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Central Pennsylvania Lepleys

Central Pennsylvania Lepleys

Jim Burnell (View posts)
Posted: 952000718000
Started a new thread rather than joining that one below. I think you folks are barking up the wrong tree on the Lepley origins. Although I don't have proof, I am betting that the family is Pennsylvania Dutch - that is to say, German in origin. I think the original name was probably Leoble (umlaut on the 'o') pronouced roughtly "leb-le."

I say that for a couple reasons, one being the time and place of the patriarch's appearance in Pennsylvania. Another is the name "Jacob." Nearly all my ancestors are Pa German, so I'm not familiar with the given names making the rounds in that period for native English families, I have not seen the name Jacob used for any but German-descended families myself.

A bit about the patriarch. Jacob was assessed in Northumberland County in 1778. In 1787 he was on a board who layed out the new township - Beaver Township - which later became part of Union County, later still, a part of Snyder County.

Jacob's will is recorded in Lewisburg, Union County (date 7-29-1815).

Jacob served as a Sergeant in Jacob Spees' company of Northumberland County Rangers in operations against the Indians in 1780.

His wife was Catherine and they had eleven children:

Jacob, Jr.
Margeret (Kern)
Michael b. 1780
Catherin (Kern)
Mary (Mrs Henry Kern Sr.)

My impression is that all the Central Pennsylvania Lepley's are descended from Jacob and Catherine.

My own ancestor is Malinda Lepley, born ~1830 (Married Jacob Spigelmyer). I haven't been able to identify Malinda's parents.

Appreciate any help or insight I can find.

Jim Burnell


Leah Arnold (View posts)
Posted: 952544067000
I have info that Michael Lebele came to PA with 3 sons: Michael, Jacob, and Adam, 3 daughters (no names given) - no name of his wife who came over with him. We are Pennsylvania Dutch (not Amish) - they came from Wurtenberg, Germany.

Research on the Lepley family of PA

Leatha Arnold Archer (View posts)
Posted: 952663127000
When researching the Lepley family in Pennsylvania, I discovered it is good to understand some of the research in the past. This is told in the Lepley Line newsletter. Although it is mainly about the immigrant son Adam and family who settled in Somerset Co (later migrated to Ohio), it does shed some light on those researching the Snyder-Union Counties area.

For many years a Marguerite Cockley, well-known historian and writer of Somerset County, PA was the "guiding hand" in Lepley research. She guessed that Gorg Adam Loble, of the Ship Lydia, in 1749 was the progenator of the major portion of the Lepleys in the US today. Eileen Libke told this same story in "Mine Before Me - the Lepleys" It was the best information known at the time.

All Lepley researchers believed that to be true until Jane Fenton found a marriage record in Frederick Co, MD. It was that of Adam Lebele, son of Michael Lebele, to Barbara Bucherin. This opened up a whole new outlook. Marguerite Cockley knew that she herself was descended from Adam Lebele and Barbara Burger.

Adam Lepley, Jr., son of Adam and Barbara, had handwritten a genealogy of his family on loose sheets and placed it in an old family Bible which originally belonged to Adam, Sr. Here are the first couple paragraphs of that with all the misspelled word:

"The first family of the name LEPLEY in America settled in East part of Pennsylvania, who had three sons and two daughters. The first son's name was Michael who was slayn by the Indians, the second son was Jacob, and the third son was Adam, who came from the old world or Germany, Wurtumburg.
Michael had two sons, one by his first wife and one by his second wife.
Jacob had seven sons and four daughters.
Adam had six sons and two daughters......" From here it goes into detail on Adam's family.
Marguerite Lepley Cockley writes: "In the opening paragraphs the writer refers to his uncles, Michael and Jacob and his father, Adam, and also two aunts but he does not name them. Neither does he name his grandfather. We must assume that the three sons and two daughters came to America with their parents."

So in immigrants we have the father, Michael Lebele, three sons, Michael, Jacob and Adam, and two daughters. Whereas Adam and his descendents settled in Somerset Co, PA, Michael and Jacob and their descendents settled in Snyder County and most seemed to have stayed there for at least several generations.

When Michael (the immigrant son) was slain by the Indian on April 26, 1779, the Abstracts of Orphans Court show children Jacob, Elizabeth, Christiana, John, Mary and Michael all minor children. Michael's wife was Mary Ann.

