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Isaac Woods (1750?-1818)

Isaac Woods (1750?-1818)

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Surnames: Woods
Hello Jefferson County Genealogists,

I have recently traced my family line to Isaac Woods, born around 1750 and died around 1818 in Jefferson County. Any information on his family would be greatly appreciated. What follows is some of the information I have. I believe that this Issac Woods of Jefferson County GA is the senior to my ancestor Isaac Woods Jr (1794-1865) who died in Dale County AL.

Isaac Woods was awarded a land grant 9 Jan 1787 in Burke County, later Jefferson County, which he helped survey with David Woods (his brother?) on 7 Nov 1785. An image of the original survey is here:,11947

That survey is adjacent to land already owned by an Isaac Woods, so I am guessing that he had a colonial land grant as well. Indeed this page listing Queensborough land grants ( lists "Isaac Wood" as having received 100 acres, grant dated 6 Sep 1774, Book M, page 385) adjacent to David Wood. But I don't know what the reference Book M, page 385 refers to. By the way, I estimate Isaac Woods birth as about 1750 because of this 1774 land grant (guessing he might be 24 at the time of the grant).

Also there is an old post on the old Jefferson county mailing list by Dawn Williams which gives further information on Isaac Woods, Sr.:

Here I quote a portion of Dawn William's message:


1. ISAAC1 WOODS, SR. died Abt. 1818. He married CATHERINE ?. She was born Abt. 1775, and died Abt. 1823.

Notes for ISAAC WOODS, SR.:

11/6/1818: Application of Catherine Woods, admin. of the Estate of Isaac Woods, Sr. desc., the said Catherine Woods as guardian for the minor heirs, Archibald

Thomas McBride, Joseph Marshall, and John McBride to divide the estate...


Application of Isaac Woods and Thomas McBride, administrators in right of

Catherine, wife of Isaac Woods, desc.....


Thomas Woods appointed guardian of Archibald Woods, orphan of Isaac Woods.

signed: Thomas Woods, Nathaniel Moxley 2/1824

*Catherine probably desc. at this time.


Apparently she is referring to probate records from Isaac Woods Sr's death in 1818. This is the only document I have which makes me link my Isaac Woods, Jr. (b 1794) to Isaac Woods, Sr. (b abt 1750). Is there some way I could get copies of these original documents, or even Isaac Wood's will? The records are intriguing because it lists his wife Catherine and minor son Archibald. But what is the mention of the McBride's and Marshall to divide the estate? Are they executors or heirs?

I contacted the Jefferson County courthouse and they said I could search their records, but they did not have the staff available to do genealogical searches. I am in California.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Colt Woods

Re: Isaac Woods (1750?-1818)

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Surnames: Wood, Parker, Partin
Are you related to famous General Solomon Wood of Jefferson Co., GA? Have you seen Phoebe Wood b. 1786 Jefferson Co., GA who m. Asa Parker abt 1800? She is my ancestor and I have not found her parents though I suspect her father was John Wood. They named a son John Woods Parker. Asa moved his family to Monroe Co., AL and some on to Lauderdale Co., MS including my ancestor, Solomon Alford Parker, who m. Nancy Partin.
Sorry, I do not have Isaac Wood in my database but will keep an eye out as I research.

Re: Isaac Woods (1750?-1818)

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Thanks for the response. I have the benefit of a Y-DNA test and it does not connect me to any of Solomon Wood's descendants. It does link me to a bunch of Woods knocking about North Carolina in the early 1700s though. It seems they all set out chasing free land.

As for the surname as Woods or Wood, most of the documents I have seen for my Isaac Woods has been plural.

Anybody have ideas on what I might find if I visit the Jefferson County Courthouse?


