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Surnames: Capulli, Di Vincenza
Hi, I'm having a really difficult time digging deeper into my husband's Italian family. I would really appreciate all the help I can get or any suggestions on how to find out.

I am trying to find John Capulli's parents and Lucia Di VIncenza's parents.

John (Giovanni) Capulli b. March 5, 1884 in San Vittorino, L'Aquila, d. 1971 in Springfield, VA. He married Lucia DiVincenzo, b. 1892 in San Sebastian d. 1962.

If it helps, I also know:
John's brother: Ernesto Capulli, b. May 7 San Vittorino d. March 1962
Lucia's sister: Liberata Di Vincenza b. 1894 d. 1949 (Ernesto and Liberata were married)

These 4 people moved to the US and I know about their lives from then on, but don't know their parents or grandparents etc. I've paid for full access but it doesn't seem like it matters with Italian records.

Again, any help is greatly appreciated!

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How do you know he was born in San Vittorino?

San Vittorino is a "frazione"...

Is there a connection to Pizzoli and Massachusetts?

A passenger list mentions that he was born in Pizzoli ... also listing Giovanni's father "Giacomo" as next of kin. Could this be your Giovanni ?

Did John and Lucia name any of their children Jack or Giacomo?

If you are 100% sure that Pizzoli is the town of birth for John, you could successfully research his line from Family History microfilm. The years available are wonderful...

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Thank you for your reply! Yes, Pizzoli can be the town and yes, the connection o Massachusetts is definitely there. I've seen the same passenger document, as I believe you are referring to. John lists San Vittorino on his draft cards, that and L'Aquila. His brother does the same, so that's what I've been going after. And I did see "Giacomo" which could possibly be my "Giovanni"

I'm unsure if he ever had a Jack or a Giacomo.

Where can I access the Family History microfilms? Is it all online?

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No... not online... yet...

To find a Family History Center near you....

When you find a location near you, phone them and see if you can go for a tour... or just ask them questions. Family History Center volunteers are always eager to help.

The fee for a monthly microfilm rental is very affordable...

To find which microfilm are available to order... (only if you are sure of town of birth)

There are sample vital documents online that explain or translate the documents...

Or better yet, see if you can buy or borrow from a library... (I purchased a mint condition book from eBay)...

I do read and speak Italian, but this is must have book !

Italian Genealogical Records: How to Use Italian Civil, Ecclesiastical & Other Records in Family History Research
by Trafford R Cole

Son Giacomo is listed on this passenger list... #11

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I think I am addressing Ernest jr (?), who is the son of Ernesto brother of Giacamo; I have traced back to L'Aquila and I know San Vittorino and San Sebastiano as towns the family is from. There is some family and friends in Boston area that may be able to help.
Please feel free to e-mail me at jcmuggs1@gmailcom to discuss further. I am John, the son of John Capulli who is one of 9 children of Giacamo Capulli and Lucia deVincenzo. There is some confusing info due to the fact that the brothers and sisters came over earlier in the century and then Giacamo and Lucia returned to Italy around 1918 supposedly to sell the farm. They then returned but the only return documentation is on the mother and the children, not Giacamo.
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Re: Capulli

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I stumbled across this today (after a visit to Ellis Isl this weekend)then coming home and looking up my family name and finding instantly Ernesto Capulli. I believe him to be my grandfather. My father(James) was his son.
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