The probate of Jacob (the immigrant son) will 7/14/1815 shows him living in Center Twp and names his wife as Catherine and his children as Jacob, Henry, Anthony, Margaret KERN, Michael, John, Catherine KERN, Elizabeth, Adam, Christian and Mary.
(all three of the immigrants sons, Adam, Michael and Jacob, had sons named Michael and Jacob and 2 of the 3 had sons named Adam) Talk about confusion!!!

The name is German (Deutche) and has shown up as: Labeley, Labl, Lable, Laiple, Laple, Lapleey, Lapely, Lapley, Laple, Lapli, Lapple, Lapsley, Lavelly, Lavely, Leapley, Leaply, Leavely, Leavy, Lebele, Lebely, Lepley, Leply, Lebely, Levy, Lipley, Loble, Loblin, Loeblen, Lopple, Lovey, Lowlin, Debily, Deible, Kloble, LePlay, Leplay, Lipley, Lipsley.

Malina Lepley

Leatha Arnold Archer (View posts)
Posted: 952700151000
Jim, the 1850 censes of Michael and Catherine Lepley in West Beaver Twp, Union Co, PA show a Malina aged 18. Could that be your ancestor? This Michael is the son of Jacob, the immigrant son. I descend through son Jacob. So my line is Michael, Jacob, Michael, Jacob, Levina. You can email me at

LEPLEY LINE Newsletter

Posted: 954162763000
Edited: 995837133000
Hi Leatha,

We, Millie Don Lepley, are the editors of
LEPLEY LINE Newsletter.
It's good to know that the info we published
is of value to other members of the LEPLEY
family.You did a great job quoting from it in
your message.
No, there is not much info about the Central
Pennsylvania LEPLEYs (Michael Jacob). We
are in contact with others who are descended
from them.
Someone needs to research the records in that
area. Marguerite I have talked about that,
but there hasn't been too much done about it.
We do keep in touch with Marguerite, but
haven't been researching lately.

We are descended from Adam LEBELE (LEPLEY)and
Barbara BUCHER.

Our e-mail address is
Please feel free to contact us via e-mail
or this message board.

LEPLEY LINE editors Millie and Don Lepley

Leatha Arnold Archer (View posts)
Posted: 954400246000
To Millie and Don:
Thank you for "The Lepley Line." I quoted it extensively with regard to the history of Lepley research. I apologize for not including your names as editors. It was so helpful to me as I hope it will be to others, especially those researching Jacob and Michael where myths abound in written format in Central Pennsylvania.

Lepley Line

Maurice Berdan (View posts)
Posted: 955803885000
Seeking info of GGM Matilda Lepley 1850-1926. Maarried Edward Weeks abt 1870. Once lived in Tiverton Twsp, Coshocton, OH. Maurice Berdan, e-mail - MBerdanTwisp@AOL

Lepley Line

Posted: 955827397000
Edited: 995837133000
Nice to meet you, Maurice.
Can you give us any more info about your GGM?
I didn't find
Your GGM Matilda LEPLEY 1850-1926.
Married Edward WEEKS abt 1870.
Once lived in Tiverton Twp., Coshocton, OH.
However, I found a couple close.
-1- Matilda LEPLEY (married to Henry WILHELM)
dau of
Daniel LEPLEY(born Aug. 12, 1799)
about 51 yrs. old when your Matilda b.
and #1 Elizabeth BEAL
-2- Martha Ellen LEPLEY
(born Nov. 21, 1850)
Harrison Twp., Knox Co., Ohio
(died 1915)
Married to Ed WILT
dau of
(born 1804, Cumberland Co., Pa.)
and Delilah ELEY
(born Nov. 20, 1814,Washington Co.,Pa

Matilda Lepley

Maurice Berdan (View posts)
Posted: 955889559000
Thanks for help, Mildred. Found a lost paper. Matilda was child of Adam Lepely and M. Critchfield. She died 19 Dec 1926,Akron, OH. Gram mentioned an "Uncle Shreve". Not known if Weeks or Lepley. Still searching for ancestors. Thanks again, Maurice

Lepleys of Ohio

Posted: 956316164000
Edited: 1001865498000
It is good that I found you.
I am the nephew of Steven Charles Lepley
He subscribed to your newsletters in the early 80's. After his mother died he got in touch with a distant cousin still living near Mt Vernon. etc.

I was wondering if you have been able to go further back that Michael and have you been to Wurtenburg since the early 80's.

Steven Charles Lepley
Herb Charles Lepley
Jessie Lepley
Calvin Lepely
George Lepley
Adam and Barbara
Michael ??

have you been able to find out the name of the tribe that Barbara is from ???

John A. Hamacher
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