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Cane Creek & Spring Meetings

Cane Creek & Spring Meetings

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I have the books (booklets) "Piedmont North Carolina Cemeteries" compiled Quaker records which has a lot of information on the Cane creek and Spring meeting of (now) Alamance Co., NC.

If you have Quaker families from these meetings or area I would be glad to look them up as I have time.


Doan of Cane Creek

Denise (View posts)
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Surnames: Doan
Michael, I would appreciate any info you could email to me re. the Doan Family in Cane Creek, NC. I believe my ggg-grandfather was born there~1801...Jacob Doan(5) to Joseph(6) ...descended from Deacon John(1) by way of Daniel(2), Daniel(3), Joseph(4), John(5).

Cane Creek & Springs Meetings

Robin (View posts)
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Surnames: Mace
I am searching for any info on Aquillah (Aquilla, Equilla) Mace, in North Carolina. I have found census records, but have been unable to locate anything before 1790. This is the earliest census I have. He died in 1824, in Burke Co., NC. Am hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Cane Creek & Springs Meetings

Robin (View posts)
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Surnames: Mace
I'm sorry, I was looking for any Mace family members who may be buried there or any records of the Mace family. But thank you for the info on the Barker family. I have a friend who is researching his Barker family. This may be some help to him. Thanks.
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Surnames: Barker, Davis, Cox
I have done alot of reserch on the Barker family
and the only Barker reported to be buried in
Cane Creek was A Nicholas Barker from Hinshaw records
Any Barker you can identifie I would appricate
I am coming to Randolph Co June 10 to share
information on the Barker family. I have over 1000
Barkers related


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Surnames: Barker
There is only one mention of a AMY BARKER in what I have.

AMY BARKER married Charles Cox 7-21-1785 dau of Nicholas & Hannah.

There are 11 more BARKER marriages listed.

Nicholas 3-8-1737 husband of Hannah born 1741, son of Daniel & Elizabeth.
Hannah born 7-10-1741 wife of Nicholas born 1737, dau of John & Phebe Allen.

From the books I have, Nicholas & Hannah's children;
Abner born 8-11-1768
Elizabeth born 5-15-176
(This may be your AMY)
Emey born 1-19-1764
Isaac born 12-4-1773
John born 4-7-1771
Nichols born 9-11-1779
From my Woody tree, Enos S., Woody, B 4-15-1832, D 6-20-1899 Paton Iowa & Paton Iowa, Father & Mother;
Thomas Woody Mary Woody, Married; Mautilda Elizabeth (or Elliott) Barker on 12-8-1852 at Suger Plain MM
Boone Co. IN., Lived; N.C. & (Suger Plain MM) Thornton Boone Co. IN., Ancestral Line;
Thomas/Hugh/James/JohnIII/JohnII /JohnI/Isaac/Richard I, Woody,, Hugh, Atkinson, B 2-27-1798, D unkn, Father & Mother; John Atkinson Mary Woody, Married;
Hannah Barker B 10-23-1795, Lived; Orange Co. N.C., Ancestral Line; Mary/James/JohnIII/JohnII
/JohnI/Isaac/Richard I. Hugh and Hannah had 3 children; Hugh, Abner and Hannah. Aso 2 stepsons; Alfrd Gobble
and Danie Gobble.
Will Book 2 of Orange County, Indiana
ATKINSON, Hugh; 15 Jan 1861; 21 Feb 1861; Heirs: wife Annah (or Annat); James
ATKINSON; son Hugh; stepsons Alfred and Danie GOBBLE; son and daughterAbner and
Hannah ATKINSON. Executor: Absalom GOBBLE., James, Woody, B 12-11-1801, D 12-2-1884 in Boone Co. IN., Father & Mother; Samuel Woody
Mary Eleanor Hadley, Married; 1st Abigail Lambert B 2-1774 D 10-30-1851 in Ohio, on her way to IN., New
Garden, Wayne Co., Ind. Married on 9-29-1824 dau of William Lambert (ca.1764- ? ) & Margery Forster, 2nd Ruth
Barker B 8-16-1820 D 3-8-1854 dau of Isaac Barker (1773-1846) & Mary Cox married 6-8-1853, 3rd Cynthia
(Cook) Moffitt B 12-4-1814 D 11-14-1895 married on 5-9-1855 at Sugar Plain MM Boone Co. IN. Cynthia was the
widow of Jeremiah Moffitt (B 1808 D 1852) and was the dau of Zimri Cook and Lydia Peeg, Lived; N.C., James and
Cynthia had 2 choldre; Ruth Cecile and Leona A. Ancestral Line; Samuel/James/JohnIII/JohnII /JohnI/Isaac/Richard I
Woody., Martha Jane, Woody, B 11-7-1855 D unkn, Father John W. Woody Mother Rachel Koons,
Married; Andrew Nelse Barker B 2-3-1855 marrried 1-22-1874, Lived; unkn, Ancestral Line; John
W./James/John/James/JohnIII/JohnII /JohnI/Isaac/Richard I Woody. Martha and Andrew had 8 children; John W.,
Jacob W., Florance R., Ira N., Miles J.L., Fred S., Frank L. and Sarah M.L., Emmos Ziimri, Tucker, B 12-19-1884 at New London Howard Co. IN. D unkn, Father: Jasper
Tucker Mother: Ruth Newlin, Married; 1st Jessie Rains on 10 SEP 1913 2nd Mary Barker on 12 MAY 1921 3rd
Mabel Fletcher on 4-24-1926.


