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Shoat in East TN

Shoat in East TN

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Does anyone have an Isaac Shoat? I have an
Isaac Shoat who married Polly Bazel in Roan
Co.TN in 1872 and an Isaac Shoat who married
Nancy Cordier in Jackson Co.TN in 1876.Is this the same Isaac?Did Polly die or were they divorced? Any infi appreciated.

Re: Shoat in East TN

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I was doing a family search on Jason Shoat, My 4 great grand father.

Jason Shoat married Matilda Mathews. He was from Haywood, NC.
I know that Jason's Grandmother was Thena Helton. He lived in Morgan County TN. He died in 1901.

Jason and Matilda had 11 children. Isaac Shoat was one of thier sons. Isaac "Ike" Shoat married Polly Bazel. Their Daughter, Louise Shoat married John Bazel. Polly's Brother.

Louise and John Bazel are my 3rd great grand parents.

Jason was enrolled in the Cherokee Nation in 1897 according to a document that I have.

I have more info. I would love to share information.


Re: Shoat in East TN

Frank Corter (View posts)
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Surnames: Shoat
Hi Ruthie,Thank you for your message.It sounds like there are
two Isaac Shoats or else your Isaac became widowed or
divorced and remarried as a result.Frank

Re: Shoat in East TN

Ruthie Boea (View posts)
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I am not sure. The Isaac that i am referring to married Polly Bazel. However, Polly later re-married. So mabey, they did get a divorce. I will chack into my records. I am related to The Shoats/Choates three different ways. Yes, it's the inter-marrying Tennesse thing back then. Which I am proud of.

I have some info that might help you with your search. If we are talking about the same Isaac. Father Jason, Mother Matilda. They lived In Morgan County, TN. Can be found In McMinn Co. aswell.

Would love to share info.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Ruthie Boea

Re: Shoat in East TN

Ruthie Boea (View posts)
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Sorry for the delay,

Not sure as to what happened to Isaac and Polly. However, Polly re-married to David Cockrum/Cochran I am assuning somewhere toward the the late 1800's. They had one son, Jason Shoat.

Re: Shoat in East TN

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I have a Jason Shoat at the age of 93 in Roane Co. Tn that signed affidavits of witness for the Helton family in 1894 to recieve their Cherokee membership. Anyone having any more information would be appreciated.

Re: Shoat in East TN

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Surnames: Choate, Choat, Shoat
I am researching JASON SHOAT as a possible father for my 4th great-grandfather, JOHN SHOAT/CHOAT/CHOATE. John was born about 1844 in Tennessee. He married MARTHA MARTIN, and they had 6 Children: Martha Elizabeth, Matilda A (my 3rd great-grandmother), Isaac, Samuel Alexander, James Walter, and John Jr. John also had a nephew that lived with them for some time, a Michael Choate. I am considering Jason as John's father because both the dates and names match. I believe John had at least two brothers, who were William "Bill" and James. Bill may have lived to be 104 years old.

Re: Shoat in East TN

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Surnames: Choate/Shoat/Martin
Here is the line that proudmommy is referring to. If anyone has information on John's or Martha's parents, please contact one of us. My email is

John Choate (Wa Tah Chee or Wa Ta Tsi) b 1844— we think his parents were on the Trail of Tears. My aunt said the Cherokee Reservation told her that he returned from the reservation in Choctaw OK. He had two brothers: William (Bill) and James (Jim).

William married Tillie Collins (no info on children) He lived to be 104 years old.

James married ? (no other info)

John Choate married Martha Martin. Accounts of Cherokee blood differ. They had six children: Hide/Ide/H C, James Walter/Walter James, Tilda/Tildy (Matilda?), Ike (Isaac?), Sissy, and Samuel (my great grandfather).

** Hide or Ide Choate married Ada Welch and had 7 children: Jake, Martha, Tilda, Betty, Lonnie, Samuel, and Milton.
I. Jake married Lillie Mayberry (2 ch) Jake died of accidental gunshot 10/13/1921
a. Mertie m James Phillips (3 ch)
1. Dorothy Sue
2. Mrs. Oak Scruggs
3. Mrs Leon Sneed

II. Martha married Boss Kirby and had 2 children

III. Tilda married Will Bradley and had 2 children

IV. Betty married Jape Bandy and had 2 children

V. Lonnie married Maudie Mae Jordan (3 ch)
a. Nannie Pearl
b. Elizabeth
c. Donzetta
d. Maudine
1. Karen Collins

VI. Samuel married Frances ?? and had 1 child

VII. Milton married Mary ?? and had 2 children

**James Walter Choate married Beulah Belle Merritt and had 7 children: Martha, Ada, Buddy, Homer Lee, Catherine (Cat), Gladys, and Deanie.

