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Rees Nanney baptism 1688 found?

Rees Nanney baptism 1688 found?

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I have found a baptism for Rees Nanney in Dolgellau in 1688. I can't be certain that he is the one who married Elizabeth Coulston but he is the right age. However, there is a problem because he was illegitimate.

I had missed him on previous searches but Dolgellau has a printed version, which was clearer than the films of the Parish Register and Bishop's Transcripts. Both are in Latin and translate as: -

Rees the illegitimate son of Evan Nanney and Margaret David, concubine - Baptised 21st February

I have not found a marriage for either parent and so it is difficult to know if he always used the surname of Nanney.

This is possibly his father's baptism: -

Evan the son of Griffith Nanney and Katherine - Baptised 19th August 1666.

Evan Nanneys found in the records: -

Several Evan Nanneys in Maentwrog or Ffestiniog. Probably from the Cefndeuddwr line.
An Evan Nanney died in Kerry, Montgomeryshire in 1722. The bond following his death mentions Elinor Nanney.

No marriage found for Griffith and Catherine but there are several Griffiths of that period: -

Griffith, son of Hugh Nanney and Jonet Salesbury. Pedigrees show that he was unmarried.
Griffith, parents uncertain, born c1630 married Mary Scawen and died in Horton, Buckinghamshire, England, in 1704.
Griffith, son of William Nanney and Ellin Edwards, born c1635 - no marriage record found.
Griffith, son of Edward Nanney and Elizabeth Gwyn, born c1610 - no marriage record found.
In 1642 there is a baptism in Dolgellau which is only partially legible but looks like Griffith son of David and Jane

Mentioned in Hearth Tax of 1662
Dolgelley - Gruffith Nanney (Two Hearths)
Dolgelley - David Nanney (One Hearth)
Nanneyuwchavon - Gruffith Nanney (One Hearth)

I have attached the baptism images from the records.



Re: Rees Nanney baptism 1688 found?

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Wow - that is a huge find.

I've always seen 1688 on the Internet/genealogy websites as the birth year for Rees Nanney of Pennsylvania, but could never figure out what the source of this info was. That would make him 26 at the time of his marriage, which is definitely in the realm of possibility, as you pointed out.

If Rees was an illegitimate child, it may explain why he came over with no family to speak of. (And why he came over, period - I don't know that there was much in the way of property or inheritance for illegitimate children in those days.)

I am definitely not an expert on Welsh records, but would there be any mentions of Rees, Evan or Margaret David in some type of "Orphan's Court" records??

Re: Rees Nanney baptism 1688 found?

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I am not sure if there are any existing records regarding responsibility for illegitimate children in Dolgellau, although they exist for other areas at later dates.

It might be that Evan had already taken responsibility because his name is given at the baptism. Often, it is only the mother's name.
I have found three cases where a Nanney father is named and one where the mother was a Nanney but no father is given: -

1683 Catherine the illegitimate daughter of Margaret Nanney - Baptised 24th August in Dolgellau
1678 Rees the illegitimate son of Evan Nanney and Margaret David concubine - Baptised 21st February in Dolgellau
1707 Thomas the illegitimate son of Lewis Nanney and Jane Meredith Evan? - Baptised 19th March in Towyn
1708 Thomas the illegitimate son of Rees Nanney and Jane John - Baptised 24th September in Towyn

I may not be in Dolgellau for another year but I will have a look to see if there are any records.

Re: Rees Nanney baptism 1688 found?

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I was checking on the Familysearch website to see what Dolgellau/Merioneth records the LDS church might have available.

There's a manuscript called "Merioneth genealogical notes" (Film # 104315 Items 1-3). The description says, "Microfilm of mss. in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Includes pedigrees of families in the Dolgellau, Merionethshire district; extracts from the registers of Dolgellau, 1464-1812; wills; Merionethshire pedigrees; miscellaneous papers."

Have you looked at this film? If not, there's a family history center near me - I'll request and review the film to see if it could possibly flesh out the Rees Nanney/Dolgellau connection.

Re: Rees Nanney baptism 1688 found?

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I have not looked at the film but I have been to the National Library and looked through most of the pedigrees and information on Quakers. Similarly in Dolgellau.

