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Fannie Keach

Fannie Keach

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Photo of Fannie Keach from Waterville {No state indicated} taken in Hartford Connecticut probably late 1800s. Also states on the photo: Mother's ss {or 55 } class. Please contact me if you are interested. Judy


Brian Archambeau (View posts)
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i am not sure if it is match or not.... i would like to take a look at it.

Re: Fannie Keach ...maiden name SMITH ?

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Do you still have this photo and do you have any more info on Fannie KEACH ? If her maiden name was SMITH then she belongs to my family.

Re: Fannie Keach ...maiden name SMITH ?

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Surnames: keach, smith
I will have to find the photo--I had completely forgotten that I had posted this info. I am happy that you are interested--and I see that someone else had replied also--sorry--I did not see that post--will post the photo shortly. Don't know the lineage of this person==photo found at a flea market.

Re: Fannie Keach ...maiden name SMITH ?

Al Partenheimer (View posts)
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I really like it when y'all don't post the area of the country your from. My wife's Keach line has a Fannie and a Fonnie. Our area is from Maryland, Kentucky, & Tennessee.


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Most of my KEACHs came from Rhode Island then moved to Connecticut. I am still searching and researching and suspect that some came from New York - due to the naming pattern and multiple "George KEACH"'s. My Great Grandparents, Edward Leroy KEACH and Emma M. JORDAN KEACH owned a cottage in Craigville - on the Cape - in Massachusetts....don't know yet what attracted them there as Edward KEACH was from Killingly Connecticut and Emma JORDAN was from Danielson, Connecticut. (My grandmother, Lola B. RAWSON, was from Worcester, Massachusetts, which is interesting because my grandfather, Stanley JORDAN KEACH, was born in doubt the KEACHs moved around alot.)

I also know of KEACH's from Pennsylvania and Maryland, but I do not know if they are part of my line. I suspect most of the KEACH/KEECH/KEETCH from the New England area had a connection to one another if one can go far back enough -- or find enough supporting documents -- to discover the whos and wheres. I feel that there are many clues, like the naming patterns, but not much supporting evidence...too bad Census before 1850 did not have all family names !


Albert Partenheimer (View posts)
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Thanks for your reply.The following might or might not be of interest. This is a reply to another distant relative:
Who are you? I'll tell you who you are, your great grandfather was Richard Keach of Henderson, KY. He happens to be my wife's great grandfather too!
However, I have some good news and some bad news.
Good News:
Grace Keach Born 1864, Died 1890 Married J. E. Farley
Her Father was Richard Keach Born August 14, 1815, Died August 2, 1892. Richard Married twice. His first marrage was to Elizabeth Freels in April 15 1838 their children (I don't have all the death dates, so if they are missing you will know,)
Susan Cummings B: 1849 Virginian Cummings B: 1847
and Sara E. Cummings B: 1862 D: 1942
Richard's Second wife was Sara J. (Cummings) Long
Married October 31, 1850. Their children were:
Ovid Keach (My wife's Grandfather,) B: May 10, 1858 and Died April 29, 1933. His son Carl Wentworth Keach is my wife's father. Ovid moved to Hopkinsville, KY.
Albert B: 1844
George B:?
John B: 1860 D: 1885
Kencheon B: 1867 D: Sept. 19, 1916
Ellie C. B: 1868
Sara (Sally) B: 1862 D: 1959
James W. B: 1857 D: 1907
Other possible children:
Richard B: 1855 Jane B: 1858 Issac B: 1864
Bad News:
Richard named his son Ovid after an Uncle Ovid that raised him. This early Ovid migrated to Kentucky from St. Michaels, Talbot County Maryland before age 21.
Richard's parents, we have no clue as to who they were.
We have searched and searched without any luck. The only thing we found was a rumor that his father married a Iroquois squaw.

Hope to hear more from you!!!

Life is great when you have friends!
Albert & Lillian Partenheimer
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Rockport, Indiana 47635" target="_blank"> Ph. 1-812-649-9277

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Subject: Keach in Kentucky

I would be interested in exchanging information about the Kentucky Keach information that you have. I have very limited information on my paternal side of the family which includes Keach families from Western KY .... Henderson county especially and possibly Webster county also.

I have had a very difficult time following this line in my tree. If I remember correctly the Keach in my tree married a Farley grandfather of some generations back.

Sorry to be so lost about this branch but my main computer went down a few years ago so all I have now are paper trails of the family and they are boxed up due to construction.

Any help greatly appreciated,

Re: Fannie Keach ...maiden name SMITH ?

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Fannie Towne Keech b: 1850 D: 1888 in our family was from Danielson / Killingly, Connecticut was married to James E. Keech.
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