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Chastain Name in Old Pendleton District S.C. Anderson, Oconee And Pickens Counties

Chastain Name in Old Pendleton District S.C. Anderson, Oconee And Pickens Counties

Posted: 1308352804000
Classification: Census
Surnames: Davidson, Chastain, Howard, Timms, Bruce, Parcell
CHASTAIN, Abner,1764,1846,John /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Abner,1791,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Abner,25 Dec 1803,1 Apr 1871,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Abner,1801,Oct 1841,John /CHASTAIN/ Jr,7
CHASTAIN, Abner,1 Jan 1854,28 Dec 1935,Tillman R /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Abner,,13 Mar 1820,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Abner B,13 Sep 1845,29 Oct 1929,Maxwell Denton /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Abner Briant,4 Jun 1852,11 May 1932,Rene Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Abner Cleborn,14 Nov 1916,,Abner Oscar /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Abner Denton,7 Mar 1849,31 Jan 1933,William B /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Abner Henley,,,Abraham /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Abner John,,,John /CHASTAIN/ III,0
CHASTAIN, Abner Martie,10 Jun 1898,30 Oct 1938,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Sr,6
CHASTAIN, Abner Oscar,10 Nov 1886,3 Sep 1966,Abner Denton /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Abraham,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Abraham,28 Apr 1793,,Abraham /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Abraham,1819,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Abraham,,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/ Jr,10
CHASTAIN, Ada Malinda,1895,8 Jun 1962,Roland /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Ada Selma,20 Jan 1912,,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Agnes,,,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Albert,1860,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Alcander,5 Aug 1850,28 Jul 1852,Edward Jourdan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Aler,,,(S)-Sarah /MORGAN/,1
CHASTAIN, Alfred Moore,1 Dec 1834,5 Oct 1864,Abner /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Alice,,,(S)-Francis Marion /GALLOWAY/,0
CHASTAIN, Allen,,,Lester /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Allen,,,Wood Beal /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Allen Winston,,,Charlie Clifford /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Allie Mae,1922,,Buddy Jim /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Allison Meredith,,,Gary Quintin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Alvin,,,J. Thomas /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Amanda,1852,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Amanda Caroline,16 Jul 1882,,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Amanda Caroline,28 Sep 1840,22 Aug 1920,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Amanda Elizabeth,,,Joseph C. /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Amanda Eveline,,1954,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Amanda Jane,11 Oct 1889,16 May 1951,John Lee /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Amanda Lorena,8 Jul 1872,5 May 1926,Rene Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Amilee Westbrook,18 Nov 1910,3 Nov 1983,Weston Monroe /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Amy Melissa,,,D Harold /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Andrew,,,(S)-Missouri /POSEY/,0
CHASTAIN, Andrew Jackson,7 Jul 1860,24 Oct 1924,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Andrew Young,,,Rene Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Angela Grace,,,Billy Joe /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Anna,1806,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Annabelle,9 Nov 1903,,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Anne Estelle,28 Jul 1919,8 Mar 1981,Abner Martie /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Annie,,,(S)-Lindsey E /ANDERS/,0
CHASTAIN, Annie Mae,,,Ben /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Annie Mathilda,13 Sep 1902,8 Oct 1980,Joseph Maxwell Jodie /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Annie Thalia,20 Jan 1906,,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Anson Monroe,1831,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Anthony Wayne,,,Frank /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Anzonetta Nettie,1 Jan 1869,10 Oct 1963,John /CHASTAIN/,9
CHASTAIN, April Michelle,,,Joseph Wayne /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Arbelle,26 May 1910,,Grover C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Arcenia Beatrice,15 Feb 1919,15 Mar 1996,John Geer /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Archer,,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Arie Virginia,,,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Arminda,1824,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Artemesia,1808,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Artemesia Artie',24 Jun 1837,13 Nov 1903,Edward /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Arthur Harold,,,Milton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Aswell Asrah,24 Feb 1838,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Audrey,,,Tillman R. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Audrey Laurina,,,Monroe Claude /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Audria Imogene,,,John Geer /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Augustus,17 Jun 1883,12 Dec 1957,Abner Briant /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Autumn Marjorie,,,Edward Blake /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Azilee,14 Feb 1916,,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Barbara,,,Hayden Lawrence /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Barbara Joan,,,Charles Clinton /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Barnett,,1857,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Barney Lee,,,(S)-Rosalee /PEEK/,1
