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James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

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James Theopholus Lewis - md. 1st wife in 1768, Ms. ? Griffon / Griffin b. 1732VA – d. Nov. 1775 Ashe Co., NC. Her complete surname identity has never been discovered.

1. ELVIRA LEWIS b. 1770 Ashe Co, NC- d. 1833 Big Stone Gap, Wise Co., VA md. in 1794 - WILLIAM Shepherd Sr. b. 1770 Halifax, NC – d. 1858 VA

2. JAMES T LEWIS II – B. 1771 Ashe Co., NC – d. 1865 Perry Co., Krypton, KY md. in 1793 – Sarah Sally COUCH b. 1773 Ashe Co., NC d/o Mary Polly Boone & John Couch 1759PA (Rev. War Vet)

3. Gideon Lewis, b. 1772 Ashe Co., NC on Bolton’s Forge – died 28 Nov. 1799, NC -unmarried – no descents.

James Theopholus Lewis - md. 2nd wife in 1776 Ashe Co., NC, his neighbors daughter,WINEDERY 'Winnie' HENSON b. 1764 Ashe Co., NC d/o Paul Henson.

JAMES T & WINEDERY both died in year 1825, at Cutshin Creek, Cutshin KY.

1st GENERATION continued:
= = =
4. PATSY LEWIS, b. 1777 Ashe Co, NC on Holston, died 1827 Hendricks Co., Indiana md. 1797 NC, WILLIAM STRONG & they had one child 'NED' in 1797 then Divorced.

PATSY LEWIS, in 1798, md. 2nd and his 2nd, ABEL PENNINGTON Sr. b. 1774 South Carolina & he died 1842 as Widower, Hendricks Co., Indiana, as he and PATSY LEWIS PENNINGTON have 7 children, of which 5 born NC & 2 are born KY

5. ANDREW LEWIS , b. 1778 Ashe Co., NC – died young man 1802, Ashe Co., NC No marriage – No issue

6. MARGARET 'Peggy' LEWIS b. 1780 Ashe Co., NC – Died 'widow'1851 Perry Co., KY md. in 1817 KY , ABRAHAM PENNINGTON, b. 1768 South Carolina – died year 1840 KY.

7. JOHN LEWIS b. 1782 Ashe Co, NC on New River lands – Died 1878 West Liberty, Elliott Co., KY, md. In 1813 Perry Co., KY, RACHEL HENSON, b. 1873NC – Died 1863 Morgan Co.,KY. JOHN & RACHEL lived early years to 1820 Perry Co., KY. 6 children.

8. NATHAN LEWIS, b. 1783 Ashe Co., NC – Died 1860 Carter Co., KY, md. 1820 KY, JULIA (Judy) STIDHAM b. 1883 NC – Died 'Widow' 1863 Carter Co., KY

9. JOSEPH LEWIS, b. 1784 Ashe Co., NC on New River lands – Died 'widower'1880 Hyden, KY, Leslie County, KY. md. 1811 Clay Co., KY, SARAH (Sally) WOOTON, b. 1792 South Carolina –Died 1870 Perry Co., presently Leslie Co., KY - 10 children all born KY.

10. THADDEAOUS (Thad) LEWIS, b. 1785 Ashe Co., NC on New River lands, Died 1865 Leslie Co., KY, md. In 1810 Clay Co., KY, MARY (Polly) ROARK b. 1785 VA – Died 1861 LESLIE CO., KY. 5 children & 1 Adopted, Total 6 children.

11. BETSY 'Phoebe' LEWIS, b. 1793 Ashe Co., NC on New River lands – md. 1810 KY, SILAS DAVIDSON b. 1794 North Carolina –Died 1879 IOWA

12. SAMUEL LEWIS (1), b. 1794 Ashe Co., NC on New River lands – md. 1ST wife, 1813,her age 14, NANCY TEMPLETON b. 1798 NC, had one (1)child & they Divorced.

SAMUEL LEWIS (1), md. 2nd wife 1819 Clay Co., KY, KEZIAH (cuzza) McDANIEL, b. 1798 VA. SAMUEL I & KEZIAH, both died year 1859, Cutshin, KY. 14 Children

13. ISAAC LEWIS, b. 1795 Ashe Co., NC on New River lands – Died 1874 Cutshin, KY,md. REBECCAH PHOEBE COUCH b. 1806 Ashe Co., NC – died 'Widow' 1889 Leslie Co., KY. 12 children.

