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Arndt---Arendt Family from Danzig West Prussia

Arndt---Arendt Family from Danzig West Prussia

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Any one related or have information on John Jacob Arndt Family? They immigrated to Bloomington, IL. in 1882. His wife Anna Maria "Mary" and two young daughters came with him. I have been told his Father John Arndt immigrated in 1881.

Maria Arndt

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I have a Maria Dorthee Sophie Arndt in my tree who married Joachim Friedrich Johann Stech. I know that they were from Prussia, but I'm not sure exactly where. I had someone mention that they may have been from Konigsberg (Brandenburg Neumaark) now in Poland. If this sounds like someone who could be related contact me at

John Jacob Arndt

Art McConnell (View posts)
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My greatgrandfather was John Jacob Arndt From Eliria, Ohio. He was a carpenter and millwright.
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I don't have any Ohio connection that we know of. Our info. shows he Immigeared to McLean Co.IL.in1882. He died 30 Oct.1902 and is burried in Bloomington,IL.
We have five "Johns" that I know of. So John is very prevalent in the Arndt Families.Your John Jacob could be relation but not that I know of. I will keep this info. When did he die?----THANKS AL

Arndt`s of Ohio

Richard G. Arndt (View posts)
Posted: 986832482000
Hi Art,
I also am looking for Arndt`s in or from Ohio. My grandfather, George Edward Arndt,
died in 1918 in Madison Co.Ohio near Columbus. Looking for anything or everything
I can find about the Arndt family.
Thank you very much R.G.Arndt

Arndt's of Ohio

Arthur McConnell (View posts)
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My Grandmother was Ethel Arndt from Eliria, Ohio. Her father was John Jacob Arndt. He was a millwright and carpenter.

Arndt`s of Ohio

Richard G. Arndt (View posts)
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Hello Arthur,
Thank you for the response.
I have only started on my search,what you have read already is about all I have.
I sent for my grfather`s death certificate
but nothing yet.
It seems the are no other Arndt`s left in central Ohio, mostly in the north.
If you know or find any more please let me know. Thank you again,R.G.Arndt e-mail me at

Reply to Arthur McConnell - Re:Arndts in Ohio

Deb Bromley (View posts)
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Arthur, I emailed the following info to Richard Arndt and thought it might interest you also since I have McConnell's in my database. Don't have your email, so replying to your post. If you have anything to add/correct, I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks, Deb

Richard, Saw your recent Arndt postings on the family history site. I have quite a bit of info on the Arndt's in Ohio and correspond with a woman who also does Arndt research in Pennsylvania where some of my relatives moved to. We have traded lots of pictures, DCs, histories, and other info. I do have a George Arndt in Columbus from Henry Francis Arndt's first marriage -- the father committed suicide in 1915. I also have a Georgiana Arndt, but not in the same place you do. There are many prominent, educated people in this family line, several suicides, and multiple marriages. I have gone back to my gggg-grandfather, Dr. Ludwig J. Arndt, who had a son Richard from his first marriage who was also a doctor. I'm stuck there because, although my grandmother insisted before she died that they were buried at Cleveland Street Cemetery in Amherst, they had no gravestones and all the records were lost in a fire at the city hall. His second wife, Martha "Mattie" Grau, was also supposedly a doctor -- one of the first women doctors in the area. She was said to have graduated from Medical School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Below is a report of what I have with as much detail as possible. Hopefully some of the info will be helpful -- if anything looks familiar and you can fill in any gaps, please let me know. Thanks, Deb Bromley

Arndt Register Report - 29 Apr 2001
First Generation
1. Dr. Ludwig J. (John) Arndt. Born ~1821 in Sonnenburg, Sternberg, Prussia. Had son Richard (also a doctor) from first marriage. Died 17 Feb 1864, lived at 176 Beaver Ct.,Amherst, Office on S. Main St., Amherst. Occupation: Physician
He second married Dr. Catherine Martha "Mattie" Grau, Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Died 1887, lived at 176 Beaver Ct., Amherst, Office on S. Main St., Amherst, Occupation: Physician
They had the following children:

