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Galland Family descending from Matthew Galland and Hannah Fenno

Galland Family descending from Matthew Galland and Hannah Fenno

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Surnames: Galland
My name is Matthew David Bernstein, my first name came from Matthew Galland in the Abel Family and David after my grandmothers brother who was named after his grandfather David Theophilius Galland. My mother Jane Accordino, just lost her mother my grandmother Elizabeth Galland. Elizabeth Galland is the daughter of Hugh and Jay Fay Galland. Hugh's father was David Theophilius Galland and his wife Maude Winey. David Theophilius Galland's father was Benjamin Furby Galland and mother Maria Louise Allen. Benjamins father was Abel Galland and mother Amy Furby. Abel's father is Matthew Galland and mother Hannah Fenno. Does any Galland have a similiar family Galland line. Just am interested to see where all the Galland's are roaming about.


Re: Matthew Galland and Hanna Fenno

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There are a lot of Gallands/Gallants around. I am a desendant of Matthew Gallant and his wife, Hanna Fenno, through their son David, his son Artemas, and his son John Wesley (my grandfather). The name was originally Garland when the family lived in Ireland. When they became Protestants they were forced to leave, and went to France where the name was changed to Gallant. When they (the Huguenots) were forced leave there, some went to Germany and ours went to England. The first Gallants in America were James and Mary Gallant, parents of Matthew. Matthew's son, Isaac, sometimes signed his name as Garland or Galland,and the rest of the family took the name Galland, except my grandfather who took back the name Gallant.

Re: Galland Family

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That is really interesting. I didn't realize how many verisons of the Galland name there are. So that might be why there is some difficulties on piecing all the family together. I have had some luck looking for the Galland name online. I have found all the Galland information from Iowa and Illinois. I found that there is a town named Galland IA. And about the Church of Lader Day Saints and the Galland Grove. Makes me want to take a road trip from Boston MA to see all the family history. Seems like our family was a big name in IA. I have been doing alot of research and if you want to exchange anything, I am more than welcome to share it with you.

Re: Matthew Galland

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The Galland/Gallant family is very interesting. Our Matthew Gallant served in The Queen's Loyalists during the Rev War, but never his family. He was given land in Canada after the War, and stayed there a few years before returning to Boston, and marrying Hanna Fenno. The Ohio Company gave him 100 acres of land in Ohio near Marrietta. Several women joined the DAR through him, until he was discovered on the Queen's Loyalist List. He could talk about the battles he was in, just did not say which side he was fighting on! His son, Isaac, was a land speculator, bought land from the Indians, and sold it to settlers moving West. He wrote a book "The Iowa Emigrant" encouraging people to move there. He gave some of his land in Illinois to Joseph Smith, and became his confidant for a time. The historic Navuoo visitors' center in Illinois will treat any of Isaac's relatives as VIP's. I know, I was there. Isaac's sister, Mary, joined the Mormons on their trek to Salt Lake City, and her descendants have done a lot of research on the family. Isaac's brother, David, followed Isaac to Illinois and Iowa, was the first Justice of the Peace in Iowa, helped write the State Constitution, and served 12 years in the Iowa Legislature. Before moving West, David, Abel and Matthew, Jr. served in the War of 1812. Young Matthew was killed, and David taken prisoner by the British when they overran Fort Detroit. After the War, David returned to Ohio and married Phoebe Gandy, then they started West to Illinois and Iowa. Very interesting family.

Re: CORRECTION -- James Gallant's wife

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A slight correction to my posting on 11 Sept, 2008. The wife of our ancestor, James Gallant, was Hannah Guillvance, not Mary.

Re: Galland Family

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Thanks for the info about visiting Nauvoo. We are planning to go there on Vacation in two years. Talking about Issac Galland. I have read the pages in the Joseph Smith history and Brigham Young history about him. It is said that after being affiliated with the Mormon Church for about 4 years, he took off with some of their money and they never got it back. Needless to say, that was the last of his affiliation with the church. Such and interesting man.

Re: Harold & Gloria (Wilbur) Galland

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Surnames: Galland, Furby
Hi Matthew,
My father is Alfred Galland, whose parents were Gloria Wilbur and Harold Galland. Harold's parents were Ethel Bell Smith and Lamont C. Galland. Lamont's parents were Ada M Tripp and Henry W. Galland. Henry's parents were Sarah Elizabeth Rudd and William Wallace Galland. William's parents were Druzilla Dragoo and David Galland. Then I am showing David's parents as Abel Galland and Amy Furby. It looks like we are distant relatives.

Re: Galland Line

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Hey Becky,

That is really cool. I can't believe how many gallands there are around. The Gallands were a huge hit back in the day. I find it more and more interesting about our family the more information and people that are relatives I get in contact with.

Re: Druzilla Draggo Galland

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Surnames: Galland, Furby, Dragoo, Kuykendall
Hi Matt, My 3rd great grandfather is Absalom Kuykendall, HE married Druzilla Draggo Galland after her husband David Galland passed sometime in 1850 in Iowa, We still have not been able to find him. David's parents were Abel & Amy Furby Galland, and I am trying to find info on AMy Furby Galland, parents, etc.

We have found the burial site of where Abel Galland is buried, and we are naming the cemetery the Abel Galland Memorial Cemetery, on the land where the 1st RLDS church site was, and Abel came to Shelby cnty, IA and was the first settler there in 1848.

If you would like add'l info, let me know.

Alvin, researcher
Omaha, NE

Re: Matthew Galland and Hannah Fenno

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Surnames: Galland
Hey Matthew,
My 3rd great grandmother is the daughter of one of the sons of Matthew Galland and Hannah Fenno. I am having trouble figuring out who exactly her father was. I currently have her listed as Dollie Galland but I think that might be wrong. I am new to genealogy and was wondering if you had any information.

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