Colt Woods

Re: Isaac Woods (1750?-1818)

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Dear Colt,
I have looked through my Family Tree "Never out of the Woods" but did not find an Isaac Woods or any or the others you mentioned. Sorry.
Before you go to GA I suggest you try and find out if the records you are seeking were destroyed in the Civil War. My experience researching people in the south is fruitless.
I have hit a brick wall trying to find out information on My G-G-Grandfather John Woods 1790-1848 who married Jennie "Jane" McCullar 1797-1850 due to records having been destroyed in the Civil War. Most records were kept at the county court houses at that time. I would think that General Sherman did not leave much standing when he went through GA. If I find anything in the future I will pass it on.
Best regards,
Frederick Wayne Woods

Re: Isaac Woods (1750?-1818)

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Frederick Wayne Woods,

Perhaps I can open a door to your Woods brick wall. I suspect we are cousins on the Woods line. Consider the following facts.

I have performed an 111 marker Y-DNA test on myself and I am a very close match to a young Woods in Tennessee. The Y-DNA results show that he and I differ by only three steps. At the 111 marker level, this is a very close match. This means that there is a 55% chance that he and I share a common paternal ancestor in the last five generations, a 68% chance in six generations, a 78% chance in 7 generations, and 86% chance in 8 generations, and so on.

So how are me and this Tennessee Woods related?

I have traced my line with high certainty to Isaac W. Woods, b 1794 Jefferson County, GA, m. Elizabeth Jane Patterson 1815, d. 1865 Dale County AL. I am pretty sure who his father was (Isaac Woods, b abt 1750, but I want to limit discussion to provable facts for now.) Isaac Woods b. 1794 is five generations up from me.

Similarly, my young Tennessean DNA tester traces his line with high certainty to John Henry Woods, b. abt 1830 Tennessee, m. Susan Ann Horn(?) abt 1848, m. Fady Louisa Putnam 1875, d. 1890 McNairy County TN, 1890. John Henry Woods is five generations up from my young Woods tester from Tennessee.

My conclusion is that the Woods in McNairy County Tennessee are related to Woods of Jefferson County GA.

Other than this DNA result, there is other anecdotal evidence. I see that from the 1840 census in McNairy that there were three Woods households: Archibald, Jane, and Isaac. The names Archibald and Isaac are favorite names of the Jefferson County GA Woods.

We have gone off track from the topic of this thread which was mining the Jefferson County courthouse for information on Isaac Woods. I did make the trip there in July and found many of the original documents I sought. I will leave that for a separate post.

Are you descended from John Henry Woods, b 1830? If so then I suspect we would test out to be a close Y-DNA match. If you do perform the test, then you would likely want to do the 111 DNA test to see how close a match we are.

Colt Woods

Re: Isaac Woods (1750?-1818)

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Surnames: Woods
I am replying to my own post in the hopes that it will help other Woods researchers out there. I made the trip to the Jefferson County courthouse in early July 2012 and had a productive visit. I did not find the Holy Grail I sought, Issac Woods's will with the family tree spelled out (and perhaps a family tree scribbled in the margins!), but I found out a bunch of other good stuff. I have photos of the originals if anyone wants them.

Our story begins 9 Jan 1815 where Catherine Woods and William Woods apply for the letter of administration of the estate of Isaac Woods.

In the Jefferson County Court of Ordinary Minutes Book A, pages 260, the entire page reads:

Monday the 2nd day of January 1815
The Court met
Present their Honors
Michael Shelman
John Powell
William N. Harman
Thomas Hancock

The Court met agreeable to Law & adjourned till
Monday the 9th Instant
A. Wright, Clk

Monday the 9th day of January 1815
The Court met agreeably to adjournment
Present thier Honors
Michael Shelman
John Powell
Willim N. Harman
Thomas Hancock

It appearing to the Court that Catherine Woods &
William Woods have regularly applied for letters of
administration on the Estate and effects of Isaac
Woods late of this County, deceased.
It is therefore Ordered that letters of adm
-inistration do issue to the said Catherine Woods &
William Woods on giving bond & Security in
terms of the law.

