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SC Machens family, Lafayette and son, Orange Machen

SC Machens family, Lafayette and son, Orange Machen

Denise Anthony (View posts)
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Surnames: machen
I am looking for any info. on Machens. My great grandfather was Lafayette and he had 4 children. My grandfather was Orange Montgomery and he had 17 children. My father was David Machen and he has 16 children. I am the youngest of that 16. I want to know where my grandparents came from and their heritage.
I also want to know if any of the Machens on this site is related to me. Our next reunion is scheduled for this year in Washington DC. Please e-mail me with any information on my family.

Machen family from Texas

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Surnames: machen

2000 Machen Reunion in Washington D.C.

Denise Anthony (View posts)
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Surnames: machen, autry, wilborn
Hi Ericca,
Nice hearing from you. I do have the Reunion info. We are moving to the Capitol City this July, so we hope to attend the Reunion. Here is Floretta's address
Machen-Autry-Wilborn Family Reunion
C/O Floretta Machen
935 Dunloring Court
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Much Love,

Machen family of Sylaguaga, Ala

Rhonda Trott (View posts)
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Surnames: machen, trott
My Mother was a machen and i know nothing about her family she died when i was a baby and i was wondering if there is any relation ? My name is Rhonda Trott All i know is that all her family lived in sylaguaga Ala. thank you Rhonda Trott

Machen family from Sylacauga, Ala

R. Talton Barrett (View posts)
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Surnames: machen, talton
Rhonda, I am also related to the Machen's from Sylacauga. I was born there. My father's side of the family is from there. This is my line. 1. John Michall Machen, 2. Thomas Pead Mary Machen, 3. Henry Sr. Grace Greenwood Machen, 4. Henry Jr. Frances Ballinger Machen, 5. James Dorcas Payne Machen, 6. Thomas Jane Ann Payne Machen, 7. Henry Wood Louisa Tinsley Machen, 8. Thomas J. Matchen Permelia Morris Matchen, 8. Mary Anna Matchen Arthur C. Talton, 9. Cecil Janie Harris Talton, 10. Ralph Talton - my father, then me. My great great grandfather Thomas J. Machen changed his name to Matchen. I do not know why, have been trying to find out. Have more info on the Machen's if needed. What was your mother's name, her birth date, her date of death. What year was you born? We are more than likely related.

Montgomery Machen, 1860s-1904, Arkansas

Barbara R Keene (View posts)
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Surnames: machen, saunders
As I review the "Machen" posting. I note that many replies are from Alabama. I wonder if my mother's father was related or came to SE Arkansas (Portland, Hamburg, townships) in the latter 1800s? Montgomery Machen; he was married to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Saunders. My grandfather died in 1904. He was born around 1862. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Montgomery Machen, son of John Machen of Calhoun co., AR

Laura C. Edwards (View posts)
Posted: 970752014000
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Surnames: machen, burns
According to the 1870 federal census, Montgomery Machen was the son of John Machen of Calhoun Co AR. John L. Machen was b. 1833 in Pike Co GA and married Martha Burns in 1856 in Tallapoosa Co AL. The couple moved to AR about 1859. John was a physician and served in the Confederate Army. According to my records, Montgomery's full name was Hilliard Montgomery Machen and he married Elizabeth Burns ( a cousin probably). I have 12 children listed for them, including your mother. The Machen family ancestry can be definitely traced back to 1699 and I have some "educated guesses" that take it back another half-century. Contact me at for more information.

Re: Montgomery Machen

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Surnames: Matchen, Machen, mcdowell, culberson, cartladge, permelia, mealy, owens, payne, ballenger, greenwood
Dear Ms. Edwards,
I found your name and address on the message boards at Rootsweb and thought
you might be able to help me. I'm trying to trace the Matchen/Machen family
back as far as I can. I understand that you have a lot of Matchen/Machen
information and have even published a book on the subject. Here is what I
have been able to gather so far on my line:

Paul McDowell Matchen (that's me), son of David Elba Matchen and Jo Alice
McDowell, son of Elba Hezekiah Matchen and Doris Opal Culberson, son of
Hamilton Hezekiah Matchen and Martha Darthulia Cartladge, son of Thomas
Jefferson Matchen and Amelia (Permelia, Mealy) Owens, son of Henry Wood
Matchan (as 1870 Census spells it) and Luisa (again sp) Tinsley, son of
Thomas Machen (not sure about spelling of surname from this point on)and
Jane Ann Payne, son of James Machen and Dorcas Payne, son of Henry Machen,
Jr. (Revolutionary War vet) and Frances Ballenger, son of Henry Machen, Sr.
and Grace Greenwood, son of Thomas Pead Machen and Mary, son of John Michall

I've picked up information from the 1870 census that both Henry and Luisa
Matchan were born in South Carolina and subsequently moved to AL where they
had their children. Is this when my line first moved to AL? I've heard
otherwise from postings on Rootsweb. Also are the Pennsylvania Machens
connected to my line? In addition, when, where, and from which country, did
the Matchens/Machens arrive in North America?

I'm also interested in seeing your book. Where might I get it?

I'd also be happy to elaborate on any of the more recent aspects of my
family with you if you are interested.

Thank you for any help you can give,

Paul M. Matchen


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Surnames: machen, matchen, alliman, greenwood, ballinger, payne, tinsley, owings, owens, talton, harris, manchia

I saw your posting on the message board. You and I have the same Machen/Matchen Line.

Thomas Machen & Mary Alliman (??)
Henry Machen & Grace Greenwood
Henry Machen & Frances Ballinger
James B. Machen & Dorcas Payne
Thomas Machen & Jane Ann Payne
Henry Wood Machen & Louisa M. Tinsley
Thomas Jefferson Matchen & Permelia Isabel Owings/Owens
Marianna Matchen & Arthur Cleveland Talton
Cecil Cleveland Talton & Janie Harris
Ralph Talton & Blanche Manchia
Rita Janie Talton (me)

Thomas Jefferson (my gg grandfather) added a T to the Machen name.
Marianna Matchen (my great grandmother) was sister to your Hamilton Hezekiah Matchen.

I have information on our Tinsley and Owings/Owens line also. Contact me.

Rita Talton Barrett

Re: Montgomery Machen related to Gene Matchen S. Calif. 1958

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Surnames: matchen, machen,
Paul.....Do you know of a Gene Matchen who was 19 yrs and a student in Southern California in 1958? This is my girl-friend's father which she has never seen him or got to know him. She does not know where he was born or nothing. Kathy is now 45 and would really like to know her father if he is still alive. Is he in your line or a relative of your's? Please contact me at
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