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PETRICH siblings -- Hulda, Emil, Rudolf, Reinhold

PETRICH siblings -- Hulda, Emil, Rudolf, Reinhold

Margaret (View posts)
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I understand that these siblings lived in Berlin after WWII. I'm not sure what side of the wall.

Hulda was married to Paul ZIMMERMANN who died June 15, 1964, in Berlin.
Reinhold died prior to Dec 1996 in Berlin.

I know nothing else about them except that they were the children of a brother of my great grandfather Friedrich C Petrich (born 1857 in Friedenau of Kreis Arnswalde, son of Christian Friedrich Wilhelm PETRICH, aka Wilhelm, and Ernestine Wilhelmine RIEDEMANN)

I'd like to fill in the missing information.
A hint on how to death info would be a start.
Does anyone know what it includes?

Re: PETRICH siblings -- Hulda, Emil, Rudolf, Reinhold

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Surnames: Petrich
I'm still interested in finding information about these people. They are the nephews and niece of my ggrandfather Friedrich C Petrich (born 1857 in Kreis Arnswalde in the Neumark). They lived in Berlin after WWII. Fred's brothers were August, Frank (probably Franz), and William (probably Wilhelm), but I don't know which was their father.

Re: PETRICH siblings -- Hulda, Emil, Rudolf, Reinhold

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There is a OFB (Ortsfamilienbuch) online. Do you know it ?

Re: PETRICH siblings -- Hulda, Emil, Rudolf, Reinhold

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Thank you. An interesting site which may prove helpful in the future. At the moment I do not have enough information to make any connections between my family and the PETRICHs that I did find.

Re: PETRICH siblings -- Hulda, Emil, Rudolf, Reinhold

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German informat and researcher for:
Petrich, Frichrich C. b. 16. Mar 1857, Friedenau

there is an e-mail-adress, try to contact him. maybe he have more information about the decedents in Germany

Re: PETRICH siblings -- Hulda, Emil, Rudolf, Reinhold

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Thanks. Another interesting site.

The page of interest is a reconstruction of the church book which no longer is in existence. (Actually that whole section is of interest) I will try to contact him. Some years back I belonged to a mailing list for the Neumark. I believe both mattias and Mr Gwcheng also were members. Perhaps you were as well?

It may have been info I sent via someone. Friedrich's descendants are in the US. I have/had a copy of the Ahnentafel of Charlotte Petrich which traced her direct line back to Friedrich's brother Johann Gustav (Rufname: Gustav).

Re: PETRICH siblings -- Hulda, Emil, Rudolf, Reinhold

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descedants - i thougt about the siblings. the church book, yes thats really difficult. but the siblings you are looking for are in the timeframe of the civil register (since 1876).

you have not birth date of one of the siblings, but a marriage
of Hulda. maybe you contact the mailing list again to figured out, when and where she married.

Re: PETRICH siblings -- Hulda, Emil, Rudolf, Reinhold

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Surnames: Petrich, Köpp, Zimmermann
I did not get the dates from the mailing list, but gave them to someone there. Neither did I get names or places from them. Charlotte's line I got from the Ahnentafel she had sent me. My own line I got from relatives.

What I did get was info about Neumark itself, some history, and direction to kartenmeister.

I learned about the Berlin siblings from Charlotte and my grandfather's step-brother. But they were a bit vague on the exact relationship.

Charlotte also told me about a Gertrude Petrich-Köpp whom she had met once through Hulda. She may have been born about 1900 and was still alive in 1990.

Charlotte's grandfather was Johann Gustav (1862-1932)was a brother to my grandfather Friedrich C (1857-1929). I don't have dates for the other three brothers or the one sister. Their parents were Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Petrich (1824-1873) and Ernestine Wilhelmine Riedemann (1821-1904). They were married in 1849, so logically the children were born between 1849-1873 (assuming all were born in wedlock). The births probably were recorded in church books that no longer exist. I do not know on which side of the Oder they may have died, except Gustav and Fred. Gustav died in Cottbus. Fred took his young family to America and died in Wisconsin.

I have no idea when the siblings who are the subject of this thread were born. Reinhold died before Dec.1996 in Berlin, but don't know how much before. Paul Zimmermann (Hulda's husband) died June 15, 1964, in Berlin. I don't know when the others may have died. [I would love to get my hands on an obituary of Paul]

If any of them were in the links, I couldn't find them.
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