CHASTAIN, Barry Clinton,,,Charles Clinton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Barry Michael,16 Jan 1969,17 Apr 1970,D Harold /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Barten,,,Hiram Baylis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Beatrice,1924,,Buddy Jim /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Becky,,,Wayne /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ben,30 Apr 1905,,(S)-Eula Mabell /DENSMORE/,8
CHASTAIN, Benjamin,1830,1887,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Benjamin,,13 Aug 1864,Obediah /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Benjamin,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Benjamin,1793,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,14
CHASTAIN, Benjamin,6 Jul 1780,1845,John /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Benjamin F.,1810,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Benjamin Franklin,12 Jun 1848,12 Jan 1921,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Benjamin Franklin,1853,1911,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Benjamin Franklin,9 Jul 1828,29 Sep 1917,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Benjamin H.,24 Dec 1842,21 Jul 1859,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Benjamin L.,6 Dec 1845,29 Dec 1932,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Benjamin Lafayette,1825,18 Sep 1906,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Benjamin LaFayette,4 Aug 1834,,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Benjamin Luther,11 Mar 1881,,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Benjamin M.,,,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Bert,,,Drennon Arthur /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Berthold Allen,2 Feb 1916,,Thomas Lester /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Bessie,,,(S)-Thomas /PARKER/,1
CHASTAIN, Betty,,,Ed Nathaniel /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Betty Joy,,,James Hallie /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Bill,,,Buddy Jim /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Billy,,,Ed Nathaniel /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Billy Joe,,,Billy Joe /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Billy Joe,,,Charles Hamilton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,3
CHASTAIN, Blake,24 Mar 1921,,Caleb James /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Blenda Elaine,,,John Geer /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Bob,,,(S)-Sarah /PILGRIM/,2
CHASTAIN, Bobby Fred,,,Bobby Joe /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Bobby Joe,,,(S)-Gloria Amanda /TIMMS/,2
CHASTAIN, Bonnie Mae,12 May 1904,3 Apr 1988,Joseph Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Boone,1901,10 May 1955,John A /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Brant Aubrey,,,John Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Brenda,,,Joe Abner /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Bruce W,12 Oct 1919,30 Dec 1994,Joseph Maxwell Jodie /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Bryan,,,Allen Winston /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Buddy Jim,,,(S)-Della /HIGHTOWER/,5
CHASTAIN, Caleb James,23 Aug 1897,11 Aug 1934,Abner Briant /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Caleb Jefferson,,,Claude William /CHASTAIN/ Sr,4
CHASTAIN, Calvin Foster,13 Mar 1820,5 Mar 1915,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Carl Hoyt,11 Apr 1916,9 Nov 2002,(S)-Willie Bernice /TIMMS/,2
CHASTAIN, Carlee Delaine,,,Abner Oscar /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Carlee Mark,,,Carlee Delaine /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Carmelita,,,Lloyd /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Caroline Louise,,,Dan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Carolyn,,,Clinton S /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Carolyn,,[26 Dec 1987],(S)-Unknown /CHAPMAN/,0
CHASTAIN, Carolyn,,,Joe Landis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Carrie Melinda,28 Aug 1891,19 Jun 1951,John Alfred J /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Catherine,,,George /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Catherine Mercilla,15 Nov 1846,15 Jan 1933,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Cecil Edward,,,Abner Martie /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Cecil M.,24 Feb 1900,28 Mar 1976,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Sr,7
CHASTAIN, Charles,,,W. F. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Charles,,,Unknown /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Charles Clinton,5 Dec 1923,,Charlie Clifford /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Charles Franklin,,,William Franklin /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Charles Hamilton,,,Charles Hamilton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,4