2 i. John Jacob Arndt
3 ii. Henry Francis Arndt
iii. Carl Arndt; Born 1 Sep 1848. Died 1 Feb 1936, Cause of Death on DC: Senility. Occupation: Retired turrie man.
He married Reacka <Unknown>. Born 1850. Died 1881. Buried Cleveland Street Cemetery, Amherst, Ohio

Second Generation
2. John Jacob Arndt. Son of Dr. Ludwig J. (John) Arndt & Dr. Catherine Martha "Mattie" Grau . Born 21 Dec 1856 in N.Y. (not readable on death certificate). Lived at 2520 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, Died 1 Jul 1917, Widower, Suicide by gunshot through the heart per DC. Buried in Amherst, Ohio. Occupation: Retired millwright & carpenter, obituary says "died suddenly".
He married Martha Ann Schminke, Born 20 Feb 1853. Died 6 May 1917, Lived at 2520 Detroit Ave., Had an aunt "Lizzie" who lived by the cemetery.
They had the following children:

4 i. Clifford George Arndt (my great grandfather)
5 ii. Melvin J. Arndt
6 iii. Ethel Mae Arndt

3. Henry Francis Arndt. Son of Dr. Ludwig J. (John) Arndt & Dr. Catherine Martha "Mattie" Grau . Born 4 Dec 1860 in Amherst, Ohio. Died 16 Jun 1915 - Suicide/Shot through the heart with shotgun. Buried 18 Jun 1915 in Amherst. Occupation: "County Commissioner" on DC (could be prominent position or sometimes "county commissioner" referred to a place of orphans or insane???)
He first married Ella May Baker, daughter of Stephen Baker & Violetta See. Born 15 May 1865 in Stateline, Pennsylvania. Died 12 Aug 1953 at home of daughter Georgiana in Cambridge Springs, PA. Buried in Amherst, Ohio.
They had the following children:

7 i. Georgiana Henrietta "Dolly" Arndt
ii. Catherine Arndt; Probably born before 1902.
8 iii. Inez Arndt

He second married Kate Newton.
They had the following children:

i. Esther Arndt;
ii. Leona Arndt; Born 20 Dec 1895. OH SSN: 296-32-7401, lived in Cleveland at one time. Died May 1983 in Yellow Springs, Greene Cty, Ohio 45387.
She married J.C. Ford. Lived in Cleveland, Ohio at one time.
9 iii. Dr. George Arndt

Third Generation
4. Clifford George Arndt. Son of John Jacob Arndt & Martha Ann Schminke. Born 15 Jan 1888 in Amherst, Ohio. Lived at 1653 Hollywood Rd., Cleveland, OH. Died 29 Jul 1972, SSN: 273-01-9112. Buried in Lake View Cemetery, East Cleveland. Occupation: Employed by Automotive Brgs. Equip. Co, 1925 E55th, Cleve,OH.
He first married Harriet "Hattie" Marie Martin, daughter of Mr. Martin & Ms. Driscoll (birth parents from Scotland deceased when she was young, leaving her an orphan). Born 28 Aug 1887 in Ohio. Adopted by Tuttles. Died 25 Sep 1958. Per Cuyahoga County marriage records, she married Clifford twice, Died in Los Angeles Cty, Calif.,Cuy Cty-vol/pg 0143 0414, & 0069 0121. They were divorced. She remarried Clyde Johnson.
They had the following children:

10 i. Thelma Louise Arndt (my grandmother)
11 ii. Elmer C. ("Bud") Arndt
12 iii. Ethel Arndt

He second married Mabel Beam, daughter of Emanuel Beam. Died 12 Jun 1949.

He third married Mamie Wodtman, Married after 1949. She was born 27 Jul 1885. Died 19 Oct 1969. Buried in Knollwood Cemetery, Mayfield Heights, Cleveland.

5. Melvin J. Arndt. Son of John Jacob Arndt & Martha Ann Schminke. Born 1882. Died 1947.
He married Mina ("Aunt Miney") Peck. Born 16 Aug 1885. NY SSN: 115-20-1031. Died May 1974 in Miami, Miami-Dade Cty, Florida.
They had the following children:

13 i. Geraldine Arndt
ii. Willis Arndt; Born 21 Jun 1906. Never married?, NY SSN: 104-09-4314. Died Feb 1983 in Miami, Miami-Dade Cty, Florida.