A few months later Catherine and Isaac Woods (Junior) post the bond:

In the Jefferson County Court of Ordinary Minutes Book A, pages 265, the third entry reads:

This day Catherine Woods & Isaac Woods attended
gave bond & Security & qualified as administrators
of the Estate of Isaac Woods Senr. decd. and also
Obtained letters of administration on Said Estate
this 6th March 1815.

And we now have some court action 6 Nov 1815 to divide up the estate. This is the original fragment of text I had found in Dawn William's earlier message.

In the Jefferson County Court of Ordinary Minutes Book B, pages 1, they open the court for the day's business. I only include this to establish the date:

Jefferson County

At a Court of ordinary held in
and for the said County of Jefferson on Monday
the sixth day of November 1815.
Present their Honors
Michail Shellman
Aaron Low
Thomas Hancock

It appearing to the court ...

The rest of that page is another matter than our Isaac Woods, but on Page 2 of the same book, which I have transcribed in its entirety, we have:

On the application of Catherine Woods Administra
-trix & Isaac Woods, administrator of the Estate of
Isaac Woods Senr. deceased, & the said Catherine Woods
as Guardian for the minor heirs of said Deceased
for an order for the distribution of the Estate
of said desd. It is Ordered That Thomas
McBride, Joseph Marshall & John McBride
be & they are hereby appointed to divide the said Estate
into as many parts or Shares, as there are distributus
and assignees by lott or Otherwise, as to them Shall
Seem proper, are of the said parts or shares to each
distributee, or his her or their legal representative
that the above named persons so making distri
-bution, Shall be previously Sworn to make
the Same According to Justice and Equity with
out favor or affection to any of the parties to
the best of their Skill & understanding & make a return to this Court under their hands &
Seals. ---

On the complaint of Samuel Walden, Security for
the faithful administration of Nancy Smith, on
the Estate of John Smith, decd. Stating that the said

That last bit is where the court was on a separate matter.

There is another set of books which has an inventory of Isaac Woods estate. It is on four pages in the Jefferson County Inventory Book C, pages 101 to 104. It provides an interesting look into his life. The entirety of the first page, page 101 reads:

Jefferson County

We the appraisers of the
Estate of Isaac Woods Senr
Deceased after being duly Sworn proceded
to apprais the following propert Viz.

1 ole bay horse valued at ... 35.00
1 Grey horse @ ... 60.00
1 sorrel filley ... 85.00
one sorrel mare ... 60.00
one dark bay horse ... 40.00
one bay filley ... 65.00
one Grey mare and Colt ... 70.00
22 head of cattle ... 110.00
one Negro man named Will ... $325.00
one Negro woman Rose ... 300.00
one Negro boy Jim ... 350.00
one Nergo Child amey ... 100.00
16 head sheep ... 32.00
45 head of Geese ... 22.50
25 head of Hogs ... 35.00
3 Shovel Ploughs ... 7.50
2 cutler " and Gears ... 12.50
1 scouter Plow and Gears ... 4.00
1 Lock chain 2 single trees and 2 Clevises ... 4.50
1 spade Fire(?) and Iron wedge ... 1.75
1 pair of Steelards ... 3.00
2 Clubaxes & 2 Broad axes ... 5.00
1 piece of steel 4 lb(?) ... 1.50
1 Grindstone ... 2.00
1 Lot of old Iron ... 4.00
4 hinges 2 back band hooks floring(?) dog(?) ... 1.50
1 scutter 1 Grubing hoe and old flour(?) ... 1.50
9 hoops of waggon Hubs ... 1.50
1 currying knife and steel ... 1.00

I must say it is troubling that the negroes are listed between the sheep and the geese. It goes on for three solid pages with sundry items (he had a lot of books). On the top of page 104 of the inventory book it concludes with:

2 Bridles ... 1.25
2 Cow hides ... 1.00
2 Goards of hogs Lard 3 lb of wool ... 4.00


We do certify that the above is a true
appraisment of all the goods and Chattles
belonging to the Estte of Isaac Woods Decd.
as have been produced to us by the administra
-tors of said Deceased April 6th 1815.