CHASTAIN, Charles Hamilton,4 Aug 1913,2 Mar 2002,Elijah Denton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,3
CHASTAIN, Charles Hamilton,,,Charles Hamilton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Charles L.,1 Sep 1895,22 Dec 1929,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Charlie,,,(S)-Ruby /SWAYNGHAM/,0
CHASTAIN, Charlie Clifford,10 Jul 1901,,(S)-Lula Wylene /DENSMORE/,6
CHASTAIN, Cheryl Jeanne Marie,,,Caleb Jefferson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Chloe Fay,,,Milton /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Chris,,,Jerry /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Chrissie Fay,,,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Christopher Columbus Hammond,22 Dec 1843,14 Nov 1914,Stephen /CHASTAIN/ Jr,13
CHASTAIN, Christy Marie,,,Charles Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Cisro,,,Dewey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Clarence,,,Clinton S /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Claude Edward,9 Mar 1922,19 Oct 1991,Abner Oscar /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Claude William,9 Jul 1918,,Caleb James /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Claude William,,,Claude William /CHASTAIN/ Sr,2
CHASTAIN, Claudia Mae,,,John Geer /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Clayton,,,Wayne /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Clayton,,,Freeman /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Clenith Blake,,,Robert Earl /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Cleo Chloe,1779,1805,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Cleopatra,16 Sep 1862,8 Nov 1929,Edward Jourdan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Clifford Lester,10 Oct 1919,,Thomas Lester /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Clifton Shelton,,,John Alfred J /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Clinton Grady,20 Sep 1933,24 Dec 1954,Clinton S /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Clinton S,31 Jan 1889,16 Aug 1965,John Alfred J /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Clyde,,,L Davis /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Clyde,,,William Henry /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Cole,,,John Lewis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Collon Lee,22 Sep 1927,2 Dec 2002,Walter Lee /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Colorado,,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Columbus Freemont,5 May 1878,,Phillip Hudgins /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Columbus W,4 May 1879,12 Dec 1962,(S)-Oscie /UNKNOWN/,1
CHASTAIN, Connie,,,Hiram Baylis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Connie,,,Vernon Thomas /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Connie,,,(S)-Roy /ALLRED/,1
CHASTAIN, Connie Louise,,,(S)-Tony Michael /TRAYNHAM/,4
CHASTAIN, Cornelia Josie,20 Jul 1879,12 Feb 1964,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Craig Andrew Thomas,,,Caleb Jefferson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Cristi Denise,,,James Gary /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Crystal Nicole,,,Michael Blaine /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Cynthia Brenee,,,Charles Clinton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Cyrus,,,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, D Harold,,,(S)-Barbara Sue /MANN/,3
CHASTAIN, D Kay,13 Feb 1898,,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Dallas,,,(S)-Joseph G. /BOGGS/,3
CHASTAIN, Dan,,,(S)-Nettie /KEENER/,7
CHASTAIN, Dana Michelle,,,James Hoyt /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Darla Kaye,,,Don Marshall /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, David,,,Stephen /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, David,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, David,,,Wood Beal /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, David,11 Aug 1845,23 Feb 1866,Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, David Albert,,,William Franklin /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, David Artis,,,Wayne Artis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, David Lee,9 Sep 1941,11 Apr 1992,David Leroy /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, David Lee,,,Collon Lee /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, David Leroy,19 Jan 1894,18 Jan 1967,John Lee /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, David Ramsey,18 Dec 1915,,Elijah Denton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,2
CHASTAIN, Dawson Champ,,,George Vernon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Deah Shay,,,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Deborah Jean,,,Allen Winston /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Delilah,24 Apr 1788,,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Della,1 Sep 1883,12 Jan 1926,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Della Claire,25 Feb 1877,27 Apr 1961,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Dennis Vernon,,,Wayne Artis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Dessie,1867,,Hiram Baylis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Dewey,,,(S)-Deala /HIGHTOWER/,4