14. MARY (Polly) LEWIS, b. 1796 Ashe Co., NC on New River lands - died 'Widow' 1866 Missouri. md. 1811 Clay Co., KY, JAMES HENSON, b. 1792 Ashe Co., NC, died in Year 1865, Missouri

15. WINETERY 'Winnie' LEWIS, b. 1797 Ashe Co., NC on New River lands – Died a 'Widow' 1876 Clay Co., KY now Leslie Co., KY at Bowlington. 2 CHILDREN. md. in 1827, JESSE BOWLING, Jr., b. 1797 Lee Co., VA (s/o Rev. Jesse Bowling &
Mary Pennington) – Died 1870, Bowlington, KY

16. JUDER LEWIS, b. 1802 Ashe Co., NC on New River lands – Died 1876 – md. in 1825, NANCY BEGLEY b. 1810 Perry Co., KY – 1 Child died as baby.

17. SALLY LEWIS, b. 1803 Ashe Co., NC on New River lands – Died 1860 KY

END of PROVEN 1st Generation Children.

Re: James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

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Surnames: Pennington, Lewis, Roark, Creech
Interested in what you have on the son Theopholus Lewis who married Mary Roark. Their daughter Winnie married Levi Pennington and their daughter Nancy Pennington m. James Monroe Creech, which were my grandparents.

Re: James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

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First, The lineage you may have cannot be proved by a Male DNA test to James T. Lewis or his son Thaddeaus Lewis, as your direct lineage to LEWIS seems to be through Female descents down to you.
Descendants of Aaron Pennington, s/o Ephriam Pennington V.
Aaron Pennington 1787NC md Ann Coldiron 1790. He lived in Harlan Co.Kentucky.
A. Henry Pennington 1807NC md Elizabeth Brock 1810VA
B. Levi Pennington 1810NC md # 1Rachel Combs & #2 Winnie Lewis b.1812, d/o Thaddeaus Lewis & Mary Polly Roark. See "KINGS OF SHELTERED MEADOWS- ROOTS TREE" about LEWIS .
Children By Winnie Lewis Pennington include:
#6 child:

Nancy Pennington 1856 md James Monroe Creech 1858
a. Emily Creech 1875
b. Samuel Creech 1876
c. Levi Creech 1879

Additional data can be found in "Dozens of Cousins: By the late Col. Wm G. O'Connor.

Re: James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

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Thank you for posting your research on James Lewis and family. I research this line through James' son, Jeremiah Lewis and Delilah Branham. Please keep me in mind if you need info. on Jeremiah Lewis and his family.

Re: James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

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James T Lewis 1735 Wales & his 1st born son James 1771NC-1865 didn't have a son named Jeremiah. Yet it seems you may be seeking a child of JOHN LEWIS & RACHEL Henson. They moved from then Perry Co., KY in 1920 to Morgan Co., Ky and had property in both Morgan & Elliott Co., KY. JOHN died year 1868. His LEWIS Children and grandchildren married into BRANHAM family.
JOHN LEWIS is a son of JAMES T. LEWIS 1735 Wales & Winetrey (winnie) HENSON 1764NC d/o Paul H of Wilkes Co., NC
Keep in touch with us on the LEWIS-KY mail list at:
and or at:

Re: James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

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Thank you so much for setting me straight and in the right direction ! I also appreciate the web link -- I'll certainly check it out. Thanks again ! Cynthia

Re: James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

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I would be interested in getting some help on the children of Nathan Lewis and Judith Stidham. I have names and approx. birth years, some marriages, but no deaths.

My line is Jeremiah "Jerry" Lewis & Delilah Branham.

Jeremiah Lewis - b. 07 May 1827 Perry Co., KY
m. 22 Feb 1849 Grayson or Carter Co. KY
d. 12 Aug 1915 Elliott Co., KY

Delilah Branham - b. 23 Nov 1829 Jenkins, Pike, KY
m. 22 Feb 1849 Grayson or Carter Co.,KY
d. 29 Oct 1926 Elliott Co., KY

Both are buried at the Green/Barker Cemetery, Elliott Co.KY

Children of Jeremiah "Jerry" Lewis & Delilah Branham:

