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Van Kooten

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can someone help me I am looking for where the name van Kooten comes from which part of Holland and what the meaning is of van Kooten

as well looking for many more van kootens please can you help me please

can somone help me please

email me at

Re: Van Kooten

Valerie (View posts)
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Surnames: Van Kooten
Hi! My husband's family are Van Kootens. HIs grandfather Reijer (Roy) was one of 17 who came from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands about 1910. I know there are still many Van Kootens in that area and in the Barneveld areas.

When we were in the Netherlands, we asked about the origin of the name and were told "Kooten" is the plural form of "cotes" such as pigeon cotes or dove cotes. Others have told us that Kooten is a town, but we have never been able to find it. I think the first explanation is more likely.

Valerie Terpstra Van Kooten

Re: Van Kooten

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However it's a long time ago when you asked for the name vanKooten.
van Kooten comes from a village called Cothen in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Tne "van Kooten's" named theyselves van Cothen, van Coten, van Cooten and van Koten. My grandmother was a van Kooten, and I have many van Kootens in my genealogy. If you are interessed, then reply this message
Greetings from Dick Nelemaat, holland

Re: Van Kooten/ Van Cooten Research

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Surnames: Van Cooten, Van Kooten
I have family with the Van Cooten name. I wanted to know how i could find the origins of the various Kooten names. I would be particularly interested to know if the name could have any Jewish roots. Please could you send me any information that could help in my search.


Wayne Braithwaite

Re: Van Kooten/ Van Cooten Research

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Hello Wayne,

The name of van Kooten, of van Cooten, van Koten has likely it originated in the village Cothen in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands.
There are many families in the Netherlands with the name of van Kooten, who is no relation with each other.
My grandmother is Cuneira van Kooten, she was born in Amerongen, a village near Cothen.
Her genealogy goes back to Jan Roelofsen, born in 1630 in Amerongen. He first used the name "of van Cothen" in this genealogy.
But there are many different "branches" of Kooten,as wel in the North Netherlands and also in West Netherlands.
In my research I have no Jewish connection to explain.

Dirk Nelemaat
Maarssen, theNetherlands

Re: Van Kooten/ Van Cooten Research

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Hello Dirk.

Thanks very much for your response. My Ancesters went to South America . My Great Great Grandfather married a lady who was mix race (Native Indian and Dutch). Her Family name is De Rycke. I would it very difficult to track the De Rycke name in Holland. Could you recommend a good source in Holland for tracing names and immigration details.

There was a hendrick Van Cooten who travelled to Guyana on a Royal assignment.

Are you aware of a town in Germany called Kothen? It would be interesting to know if Cothen in Holland was ever inhabited by Germans from Kothen.


Re: Van Kooten/ Van Cooten Research

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Hello Wayne
In connection with a short break, now I answer your questions

I know the city of Köthen in Germany, near Magdeburg. Köthen is written in German with a Umlaut on the O. Cothen in the Netherlands is written differently and also a very small village. There is no relationship between these places.

Holland, like England was a land of seafarers and koloniesators. There are many Dutch peaple gone to South America. Brazil was a Dutch colony for a while and until recently, Suriname (Dutch Guyana) and also some Antillean islands.

Some sites also can be viewed in English:

Note the way of writing

Henry of Cooten may also van Kooten (Cooten is an old spelling)
De Rycke is an English spelling. Databases can help you find it on de Rijcke or de Rijke

Friday I go on vacation. In July I'm back and I will try to find the Rycke and Hendrik van Cooten in severel databases

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