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Surnames: LeClair & Proulx
My 3 great grandparents Alexander LeClair and Felicite Proulx lived and died in Florence county in the late 1800's. He died 1889 and she died 1905. She died in Florence county, he died elsewhere but buried in Florence Co. I have pictures of his headstone and her bronze head plaque. I have her death record but not his.
I don't have any information when they arrived in Florence county, where they lived etc. Anyone related or know of anyone related to Alexander and Felicite please contact me with any information, expecially pictures or any kind of official paperwork. Naturalization papers etc. Thank You

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They are my 3g grandparents as well. here's the story:

Alex and family moved from Michigan to Florence in May of 1882, with a couple of his kids moving a couple years prior. On September 28, 1889 Alex shouldered an axe to cut some jack pines for stove wood, when a tree fell sideways between two other trees sending the butt end of the tree swinging around. The tree struck Alexander, 77, and killed him on the spot. He was found by an L.H McGillis. Alex is buried at the Commonwealth/Florence Catholic Cemetery. Hope this helps :)

David LeClair
Madison, WI

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Thank You Mr. LeClair.
Where did you learn of the story about Alex and do you know where he died? On a recent trip to Florence I searched the records at the court house and no record of Alex death was found. The clerk that was helping us told us that he probably died in another county and was brought back to Florence to be buried. Do you have any official records or obit's or any pictures of any kind?

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It was front page news when it happened in the Florence Mining News. He was killed on his homestead, which was just east of Fisher Lake. It says Coroner Keyes (of Keyes Lake fame?) held and inquest w/o a jury and declared the death an accident. Would there be a coroner's report you could find? Also if you get to Green Bay ever, I'd love a copy of his naturalization papers. Housed as the UWGB Archives, Date of Naturalization Sept. 15. 1885: Vol A. Page 13 Circuit Court of Florence County. Date and Port of Arrival: New York, May 10, 1867 aged 70 years. John Thibert and A. Peltier as witnesses.

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I appreciate all of your help here and appreciate the time that it takes to do all of this for me. Thank You.
Since I live about 9 hours away from Florence in Lower Michigan I doubt that I will get back to the Florence anytime soon.
A couple of more questions.
Alexander and Felicite were both born in the Deux Montagnes area, why would they go to N.Y. to immigrate? Detroit would have been the closer immigration office. Was there an office at Sault Ste.Marie?
Why didn't Florence County have a death record of Alex if it was such a big deal?
I was told by the clerk at the Florence court house that all naturalization papers were in Madison.
I'm trying to gather as much information as I can before the LeClaire reunion is held in the Flint area every year. This year it is on Aug 5th. Mostly descendants of Clifford LeClaire who settled in Perkins Mi.
Again, I appreciate all of your help here.

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I was a little surprised they came through NYC. I always assumed it was Detroit. My guess is that it either had something to do with cost and/or ease of travel. I haven't researched it yet, but I wonder what rail development was like in Canada in the 1860s? Maybe there wasn't as easy a way to get to Detroit as we assume now. NYC makes sense since we know they had rail and canal access. If they went through Lake Ontario, they would have had to somehow get around Niagara Falls.

Since Alexander's death was in 1889, they didn't have to register it. Before 1907 all that was voluntary. Since the LeClairs were in Florence in 1880-1882, they were among the original pioneers of county. The county was created in 1882.

As for pictures, I don't really have any. I supposedly have one picture of my 2g grandparents, Noah and Felicite LeClair. I'm interested in seeing what you have?

My brother used to own a cabin in Florence, but he sold it. His brother-in-law still owns one so I get up there maybe once a year only these days. It's interesting that me, my dad, my grandpa, etc were all raised hunting in Florence County. No one knew why other than, "it's where my dad took me." I will look next time I go to Florence for the records. I rarely get to Green Bay or Florence during the work week so I rarely get the chance to get to the offices when they are open.

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Surnames: Leclair
I'm also a relative. I have a website It would be great if you could share more family stories and also copies of any family docs. I have quite a few leclair family photos. Thanks, Austin in Seattle
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