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McDuffa Cemetery, Mississippi

McDuffa Cemetery, Mississippi

Mittie Pounders (View posts)
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Surnames: Pounders, Rea, Jones, McDuffa, Jones, Chaffin, Marshall, Clark, Riner, Smith, Smitherman, Davis, McElrath, Perkins, Whitehead, Waldrop, Clegg, Tyra, Adams, Hatley, Baggett, Marshall,Gunter, Stokes
On decoration day this year I surveyed this cemetery. My Dad and many of his family is buried here. I thought I would share it with you.

McDuffa Cemetery; Hamilton, Monroe County, Mississippi
When/Where=Survey June 13, 2004, by Heather Kent, Mittie Pounders Corbett and Janie Bush.
Background=The land was donated by Henry Freman and America McDuffa. He was my Great Uncle.
Records=Last Name First Name Middle/Maiden Row BirthDate DeathDate Notes
Cemetery=McDuffa Cemetery
Location=USA, Mississippi, Monroe, Hamilton
Address=McDuffie Cemetery Road, Hamilton, Monroe County, Mississippi; Hamilton is located between Columbus and Aberdeen on Highway 45.
Turn east onto Hamilton road for about 100 yards and then turn left on Cockerham Road. Cockerham Road intersects with Center Hill road, turn
left onto center hill road. Go about 1/4 mile and turn right onto McDuffa Cemetery road. The cemetery is on the right beside "The Church of God of
Prophecy Church". Approximately 2-4 miles.
<(*)denotes Double head stone>
(Surnames in Bold)

Last Name; First Name; Middle/Maiden; Birth Date; Death Date; Notes

Pounders, Don DeWayne b.1 Feb, 1958 d.22 Jun.,1977; Beloved Son of Cephas and Velma
Davis, Bobby Wayne b.11 Oct 1938 d.16 May, 1997
Adams, Candice Rene' b.15 Dec 1979 d.22 Jul., 1980; Mother & Dau.Killed in Auto Accident
Adams, Vickie Rosaret b.27 Sept 1959 d.22 Jul., 1980; Mother & Dau. Buried together
Pounders, Della Smith b.17 Mar 1911 d. Wife of Daniel Wed.June10,1932*
Pounders, Daniel M.(Morgan) b.31 Oct. 1912 d.16 Dec., 1983; Husb. Of Della,wed June 10,1932*
Pounders, Oneal B.(Boyd) b.12 Nov.1928 d.8 Aug. 1988; TSGT US AirForce Retired, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Pounders, Aaron Irvin b.1 Sept., 1916 d.13 Nov. 1998 Husb. Of Margaretta*
Pounders, Margaretta (Coleman)b. 22 Jun. 1930 d. Wife of Aaron*
Pounders, Amon Cecil b.29 Sept. 1918 d.26 Dec. 2002 Husb. Of Gussie*
Pounders, Gussie Mae (Rea) b.13 Jan. 1922 d. Wife of Amon*
Jones, William E. b.16 May 1929 d. Husb. Of Ruth Eloise*
Jones, Ruth E. (Eloise) b.14 Apr. 1932 d.5 Dec.1998 Wife of William E.*
Pounders, Paul Price b.12 July 1910 d.27 Apr. 1976 Husband of Jewel* Inscript. "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."
Pounders, Jewel Sutton b.20 Jun. 1913 d.19 Oct. 2001 Wife of Paul Price*"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."
Pounders, Mary Wilma (Perkins)b.23 Jun. 1923 d.6 Oct. 1970 “Tho last to sight, to memory dear”*
Pounders, Zalmon L.(Leonard) b.16 Aug 1920 d.6 Sept 1989 “To live in our hearts we leave behind is not to die”* TEC 4 US Army WW II.
Pounders, Cephas E.(Elminey) b. 26 Oct 1914 d.19 Jun. 1967 “Dust thou are to dust returneth was not spoken of the soul”* Husb. Of Velma
Pounders, Velma (Purser) b.25 Dec 1917 d.24 May 1968 Wife of Cephas*
Pounders, William O.(Oden) b.8 Nov 1932 d.6 Dec 1963 CPL 155 Inf. 31 Dixie Div.
Belue, Bernice O.Ora) Pounders b.17 Apr 1922 d.1 Oct 1987
Pounders, Nathaniel L.(Jackson)(Sonny Boy) b. 13 Sept 1926 d.3 Sept 1995; Stung by Wasp and Allergic. Did not make it to get addreline shot.
Hatley, Johnny M. b.23 July 1952 d.18 Oct 2003
Smith, Edward Ray b.13 Dec 1932 d.18 Dec 1998 Loving Father/Loving Mother/Wed. 4 Apr 1952*
Smith, Opal Baggett b.7 Jun 1931 d. Loving Father/Loving Mother/Wed. 4 Apr 1952*

