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Classification: Query
Surnames: Preston
Seeking info on a Joseph Preston born in California, don't have a birth date. He married Helen Barrow from Pennsyvania. The had a daughter named Agnes Preston born abt. 1888 give or take a year. She was born in Pennsylvania. I dont know if there were any other children. Agnes married Albert Bolduc born in Canada abt. 1886. They had four children and resided in Pennsyvlania. Any help would be appreciated.


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Marsha (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Antoinette, since this query was posted back in Aug have you had any more data added to this family group?

I have found them on the 1910, 1920 & 1930 census but didnt want to write it all out if you already have it. Let me know, I will be glad to post it for you.

I only found three children on the 1920 & 1930 census for Albert Bolduc & Anges Preston. Maybe the 4th was born after 1930?

Let me know if you still want this info,

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Hi Marsha
Thank you for responding. I have the 1920 and 1930 censuses. I do not have the 1910. The Fourth child is my father, George Albert Bolduc, born on August 1, 1930 and i assume the census was taken before his birth. I don't have much more information other than that.

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Marsha (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Keeping inmind that on the 1920 census Joseph Preston 59 bn CA is a 'carder' in a Woolen Mill, I think I found him on the 1880 census. It is a very interesting/confusing household but maybe it will make sense to you. You can check out the extraction listing on the LDS site for free.

1880 PA, montgomery Co, Bridge Port twp, pg 287D, h/h 183
Preston, Edward 55 bn England occ 'Carder'
Sophia 57 or 51 wife bn Delaware
Walter W. 19 son bn CA
Wilson, Chas. W. 18 son Delaware
Preston, Jos. A. 17 son bn CA occ Woolen Mill
I am thinking that Chas. W. Wilson must be a son of Sophia's from a previous marriage?? The other two Preston sons were born in California. Also the father of Chas W. Wilson is listed as born in Ireland. Based on Walter's age of 19, Edward Preston must have come to US sometime before 1860. If you think this is him, I will try to find them on the CA 1870 census.

The wife of Joseph Preston, bn CA, must have died before 1910.
On the 1910 PA Miracode index Joseph Preston is in one h/h as 'father in law' and older children are in another as follows:

1910, Miracode index, Delaware Co, ED129, #48 (not sure what this means)
H/H of Cain, John P. 69 bn MD
Catherine 56 PA
Preston, Agnes 23 PA Boarder (md Bolduc)
Preston, Hannah 19 PA Boarder (md Vance of 1920)
Preston, Walter 17 PA Boarder

1910, Miracode index, Phil, Phil,
h/h of Malone, Bart 56 bn IR (there's that IR again)
Mary 54 IR
Preston, Joseph 51 CA 'father in law'
Preston, Kate 13 PA 'sister in law'

This relationship makes no sense to me. Dont see how he could be the 'father in law' to someone in their 50's. Maybe it will to you. But the Ireland birth place must have some connection to the 1880 Wilson son whose father was listed as bn in IR. but is listed as son of Joseph Preston. Kate Preston must be another child of Joseph Preston and maybe to young to board out as the others did.

This might be your Albert Bolduc but the age/place of birth is off, it was known to happen often on these censuses. He would have been in the same county & twp as Agnes Preston. Plus the person doing the extraction may have read it wrong. Need to check the census film for yourself.

1910 Miracode index, PA, Delaware Co, Chester twp
Bolduc, Edward 56 bn CANADA
Sarah H. 56 PA
Albert H. 31 PA

1920, PA, Delaware Co, Cliffton Hights twp, ED 153, pg 3B
h//h 710
Vance, Moses A. 26 bn PA
Hannah M. 28 PA
William M. 2 2/12 PA
Preston, Joseph 59 wd bn CA, f bn England
Occ, 'Carder', Woolen Mill.

Did you notice on the the 1930 census Albert Bolduc is listed as born in French Canada?

Just a few tid bits to add to your notes. Although I descend from the Preston line, mine is not from England. But I know how hard it is to track them down and hope this helps some.


Re: opps on 1910 census

Marsha (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Just realized I OPPSed on this 1910 Miracode Index. There were two Bart Malones living next door to each other. Now the whole 'father in law' makes more sense.

1910 Miracode Index, PA, Phil, Phil, ED 878, Visit # 151
Malone, Bart 27 bn IR
Anna 19 PA
Joseph N/R PA (must be an infant)
Preston, Joseph 51 CA 'father in law'
Preston, Kate 13 PA 'sister in law'
Without the 1900 census it had to say but I bet Anna is another Joseph Preston daughter. That must be why he ends up in Phily for this census.

Also I left out a child on the 1880 PA census for
Preston, Edward 55 bn England
Sophia 57 Delaware
Walter W. 19 bn CA
Wilson, Chas W 18 bn Delaware (father bn in IR)
Preston, Jos. A 17 bn CA
Butler, Chas 7 bn PA (father bn in NY)
all of these boys are listed as 'sons'. On the site the index has Chas as Buter but when I viewed the film it is Butler. The Jos. A Preston here must be Jos. R. Preston because on the 1870 census he is listed as Robert Preston.

1870 PA, Chester Co, Valley Twp, pg 47, H/H 168
Preston, Edward 45 bn England works in Woolen Mill
Sophia 48 Delaware
Walter 10 CA
Charles 9 Delaware
Robert 6 ditto (should be CA)
On this census all boys are listed as 'son' & have Preston surname unlike the 1880 above census.

1860, CA, Placer Co, Twp 7, pg 895 (second page to the end of this group) H/H 29

Preston, Edward 30 (but the 0 doesnt look like the others, might be a 6?) bn England Miner
Anna 22 bn England
This could be your Edward Preston, his sons would have been born between the 1860 & 1870 census.


Re: preston/barrow/bolduc

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Preston, Barrow, Bolduc
Hello, This is my great grandfather, Joseph. He is the father to my grandmother Agnes. He did live in each one of his daughter's households. Collette and Antoinette Bolduc are my first cousins. If you find any information on this family, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Have a Beautfiul day, Victoria

Re: preston/barrow/bolduc

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Preston, Barrow, Bolduc
Hello Marsha, my name is Victoria Jeanne McNulty Fox. Antoinette is my cousin. You do have the right family. Our great grandfather was Joseph Preston married to Mary Helen Barrow born 1868. I believed she died around 1901. Back in the day, families did live together, I believe this to be the case for our grandfather Joe Preston. He went from one daughter's house to another. Your information has helped. If you find any thing else, I would greatly appreciate.

Our grandfather Albert Bolduc was born in Canada. I don't know exactly where. I've been trying to find out. His brother William was living in Delaware County also.

Have a Beautiful Day and once again, Thank You.

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