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Donald Cameron, teacher, Brushy Mound

Donald Cameron, teacher, Brushy Mound

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I'm trying to confirm a hunch that Donald Cameron (1814 VT-Sep 17, 1894 Brushy Mound, IL) is connected to the family of Judge John Cameron of Ryegate Vermont.

He was apparently a teacher (as noted in the VT genealogy).

If anyone has information, I'd appreciate it



Re: Donald Cameron, teacher, Brushy Mound

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Surnames: Cameron
He may be, in the 1860 census he is listed as a justice of the peace (maybe a family occupation?) and in 1870 he is listed as a school teacher. I have not found any information on him before 1850, where he is located in the 1850 census in Aux Sable, Grundy, Illinois.

I'm looking for any information on him as well, i only know about his wife + children and some descendants. I don't know anything about his parents, but Ive seen the censuses say the father is b. in Scotland and his mother is b. NY, but I've also seen a census say both is parents were not born of foreign birth.

I'm wondering what VT geneaolgy you're refering to? any information on Don would be appreciated. He is my 4th gr. grandfather but until a few months ago, i only knew up to limited information about his son Donald R Cameron.

one interesting thing to maybe note, i just realized that ryegate, vt camerons (an elizabeth stark m. a john g. cameron of ryegate, vt) are mentioned in a stark family history at: (go to Elizabet-3 Stark (General John-2, Archibald-1), she married a John Cameron with ryegate lands- and better yet, he was a judge. Closer reading about Elizabeth and John show that our 1814 donald was probably born to his 2nd wife though (who is also probably related to gen. stark)

i've always been told by my grandma (a cameron) that our camerons were related to war vet john stark (her father was even named general john stark and changed his name to john stark Cameron); but i haven't been unable to find any connection in the past; so ive dissmissed it as just inccorrect family rumors. but now that ryegate comes up, it's interesting to note that this may be the same Cameron family as the one mentioned on the stark website: there is a son of elizabeth stark and j. cameron, don, but he was b.1809 and d. 1813. the Donald Cameron in my family b. in VT was born about 1814 (the schoolteacher) and the last child listed on this website born to elizabeth was b. 1813. its possible the list is incomplete and she could have named an unlisted son b. 1814, named donald, after her previously dead son don b.1809-
But more likely is what the website mentions- that "He m2) 28 Feb 1814, Persis Whittaker, whose mother possibly was a niece of Gen. Stark, had 6 more children (Donald, Jamima, Keziah, Karen, Ann and Nathan)." (so this donald b. 1814 was probably born to john cameron's 2nd wife, not to elizabeth stark)It's speculation but could be possible given the fact ive always been told about the starks and theres a ryegate, vermont cameron connection here.


Re: Donald Cameron, teacher, Brushy Mound- stark/cameron & parents of Don

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Surnames: Cameron, Stark
This google book mentions a Donald Cameron BORN 1814 to the Judge and his SECOND wife Persis:(This book also confirms what the stark website said: that John's son Donald (b.1814) belonged to his 2nd wife, they were married in Feb 1814 and Don was born in September 1814)

"By 2nd marriage:
Donald b. 30 Sep 1814, teacher, went to CA, no record"

Here its mentioned he was a teacher, i believe this may be our school teacher Donald of Illinois! I'm not sure about the CA reference, i suppose it is possible because the Camerons in my family did eventually end up in California- but this wasn't until his grandsons guy e. Cameron's time. Donald (b. 1814)'s son Donald R. Cameron was buried in CA too in 1929.

Re: Donald Cameron, teacher, Brushy Mound- stark/cameron & parents of Don

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The elder Donald Cameron died in Macoupin Co IL on 17 Sept 1894 at 80 yrs old. (*Macoupin County Enquirer 14 Aug 1895, 'The Old Settlers Memorial Roll', the always read the roll call each August at the Old Settlers Meeting taking note of the memebers who had died since the previous August 'roll call').

The Macoupin Co genealogy/historical society might have some insight into personal history. Not all the cemeteries have been 'read' and/or online yet, I've no idea which cemetery by Brushy Mound area he may have been buried in and/or if a stone still survives.

He's also mentioned in a recount of an old student of his as being her teacher in an 1929 inteview of the lady in her old age... but really more or less in passing just noting he had been her teacher in the first school building in Carlinville(the interview is about her hearing the speeches of Lincoln/Douglas in 1858 among other historical recalls, having been born in Donald Cameron likely was her teacher in the early to mid 1850s)

Re: Donald Cameron, teacher, Brushy Mound- stark/cameron & parents of Don

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Hi All,

I've just found the obituary for Donald Cameron - he passed away at his home in Bushy Mound, and was buried in Carlinville City Cemetery 18th Sept 1894 - he was a Mason, as well as a school teacher and justice of the peace. In the obiturary it states he was frequently called "Esquire Cameron"

His son Lyle is buried in another cemetery, but Lyle's son Harry is buried in the same cemetery as Donald.

Obituary printed in the 19th September 1894 Macoupin County Enquirer:
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