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Gertrudis Rufina Montoya Lucero b. 1897 MN > CO

Gertrudis Rufina Montoya Lucero b. 1897 MN > CO

Rene Lucero Ludeman (View posts)
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Surnames: Montoya, Lucero
Born Mesquite, NM 1897 married Filiberto Lucero, moved to Colorado and had numerous children. Looking for any Luceros or Montoya relatives or possible links. I have limited info. This is my G Grandmother.

Children of Pedro E. Maria Leonires Montoya; New Mexico

Dennis W. Montoya (View posts)
Posted: 966520779000
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Surnames: Montoya
My name is Dennis W. Montoya

I grew up in the community of Lucero, New Mexico (interesting coincidence of last names - read on) in Mora County, New Mexico. The Colorado border is less than 100 miles distant. My paternal grandmother was a Lucero on her mother's side, and the village was named after this great grandfather, who came over from the Peñasco, New Mexico, area at the time of the Mora Land Grant. (Mexican colonial period)

My maternal grandmother was a Montoya, even before she married, although she married into an unrelated Montoya family. Her name was Maria Leonires Montoya. Her husband was Pedro E. Montoya. Their children included Ferdinando Montoya (my father, now deceased, the oldest); Laudente H. Montoya (lives in Albuquerque); Lee A. Montoya (WWII veteran, lives in Albuquerque); Eralia C. Montoya (now Emily C. Nye, lives in Michigan); Dennis J. Montoya (now deceased); Arabella L. Montoya (retired from Montgomery Ward, lives in Albuquerque); Luis Armando Montoya (retired Assistant Chief of Police, Las Vegas, New Mexico - lives in Las Vegas, New Mexico)

Any information would be appreciated.

Julia Montoya Nieto; NM > CO

Roberta Marinas (View posts)
Posted: 967198269000
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Surnames: Montoya, Nieto
Hi Dennis,

I too am looking for information on Montoya's that came from Las Vegas, New Mexico and or Colorado. My maternal grandmother was a Montoya who later married John Nieto. Her name was Julia Nieto, daughter to Max Montoya and Frances Garcia-Montoya. I know that my grandmother was born in Las Vegas, NM in 1921. Her parents died when she was approx. 15 yrs. of age. Leaving her to raise her siblings. The sibling’s names are Rueben, Ermie, Nancy and Alice. The cause of Max and Frances' death is still unknown (I am searching for any information this) the family has reported a few different causes. Anyway, if I run into any info that might help you out I will pass it on. Any info you have that might help me out would also be great!

Thanks and GOOD LUCK in you search.


Julia Montoya Nieto; NM > CO

Dennis W. Montoya (View posts)
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Roberta --

Trying calling my uncle, Luis Armando Montoya. He was the Assistant Chief of Police in Las Vegas for years and years, and was on the police force for even longer. He knows just about every family in town.

His telephone number is (505) 425-6887.

Best of Luck.


Julia Montoya Nieto; NM > CO

Roberta Marinas (View posts)
Posted: 967217170000
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Thank you so much for your response!! I will contact your uncle and see if he knows anything that could assist me in my search. By the way... was he on the force in or around the mid 30's?

Thanks again for your help! I hope I can return the favor.

Roberta Marinas

Julia Montoya Nieto; NM > CO

Dennis W. Montoya (View posts)
Posted: 967219705000
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Roberta --

No, my uncle isn't quite that old. That doesn't mean he doesn't have access to information going back to the 30s, though. My uncle was on the force from the 50s through the 80s.

Patricio and Helena Montoya

Glenda Montoya-Gab (View posts)
Posted: 967234488000
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I was reading through the message boards and saw that your uncle worked for the Las Vegas Police. My uncle too worked for them and was wondering if he is the same one. Was he the son of Patricio and Helena Montoya? Please let me know...maybe were cousins?

Re: Montoyas from Las Vegas NM

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I read recently on Gencircles of a Max Montoya, father: Seferino Montoya, Grandfather: Milton Montoya and Grandmother: Maria Mercedes Archuleta

Seferino Montoya is reported to have lived in Manzanola, Co. and may have been born in NM.

Re: Julia Montoya Nieto; NM > CO

Rene (View posts)
Posted: 1009775656000
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Surnames: Montoya, Nieto
Wow! I can't get to my Mother right now, but I can tell you that I am POSITIVE that John Nieto is related to us! I can't remember the lik, but I believe he is my mother's cousin?
It will be a while before I can get the info,but I intend to.
I can be reached at

Re: Guadalupe Montoya Rimbert; Las Vegas, NM

avelina rimbert (View posts)
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Surnames: Rimbert, Montoya
my grandparents were guadalupe montoya-rimbert and anthony rimbert of las vegas new mexico they owned a laundry and a taxi company (rimberts taxi) i dont know how we are related but there is some kind of connection my family now mainly lives in albuquerque i would love to know if you know if we are related
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