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MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

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Looking for possible obituary of Josephine Mensik of:

77803 Bryan, Brazos County, TX

She is listed on the Social Security Death Index and I would love to make contact with this family. I am in possession of a Czech bible that belonged to Josephine's mother.

Re: MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

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Surnames: Mensik
Ob dear Texas person. My mother's (Betty Jean) maiden name was Mensik. Her father's name was Joseph Mensik. We had a cat when I was growing up named Josephine. I have just started researching Josephine "Josie" Mensik. She worked for the Boeing company long enough to save enough money to buy land. She built (by herself) a home, 2 barns and herded goats. I would dearly love to have the bible, as the Mensik name ended with my mother's brother, Russel.

My mother was a wonderful, incredible person, and I would love to have this bible and I would cherish it. I will pay any shipping costs, or even travel to Texas for the bible.

Thank you,
Mensik daughter in Everett, WA

Re: MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

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Good for you in starting your family search. It's very addicting.

I believe the bible was Frantiska (Bilka) Zacek b 20 May 1862 Austria and no longer have it - I'll need to look but I believe I sent it to a family line in Texas......let me get that for you because it would be fun for you two to get together. I do have scanned copies of some things in the bible and will gladly send those to you.

Now, let's make sure that we're talking about the same Josephina Zacek Mensik....

This is from an audio tape:
!STORY: Audio tapes made by Robert Rutan, in 1966/67 (age about 41) for his friends and relatives at his home in Chamberlain SD. (SIDE 1)

When Mother(Frances Zacek Rutan) finally got home (1936-from the hospital) and got squared away in the spring, her sister (Josephina Zacek Mensik) in Texas wound up confined for a year in a TB sanitarium. She had a daughter 4 ½ years old (Alberta L Mensik) , so nothing do, but mother had to go down to Texas and bring the little girl up to live with us.

Mother’s (Frances Zacek) sister, Josephine (Zacek), married a fellow down around Bryan, Texas. He was a Czech by the name of Mensik. And they had one daughter, Alberta. Alberta;still lives in Bryan.

Is ths your Josephine?

Re: MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

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Surnames: Mensik
Thank you so much for your quick reply. My Josephine "Josie" Mensik was 52 in 1947, according to an article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. She was a Mensik by marriage (Frank Mensik). My grandmother was married to Joseph Mensik. I don't know if Mensik was a common name in Czech at the time, but it seems as if there were a lot of Josephs and Josephines. I believe my Josephine's maiden name was Arderdle. Also, there was a change in the spelling of the name of Mensik when they came to America.

I am in possesion of a beautiful hand-painted vase stamped Czech.

Right now I am recovering from surgery, so I do not have the energy to look further, but I certainly will in the future. I have a living relative with 400 pages devoted to the Mensik line and a DVD of a Mensik reunion in 1993.

Another unusual fact, but not verifiable. I have cousins, Noyes, who knew my mother Betty Jean, while growing up. I have a great uncle (Mensik) who was a master baker in Tacoma, WA. These cousins (in their 90s but still very sharp) swear that he invented the recipe for Almond Roca. My uncle worked for Brown and Haley at the time. "We're not sure if he gave the recipe to Mr. Brown or Mr. Haley, but, yes, he did invent the recipe for Almond Roca."

The strange thing is, is that I have a recipe for almond roca that is to die for. Everyone has to be on my good list to my get my roca at Christmastime. People start asking for it around November. This roca is much, much better than the canned stuff you get from Brown and Haley today. I am sure the Almond Roca today is much different than the recipe my great-uncle invented. I just have this gut feeling that this is a true story....and I inherited some genetic predisposition for making almond roca, LOL

I made it for years before I found out about my great-uncle. Some things you just know to be true.

Thanks again, and I will let you know when I do some more research.

Re: MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

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Hello, this message is mainly to "lsschwinler". We are related. I through my maternal Grandmother Anna MENSIK who
was born 27 Oct 1856 in Rozseci, Moravia to Josef MENSIK and Frantiska HALASOVA. Anna married Anton MAREK 5 Feb 1883 in
Rozseci. They moved to Vienna and came to America, Anton in
1890 (I believe he came together with Charles MENSIK) and Anna with the children in 1892. Before coming West to Alder/Eatonville area Anna and the children spent 6months in Chicago with MENSIK relatives. How do you relate to this family? Regarding Josephine"Josie" MENSIK in your message, her maiden name was ROTTER. She was the sister of Teresa ROTTER who married my uncle Antone MAREK. Do you have any
information on this MAREK family? In the 1900 census Anton and Anna were living next door to Frank MENSIK.
May I hear from you or anyone connected with this family.

Lynn Marion

Re: MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

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Surnames: Mensik
It does appear we are related. This is a very long story, and I am going to call my Aunt to confirm. My mother's (maiden name Betty Jean Mensik) father was Joseph Mensik. He and my mother's mother divorced when my mother was quite young. I am just learning about geneaology. I know my mother was born in Eatonville. I have been in touch with some of her cousins. My mother and father are both deceased. However, my mother had girl twins, Leslie Jo and Linda Jean (the Jo was after Joseph). My eldest daughter is named Tawnya Jo). I am just getting in touch at age 54 with some of my Mensik relatives.

I do know of an uncle that went to school in Chicago and was a Master Baker. He ended up in Tacoma and worked for Brown and Haley. My 90-year-old cousins (sharper than anybody I know) have said, "Well, I don't know if (Chicago Mensik) gave the recipe to Mr. Brown or Mr. Haley, but he did invent the recipe for Almond Rocha."

I make excellent homemade Almond Rocha, so maybe it is in my DNA.

Thank you for your reply. I will try to get more information. I am hungry to learn about my ancestor; I only met my maternal grandmother and grandfather once.

My eldest daughter just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, on December 23, 2010. His name is Teagan Leon.

My sister, Leslie Jo, died of lung cancer in March 2009. I am still grieving her, but strive to honor her memory by being a person who does what they say they are going to do and spreads kindness wherever I go.


Laura Mensik Jastad Schwinler

Re: MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

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I would appreciate if you would contact me directly then any
personal information we might share will not be all over the
internet without our permission.
Lynn Marion

Re: MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

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Surnames: Mensik
your Anna (Mensik) Marek was the sister of my great-grandfather, Frank Joseph Mensik. My mom has done most of the work on our Mensik branch, and I don't know how much Marek information we have, but if you are interested in getting in touch, you can email us at We'll be looking forward to hearing from you!

Re: MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

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Hi Terry,

Thanks for your message but you and I have already shared our Mensik information which I greatly appreciated. I am just concentrating on the Marek side of the equation now. In the event you don't recall me I am Mary Jane's little sis.


Re: MENSIK, Josephine (Zacek) b 1897 d 1986

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My grandmother was Martha Rotter. She was born in Alder, Washington. She was a sister to Theresa Marek and Josephine or Josie. I have lots of photos of my grandmother's family which I am scanning and sharing with relatives that still live on the West Coast. The name Mensik sounds very familiar to me.
Please feel free to contact me..
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