I. Martha married Ray Nelson (1 child)
II. Ada married ?? Nelson (no children)
III. Buddy married ?? (no children)
IV. Homer Lee died unmarried
V. Catherine married Bill Barnes (5 children)
VI. Gladys married Jack Horner (no children)
VII. Deanie married ?? (1 child)
VIII. Lilly May m Calvin Bonds (2 ch)
a. Billy Bonds m Helene Stone (2ch)
1. Aisha Anastasio-Williams
2. Jolie Anderson

**Tilda/Tildy Choate married Alonzo Redfern and had 5 children: John, Bob (Robert?), Sam (Samuel?), Ike, and Roxie.
I. John Redfern married Evie Merritt (6 children) Mika and her mom and aunt come in here
II. Bob Redfern married Fannie May Oggs (8 children)
III. Sam Redfern married ?? (no children)
IV. Ike Redfern married Tootsie ? (no children)
V. Roxie Redfern married Olly (Oliver?) Bush (1 child)

**Ike (Isaac?) Choate died unmarried.

** Sissy (given name?) Choate married Tom Crabtree (12 children)Don’t have any names here.

**Samuel Alexander Choate- b 1865/d 1950 married Catherine (Cassie) Silcox b 1869/d 1929. They had 8 children: Daisy, *John Thomas, Walter Leroy, William, Mike, Ike, Marie, and Christine.

I. * Daisy married Sanford Link and had 4 children: Samuel, Nellie, Patsy Katherine and Florence Estelle.
A. Samuel married Viola Gass and had 4 children.
B. Nellie married John Gass and had 5 children.
C. Patsy Katherine married Paul Baskerville and had no children.
D. Florence Estelle married J.W. Rogers and had no children.

II. * John Thomas Choate (b 4/8/1896 - d 7/3/1986) married Irene Davenport (b 8/28/1904 - d 8/20/1988) and had 9 children: Etta May, Herbert Willard, Sanford Lee, John Thomas Jr., James Walter, Horace Eugene, Margaret Elizabeth, Samuel Elijah Coleman, and Hazel Irene.

A. Etta May (Dickie; became hair dresser to Lady Bird Johnson) married Thomas Wheeler Lewis and had 2 children: Alfred John Robert and Joseph Conrad.
1. Alfred John Robert married Ann Douglas Scott (no children)
2. Joseph Conrad married Margarette Rose (2 children)

B. Herbert Willard married Ida Dell (Idell) Ragland and had 8 children: Herbert Willard Jr., Jackie Leon, Debra Jean, Carolyn Gail, Della, Donna Kay, Johnny, Michael Ray.
1. HW Jr. committed suicide 7/10/47--1/6/86 (no children)
2. Jackie Leon 11/18/50-5/81 married Ann Pendergast (3ch)
Tammy, Michelle, Kevin
3. Debra Jean b.11/7/51 married David Beatty (3ch)
Joe David, Ricky, Jennifer
4. Carolyn Gail b.9/27/52 married twice
1st-Butch Tuttle (no children)
2nd- ?? Barr (1ch)
Bonnie Barr
5. Della b.12/15/55 married Rev. Crawford E. Slagle Jr. (2ch)
Emily, and Diana
6. Donna Kay b.8/7/57 married Allen Segman (1 child)

7. Johnny Len (Lynn?) b.12/10/59 (2ch)
Brian and Thomas
8. Michael Ray died in infancy

C. Sanford Lee (3rd child of John Thomas and Irene) died in infancy.
D. John Thomas Jr. died in infancy.
E. James Walter died in infancy.