John Martin
Joseph Brackenridge
John McBride

So he had a pretty sizable estate. I found some other documents, but those are the ones I found relating to his probate.

Colt Woods

Re: Isaac Woods (1750?-1818)

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More Court Documents:

Still settling up Isaac's estate. Now applying to sell some land:

Jefferson County Court of Ordinary Minutes, Book B, the third entry on page 84 reads:

On the application of Isaac Woods an administrator
and Thomas McBride administrator in right of his
wife Catherine, administrators on the Estate of Issac
Woods, deceased for leave to Sell the remaining
part of the Real Estate of said deceased and it app
-earing to the Court that nine months notice has been
regularly published according to law, and it also
appearing to the Court that said Real Estate Cannot

Continuing on page 85:

be divided among the heirs of said Isaac Woods decd
to their advantage and that it will be for the benefit
of said heirs to order a Sale of the same, and no
Objections being made to said application.
It is therefore Ordered that the said Isaac Woods
& Thomas McBride Administrators as aforesaid, do
make Sale of the remaining Estate of said dec'd viz,
One tract of land lying & being in the County of Wilkin
-son Containing 202 1/2 acres, known by no 139 in the
Second district in said County - also one tract in Burke
County at the time of Survey (now in Jefferson County)
Containing 200 acres granted to John Glass, and
also one other tract in Burke County at the time
of Survey (now Jefferson County) on Mill Creek, Con
-taining One hundred acres, also granted to
John Glass, they Giving notice according to law
The last will & Testament of Mark R Wood was this
day proven by Aaron Low Dsq who was one of the
Subscribing Witnesses to said will. It is therefore
That last part is a separate matter and points out how you have to be careful in this research. The Mark R Wood mentioned is of the unrelated Solomon Wood family, and yet here they are appearing adjacent in the same court minutes page.

Argh. I see that no where in the above is the date! Obviously from where it appears in the book, it is well after the other entry of Nov 1815 where they were instructed to divide the estate.

Now for some guardianship issue of Archibald Woods. on 11 Nov 1823, Thomas Woods and Nathanial Moxley post a $2000 bond saying they'll treat Archbald well.

We have the book Jefferson County Guardian Bonds, Book A No. 1 1822-1856, on page 14, bottom half of the page:

Georgia Jefferson County Know all men by these presents, that we
Thomas Woods & Nathaniel Moxley are held and firmly bound
untho theirs Honours the Judges of the Court of Ordinary
for Said County, and their Sussessors in office, in the Just and
full sum of Two thousand dollars, for the payment of which
sum to the said Judges and their successors in office, we
bind ourselves, our heirs Executors and administrators, Jointly
and severally, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals
and dated this Eleventh day of November one thousand eight
hundred and twenty three.
The condition of the above obligation is such that whear
-as the said Thomas Wood is this day appointed Guardian
to Archibald Wood orphan of Isaac Wood now if the
said Thomas Wood do will and truly demean himself
as Guardian aforesaid, agreeable to law in such case made
and provided, the above obligation to be void, otherwise to
remain in full and virtue(?).
Signed, sealed, and acknowledged
before me.

Thomas Woods
Nathaniel Moxley

RB Shelman Clk / Recorded 18th February 1824

And much later on, 18 Jan 1841, recorded in the same book Matthew M. Woods is appointed guardian to his son John Woods. Archibald Woods is there too with the bond.

