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US Southern Claims Commission

US Southern Claims Commission

Posted: 1376376498000
Classification: Query
Two questions:
(1) The "discussion" area for these records has two questions, only one of which has been answered. The second question was posted in February and I see no answer to it. Is anyone in charge of answering these questions? It seems redundant to have that area as well as this one, especially since no one seems to be responding to that one.
(2) What should I do if there is a list of about 12 witnesses but all of them, as well as their residences, are illegible (even after adjusting for size, contrast and light)? Key it as "Witnesses, Other," enter Witness and then "illegible" for all 12 names and residences?
(3)When the record has both a sworn statement by the claimant, and also a list of witnesses (not sworn in), should it be shown entered as an Oath of Testimony or as Witness Names, Other?

Re: US Southern Claims Commission

Posted: 1376387469000
Classification: Query
(1) Thanks for pointing this out. The question had been posted in such a way that it looked like a continuation of the answer to the other question, so had perhaps been overlooked by people viewing the discussion page. I have posted an answer to it now.
Nobody is "in charge" of answering the questions as far as I know. If you ask a question on these boards or on the wiki discussion page and do not receive an answer, it could be because nobody reading it knows the answer! In this situation you would be best to contact WAP support and ask them your question as they will give you an official answer.
It may be redundant to have both the boards and the wiki discussion page, but since each system has periodic "outages", I would think worth keeping both so that if one is unavailable, the other one can still be used.

(2) Yes, mark them as illegible.

(3) Have you looked at all the sample images on the wiki page to see whether it matches any of them? Sorry, this project is quite complicated. If it doesn't match any of the keying image samples, can you post a screenshot of it on here so we can have a look at it, please?
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