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Augustus D. Galland and Jestin Galland -- Central Washngton State

Augustus D. Galland and Jestin Galland -- Central Washngton State

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I was wondering if anyone are related to the Gallands in the Central Washington State area? My grandfathers name is Jestin Galland and his father was Augustus Dodge Galland. I moved to Utah and my family has practically no geneology work except the last 4 generations (me, my dad, his father, and his father). It's interesting to see so many Gallands on this forum. Also my family is originally from Galland Iowa and I think we are French/English decent. If anyone has anything that they can share that would be terrific.

Sean Galland

Re: Augustus Dodge Galland

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I am so glad you posted. I have researched Agustus Dodge Galland and thought he must have been such an interesting character. Just by the nicknames for his children listed on the Census information. I know that Augustus Dodge Galland was the son of Artemes N. Galland and Eleanor Mott. Artemes Galland is the son of David Galland and Phoeby Gandy and David Galland is the son of Matthew Galland and Hannah Fenno. There is a book published about Matthew and Hannah, I could get you the info on that. I have all of the brothers and sister inbetween these generations. I also live in utah. Kaysville, Utah. My e-mail is if you would like to get more info from me.

Re: Augustus Dodge Galland

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Augustus Dodge Galland was the oldest brother of my grandfather, John Wesley Gallant/Galland. I have quite a bit of information about their parents, grandparents, and greatgrandparents. Several years ago, several cousins and I wrote a book about the family, and a copy is on film at the Family History Center in SLC. You can access the book on line. Just go to the Library Catalog and type in Surname Galland, and click on David Galland, Augustus' father. Let me know if you have more questions, I will be happy to help.


Re: Augustus Galland

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Are you related to the Galland/Gallant family? Augustus Galland is my great uncle, his brother, John Wesley Gallant/Galland is my grandfather. Do you know what happened to all the other brothers? I know about Augustus, Joshua, Abijah, and, of course, John Wesley. But have been searching for the other brothers listed in the 1870 Lee County, Iowa census. There was also a daughter, Laura, who died as a young child. Not sure when she was born or died. John Wesley talked about her, and named his first daughter after her.

Re: Book: "Galland Branches" written by Thomas Clark

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Earlier today I answered your query about the Gallands, and said there was a book in SLC about the Galland family. There is another one "Galland Branches" written by Thomas Clark. You can also access it online. David Galland and Augustus Galland are on page 34. There are several errors on page 35. John Wesley is listed as 1726 and 1729. His sons are Ralph Galland/Gallant (s/b 17261) and Clarence (not Cecil) Gallant (s/b 17262). Family story says the family were originally Irish Catholics named Garland. They then followed the teachings of Martin Luther, and when Ireland banished all Protestants, they went to France where they were known as Huguenots, and the name became Gallant. When they were forced out of France, some of the family went to Germany (there are many Gallants in Germany)and our family to England, then on to America as Gallant. David's older brother, Isaac, bought and sold land in Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa, and signed his name Garland or Galland,and the rest of family used Galland, except for my grandfather, John Wesley, who knew of the original spelling and used it.

Re: Augustus D. Galland and Jestin Galland

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Wow thats really cool. I had absolutely no idea there is so much family history. As far as what happened to all the brothers I don't really have any idea since my family never really bothered to keep genealogy and I am pretty much starting from scratch. It's good to know that someone somewhere has some info, and its definitely a start and I am thankful for that.

Althoug I am LDS, my family isn't and I am the only active member (I converted 5 years ago in my early 20's), my family has been completely disassociated from their roots. So it will be an interesting journey to learn of my ancestors and the lives they have lived.

Sean Galland

Re: Augustus Dodge Galland

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The children I have listed for Artemes N. Galland and Eleanor Mott are as follows:

Augustus Dodge Galland- 1849
Alonzo Galland- 1852
Joshua Galland- 1854
Absolom Galland- 1857
John Wesley Gallant 1859
Vernon Galland-1862
Justus Galland- 1865

Where does Laura fit in?

Also, What was John Wesley's wifes maiden name. I just have her listed as Lonie, is that correct. I have their children as Clarence, Laura and Vera. Anymore info would be greatly appreciated.

Re: David Galland Book

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I am not finding your book in the family history library catalog. There are the books by Ina Hunt Tuft, Thomas L. Clark and Boyd Dixon Galland, but no title mentioning David Galland. What is the title of the book?

Re: Jestin Galland

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What is Jestin Galland's wifes maiden name. All I have is Ellen born about 1902. I have their children listed as follows:
Violet 1921
Victor 1923
Bernice 1924
Bernard 1925
Ernest T. 1927
Martha 1928
Gladys 1930

Who is your father? Any help filling in the gaps would be appreciated.

Teresa Perry

Re: Jestin Galland

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He later married Opal Netherda and had my dad, his name was Kimberly Galland he was born in 1953. Jestin died when my dad was 1 years old say approximentally 1968'ish...

Also he has brothers and sisters:
Jestin ("Jack")
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