Jefferson County Guardian Bonds, Book A No. 1 1822-1856, on page 137, bottom half of the page:
Jefferson County

Know all men by these presents That we Matthew
M. Woods and Archibald Woods are held
and firmly bound unto the Honorable the Justices of the Inferior
Court sitting as a Court of Ordinary for said County, and their
successors in office in the Just and full sum of Twelve Hun
dred Dollars, for the payment of which sum, to the said Justices
as aforesaid, and their successors in office, we bind ourselves
our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally
firmly by these presents, sealed with our Seals, and dated
this Eighteenth day of January One Thousand Eight Hundred
and Forty one.
The Condition of the above obligation is such
that whereas the said Mathew M. Woods is this day appointed
Guardian to his son John Woods & minor Now if the
said Mathew M Woods do well and truly demean him
self as Guardian aforesaid, agreeably to Letters of Guardian
ship, bearing even date herewith, and agreeably to law in
such case made and provided, the above obligation to
be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue

Ebanezer(?) Bothwell Clerk C.O.

Matthew M Woods
Archibald Woods
Recorded January 20th 1841

I hope this helps some Woods relations out there, or saves them a trip to Louisville GA. Not that it wasn't a nice place to visit. The courthouse was gorgeous and stately, the clerk could not have been more helpful, and we had a nice lunch at the local dinner.

Colt Woods

Re: Isaac Woods (1750?-1818)

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I am confused about where replies appear for this message board. I can see a reply to this thread here:

where Jones Peebles says:

>Daniel Nathan Crumpton Has printed the early Land records of Jefferson co.
>There is a Issac Woods listed in the 1795 tax digest...Jones

I have a copy of Crumpton's white book: "Jefferson County, Georgia, Land Records, Volumen One" and I cannot find any mention of Isaac Woods in a tax digest in the 1700s. The first mention I see is in 1802 for an "Isaac Wood". The details are:

Name(s): Isaac Wood
County: Jefferson
Acres: 225
Slaves 2
Grantor: Woods
Adjoiners: McBride
Watercourse: Dry Creek

Note that although it is transcribed as singular Wood in the name, it is transcribed as the plural Woods in the Grantor column.

The only Wood/Woods I see in the 1796 tax digest are "Robert Wood" who has 100 acres with "Simmons Fowler" (County: Jefferson, Slaves: 0, Acres: 100, Watercourse: Rocky Comfort, Adjoining: Rees) and "Solomon Wood trustee for Alexander Avery" with three lots of about 3000 acres and 14 slaves in Jefferson, Montgomery, and Washington counties.

I don't know what to make of the absence of the Woods from the earlier tax digests. There are many missing entries in the 1796 digest as noted by Crumpton.

Colt Woods

Wood in the 1802 Tax Digest

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Wood, Woods, Parker, Barber

Wood, Solomon JF/ra 1799 071
Parker, John JF/cw 1799 005
Parker, Richard JF/ta 1799 059

1800 - 1802
Wood, Solomon JF/ct 1802 023
Parker, Asa JF/to 1801 033

1804 - 1806
Woods, John JF/ca 1805 031
Parker, Asa JF/ca 1805 031

1809 - 1811
Woods, John JF/ct 1810 006
Parker, Asa JF/ct 1810 006

1814 - 1817
Woods, John JF/do 1816 029
Parker, Asa JF/do 1816 029

My Asa Parker m. Phoebe Wood or Woods in abt 1800. They named a son, John Woods Parker so I was interested to find John Wood lived nearby when they were in Jefferson Co., GA.
The John Wood in the Tax Digests could have been my Phoebe Wood or Woods brother. I found record of a John Wood will in 1802 but they did could not find a copy of it anywhere in the Courthouse (complete chaos there!)
Page 128 page 30:
John Wood made a will which was probated 6 Dec 1802 in Jefferson Co., GA but a copy of the will cannot be found. Witness: Joseph Barber

This could have been Phoebe's father since she was born in 1786. By the 1830 Census many of the Parkers had moved to Monroe Co., AL and on to Lauderdale Co., MS by 1850.

I typed this up properly spaced and paragraphed but when I previewed it, it has been all run together. Email me at if you need a clear copy.


Re: Isaac Woods (1750?-1818)

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Surnames: woods
The info that I found came from a trip I made to the Jefferson County Courthouse,
per page

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