Baggett, Charley ? b.31 May 1898 d.26 Oct 1962 “Earth holds no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal*
Baggett, Estelle ? b.11 June 1905 d.4 July 1986 “Earth holds no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal*
Gunter, Kenneth Earl b.22 Dec 1968 d.22 Dec 1968 “A Sunbeam from the world has vanished. We miss you so much Eddie. Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Gunter. Only Sleeping.
Marshall, Homer J. b.12 Oct 1899 d.18 Apr 1976 “Husb. Of Pearlie*
Marshall, Pearlie E. b.25 Mar 1905 d.13 Jun 1979 Wife of Homer*
McElrath, John Henry b.1 Apr 1908 d.18 July 1976 Husb. Of Mona*
McElrath, Mona Elizabeth b.25 Nov 1913 d.12 Aug 1996 Wife of John*
Thomas, Cora Ann (Poole) b.7 Dec 1898 d.16 Jan 1978
Pounders, Norman Doyle(Moochie) b.6 Nov 1947 d.16 Jan 1978 SGT US Army, Vietnam; Husb. Of Kathryn*
Pounders, Kathryn Ann (Kathy) b. 14 Sept 1959 d. Wife of Norman*
Pounders, Dealie A. b.3 Mar 1897 d.4 Feb 1959 "Thy Kingdom Come" Wife of Norman G.*
Pounders, Norman G. b.3 May 1894 d.26 Mar 1968 Husb. Of Dealie*
Pounders, Edward L. b.3 Jun 1927 d.28 Apr 1998 Pvt. US Army, WW II
Hatley, Elvia E. b.17 Feb 1898 d.8 Aug 1994 "I Have Kept the Faith" Wife of John*
Hatley, John W. b.25 Aug 1893 d.4 Mar 1966 Husb. Of Elvia*
Hatley, Lola Mae b.7 Jan 1926 d.30 Jan 1985 "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall Not want." Hatley, Bodie P. b.18 Jan 1918 d.26 May 1998 "Our Loving Mother"
Hatley, L. W. (Bill) b.4 Mar 1918 d.31 Oct 1975
Rea, L.(Louria) W.(Waymon)Jr. b.11 Feb 1932 d. wed. 5 Jul 1950; Husb. Of Ethel*
Rea, Ethel Faye (Hacker) b.19 Dec 1933 d.16 Mar 2000 "Gone but not Forgotten" Wife of L. W. Jr.*
Rea, Mary Icy Bell (Jones) b.26 Jan 1898 d.14 Dec 1989 "We Love you Truly” wed. 8 Jan 1919*
Rea, Louria Waymon b.31 Dec 1897 d.27 Feb 1963 Husb. Of Mary Icy Bell*
Jones, Luke Elbert b.20 Jun 1891 d.7 Jan 1959 "Gone but not Forgotten"(Brother of Mary Icy Bell Rea)
Perkins, Bessie (Rea) b.3 Oct 1924 d. wed. 11 Oct 1941*; wife of Johnny Balcom
Perkins, Johnny Balcom b.11 Feb 1914 d.25 Mar 1991 Husb. Of Bessie*
Smith, Dave b.29 Jun 1909 d.29 Dec 1970
Smith, Wilson Edward b.10 July 1973 d.1 Dec 1973 "May he rest in Peace"MISS PEC US Army WW II
Smith, Dallas M. b.2 Oct 1913 d.29 Nov 1990 Pvt. US Army, WW II
Crump, Mary P. b.2 May 1918 d. "Their Toils are past, Their work is done,
they fought the fight and the victory is won."
Crump, Carl V. b.1 Sept 1912 d.5 Aug 1977 Husb. Of Mary*
Whitehead, Nora J. b.11 Aug 1894 d.14 Dec 1984 Wife of William*
Whitehead, William W.(Washington) b.8 May 1880 d.24 Aug 1956 Husb. Of Nora*
Smith, Infant b.31 Mar 1943 d.31 Mar 1943 Dau. Of Annie Lee and Dan
