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Janos Reitenbach & Anna Graf

Janos Reitenbach & Anna Graf

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Surnames: Reitenbach, Graf, Blasevitsch
Dear Friend,
I am looking for genealogy information for my grandparents Janos Reitenbach and Anna Graf. I have reason to believe that my grandmother and her family were from Apatin, Hungary.

I am looking for specific records of birth, marriage & death certificates that can be substanciated.

Janos (John) Reitenbach
Born: 1882-1883 (exact date unknown)
Possibly from Osijek.

Anna Graf - Daughter of Josef Graf & Anna Blasevitsch
Born: December 28, 1886 in Apatin Hungary
Anna lived in Vienna Austria as a child.
1912 ship manifest Anna lists Josef Graf as her next of kin.

Descendants of Janos Reitenbach & Anna Graf:
John, Ann, Peter, Joseph, Frank, Theresa (Grace), Paul, & Katherine

Married in Austro-Hungary (exact date unknown)

John and Anna came to the United States on June 12th, 1907 on the ship LaProvence.
They lived in St. Louis, MO from 1907-1911, they moved to Akron, Ohio in 1912.

Anna returned to Apatin in 1911 with her oldest son John. There she gave birth to her daughter Ann while visiting relatives. Ship records indicate that daughter Ann was 10 months old when they returned to the United States in 1912.

Another family member mentioned that my grandmother met my grandfather while cleaning homes in a village just outside of Apatin. My grandmother might have lived in Wien, Austria as a little girl.

If you are a relative or can help me find relatives in Apatin, or Wien please contact me.

Michael Reitenbach
1553 Krumroy Rd,
Akron, Ohio 44306 (USA)
tele: 1-330-798-4236

Re: Janos Reitenbach & Anna Graf

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Apatin has been located in Serbia since after the end of WW I, around 1918. That is where records will be located. Germans in that region, who settled there in the 1700s after the ouster of the occupying Ottoman Turks, are known as Danube Schwabians.

The surname BLASEVITCH may be a Germanized Croatian name, which would be BLAZEVIC, from the male given name Blaz from St Blaz or St Blasius. And although these folks were Germans Janos is a Magyar name. But this area had a mixture of people, Magyars, Germans, Croatians, Slovaks and others. I have found it not unusual for Croatians and Germans to intermarry in those days in that region.

If they were Roman Catholic then you are in luck! As there very best verifiable records will be church records. And... the LDS Church (Mormon) Family History Center near you will be able to order microfilm church records which you may rent for $3.50 at a FHC near you ! Here is what they have:

Roman Catholic Church register of births, marriages and deaths for Apatin, Hungary, now Apatin, Serbia. Text in Hungarian and Latin.

Title Anyakönyvek, 1826-1895
Authors Római Katólikus Egyház, Apatin (Main Author)

Note Location
Kereszteltek 1826-1860 FHL INTL Film
Kereszteltek 1861-1870 FHL INTL Film
Kereszteltek 1871-1880 FHL INTL Film
Kereszteltek 1881-1890 FHL INTL Film
Kereszteltek 1891-1895 Házasultak 1826-1860 FHL INTL Film
Házasultak 1861-1895 FHL INTL Film
Halottak 1826-1855 FHL INTL Film
Halottak 1856-1870 FHL INTL Film
Halottak 1871-1880 FHL INTL Film
Halottak 1881-1895 FHL INTL Film

I'll check both the Serbia and Croatia phone book if you like to see if those names exist. However the majority of Germans were expelled or killed after WW II in that part of Serbia.

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Eastlake Ohio

Re: Janos Reitenbach & Anna Graf

Michael Reitenbach (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Reitenbach, Graf, Blasevitsch
Dear Robert,
Thank you for all you help. I would appreciate any assistance that you can offer.

Re: Janos Reitenbach & Anna Graf

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Classification: Query
Easiest way to obtain or research original vital records of your ancestors is if you register with Kalocsa Roman Catholic Church diocese e-archive.

More info on that archive including the links for registering you will find here:

and here:

If you have any additional questions please post on Yugoslavia General board:

att.: obtained via Kalocsa diocese e-archive, original birth record of Anna Reitenbach, year 1911., Apatin, (then) Austria-Hungary, (now) Serbia. According to this birth record both of her parents were also born in this parish.


"Rodoslovlje" Serbian Genealogy Society
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