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family history

family history

Roxanna Hendrix (View posts)
Posted: 937516544000
I'm tryig to trace my heritage and thought I would see if you mighthave a link for me. My grandfather Floyd Rollin[Rawlin]not sure of the spelling] Gorham born Jul3, 1903 and died Dec 1973. He was a Canadian by brith. If you have any info on him I would be gratful to recieve it . Thank you for your time, Roxanna Hendrix @

Try to help?

Beatrice (View posts)
Posted: 945061504000
I checked the board because I am interested in learning more about this Native Nation. If your father was from Canada most likly he is on Native rolls there as Merit I think way you spell it. I am gettin your e-mail will check on it and talk to you later.

Re: Try to help

Roxanna Hendrix (View posts)
Posted: 945089513000
Think you so much for your reply. I hope I gave you enough info to help you look. If not let me know what else you need and I'll try to get it for you. I can't tell you how much I appericate this. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerly, Roxanna

Metis from Canada

Two Bears and Beatrice Kelsey (View posts)
Posted: 945124437000
My wife asked me to relay to you the proper spelling of the Nation that she was referring to. I think that you should research some of the Canadian Metis record and sites. You can search the web under Native Americans and also under Metis nations. The Metis are a Nation of thier own. They are descendants of marriages between Native women and European trappers and hunters. The word "METIS" means mixed blood. If you have any questions, feel free to write us and ask.
Posted: 973257888000
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for some of my families, i found the book called"THE GENEALOGY OF THE FIRST METIS NATION"by FRYE- to be very helpful- reflects families from `1790-1870- quebec- red river metis, church affiliation- has swampy cree listing-hudson bay voyagers- you might like to try finding it thru any large book store-homestead records for sask-have numerous part blood people listed. best wishes,pat .

metis families

Posted: 976657311000
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hello, i have ancestors that are from canada and had migrated to michigan the relative I found in michigan was named francis dupray/dupre' born abt.1763, married Catherine Roy abt. 1788, she was born in detroit abt. 1767, my family tells a story of being frenchcanadian and indian, but my grandmother had no knowledge of her family aside from her father who was named Edward,
however I found much information doing the families geneology, but, having trouble finding indian heritage, we know that the family was from early detroit and that the names are listed in a few books from that time ie; The early french settlers of the detroit river region,then family members migrated to brown co. Wi. (once mighigan territory) family listed in the book "The French Creoles of Wis." title's listed are not exact( can,t remember them) but, anyway this book lists all mixed bloods, mostly
menomonee's but,says that my ggg-grandma was indian ,not menomonee, her name was Elizabeth Yackopinon, and the michigan book lists her as saulteuse , someone told me that this was a name for a chippewa tribe, I sure could use some help finding her, so much what to a need to find out who my family was, looked through passages about early fur traders but, noted that Jean Baptiste Dupray (Francis and Catherines son)
who married agatha witterick( daughter of Elizabeth Yackopnion and Peter Witterick,
was not a fur trader, but, a school teacher, this is the family line lised in wisconsin Creole's, can you help me find more info.?
Carla Renier

Chinook Indian

Posted: 990238027000
Edited: 1100435127000
My father told us we had Chinook Indian in the blood line. You you help me. How can I find the blood line and names.
My email is or Thanks,

French Canadian/Indian

Cree Indian Canada (View posts)
Posted: 990312238000
I may be able to get some information for you

french canadian/indian family "Dupray"

Posted: 990431461000
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I would be glad to discuss this with you, please e-mail me regarding info. thanks in advance for your help.

French Canadian/Indian Family Dupray

Cree Indian Canada (View posts)
Posted: 990440645000
could I get your email address I will be able to share info.
Cree Indian Canada
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