Good Luck Michael

From the Cane Creek records Nicholas was buried at the Cane Creek cemetery.

Jacob DOAN

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Surnames: DOAN
Hi D

There are about 30 Doan names in the Cane Creek Birth & Death records that I have from the booklets "Piedmont North Carolina Cemeteries" (still in print, I can tell were to order), I will try to track Jacob DOAN.

Cane Creek Birth & Death Records
Jacob born 1-8-1801 son of Joseph & Jemima.
Joseph born 10-23-1759 husband of Jemima born 1762 son of John & Ruth.
Jemima born 5-8-1762 wife of Joseph born 1759. Dau of Thoma & Elizabeth Vestal.

Cane Creek Marriages
Joseph married Jemima Vestal on 11-15-1780 son of John & Ruth.
Jemima married Joseph Doan 11-15-1780 dau of Thomas & Elizabeth.

Other children of Joseph Doan & Jemima Vestal; (as listed)
Cane Creek Birth & Death Records
Elizabeth born 11-21-1791
Jesse born 7-8-1796
John born 9-10-1783
Jonathan born 7-11-1798
Joseph born 5-24-1794
Rachel born 10-27-1803
Ruth born 11-10-1785
Thomas born 7-19-1781
William born 8-13-1789

Cane Creek cemetery
Doan John born 11-30-1732 died 3-6-1811 husband of Ruth D. Son of Joseph Doan & Mary Carter.

Doan Ruth (Dixon) born 1734 died 1764 1st wife of John Doan. Dau of Thomas & hannah Dixon.

This was about all I could find. Hope there was some new for you. Michael

Quaker Allens

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Surnames: Allen
Michael do you have any info on Allen families that moved to New Brunswick Canada during the 1700 era

Albert Nye
London Canada

Allen names (old) Orange Co. NC.

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Surnames: Allen
Albert and Group

Your message;

The Allen families that moved to New Brunswick Canada during the 1700 era.

I would think you might be referencing those Quakers who got caught up in the "Regulators" movement and had to leave North Carolina afterwards.

I believe I have seen a list of the people who were in the Regulator movement of maybe just the Quakers invoved but I don't remember if there were any Allen names.

Of the books I have of the Meetings around the Cane Creek MM only the book showing the Spring MM have the Arrivals & Removals records and no Allen names show up in it.

In the book showing the Cane Creek MM I will list the Allen names of mid to late 1700s;

Cane Creek Birth & Death Records

Dinah born 8-13-1789 wife of John born 1780 dau of John & Elizabeth Stuart.

Elizabeth born 7-15-1787 died 11-22-1789 dau of James & Elizabeth. Buried at Spring MM cemetery.

Elizabeth Born 8-1-1749 wife of James born 1742. Born in Chester Co., Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth born 11-1-1781 wife of Peter born 1781, dau of Thomas & Abigail Dixon.

James born 1-?-1742 husband of Elizabeth born 1749. Born Boltimore Co., Maryland.

James born 4-14-1789 son of James & Elizabeth.

Joanna born 6-22-1780 dau of James & Elizabeth.

John born 3-22-1749 husband of Rachel born 1761, son of John & Phebe. Born in Chester Co., Pennsylvania.

John born 5-28-1780 husband of Dinah born 1789, son of John & Rachel.

Joseph born 6-9-1783 son of John & Rachel.

Martha born 6-20-1786 wife of Nathan born 1787, dau of Thomas & Emey Cox.

Mary born 1-7-1776 dau of James & Elizabeth.

Nathan born 6-4-1787 died 11-24-1820 husband of Martha born 1786, son of John & Rachel, buried at Cane Creek cem.

Peter born 8-1-1781 husband of Elizabeth born 1781, son of John & Rachel.

Rachel born 2-23-1761 wife of John born 1749, dau of Peter & Margaret Stout, born York Co., Pennsylvania.

Samuel born 9-24-1785 died 6-24-1787 son of John & Rachel.

Sarah born 10-23-1778 dau of James & Elizabeth.

Susanna born 2-11-1786 dau of James & Elizabeth.

(a note to the above, some times the name Allen was spelled Alan and Alen in these old records)

Cane Creek Marriages


Phebe married Isaac Cox 1-4-1764.

Samuel married Hannah Cox 12-7-1775 son of John.

Good Luck. Michael

Cane Creek & Spring Meetings

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Surnames: Haley, Hailey
Do you have any info. on any Haleys/Haileys? Probably late
1700s or early 1800s.
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