. Stephen Nolen. Stephen Nolen claimed Susan committed adultery with her brother-in-law Maj. James Brown. It was also reported by William Brown, and Stephen Nolan claimed he had also heard this from Thompson Brown, Ruffin Brown and others. (This indicates a relationship between these Browns).
------Jan 1829 Ruffin Brown appointed guardian for children of William Jamison dec'd. possibly a brother-in-law.
------1830 Williamson co, TN census - ruffin Brown 60-70;
----- 1837, Aug 17, - "Williamson Co, TN Marriage records 1800-1850" pg 23 shows Ruffin Brown married Mary P. Sudbury,his second wife ;
------"Obituaries of Williamson Co, Tn.", pg 22 - Ruffin Brown died Wednesday 18th April, old and highly esteemed., April 20, 1838;
---"loose records of Williamson Co, Tn." pg 87, ruffin Brown died April 1838. Left widow Mary P. and children: Patsey, Mary, Ann M., Jesse and John J. Mary P. said that they had a son William who left 11 July 1828 unmaried and without issue and has not been heard of since by the family.
----- Inventory of Estate & Probate Records, names his children and second wife;
NOTES: The information below is in relation to trying to figure out who the parents of Ruffin are:

Possible connections:
Franklin co, Marriages:
Abner Bird married Jane Jamison March 11, 1791.
George Kerby married Elender Jamison, 1799.
John Holcomb married Nancy Jamison, 1799.
Charles Perrin married Catherine Jamison, 1799.
John Jamison married Katherine Boone January 6, 1806.

WILLIAM RUFFIN BROWN infant s/o Sterling C. and Mary E. Brown of no. Ala.; died Pulaski Co., Tenn., June 16, 1857.
Check this out for sure............

Thomas Browne ca 1680 - 1718 & Christian Maule

Thomas Browne we are sure is in another John Browne family (they may be related as uncles, cousins,but couldn't be sure of this). Our Thomas is the son of John Browne, Jr,( who came from England to Isle of Wight, married Mary Boddie (prominent Quaker family) then settled in Chowan Precinct in approx 1706) Thomas's wife is Christian Maule. Thoams's son Edward married Prudence ? founded 3 churches including Browns Bap. in Sampson Co. NC which is still very active. One of Edward's granddaughters married into the McCullen side of our family in Sampson Co in the 1800s. My grandmother remembered Granny Lucy Brown McCullen and the begats that brought them to that point. Also, have found some other stuff on websites that point to this as the established connection. Thomas' and Christian's connection. Would love to know if our families intersect in some way , though. Let me know if you want any info I have.
Kindest Regards, Kathryn Hamilton

(Notice the Jesse, Ruffin, Thomas, and other similar names to my Lines, could one of the Williams below be father to my Ruffin?);
Children of Thomas Browne died 1718 & Christian:
1. Sarah Browne ca 1700 - married by 19 July 1715 Daniel McDaniel
2. Thomas Brown ca 1703 - 1738 married by 14 Nov 1728 Jane Williams dau of George and Joanne
a. Mary Brown ca 1729 -
b. Thomas Brown ca 1730 -
c. Arthur Brown ca 1732 - 1783 Bertie Co
i. JESSE BROWN died 1817 Bertie Co married Elizabeth
1. John Brown under 21 1817
2. Sarah Brown under 21 1817
3. Thomas Brown
4. Mary Brown under 21 1817
6. RUFFIN BROWN under 21 1817
ii. Arthur Brown
iii. Mary Brown married John Young
iv. Elizabeth Brown
v. Peterson Brown died ca Sept 1823 NH co married Margaret
1. Thomas Brown
2. William S Brown rem to GA 1839 married 24 Nov 1835 Eliz Wood
3. Mary Brown
4. Margaret Brown
vi. Henry Brown
vii. Stephen Brown died ca Dec 1826 NH co married Mary
1. Peterson Brown
2. Stephen Brown
3. Joseph Brown
d. Elizabeth Brown ca 1734 -
e. Sarah Brown ca 1736 -
f. Priscilla Brown ca 1738 -
3. William Brown ca 1706 -
4. John Brown ca 1709 -
5. Edward Brown ca 1712 - [Edgecombe Co]
6. Howell Brown ca 1715 - [Jones Co]
7. James Brown ca 1718 -

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Surnames: Brown
Wow !

Here is all that I know;

William Brown, b. 1792, North Carolina wife Tempy (probably Temperance) Tempy b. 1796, Virginia.
1860 Census, Rusk County, Texas

children of William Brown and Tempy;

1. William Brown, b. 1814, South Carolina wife E. J. (born in Alabama) children: James, S.A.,Benjamin, John, William, Emily.(all born in Tennessee)

2. M. G. Brown, b. 1815, North Carolina wife Caroline, (b. Tennessee)children: Medora, A.E., John, male, and infant.(all born in Tennessee)

3. Ruffin Brown b. abt. 1828, North Carolina; d. 1874, Brazos County, Texas. Wife Martha Pankey. Martha daughter of Mastin Pankey and granddaughter of Stephen Pankey
Richmond county, North Carolina Estate Records.
1870 Census, Brazos County, Texas

Children of Ruffin and Martha Pankey
1. Cora Brown, b. 1854, Tennessee married James Stallings, Brazos County, Texas.
2. Alphonso Brown, b. 1856, Texas.
3. Tabitha Ann Brown, b. 1858, Texas married Duncan Louis Terry, Brazos County, Texas.
4. Rebecca Brown, b. 1860, Texas.
5. Hubbard Brown, b. 1867, Texas.

4. Booker Brown, b. 1836, North Carolina; d. 1870, Brazos County, Texas. Married Milly (b. North Carolina). children: Veronica (b. Tennessee),

These two are living with Booker and Milly, but are too old to be their children. 1860 Census
James T (b. North Carolina). Elvira (b. South Carolina),

Mr. Ruffan BROWN accidentally killed his brother, Booker BROWN, about 8 miles from Bryan; Booker was partially insane at the time because of the death of his wife. Galveston Tri-Weekly News, 30 Mar.1870, p.1, col.5; (Houston) Times, 31 Mar.1870, p.2. Mr. "Hooker" BROWN, aged 43; died Mar.1870; born N.C.; widowed. 1870 Brazos Co. Mortality Schedule, family no. 1350

BROWN, Ruffin
Hubbard, Rebecca, Tempe and Tabitha BROWN, minors, parent not named; case 25 filed 12 June 1874; case 124 filed 24 Feb.1877. WPA Probate Index. Probate packet 25. Tabitha (17), Rebecca (14), Tempe (11) & Hubbard (6) BROWN, minor children of Ruffin BROWN. Brazos Genealogist, v.16, no.1, p.12. Alphonzo BROWN was appointed guardian of Rebecca, Tempe & Hubbard BROWN, minors; 23 Mar.1877. Brazos County Probate Minutes, Book E, p.40.

Don't know what happened to them, haven't found them in any other census. Don't know where any of them except Alphonzo and Tabitha are buried.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Surnames: Tempe Brown
I am researchinh my family and my mother says that my great grandmother is Tempe brown..I am not sure if she is the same person you are aware of..if you have found anything further would you please email me.
Thank you

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Surnames: Brown
I have found nothing further on Rebecca or Tempe Brown. I would love to. What do you know about your Tempe Brown? Year of birth, birth place, marriage, siblings, children. I would love to find a connection to my Browns if possible.
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