6. Ethel Mae Arndt. Daughter of John Jacob Arndt & Martha Ann Schminke. Born 8 May 1889 in Elyria, Ohio - FLA SSN: 266-96-1947. Ethel is thought to have a brother Robert "Bob" of another marriage?? Died 6 Jun 1984, Moved to Kissimmee, Florida in Oct 1926.
She married Jesse Stanley Ruic in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Born 24 Jan 1890 in Granby, Connecticut. Died 13 May 1954, Moved to Kissimmee, Florida in Oct 1926. Lived at one time at 2530 East 84th St., Cleveland. Informant of John J. Arndt's suicide.
They had the following children:

14 i. Elizabeth Janet Ruic
15 ii. Phyllis Ruic

7. Georgiana Henrietta "Dolly" Arndt. Daughter of Henry Francis Arndt & Ella May Baker. Born 6 Jul 1902 in Amherst, Ohio. SSN: 244-66-2681. Died 24 May 1986 in Springs Manor, Cambridge Springs, PA. Supposedly attended Oberlin College.
She married Stanley Arnold, Sr. Right, son of William Warren Right & Elizabeth Rebecca Rosenburger, 20 Jun 1921 in Elyria, Ohio by Judge H.C. Wilcox. Born 19 Jan 1900 in Belington, Barbour Cty, W. Virginia. Died 29 Nov 1955 in Cambridge Springs, PA of a heart attack.
They had the following children:

i. Juanita Ellen Right; Born 14 May 1925.
ii. Stanley Arnold, Jr. Right; Born 7 Mar 1927.
iii. David John, Sr. Right; Born 25 Apr 1930.
16 iv. Lois Priscilla Right
v. Leah Elizabeth Right; Born 5 May 1938. Died 28 Oct 1938 in Pneumonia.

8. Inez Arndt. Daughter of Henry Francis Arndt & Ella May Baker. Probably born before 1902.

9. Dr. George Arndt. Son of Henry Francis Arndt & Kate Newton. Born in Columbus, Ohio. Died 1918.

i. Louise Arndt;
ii. Mary Catherine Arndt;
iii. Anthony Arndt; Died at age 5.

Fourth Generation
10. Thelma Louise Arndt (my grandmother). Daughter of Clifford George Arndt & Harriet "Hattie" Marie Martin. Born 9 Nov 1908. SSN: 279-40-4105. Died 11 Mar 2000. Lived at 2991 Cleveland Blvd, Lorain, OH. Her husband Grant was a mason and built their house. Religion: Episcopalian.
She married Grant Dellefield, son of William "Will" F. Henry Dellefield & Anna Zabel, 22 Jun 1929 in Chapel of Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio. Born 19 Nov 1907 in Lorain, Ohio. SSN: 276-03-1310. Died 11 Aug 1980 in Lorain, Ohio. Occupation National Tube/U.S. Steel, Supt. of Masonry, Lorain, Ohio. Lived at 2991 Cleveland Blvd., Lorain, Oh. He built house. Religion: Episcopalian.
They had the following children:

17 i. Laurel Ann Dellefield (my mother)
18 ii. Carol Lynn Dellefield

11. Elmer C. ("Bud") Arndt. Son of Clifford George Arndt & Harriet "Hattie" Marie Martin. Born 12 Nov 1910 in Cleveland, Ohio. SSN: 276-05-2153. Died 27 Dec 1961 in Harbor City, California. Buried 19 Dec 1961 in Rosehills - Hillside Church.
He married Florence Drieford?.
They had the following children:

i. Melvin Roger Arndt; Born 25 Aug 1935 in Ohio. Christen in SSN: 287-26-7946. Died 1 Feb 1997 in Suicide. Buried in Fountain Valley, Orange Cty, California.
He married Pat ?.
ii. Richard ("Dick") Arndt;
He first married Helen ?.
He second married Donna ?.
iii. Norma Jean Arndt;
She married Mr. ? Pasiglia.

