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Having Trouble Navigating

Having Trouble Navigating

Posted: 1338074844000
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So I've added almost 1000 people to my tree, but many of these people are buried so far down that I find it impossible to navigate back to them.

For example, I know that I've gotten back as far as the 11th century with my daughter's family, but when I look at my overall tree it doesn't show that.

If I do a search for a person, it just gives me that person's portion of the tree and doesn't show me where in the OVERALL tree they sit.


Re: Having Trouble Navigating

Posted: 1338082498000
Classification: Query
is a link to the Learning Center with some useful how-tos.

There are videos and webinars.

What you can see from and do with an online tree on is somewhat limited. If you need/want more detail, and reporting capability, you will likely want to invest in a desktop genealogy program.

Note - I am not recommending any particular program, but Family Tree Maker is a compatible program, offered by the same organization.

Re: Having Trouble Navigating

Posted: 1338088270000
Classification: Query
I seriously doubt you have actual documentation going back to the 11th century when there is a very serious break in the 18th century. To Wit:

Your tree, "Vitale/Fioravanti/Byrnes/Larson Family Tree contains the following Family:

Thomas Chesebrough (1754-1807) married Joanna Tyler (1754-1775) and had the following children:

Polly (1776-???)
Anna (1777-1883)
Jonathon (1780-1839)
Eunice (1781-1871)
Henry (1784-1861)
Daughter (1790-1790)

Note that there are NO sources shown for any of this and that, except for Polly, all children shown are born *AFTER* the death of their mother.

My question is... did you really research this or did you, like so many others, simply blindly copy what was put in front of you without even really looking at it?

Andy Hatchett

Re: Having Trouble Navigating

Posted: 1338090165000
Classification: Query
Well said, Andy.

Re: Having Trouble Navigating

Posted: 1338090508000
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Mavitale, did you research each and every one of the 1000 names in your tree or did you just copy them from any old tree. Real research involves adding people one at a time manually and researching them before you add them. I'd suggest you pare your tree down to the ones you can prove and have sources for. Maybe you did research every name but since it appears you have no sources, it makes me wonder.

Re: Having Trouble Navigating

Posted: 1338115181000
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Wow, not very friendly to newbies here, are we?

I didn't say I had documentation going back to the 11th century but ok.

No, I didn't research all 1000 people. I've just been going through the site and documenting the parents of the people I do find, using other people's trees.

I'm just doing this for fun, so I apologize if I've offended the serious researchers. (and thanks for pointing out the errors in my tree. I'm pretty amazed that anyone took the time to do that, but ok)

Thanks again for the warm responses.

Re: Having Trouble Navigating

Posted: 1338116911000
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"I've just been going through the site and documenting the parents of the people I do find, using other people's trees."

Using other trees does not 'document' anything.

If you want a 'fun' approach to your daughter's ancestry, just look at the other trees. There is no point in creating your own compilation of the same mistakes, inventions and fantasies.

Be completely aware that the tree hints offered by will nearly never point to factually accurate relationship-schemes, and even more seldom than that give you evidence for something.

If you should ever want evidence-based genealogy, here is one place to start:

It can be fun, combined often with hard but very rewarding work.

Re: Having Trouble Navigating

Posted: 1338118377000
Classification: Query
Once again, thanks so much for the warm reply. I've so enjoyed communicating with the higher echelon of genealogy scholars, all of whom seem to reside at even though there are apparently only 'mistakes, inventions and fantasies' here.

Re: Having Trouble Navigating

Posted: 1338122358000
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Edited: 1338122413000
While I am one of the anti-name-collectors (I have expressed my opinion at least once), occasionally the hints will lead to a document image, that can actually document a relationship, ie image of the marriage license, death certificate, or birth certificate (extremely questionable if it should be online).

Some times a hint will give you a focus for a research thread, ie a familiar name with dates in an unknown tree. A couple of times that familiar name has lead to research that will document a sibling.

Also a hint can lead to someone with family documents that they will share that is the only documentation of that relationship. I personally have several hundred pages of family documents that together documented a couple of early 1800's relationships where official documents probably will never be found.

I can not fault developing a structure using online trees, BUT don't waste your time research a person several generation beyond your last ancestor with documented links.

You should not convict your ancestor to a set of parents on circumstantial evidence. I did that once and wasted 8 years of research on the wrong people.

Re: Having Trouble Navigating

Posted: 1338125377000
Classification: Query
I tried to put myself in your place and the reception you got on the forum. Please remember that the comment "back to the 11th century" is like fingernails on a chalk board, or a beavers reaction to running water, to those of us who have been working on our families for years or decades, and can not get a documented family out of the 1700's.

But I wish to apologize for mine and others responses to your question. At least you are here asking question, which is the good start to developing a document family tree.

Instead of stressing the length of time your family has been in existence, stress the quality that comes from knowing and learning about her family.

Let her feel the thrill of holding a document that her 5th great grandfather held as he signed his signature.

Let her picture her 5th great grandfather working in his newly cleared field with oxen while his wife is working nearby with his young children near their newly built cabin.

As you look at the deed of release, point out to her, her 5th great grandmother's emotion as she dictated the deed releasing the man for their bastard son. PS They were later married and baptized the child in their church

Show her your families contribution to the country even if it is creating a farm in the wilderness or being a clerk in a store.

Get her addicted to genealogy, and be proud of her families' accomplishment. Show her that she should not being ashamed of them for being indentured servants, slaves, or poor farmers. They all did their part in helping her accomplish what she does today. ie if she is ashamed of them, she can not be proud of herself or what they were, she is.
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