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Origin of surname Durr

Origin of surname Durr

Michael (View posts)
Posted: 980236467000
I live in the west of Ireland, my mothers maiden name was Durr and I am curious as to the origin of the surname...can anyone help????

Durr surname

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I don't know the origin of the name, although I have always wondered. I wanted to contact you as a possible source of information because it seems to be a fairly rare name (there is a more common German surname Durr which makes research difficult).

My great-grandfather's name was Michael Durr. His family emigrated to the U.S. (probably Illinois) sometime during the Famine. He married Bridget Rafferty in the late 1860s and they had 8 or 9 children, one of which was my grandmother, Mary Angela Durr, b. 1875 in Sterling, IL. Where is the Durr name found in Ireland? All the relatives on that side died before we were old enough to ask the right questions. It's wonderful to see a familiar name.

origin of Surname Durr

Mark Hapeman (View posts)
Posted: 982708591000
To Michael Conwell,according to Edward MacLysaght in his"Surnames of Ireland"Durr or Durry was originally Ó Doraidh in Irish,it is a Leitrim and Roscommon name with Dore and Dorran being used as variants.My mother is a Conwell,her family came from Killybegs,if you have any info on the Conwells from that region I would appreciate it, Mark.

Origin of Surname Durr

Sean Durr (View posts)
Posted: 989300653000
Mark is correct with the Leitrim/Roscommon
connection, my father was born in Roscommon
as was his family back to at least 1850.
There are several other families with the
Durr surname in that area still that we are
not directly related to.
Also can anyone help us? My father had two uncles
that we believe went to Detroit in 1915 to 1920
and we cant trace their descendants. They were
Albert Durr and Patrick Durr. If you have any information
or are their grandchildren etc, please
e mail me -- we would love to hear from you

Re: origin of Surname Durr

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gfather edward wayne durr
wife retha maude scott
looking for durr-scott-apperson connections
have you done a family tree already
I know we are german-scottish-irish (indian)

Durr from IL

Dan (View posts)
Posted: 1044839161000
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Surnames: Durr, Richardson
Is one of the kids of your Durr, Dora L. Durr B: 1867 D: 1967. She married Richardson and moved to Los Angeles, CA. She had 4 kids, One son was Louis Richardson? She was from Pottsfield, IL No other info on her family. Can you help? Thank you Dan

Re: Durr from IL

Mary Condon (View posts)
Posted: 1045018788000
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I don't have anyone by that name, but my information so far is fairly limited. My Durr surname is of Irish origin, but there is also a German surname Durr. It makes research a bit difficult.

Have you tried the local genealogical society where Pottsfield is located? I've had the most luck with the source closest to the towns where my ancestors settled.

Good luck in your search.

Re: Durr from Pittsfield, IL

Posted: 1074796557000
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Surnames: Frike, Durr
Dorothy Louise Durr Richardson was the daughter of Helen Henriette Frike Durr and Michael Durr. Helen was the sister of my gg grandfather Frederick Frike. I can send you info on the Frike line and I also have some on the Durr family.

Re: Durr from Pittsfield, IL

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That is the info I am looking for, thank you. I can use any you have. Dan Richardson

Re: Origin of surname Durr

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My maiden name was Durr, and it appears to be from Germany. You can track Agnu and Anna Durr to an american settlement in 1717 in Virgina, USA through
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