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French-Canadian Route to the U.S.A.

French-Canadian Route to the U.S.A.

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Donalyn, just came accross your site, great, have used Debra's site of French-Canadian Sephardim and wish you well. Some of my wife's families I'm working on are. viz: Abraham, Bar, Baron, Crespin, DuPuy, Durand, Gay, Jacob, Julien, Lamy, LeBlanc,D'Estrade,Malet,Martin,Paris,Pinel,Richard,Adam,Gelinas,Juiellineau,Robert,Albert,Bardon,Barjolet,Barre,Belliveau,Benard,Benoit,Bisaillon,Bernard,Bonnet,Brun,Bugaret,Cadrin,Capel,Casse,Chawvin,Chaille,Christin,Clairebout,Clement,Coeffes,Coralle,Corsonniere,Contant,Chabrat,Gareman,Guerin,Levron,Maranda,Laure,Halle,Haaley,Masse,Olivier,Pajot,Tardif. These are just a few, the only family can prove paper wise to Sephardic roots is the Gelinas/Gellineau/Juiellineau family, back to 1584 in Gons,Saintonge,France, to Elie(the Jew)Juiellineau. Many thanks. Shalom, Dave Seibert at

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Surnames: Gelinas, Gellineau, Jullineau
I am interested in the account of the Gelinas/Gellineau/Elie (the Jew)Juiellineau 1584 Gons, Saintonge, France.On down the line is Etienne (Stephen) Gelinas(Jullineau) a. 1624 France. This seems to be my heritage line and I am trying to find out who and what these ancesters did and how they got to St. Elizabeth or St. Aubert, Canada in the 1600's. Thanks

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David A. Seibert (View posts)
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Lorraine, It seems that Etienne Gelinas' father, Joseph Gellineau was an Estate manager for an Aristocrat in France, as well as a mill-operator, having owned several. Etienne was educated enough so that when Joseph retired as Estate manager, Etienne was able to take over his duties as well as operating his father's mills. My wife, Lorraine Fournier Seibert descends from Etienne's son Jean Bellemere dit Gelinas' daughter, Marguerite-Jeanne Gelinas dite Bellemere, who was born 20 July 1683 at Trois-Rivieres and married Pierre Duruau, 1 Sept. 1707 at Trois-Rivieres. You also might like to check the site for the Gelinas family in Canada, just enter the family name. Hope this might be of some help. Shalom, David Seibert at

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Lorraine (View posts)
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Surnames: Jullineau, Gelineau, Gelinas, Rheault
David, you emailed me last Oct. 2003 about the ancestry of Etienne Gellinas (Gellineau). Back further is Eli (le Jeuf). Was he of the Jewish faith or just his ethnic line.

Also I would like to know more about Pierre Olivier Jullineau. Born 1558 Married Jehanne Rolland, died 1638 Varsay France. He owned a windmill, water mill in Courpignac, Fr. I was able to get the picture of the water mill on the screen and I tried to print it, but my ink was low and it didn't come out very clear. Any suggestions on how to print it again. I don't remember how I got the image on the screen. I love hearing about all the aspects of their lives.

I am looking for Leon Francois Gelinas(my great grandfather) who was born in Athabaska,Quebec on 24 May 1864. married to Elmire Rheault on 20 Aug 1883 in Plessisville, Quebec and died in the 1950's in Abitibi, Quebec. I cannot come up with any further information on him. My family has told me that he and his brother Simeon went to Abitibi to homestead. I have checked deeds and land grants and come up with nothing.

Can you help? I took your advice and looked up the Gelinas name and almost all of the information has checked out with what I have. I have dates, now I would like to find occupations and whatever else is available. Why they went to Abitibi and how they lived there.

Thank you, Lorraine

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Dear David,

Nice to see your still out working on your genealogy! I wanted you to know we started a wonderful project at Family Tree DNA called Canadian Anusim.

I hope you will join us in our research. You can see the project at the following link:

I have updated my website:

Thanks, Deborah

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Deborah (View posts)
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Dear Dave,

It has been almost a year since I posted a reply to this message. You said in your post that only the Gelinas could prove their Jewish linage.

This is no longer true! Our project has proven that the Ducas line is Jewish. We have found 9 families with the Haplogroup of J2, 4 families that are Haplogroup G2 and 8 families that are E3b. That is 21 families so far with Middle Eastern DNA. We have more families we are awaiting their test results to come back and more I just approved to join our project.

Check it out for yourself, here is my website:

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Surnames: Bardon, Curtis

I see in your post that you mention the surname Bardon, which also appears in my family. According to family lore a Rachelle Bardon who allegedly was born in Paris married Asa Curtis in Canada. Their son, George Curtis, was born in Whitby, Ontario 26 Apr 1859. I haven't done any investigation, but when I saw this, I thought I'd ask to see if you'd run across the names.


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Surnames: Gelinas/Robert
Hi Dave,
I also have quite a few of the names you are working on in my ancestry. Gelinas was my mom's maiden name. I have read a lot of info about Elie and Huggette Robert's Jewish roots. I tested my DNA and show no Jewish DNA, however I do show 12% Iberian Peninsula. Would Sephardic Jews show only Iberian Peninsula DNA? Wouldn't they have had to have originated in the Middle East and therefore show Jewish DNA?
Is there any info about Ancestors before Elie and or in Spain? Do you know where in Spain and what names. I got as far as Huggette Robert's father and grandfather, Samuel Jehan Robert and Toussaint Robert, but they were in France and Protestant at that time. Again I can't find any info about the family when they were Jewish in Spain. Any info you have or if you can point me in the right direction where to look would be appreciated.
Jean Gallagher
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