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Wayne Earl Carroll from Salt LakeCity 1956

Wayne Earl Carroll from Salt LakeCity 1956

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Hi. I have found a geneology book that has Wayne Earl Carroll as the family repres. It has written on the inside "To Dolly from Dad 3 March 1956. from 139 2nd ave Salt Lake City, Utah. If anyone knows to whom this book belongs, please contact me. There is a lot of work put into it and I would love to give it back to its rightful owner. (my sister used to clean out old storage sheds in Ogden, Ut and it was found there.) Very good condition. Has the Salt Lake Temple on the front. Please let me know.

1956 Carroll info.

Larry (View posts)
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While I have no knowledge of the book I would like to know about it. Would you mind tellling me about some of the information in it? Just looking for clues on relatives. Thanks.

Connors info

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Exactly what type of info are you looking for? Here are some last names that are listed. Black,Carroll,O'Carroll,Mc Inelly,Negus,Thompson,Spencer,Anderson,Peck, Strong,Pittee,Brown,Moore,Merrill,Harrington,
Colby,Hicks,Courtenay,Champernoun,Hungerford.This is a good size book and there are a ton of names. There are some pictures of Samuel Thompson (1813-1892) Lydia Johnson (1843-1915) Sara Phelps (1820-1896). and also some copies of war papers. I hope this helps. Let me know if if you need something else.

Carroll info

Larry (View posts)
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Crista, I'm really looking for the father of Henry Ledbetter Carroll. Henry was born in Lincoln Co. Ga. 8 July 1831. His mother was Nancy Evans who later married a man named Lard. I have the names and some info on the brothers and sisters. I guess I was hoping I would get lucky and find Henrys father. Sounds like it might be a big job to go thru those records, Don't go to a lot of trouble. Thanks for taking the time to respond.(Henry L. Carroll is my Great Grandfather.)

Carroll Info

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Hi, I looked through the book last night and couldn't find any names that you mentioned. Sorry. No luck on finding the owner of the book yet. Good luck searching.

NC OK Carrolls?

Susan Carroll Ferree (View posts)
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Help!?! I am desperatly seeking info on RICHMOND(or Richard?)CARROLL,born 1844?,NC...married to SUSAN TIMPSON CARROLL: born 1846 Old Cherokee Nation East,NC/died 5 May,1886.Father:JOHN TIMPSON/TIMSON(born 1804? HiwasseeR.,Old Cherokkee Nation East/died 31,Aug,1856? His 2nd wife was HARRIET MINGUS(born 1814? HaywoodCo.,NC/died 3,April,1904.) My father is ill with cancer and info on the CARROLLs would make him very happy!(Many Carroll Cherokees moved from NC to Cherokee Nation Indian Territory,OK after Trail of Tears.)I hope to find a BOOK on these CARROLLs!?!Please help?

CARROLL search...

Susan Carroll Ferree (View posts)
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I am also seeking info on my GGrampa,ADORIUM (or Adorium)CARROLL: Born NC, 26,April 1881/ died 1917? ALL of our Carroll Family records and photos were lost in my GGrama's(CASSIE ALLEN CARROLL) house fire years ago...I need help on the CARROLLs FROM NCOK. Please respond to:

Carroll Book

Donna Carroll Fryer (View posts)
Posted: 961520775000
My family of Carroll's has a Dolly in it. We also have the Brown family. If I remember right its either John Wesley Brown or A W Brown mzrried Mary Carroll
My Uncle Paul Carroll resided in Salt Lake for quite a while his last residence was on Bishop Federal or Federal Bishop Lane. He passed on in 1999 in Salt Lake. It very well could have belonged to him.You may e-mail me at
Thank you for being kind enough to look for the owner
Donna Carroll Fryer

Re: Carroll info

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I looked through the book but couldn't find any names that you mentioned. So sorry. Good luck with your search and family.

Cora Belle Carroll of Pennsylvania

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Hi Christi, I too, like many others am looking for information on the Carroll Family. Could you supply me with the Name and author of this "Carroll Book" that I hear so much reference to? The Person I am looking for would have been born prior to 1900. And am hoping I will find something maybe in the book you refer to.

Thank you!!!
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