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Descendants of Wallace Kendall Burnham

Descendants of Wallace Kendall Burnham

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Would like to hear from descendants of Wallace Kendall Burnham and especially from descendants of his son Carlton Alexander Burnham, who was my grandfather.

Decendents of Wallace Kendall Burnham

Rheta (View posts)
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My husband is a direct decendent of Wallace Kendall Burnham. I have some information on that line.

Wallace Kendall Burnham

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Hi. I'm always interested in hearing more about this line. Wallace is my greatgrandfather. My father was Carlton Fowler Burnham; my grandfather was Carlton Alexander Burnham, son on Wallace Kendall and his second wife Lydia Standley. There must be lots of descendants on this line around. Of my father's siblings (there were eleven) only two are still living.

Carlton Fowler Burnham

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Hi Eileen, Walter J. Burnham's Vol 29 pg 15 lists two children Carleen m. Darrell Ernst Landes and you. Who were the others? What was the order of birth and other info. Carlton Alexander Sarah Fowler had 1. Erma 2.Carlton f. 3.Nola 4.Irene 5.Merle 6.Sarah F. 7.Royal 8.Claine Alexander 9.John w. 10.Gareth 11.Dallas 12.? 13.? I have some dates. Doug

Carlton Fowler Burnham

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Thanks for replying. Carleen and I are the only two children of Carlton Fowler Burnham. (unless there is some skeleton somewhere!) Carlton Alexander and Sarah Bell only had eleven children, not thirteen.
The ones you have listed are the correct ones as far as I know. Sarah Fawn and John Wallace are still living, but the others are deceased now. I was probably the one who told Walter J. Burnham there were 13 children of Carlton Alexander and Sarah Belle, as at the time the Family History Library Ancestral File listed 13, but since all but my father and Claine were in their records as living (no one had turned in the death information on the others) there were just numbers. I believe one child was listed as two because it wasn't known if it were a male or female, and another was listed twice because whoever put it in originally had two spellings of the name. That much is corrected already in the Ancestral File. I'm quite sure I also told Walter J. Burnham about my original error in reporting to him there were 13 children. I'd be interested in knowing whatever you know about this family, if you would care to email me at: Thanks for responding. Eileen Bauer

Re: Descendants of Wallace Kendall Burnham

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My name is Troy Hite. My mother was Dallas Jean (Burnham)
Hite, born in Provo, Utah to Carlton A Burnham and Sarah (Fowler) Burnham. Mom had eleven siblings, one of whom, my aunt Fawn, is still living. I'm at

Re: Wallace Kendall Burnham

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Wallace Kendall Burnham was my great-grandfather as well. I am the grandaughter of Carlton Alexander and Sarah Belle (Fowler.) My father was the baby of their brood, Gareth Reed Burnham. The last of Carlton and Sarah's children passed away a few years ago (as long as I knew of them all, of course!)

Warm Regards,

Patricia Burnham

Re: Carlton Fowler Burnham

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My name is Dennis Burnham and I live in Kauai,Hawaii.My father was John W.Burnham.I do remember several of my aunts and uncles,but I never met my mailing address is 887 Kapaa Hi.96746...I would like to hear from my several cousins!!

Re: Carlton Fowler Burnham

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Hello Dennis, my late husband was your cousin Gareth Dee Burnham, he passed away Feb 28,2016. He told me about living with your family when he was a young man, I met him in Bell Gardens when I was twelve years old, he was my first boyfriend we lost contact until 2011 we found each other and married. I researched his family history for him, very interesting, I was able to trace the family history back to the Salem Witch Trails. He served his Country in the Air Force for twenty years, I am proud of the man he became. Diane Burnham
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