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Elizabeth Prisk

Elizabeth Prisk

Bethany Alexander (View posts)
Posted: 963955529000
I want to the cemetary today with my Grandmother to see the grave of her grandmothet, Mahala Prisk
My grandmother is a Prisk and Her grandfather, John Prisk married Mahala. Anyway, there was a nother tombstone in the Prisk
plot that read Elizabeth Prisk b. June 6, 1823 d. Aug.21, 1898. My grandmother has not idea who she is. I tried to look her up on with search mode but the
closest I could find is an Elizabeth Prisk b. 1825 from Cornwall, England. the Prisks are from Cornwall, so I dont believe it is a coincidence. However I cant make
a connection between her and My Great Great Grandfather, John Prisk even thought there are plenty of John Prisks connected to her. I am thinking
if it is her, then she is his aunt. that would mean that one of her brothers is his father. My great great grandfather, John Prisk was born in 1852 and died in 1932.
His wife's name was Mahala Knucky. they had six children, 4 which lived. They children names were John, Mahala, William, Susan Jane, Susan Jane, Charles, and Thomas.
Charles was my Great Grandfather. had four girls and My grandmother was the youngest. It is also possible that Prisk is only her married name and that she is John Prisk's
mother. If anyone has any information, Please contact me. Thank you.
Bethany Alexander

mahala prisk

Lisa Long (View posts)
Posted: 964265618000
Sorry I don't have any info on the Elizabeth PRISK you were asking about. I'm curious If you have any information on Mahala PRISK--the daughter of John and Mahala KNUCKY PRISK that you mentioned in your message. My GGrandmother's name was Mahala PRISK. She married Howard? A.? CONLEY and had at least three children John Howard, Clark, and Ruth. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Lisa Long

Mahala Prisk Information

Bethany Alexander (View posts)
Posted: 964287045000

I dont have much information and some of this you probably already have but
here is the information I Have.
Mahala Prisk Conely was the second and only daughter of John and Mahala Knucky
Prisk. She had 4 brothers. John, William, Charles, and Thomas.
I have the names of their spouses and families if you would like or need them.
Charles Prisk was My great grandfather. Mahala Prisk did indeed marry a Howard Conley.
they had 3 children. Ruth, John, and Clark. They also had an adopted daughter named Edith.
Ruth's husbands name was Rev. Schulte. That is all the information I have at present about Mahala
Prisk. If I get any more information I will let you know. Would you please do the same. I have alot
of Information on Mahala's parents, John and Mahala if you need any and also information on Mahala Knucky
Prisk's Mother. I would like to trade more family information if you would like. Just let me know if you
have anymore questions.

Bethany Alexander

Mahala Prisk

Lisa Long (View posts)
Posted: 964303370000
I am very interested in any info you have on John Mahala Knucky PRISK her mother. A lot of the info you gave I did have, but now I feel more confident that it is correct. I noticed you spelled Ruth's married name SCHULTE. I have SHOLTY which I got from a book he (Rev.Alva H. Sholty) wrote called "Twice in Two Thousand Years" about his WWII experience. John H CONLEY born 1901 was my grandfather he had two sons John "Jack" born and Robert. John was shot down over Austria during WWII. Robert my father was born 1926 and died in 1997. He had three children and three step-children. I don't have much info on Ruth and Clark. Other than Clark married a Willeadean and they had at least one son Clark Jr. Oh yea...I also have some pictures of Mahala Prisk CONLEY if you are interested in getting a copy. Thanks for the info. If I find out anything more I'll let you know.

John and Mahala Knucky Prisk

Bethany ALexander (View posts)
Posted: 964346616000

Mahala Prisk Conley

Lisa Long (View posts)
Posted: 964448861000
Thanks for all the great info.
Howard Conley's son(John),John's wife Katharine and their two children were all born in Johnstown, PA.
They moved to Ligonier, PA. between 1938-1942. In 1948 they with John's brother Clark moved to Larwill, IN.(Its a whole in the wall town) Here they built and run a service/gas station located on Lincoln Highway (30). It has since burnt mostly down. John and Katharine are buried in Hillcrest Cemetary in Pierceton, IN. Ruth and Clark C. Conley ended up living and dying in Florida. We now live in Fort Wayne, IN. and Robert's other kids live around the Warsaw, IN area.
I believe I forgot to mention Howard had a sister named Lavina. and Ruth and Alva Sholty had a son named Alva Jr. and a daughter named Sylvia.
Well that's all I have for now. How can I get a copy of those pictures to you? email? Mailing address?

the Prisks

Bethany Alexander (View posts)
Posted: 964455638000
your welcome for the information. If I can be of any help
in the future let me know. I found the Elizabeth Prisk I
was looking for. She was John Prisk's sister. I was wondering
what was John Conley's children's names? and if possible I would
like the necessary information to add you to my geneology book.
Email or mailing address would be fine.
My home address is
Bethany Alexander
401 Chancellor St
Johnstown, Pa 15904

thanks again.

Mahala Prisk Conley

Lisa Long (View posts)
Posted: 964460218000
I'll get some copies of pictures around and send them to you. I'll provide my address and email in with the pictures.

I might have confused you before. John H. Conley Sr.'s children were John H. Conley Jr. or "Jack" who was born in 1925 and killed/shot down over Austria during WWII in Feb 1945. He was not married and did not have children. Robert Edward Conley was born
Dec 29, 1926 and died Jan 30, 1997 of heart problems. He also was in WWII a 1st class seman on the USS LaSalle stationed in the Pacific. Robert's three biological children, eight grandchildren, and one greatgrandchild are still living. I'll provide more of that info with the pictures.

Pictures of Mahala Prisk

Lisa Long (View posts)
Posted: 970743753000

Mahala Knuckey Prisk's daughter Elizabeth Jane

Posted: 1064415150000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Prisk Knucky Vincent

I have been reading with great interest the bulletin board conversation you had with Bethany Alexander. I am the great grandaughter of Elizabeth Jane Prisk (b: 12-26-1859 Cornwall, England; d: 1949, Johnstown PA). Elizabeth is the daughter of Nicholas Prisk and Elizabeth "unknown" (b: 6-6-1823, England; d: 8-21-1898, Johnstown, PA). I believe Nicholas & Elizabeth are the parents of John Prisk, who married Mahala Knuckey (b. 3-1-1847, Redruth England; d: 4-16-1918, Johnstown). All these people are buried in Grandview Cemetery in Johnstown PA and all were born in Redruth, Cornwall, England.

I have the information you may be interested in regarding Elizabeth Jane. She married James Vincent, who is my great grandfather. We still have relatives living in Johnstown...Vincents mainly. I visited Grandview Cemetery and had them print out all the info they had on the Vincents, Highams and Haughtons...the only names I knew. I also had Mahala's name from a family bible, so I knew she was a relative, too. My mother, Louise Vincent Maiden is still living. As you can see from below, my husband and I live in the suburbs of Washington DC near our two sons.

If you want more info on any of these folks, please let me know. Also, did you ever send the picture of Mahala Prisk to Bethany Alexander. I don't see her email address and the bulletin board messages look like they may be a couple years old. I'd love to chat with either/both of you.


Sue Walls
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