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Scottish Clan DNA Testing

Scottish Clan DNA Testing

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Dear All:

There is an emerging interest in looking at the
possibility of a Project to evaluate the use
of DNA markers for ancestry studies in
the Scottish Clans and Septs. There are already
several Scottish Studies underway and several more
are forming. Their initial results are interesting.

The Scottish clans are very unique in that the
Clans have been identified and family relationships
tracked for hundreds of years. Some Clan family
have documented histories stretching back to
before 1000 AD ( and some back to 500AD) .

So this leads to some interesting possibilities
of identifying current clan family members and
determining if the Scottish ancestry line can
be identified. Some have cautioned: be careful
because you may find out that you are not who
you think you are :-). Non-paternity events
were as frequent then as they are now.

There is also an interesting mailing list here on
Rootsweb :

It turns out that A couple of factors make this
a very interesting study for the Clans to be
involved in.

A: The mtDNA passes down the mother to daughter
line. ( All of her children receive the MtDna
but only the daugher passes it on.) So all the
current children can provide mtDNA. The matriarch
of the family becomes clearly identified and her
ancestry traceable. Scottish history is one of the few in
the world where female lineage was often documented.
Iceland is another. Note that non paternity events
don't occur very often in this DNA since obviously
the mother knows her daughter is her offspring.

B: The Y DNA passes only from father to son. Then the
tests can see if there is a line of potential coordination
between the written documentation and the Y DNA

C: The Most Recent Common Ancestor ( MRCA) should
also give some interesting insights into the common
ancestor lines that they may share.

There are some other fine points of the DNA identification
and you can find out a lot more in the archives of the
mailing list.

Anybody that is really interested in participating
should please reply to me at the email address below
or reply to this message post.
Then just list only your interest, surname , contact info
and potential Clan association. I don't want to
clog up the archives with a lot of "me too" emails
and board posts. :-) Any comments or questions are
appropriate to post.

Someone will then contact you for further details and
how to proceed. Please note there will probably be
cost of some amount for the DNA test. I don't know
what that amount is for the test, but it is probably about
$250. My initial survey indicates that we will want
the 23 marker DNA test to get some definitive answers.
I expect to get more details next week.

We are also interested in obtaining Volunteers to
assist on the Project committee
in the various aspects of this massive project. We need
someone to select and co-ordinate the Labs, handle
the Project co-ordination with each Clan etc. The role
of Project Manager is also needed desperately.

Please feel free to pass this message along to other
mailing lists and boards that may have a high per centage
of Scottish Clan or Sept descendants.

Should be an interesting database over the months and
years :-)

Best Regards
John A Hansen
Clan Board and List Admin

Re: Scottish Clan DNA Testing

Posted: 1014134528000
Classification: Query
I am interested, both for myself and my daughter. My husband was a Ramsay. Most, though not all, of the surnames on my side seem to trace back to Scotland or Ulster Irish, which were originally Scots. Surnames include Robertson, Poage, Bryant (not sure about origin), Roberts, Lightfoot (English), Elliott (maybe German), Stone, Ledford, Potter, Bellamy, Carter (prob. English), Larrimore/Larimore, Mayfield, and, of course, Smith.

Re: Scottish Clan DNA Testing

Posted: 1014798015000
Classification: Query
I am interested in this test because I have Scottish heritage from both my father and mother. My husbands last name is Cox. Possible Clans: McLaren, Paterson, McKay, Smith. You can contact me at

Re: Scottish Clan DNA Testing

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Surnames: Gallaher/Smith/Sims/Mead/Bowen/Entrekin
Dear John,

I am interested because I am of mostly Irish and Scottish decent.

My names are Gallaher (of course), Smith (my grandmother), Bowen (my great-grandmother), Mead (my great-great-grandmother) all on my father's side of the family and Entrekin and Sims on my mother's side.

Please contact me at Thanks.

Brenda Gallaher

Re: Scottish Clan DNA Testing

Sharon Anderson (View posts)
Posted: 1039707488000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith, Conley, Campbell, McGregor
My Family history involves the Smith, Conley, Mcgregor, Campbell Family lines. My one ancestor was Ann Mcgregor. I would be interested in this very much. Could you please provide more information?

Re: Scottish Clan DNA Testing

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Dear Sharon:

There is complete information on our web site.
I've sent you an invitation to that Scottish Clans
private web site. Merely click on the URL and it
will take you into the site. After you register,
then go to the Utility section and change your
user id and password to something you like.

You can also join the mailing list. You join by
sending an email to: Put
the one word :
in the body of the message. You can also see the
history in the archives here at Rootsweb as well.

Thanks for your interest.

Best Regards
John A Hansen

Re: Scottish Clan DNA Testing

Posted: 1100719229000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith
Hi John, I have just sent off my 25 marker test to Family tree DNA and await my results. I can trace back to my Grt,Grt,Grt grandfather Andrew Smith a collier in Fife born c1799. I had the Oxford test done (9 marker) and they suggest I'm not viking but possibly Pict/Celt. I think it would be fantastic to match one of the more established clan names. Can you please send me a link to the web site as I would love to follow this one up. Plase reply to, I hope to post my family tree as a web page for others to use.

Re: Scottish Clan DNA Testing

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1122912866000
Dear Robert:

I will add you to the web site. You will recieve an
invitation and merely click on that.

There is also a Scottish DNA mailing list
that you can join. Both of these are free
of course, and also provide status reports
and sharing of information of the various
DNA results.

You would join the mailing list in
the normal way by sending an email to
with the one word
in the body of the message. There is also a wealth
of info available in this mailing list archives at

Best Regards
John A Hansen
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