1. Jonathan b. 23 Oct 1849 KY
m. 15 Jun 1877 Annie Ison Jun 1877 KY
d. 27 Aug 1925 Elliott Co. KY
2. Juda Alma b. 19 Jan 1851 KY
m. Jan 1873 Jesse K. Waddell KY
d. 02 Jun 1926 Middleton, Butler, OH
3. Nathaniel b. 03 Jun 1852 Laurel Creek, Carter, KY
d. July1853 Carter Co., KY
4. Mollie b. 04 Feb 1855 KY
m. 1878-79 Walter Fleming Rice KY
d. 06 Apr 1935 Elliott Co., KY
5. Ellen b. 01 Jan 1856 KY
Lucinda m. 1877 G.Parsons; J.Howerton
d. 10 Dec 1942 Greenup, KY
6. Nancy ** b. 06 Jan 1858 KY
Virginia m. 07 Oct 1879 James H. Boggs Elliott KY
7. John Franklin b. 09 Aug 1861 KY
m. 1886 Louise Johuer Porter
d. 09 Mar 1893 Burke, Elliott, KY
8. James L. b. 12 Feb 1863 KY
m. Alice Artic; M. Branham
d. 21 Mar 1935 Rowan Co., KY
9. Isaac Richard b. 04 Jul 1865 KY
m. 1890 Mollie Lewis?
d. 18 Dec 1922 Greenup Co., KY
10 Perlina b. 21 Aug 1869 KY
m. 1890 Francis M. Barker
1887 Armander Ison - KY
d. May 1961 Elliott Co., KY
11 Mintie b. 17 Feb 1872 Burke, Elliott, KY
m. 1892 Alfred H. Rice - KY
d. 22 Jun 1938 Wurtland, Greenup, KY
12 Hulda Jane b. 17 May 1874 Burke, Elliott, KY
m. Walter Travis Rice
d. 18 Sep 1903

Some notes: ** Nancy Virginia Lewis is my ancestor.

Daniel Alonzo Lewis b. Dec 1878 is a son of Ellen, per 1880 census.

Perlina may have been born in Dec. according to a census.

I have a few holes in this family group -- ie. places of birth for many of the children,and a little bit of marriage info.

I have located the parents and children on the following census schedules:

1850 - Dist.1, Carter Co., KY
1860 - Carter Co., KY
1870 - Carter Co., KY - Branham household
1880 - Cracker's Neck, Elliott, KY - Jerry Lewis household
1900 - Cracker's Neck, Elliott, KY -J.Lewis household
1910 - Cracker's Neck, Elliott, KY - Barker household
1920 - Cracker's Neck, Elliott, KY - Barker household

Jeremiah died in 1915 at 88 years of age.
Delilah was 90 at the time of the 1920 census.

Mintie Lewis Rice and Alfred and children were in the Lewis household in the 1900 census.

Delilah was sometimes listed as "Lila" on census and death certificates.

I hope this helps you and other Lewis researchers. Would appreciate help with the children of Nathan Lewis and Judith Stidham.

Re: James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

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Surnames: lewis, pennington, baker
I have Thaddues Lewis married to Mary POlly Roark.
I have their children as:
Gideon 1822 m Sarah Sally Baker
Nancy 1811 (could this be the same as Winnfry?)
Joseph Joel 1811
William 1812
Timothy 2/21/1816 m Nancy Baker
Rebecca 1820
Christopher 1821
Winnfrey b Sept 28, 1810 m Levi PEnnington.(s/o Aaron Pennington and Ann Coldiron)

I descend thru Gideon.
1 of Gideon's sons was Thaddues- Thaddues had 2 children Elhannon & Kate. Kate married into the fields family. Elhannon married Sallie Lewis.(these are my grt grt grandparents)
Thaddues m Elizabeth Pennington- whos parents were James Pennington and Mary Polly Lewis.
if I can help let me know.

Re: James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

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Good Day, My name is Daniel Ray Lewis and I am trying to establish a connection to this family through my great-great grandfather Richard M. Lewis who was born in Lawrence county Kentucky around 1836. He married Mary Jane Cline in Carter county Kentucky in 1861. He died sometime after 1900. I have seen posts of a Menefee Lewis who was a son of Enoch Lewis, who was the son of John Lewis and Rachel Henson. I think the M. in Richard M. Lewis stands for Menefee but am not sure. Richard had a grandson named Leslee Manefee Henderson. I have the line fairly documented from Richard to me, but can't tie him definitively to James Theopholus Lewis. thanks for any help you can be. I am at

Re: James Theopholus Lewis 1735 Wales . – 1825 CUTSHIN, KY

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Surnames: Lewis, Henderson
I was very interested in your post of James Theopholus Lewis. My great grandfather was Richard P. Lewis b Dec. 6, 1872 in KY. He married Masie Henderson, born 1875 Carter Co. Ky. They married in Carter Co. Ky.
According to my grandmother, Richards brothers were; John H. Lewis and James Avery Lewis. Sisters were Nancy and Sarah Rebecca. We are having a terrible time finding any information on him. He came to Texas with his family about 1914 and settled in Oakwood, Leon Co. Texas.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
David Nealy
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