F. Horace Eugene Choate (b 12/14/31 d 6/98) married Luana Clare Eller (b 10/11/36) and had 4 children: Cheryl Ann, Bonny Lynn, Tammy Sue, and John Leslie

1. * Cheryl Ann Choate (b 9/21/56) married Johnnie Ray Steward (b 5/31/54) and had 2 children: Jason Vee and Erin Ann
a. Jason (b 5/4/75;) has one child (Keira Rose) with Sarah Lemp
b. Erin (b 11/12/82) married Armando Ricardo and had 2 children:
Mychal Anthony (b 2001) and
Alexander Emilio (b 2003).

2. * Bonny Lynn Choate married Joseph Mark Warner and had 3 children: Shawna Lynn, Timothy Joseph, and Kristofer.

a. Shawna Lynn married Kevin Adams and had
b. Timothy Joseph married Lisa
c. Kristofer married Heather

3. * Tammy Sue Choate married Osama Subhi Abu Zahra and had 2 children
a. Bakiza (Kiza) married Ronald Lawrence (2ch)
b. Jamie married Norman (1 child)
married Jeff Adkins (2 children)

4. * John Leslie Choate married Melody (Mel) Axton and had two children:
a. John Leslie II unmarried as of 2011
b. Stephen Eric unmarried as of 2011

G. Margaret Elizabeth married Dean McElhiney and had 6 children: Darlene, John, Kathy, Jerry, James Dean (J.D.), and Donny.
1. Darlene married David Mullinicks [sp?] (1 child)
2. John married Sue ? (no current info)
3. Kathy (no current info)
4. Jerry (no current info)
5. James Dean (JD)(no current info)
6. Donny (no current info)

H. Samuel Elijah Coleman married twice:

1st –Wilma McKissicks (sp?) and had 2 children: Joey, and Penny. No current info on them either. My last records show that they both married and Joey had a child but I don’t have any names.

2nd –Betty Murphy and had 2 children: Wayne and John Leslie. I have no current info on them.

I. Hazel Irene married James Beatty and had 2 children: Kimberly Irene and Terri Denise. No current info on them. Hazel and I have written on occasion about our family line.

III. * Walter Lee Choate married four times……..
1st Leila Gouser deceased.
2nd Myrtle White and divorced
3rd Tiny Lee Yarbrough and divorced

4th Polly Comperry and had 5 children: Johnny, Walter Lee, Dolly, Cassie, and a son I don’t have a birth name for. I only know they called him Red Horse.
A. Johnny (Johnnymack) married Joanne ? (1 child)
B. Walter Lee died unmarried
C. Gloria (Blackdoll or Dolly) married Wallace Young (2 children)
D. Cassie married ? (2 children)
E. Curtis Eugene (Red Horse) died unmarried
F. Walter Lee Alexander (Mulel Train)

IV. * William Choate married Mary Lucas and had 6 children: Walter Louis, William Jr., Frank, Jackie, Thomas Lee and Donna (died in infancy).
William’s children were taken to Michigan when William died and no word has been heard from them since.

V. * Mike married twice…..
1st Gladys Scaggs and had 4 children: Clarence, Leonard, Larry and Irene
A. Clarence married ? (3 children)
B. Leonard was unmarried
C. Larry was unmarried
D. Irene married ? Horn (2 children)

2nd Myrtle White and had no children.

VI. * Ike married Martha (Shirley?) Skaggs and had 7 or 8 children: Dolly, Pete, Lawrence, Jabo, Shirley, Blackie, and Ed.
A. Dolly married Charles Belcher (5 children)
B. Pete married Charles Glover (4 children)
C. Lawrence married ? (5 children)
D. Herman Lee (Jabo) was unmarried
E. Shirley married Punch Summers (3 children)
F. Blackie married Charles Brinley (4 children)
G. Ed was unmarried
H. Robert ?

VI. * Marie married three times…..
1st Emmett Stansell and had 4 children: Emmett Jr, Melvin, Helen, and Lillie Pearl.
A. Emmett Jr. married ? (1 child)
B. Melvin married ? (1 child)
C. Helen married ? (7 children)
D. Lillie Pearl married ? Andrews (3 children)

2nd William Goodman and had 1 child: Billy Marie
A. Billy Marie married ? (5 children)

3rd Ray Rapier and had no children with him.

VII. * Cristabel (Teen) married twice…..
1st Lee Graham and had 2 children: Samuel and Pete.
A. Samuel is deceased
B. Pete married twice (names unknown) He had 2 children in each marriage.
2nd Robert Toombs and had no children.