CHASTAIN, Dianne,,,Otis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Dole,,,(S)-Katherine /YATES/,2
CHASTAIN, Don Gary,8 Jun 1941,12 Dec 1991,John Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Don Marshall,,,Jefferson Clay /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Donald Glenn,,,John B. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Donna,,,Allen Winston /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Donna,,,Raymond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Donnie,,,Wood Beal /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Donnie,,,(S)-Reba /HASKETT/,0
CHASTAIN, Dora Carolyn,24 May 1861,31 Jul 1896,Peter Robinson /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Dora Frances,22 Sep 1895,10 Apr 1966,Abner Briant /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Dora Jane,7 Jul 1897,15 Jun 1956,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Dora Marie,31 Aug 1925,Oct 1925,Caleb James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Dorcas J,,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Doris,1 Dec 1924,,Abner Martie /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Dorothy,1931,4 Jul 1996,(S)-William Eugene /HOLLIDAY/ Jr,2
CHASTAIN, Dorothy Ann,,,Carl Hoyt /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Dorothy Jean,,,Wayne Artis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Dorothy Lee,1931,29 Sep 2002,(S)-Unknown /NIX/,3
CHASTAIN, Douglas,,,Freeman /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Dovie Lee,1891,30 Jan 1971,John A /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Doyle L,29 Jul 1916,,Julius Arthur /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Drennon Arthur,3 Apr 1918,,Thomas Lester /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Drusie Ann,,,(S)-Newton /FRAZIER/,4
CHASTAIN, Dwayne Edward,,,Roy Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Earl E,,,Robert Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ed Nathaniel,1909,22 Feb 1991,Elijah Denton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,3
CHASTAIN, Edna Lorraine,,,Lee Vern /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Edward,10 May 1806,17 May 1867,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Edward,1841,,Maxwell Denton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Edward,1795,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Edward,1835,,France Friendly /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Edward Ned,8 Aug 1859,1 Oct 1932,Martin Shelton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Edward Blake,,,Blake /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Edward Brigand,29 Mar 1769,1834,John /CHASTAIN/,15
CHASTAIN, Edward Bruce,5 Nov 1809,6 Nov 1888,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,11
CHASTAIN, Edward Carlyle,,,Edward Earl /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Edward Earl,26 Oct 1896,20 Apr 1988,Robert Edward /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Edward H.,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Edward Jourdan,9 Aug 1820,5 Dec 1895,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Edward Posey,1824,22 Oct 1896,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Edwin,,,J. Thomas /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Elam E.,13 Oct 1831,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elias E.,,,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elias J.,,,John Vandiver /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elijah,1803,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,11
CHASTAIN, Elijah,25 Mar 1776,8 Mar 1853,John /CHASTAIN/,11
CHASTAIN, Elijah,,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Elijah 'Pink',1848,,(S)-Mary /UNKNOWN/,4
CHASTAIN, Elijah Denton,7 Nov 1873,16 Jun 1955,John /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Elijah Denton,26 Sep 1925,24 Mar 1989,Elijah Denton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,2
CHASTAIN, Elijah Webb Lige,23 Sep 1813,4 Apr 1874,Capt Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elisha,4 Jul 1840,4 Mar 1906,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elisha,1 Aug 1778,1 Mar 1851,Abraham /CHASTAIN/,16
CHASTAIN, Eliza,1875,23 Dec 1955,John /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Eliza,1840,,Abner Henley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Eliza R.,,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,11 Oct 1789,,Abraham /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,14 Sep 1805,25 Dec 1877,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,,,(S)-Unknown /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,,,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,1785,,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,1775,,John /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,May 1831,,Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,21 Nov 1778,,William /CHASTAIN/,11
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,1795,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,1711,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,1810,Nov 1895,(S)-John /CASSELL/ Jr,5
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth,,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth A J,1857,,John Abner /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth Ann,,,Emmett Alfred /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth Ann,,,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth Denton,16 Jul 1817,,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth Diane,,,Carlee Delaine /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth H.,14 Apr 1822,4 Apr 1909,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,9