If you are able to see the film, it would be worth making a note of which pedigrees are listed, in case I have missed any.

The main reference book by Griffith doesn't have the minor branches and that of the Maesypandy line has some generations missing.

The Wynnstay pedigrees have more detail but were written before Rees was born. The original book was lost in a fire, along with many other documents, but a hand-written copy had been made and I have images of the Nanney section.

Although most of the prominent branches exist, there is nothing on that of Llwyn, Dolgellau. I have made up my own tree from wills, parish records, etc. but links pre 1700 are difficult to establish.

I have also looked at numerous wills of the period for Nanney or related families but again, no clues to the identity of Rees or his parents.

I have still not been able to confirm my own line and think that I may never be able to, but I will keep looking, in case something turns up.

Re: Rees Nanney baptism 1688 found?

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This has been a great thread. THANK YOU!

I have been researching my Nanna/Nanneys for over 10 years, and even my most direct line is difficult...

This family seems to keep an air of silence around them!

I too am a descendant of Rees and am very intereted in your findings. I had his father "Tentatively" listed as John but I didnt feel good about it because it seems to be mostly just word of mouth...

I am descended from the Athens Ohio Nanna's who apparently used to be Nanney's!

Here is my connection:

Rees Nanney/Abraham Nanney/Rees Nanna (Name changed here)/William Nanna/ Hezekiah Nanna/Lydia Nanna/Thomas J Wilson/Hiram Wilson/Lynda Wilson/ ME! :)

William Nanna and wife Margarate (Kirkland) are buried in Nelsonville Ohio. I just found their graves last week. But Hezikiah, his brother Zebulon, and most of the other Nanna's in the area seem to just disappear from the record books...

Census records show they were farmers, yet land atlases show no land in their name...

They have been a thorn in the side of my family tree for years so I appreciate any additional info!

Re: Rees Nanney baptism 1688 found?

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I have posted all of the information that I have on John, the supposed ancestor of Rees, on this message board and the Genforum but nothing to link them together.
The only slight possibility is that Evan, the father of Rees born in 1688, is a Welsh form of John.

The puzzling thing is that none of Rees's children are named Evan or John. The first three are biblical names, possibly because of his Quaker beliefs. However, even when he reverts to Welsh names, they don't appear. Normally, the name of the father, grandfather and possibly grandfather would be passed down. Rees is represented, so perhaps William a significant name?

John and Rees are represented in each generation of my Nanney line, even to the present day, although I still can't be certain of the father of the first John, who was living in Dolgellau in 1748. The surname was recorded as Nanna in several records, mostly in Chester, England. All living relatives are either Nanney in the UK, or Nannay in the USA.

Are there any direct male descendants of Rees? If so it would be worth a DNA test. Only three branches have undertaken the test so far, two of which matched and one didn't, so not all Nanneys are related.

Re: Rees Nanney baptism 1688 found?

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Sadly, no. There are no surviving male members of this line...

In my Nanna line, the name William is in every generation as is James. John falls off...As does Rees...

I simply can not make a concrete connection past William Nanna who married Margaret Kirkland...He was born in 1771 in Montgomery County Pa, which seems to be where a lot of the Nanneys were...

I received the Reese connection from a fellow researcher but would like to verify myself through birth or baptismal records...

To make my tree even thornier, my Nanna connection is through a maternal line, and then she herself had her child out of wedlock, so she simply disappears from the records for almost 20 years before she pops back up again in another county with a new last name...

Your threads have been so helpful though so thank you so much for posting such details!!! I havent had a lot of luck connecting to other Nanna/Nanney researchers for this particular line...

Re: Rees Nanney baptism 1688 found?

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I would be happy to send what I have on Rees' "career" in Pennsylvania. Quaker records in PA are fairly redundant (some announcements appear in multiple meetings' notes) and I have looked for Rees in most (if not all) meetings in the area, but haven't found very much. Some land transactions and a few mentions in meeting records, that's about it. He doesn't really show up in the records until 1714, which is why I'm guessing he came to PA as an adult.

You had asked in another thread about where he was buried. I heard somewhere that it was at the meeting house at Plymouth Meeting, but I've never been able to substantiate that and didn't find his name in their records.

Send me your email address in a message and I'll be happy to email you what I've got on Rees.
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