12. Ethel Arndt. Daughter of Clifford George Arndt & Harriet "Hattie" Marie Martin. Born in Cleveland, Ohio. Lived in Louisiana for a while. Died 1934 in childbirth. Buried in Odessa, Texas.
She married Howard Weatherford.
They had the following children:

19 i. Donald Ray Weatherford

13. Geraldine Arndt. Daughter of Melvin J. Arndt & Mina ("Aunt Miney") Peck.
She married Vernon Clark.
They had the following children:

20 i. Robert Clark
ii. Connie Clark;

14. Elizabeth Janet Ruic. Daughter of Jesse Stanley Ruic & Ethel Mae Arndt. Died 1999.
She married Arthur McConnell.
They had the following children:

i. Stanley McConnell; Died at birth.
21 ii. Arthur McConnell Jr.

15. Phyllis Ruic. Daughter of Jesse Stanley Ruic & Ethel Mae Arndt.
She married Philip Muller.
They had the following children:

22 i. Ann Muller
ii. Paul Muller;
He first married Orpha Mae Lee, Born 14 Jun 1884. OH SSN: 297-44-0753. Died 20 Apr 1974 in Vermilion, Erie Cty, Ohio. Buried N. Ridge Cemetery, Brownhelm Twp,OH.
He second married Leona <unknown?>.

16. Lois Priscilla Right. Daughter of Stanley Arnold, Sr. Right & Georgiana Henrietta "Dolly" Arndt. Born 30 Sep 1936.
She first married Presbyterian Minister Furstnaugh.
They had the following children:

i. Helen Furstnaugh; Born in California.

She second married Mr. Carrier?.

Fifth Generation
17. Laurel Ann Dellefield (my mother). Daughter of Grant Dellefield & Thelma Louise Arndt. Born 18 Sep 1943. Education: Kent State University AA Business.
She first married Roger Jack Edleman, son of Raymond T. Edleman & Vanita L. Kramer. Born 26 Jan 1942. They were divorced. Occupation: Physicist and MIS/Computer Director. Education: Kent State University B.S. Physics/Math Majors.
They had the following children:

23 i. Deborah Joyce Edleman (me)
24 ii. Kathryn Lynnae Edleman
25 iii. Jeffrey Grant Edleman

She second married Thomas Odell Sprague, 2 Jun 1983.

18. Carol Lynn Dellefield. Daughter of Grant Dellefield & Thelma Louise Arndt. Born 19 Dec 1946.
She married Lewis Goodman. Born 1946. Occupation Stockbroker/V.P. on Wall St. in New York.
They had the following children:

i. Mark Stewart Goodman; Born 18 Sep 1978.
ii. Lauren Stephanie Goodman; Born 30 Jun 1975.
iii. Meryl Elise Goodman; Born 1984.

19. Donald Ray Weatherford. Son of Howard Weatherford & Ethel Arndt. Born 1934 in Louisiana?.
He married Eddie Mae <?>
They had the following children:

i. Donald Ray Jr. Weatherford; Occupation: Detective Police Officer in Pineville, Louisiana.
ii. Rhonda Weatherford;
iii. Donna Weatherford;

20. Robert Clark. Son of Vernon Clark & Geraldine Arndt.

i. Douglas Clark;
ii. Pam Clark;

21. Arthur McConnell Jr. Son of Arthur McConnell & Elizabeth Janet Ruic.
He married Cecilia Emerson.
They had the following children:

i. Scott McConnell;
ii. Kimberly McConnell;
iii. Shawn McConnell;

22. Ann Muller. Daughter of Philip Muller & Phyllis Ruic.
She married Nathan Earl Harris.
They had the following children:

i. Barbie Harris;
She married Todd Pratt.
ii. Earl Harris;
26 iii. Lauren Harris


Arthur McConnell (View posts)
Posted: 988914982000
Thanks! Ethel Mae Arndt was my grandmother, so we are cousins. My children are William Scott, Kimberly Sue, and Sean( not as you have it spelled). Mattie Grau was a doctor one of the first, according to my grandmother. Please e-mail me, thank you!

Arndts of Ohio

Arthur McConnell II (View posts)
Posted: 988921609000
Deb, I met your great grandfather, my grandmothers brother in Florida when I was just a boy. Ethel Mae Ruic, we called her Ami, raised me in Kissimmee, Fl. She also raised Ann an Paul Mueller. Ann (Mueller)
Harris e-mail is She
would like to hear from you also. Thanks!
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