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth L.,1821,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Elizabeth W.,,,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ella Dora,12 Jul 1920,,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ella Faye,,,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Ella Mae,,,(S)-Glenn Claude /ALEXANDER/,3
CHASTAIN, Ellac,20 Nov 1848,11 Mar 1883,Edward Jourdan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ellen C.,17 Jan 1869,23 Nov 1946,Phillip Hudgins /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Elmus,,,(S)-Ruby Lee /NIX/,0
CHASTAIN, Elsie,1893,24 Feb 1973,(S)-Samuel /GILLESPIE/,7
CHASTAIN, Elzie,22 Mar 1892,12 Feb 1981,(S)-Levi Littleton /AIKEN/,6
CHASTAIN, Emily,1822,,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Emily,,,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Emily P.,1838,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Emily Roberta,10 Jan 1928,11 Feb 1928,William Thomas /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Emily W.,,,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Emma,,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Emma Mae,,,Claude William /CHASTAIN/ Sr,2
CHASTAIN, Emmett Alfred,,,Emmett Alfred /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Emmett Alfred,2 Jun 1914,6 Sep 1962,Augustus /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Eric,,,Furman Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Eric Joshua,,,Claude William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Estelle,2 Jan 1908,,Grover C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Estelle,,,Ben /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Estienne,9 Nov 1737,,Jean /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ethel Lee,11 Jan 1922,,Abner Martie /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Etta Lee,,,(S)-Fred /GRAY/,0
CHASTAIN, Eugenia,,,W. F. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Eula Mae,3 Nov 1909,13 Dec 1999,Abner Oscar /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Eunice,,,James /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Evelyn,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Evelyn,,,Tillman R. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Eyvonne Louise,,,Abner Cleborn /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Fairylee,,,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Fannie E.,29 Jul 1893,28 Apr 1933,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Sr,3
CHASTAIN, Fletcher Craig,31 Oct 1926,1 Sep 2001,Abner Oscar /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Flora,1838,,Abner Henley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Flora,,,Peter Robinson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Florence Jane,,,John /CHASTAIN/ III,0
CHASTAIN, Floyd,,,John Lewis /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Floyd,,,(S)-Vina /HIGHTOWER/,3
CHASTAIN, Floyd,,,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, France Friendly,7 Jan 1804,,John /CHASTAIN/ Jr,8
CHASTAIN, Frances,1841,1879,(S)-Francis Marion /HIGHTOWER/,4
CHASTAIN, Frances Irene,,,John Geer /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Frances Overa,18 Jan 1918,,Joseph Maxwell Jodie /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Frank,,,(S)-Doris /POWELL/,1
CHASTAIN, Frank Hendricks,19 Dec 1917,23 Nov 1996,Elijah Denton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,1
CHASTAIN, Frank Stoddard,31 Jul 1880,3 Jun 1964,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Frankie Lee,,,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Franklin Asbury,17 Aug 1828,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Franklin Lee Roy,1935,28 Sep 1973,,0
CHASTAIN, Fred Anderson,30 Oct 1902,5 May 1984,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Freddie Burton,,,John Alfred J /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Freddie Scott,,,James Earnest /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Freedah May,,,John Abner /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Freeman,,,(S)-Winona /EDENS/,6
CHASTAIN, Friendly,1840,,France Friendly /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Furman Edward,23 Oct 1916,17 Oct 1975,Nelson /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Gary Quintin,,,Quintin Roosevelt /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, General,,,Buddy Jim /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, George,19 Mar 1903,22 Feb 1982,John Lee /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, George,,,Floyd /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, George,,28 May 1854,William /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, George,,,John F. /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, George,,,John Allen Thomas /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, George H,,,(S)-Ellen Mae /HARPER/,3
CHASTAIN, George Harlan,13 May 1880,,John Alfred /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, George Vernon,15 May 1927,8 Jun 1996,Edward Earl /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, George Vernon,,,George Vernon /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, George Washington,15 Mar 1833,21 Nov 1905,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, George Wilburn,1848,,Joseph /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Gerold,,,(S)-Jimmy L. /RAY/,2