Re: Shoat in East TN

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here is what we have off of the application. It is on the Helton family genealogy forum at rootsweb.

Jason Shoat, Bethena Hilton 1700's. app. Nancy Goins
Posted by: michael helton (ID *****9277) Date: May 05, 2008 at 08:52:20
of 3412

Nancy E Goins Harriman Tn. application # 26644
residence is Harriman, Roane Co. TN

She was fifty eight to sixty yrs old. b. July 12, 1846 I think, in Monroe County TN
Married William A Goins.

Fathers name was Jason Shoat
mothers name was Bettie Matilda Mathews
both born in Cherokee CO. NC
Lived in Cherokee NC in 1851

Claimed through, My father was enrolled in 1897, Harriman Tn, Cherokee tribe. Mother dead

Brothers and Sisters;
William Shoat 1847 Overton Co. KY
Jake Shoat 1849 Burkville Ky
John Shoat 1851 Crossville Tn
Sam Shoat 1853 died in 1900
Mary Ann Pressley 1855 Burkville Ky
Bethina Shoat Goins 1857 (looks like)Marion Ind.
Louisa Shoat Bazzill 1859 Harriman TN
James Shoat 1861 Michigan

state grandparents English and Indian names
York Carson Bettie Shoat
Don't know Indian Names

They were born in Haywood Co. NC
children were
Jason Shoat
Bil Shoat

Claimant remembers father's grandmother was Thena Helton. Don't remember Grand father of father's mother. Mothers grandfather was Eli Yunt . Grand mother's grandmother was Nancy Pressly

No: 26644
Nancy E Goins, being first duly sworn and examined, disposes and says:

My name is Nancy E Goins; I was born in Monroe Co. Tn 1846. I claim my Indian blood through my father and mother: my father's name was Jason Shoat: My mothers name was Matilda Mathews: my father was born in Haywood Co. NC 1801. My mother Matilda Mathews was born in Cherokee Co. NC in 1802. In 18 (faded) neither I nor my parents through whom I claim ever received any money, land or other benefits or were never enrolled; In 1851 my father and mother lived i Monroe Co. Tn. In 1821 my mother ran away from NC when the Indians were being take away from that place and came to Monroe Co.TN. I think my fathr was about nineteen years old when he came from NC to Monroe co. TN. he ran away from the Indians when they were being taken away from NC. My father and mother told me they were one-quarter Cherokee: neither my father or mother were ever slaves and noon of the ancestors through whom I claim were ever slaves: I do not remember my father or mother ever having and Indian name.

Signed: Nancy E Goins

Jason Shoat signed affidavits for the Helton family in the Cherokee Census of 1894 at Harriman TN.

Jason Shoat who, after being by me ....duly sworn states that he is 93 yrs of age, and is a citizen of Roane Co and State of Tennessee and that he is personally aquainted with Thomas I Helton who is an applicant for citizenship in the Cherokee Nation, I.T. and affiant further states the said applicant is the identiacal person he represents himself to be in his applicationfor citizenship in said Nation and that the said

Thomas I Helton is the son of Soloman H. Helton and grandson of Daniel Helton and great great grandson of Peter Helton and that he was well and intimately aquainted with them all. Acquainted with the said above named Peter Helton for 30 years before his death and he knows that the above named Peter Helton was know, recognized and acknowledged to be a Cherokee Indian blood and descent, by all of his neighbors and acquaintances and the said Peter Helton was known and considered to be a Cherokee Indian of full blood.

Affiant further states that he has known the said Thomas I Helton for the past 30 years and knows that he is and has been recognized and treated by his neighbors, acquaintances and the public generally as a person having Cherokee Indian Blood and the complexion and physical appearance of the said Thomas I Helton indicates that the said Thomas I Helton is of Indian Blood. That from the above facts and circumstances and from statements made to him by the said Thomas I Helton affiant states that he has every reason to believe and does believe that the said Thomas I Helton is of Cherokee Indian Blood. Affiant further states that he has no interest whatever in the prosecutioin of the claim of the said Thomas I Helton to Citizenship in the Cherokee Nation I.T.

Signed: Jason (his X mark) Shoat

Re: Shoat in East TN

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I believe this is my husband's line. His great grandmother was a Goens from Marion Indiana and I believe she was descended from Bethina Goens.
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