Smith, Mary F. b.21 May 1882 d.4 Oct 1971 wed 12 Jan 1905
Smith, Luin b.27 July 1879 d.2 Jan 1964 Husb. Of Mary F.
McDuffa, America Tennessee (Pounders) b.23 Jan 1885 d. 1971 (Twin) Wife to Henry*; "Death is eternal life, why should we weep."
McDuffa, Henry Freeman b.1 Mar 1905 d. 1970 Husb. Of America Tennessee
Smith, Mearl Clatin b.3 Jan 1923 d.30 Jun 2002 "In Jesus Christ"
Waldrop, James M. b.2 Jan 1886 d.14 Aug 1965 Husb. To Edna. "Gone But Not forgotten"
Waldrop, Edna Mac b.17 Feb 1898 d.1 Aug 1986 Wife to James
Clegg, Lester Loyd b.16 Nov 1912 d.18 Aug 1980 Husb. Of Mildred*
Clegg, Mildred P. (Pounders) b.16 Feb 1924 d.3 Feb 1995 Wife of Lester*
Rea, Luther Carlton b.13 Dec 1893 d.1 Apr 1968 Husb. Of Florence*
Rea, Florence Corine b.24 Feb 1900 d.17 Dec 1982 Wife of Luther*
Tyra, Clyde b.29 Sept 1924 d.25 May 1990
Tyra, Louis A. b.26 Dec 1905 d.28 Mar 1981 Husb. Of Fannie* "Memory Lane"
Tyra, Fannie Irene b.17 Mar 1906 d.4 Aug 1988 Wife of Louis*
Chaffin, Billy Joe b.7 Jun 1941 d.27 Oct 1974 "May he rest in Peace" Killed in Auto Accident
Wooten, James Charles Ray b.22 Apr 1990 d.22 Apr 1990 "Our Angel In Heaven"
Marshall, Hurbert "Bill b.1 Dec 1930 d.28 Mar 1985
Marshall, Velma Virginia b. 19?6 d.8 Jun 1905 (unable to read birthdate funeral marker)
Clark, Rev. Clarence W. b.27 July 1906 d.22 Feb 1970 "A Precious one from us is gone to live with Jesus."
Clark, Barbara C. b.21 Sept 1907 d.4 Jun 1972 Wife of Rev. Clarence*
Clark, Walter C. b.21 Dec 1932 d.1 July 1982
Riner, Margie F. b.16 Sept 1938 d.8 Sept 2002 "They gave their today for our tomorrow."
Riner, Charles O. b.18 Apr 1928 d. Husb. Of Margie*
Smitherman, Mary Nell b.17 Dec 1939 d.11 May 1979 "No Sorrow that Heave Cannot heal"*
Smitherman, Rev. Robert L. b.24 Mar 1935 d. Husb. Of Mary Nell*
Smith, Steven Wayne b.7 Sept 1970 d.23 Dec 1988
McDuffie, Georgia L. b.19 Apr 1920 d. Wife of Henry*
McDuffie, Henry E b.13 Jun 1916 d.16 May 1981 Husb. Of Georgia*
McDuffie, Hoyet Donald b.2 Dec 1940 d.3 Jan 1986 “A Memorial from Don”
Stokes, Jason E. b.26 Oct 1980 d.26 Oct 1980
Rea, Brooklyn Denise b.21 Aug 1982 d.21 Aug 1982
Winter, George W. b.8 July 1949 d.26 June 1987 SP5 US Army, Vietnam

Re: McDuffa Cemetery, Mississippi

Nell McDuffa Colglazier (View posts)
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Looking for Info on Center Hill Cem. Freeman McDuffa was also my Great uncle. My grand parents were John and Lydia McDuffa. I am Trying to get as much i can, would love to know your family. Please email me. I have some Info .To Share.
Nell McDuffa Colglazier
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