CHASTAIN, Glenda,,,Otis /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Glenda Beth,,,Joseph Hartsel /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Glenda Gail,,,Freeman /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Grace Gary,,,David Ramsey /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Greg Darrel,,,James Hallie /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Griffith,,,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Grover C.,Jan 1885,18 Jun 1967,(S)-Louella Susan /GODFREY/,5
CHASTAIN, Gwen,,,Elijah Denton /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Hannah,,22 Jul 1865,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Hannah M.,,,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Hannah Melissa,,,Joseph C. /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Hannah Minerva,,,(S)-Ashael Smith /WEAVER/,0
CHASTAIN, Hannah P.,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Harriet E.,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Harriett R.,5 Jun 1852,14 May 1927,(S)-Harrison T. /PORTER/,7
CHASTAIN, Hayden Lawrence,1912,23 May 1992,(S)-Lula /WILSON/,1
CHASTAIN, Hayne,,,William Henry /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Hazel,,,Tillman R. /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Hazel,,,George /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Helen,,,J. Thomas /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Helen Frances,28 Feb 1914,14 Jan 2000,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Helen Irene,25 Feb 1918,,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Helen Jean,,,Tillman R. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Henry J,21 Jun 1875,,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Henry Johnson,7 May 1874,6 Sep 1963,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Herbert Hub,,,Floyd /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Herschel,25 Jan 1888,8 Sep 1916,John Lee /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Hetta R.,,,Joseph C. /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Hilliard Anderson,30 Aug 1839,17 Apr 1907,Stephen /CHASTAIN/ Jr,5
CHASTAIN, Hilliard T.,1844,,Abner Henley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Hiram Baylis,,30 Nov 1898,Samuel /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Holly,,,Unknown /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Houston,5 Feb 1926,10 Jun 1945,Columbus W /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Hovie D,3 Jul 1907,22 Nov 1938,Joseph Maxwell Jodie /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Howell,2 May 1850,13 Apr 1923,Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ida,,,Hiram Baylis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ida,15 Jul 1897,6 May 1987,Joseph Maxwell Jodie /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Ida Sue Susie,,,David Leroy /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ida Velma,20 Jan 1912,,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Irena Julia,12 Mar 1830,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Irene,1822,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Irene,9 Sep 1917,3 Jun 1971,Abner Martie /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Irma Virginia,20 Aug 1925,Apr 1974,Charlie Clifford /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Isham,1777,,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, J A,19 Dec 1820,,(S)-Mary Anjeline /COX/,0
CHASTAIN, J C Jake,,,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, J Columbus,1871,,Elijah 'Pink' /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, J Jefferson,,,John A /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, J T,,,(S)-Irene /CROW/,0
CHASTAIN, J. Thomas,,,(S)-Queen Victoria /MCCOY/,6
CHASTAIN, J. Thomas,,,J. Thomas /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Jack,,,John Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jack,,,Claude William /CHASTAIN/ Sr,2
CHASTAIN, Jacob,1781,,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jacob Kent,,,Richard James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jacob Ray,,,James Ray /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James,1800,,Stephen /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, James,9 Aug 1917,,Lige /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, James,,,Lyle Eugene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James,,,Clinton S /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James,,1820,Pierre /CHASTAIN/ Jr,12
CHASTAIN, James,,,Calvin Foster /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James,18 Sep 1925,4 Feb 1989,(S)-Effie /DYER/,2
CHASTAIN, James,1860,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James,1829,1855,(S)-Lucinda /CHAPMAN/,3
CHASTAIN, James A,,,(S)-Lillie Mae /SHIRLEY/,1
CHASTAIN, James Alexander,31 Oct 1850,11 Jan 1913,Littleton Maxwell /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Allen,12 Oct 1925,31 Oct 1926,William Thomas /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James B.,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, James Benjiman,23 Dec 1877,12 Oct 1916,John Alfred /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Dauthard,1850,,James /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, James Denton,11 Mar 1828,,John /CHASTAIN/ III,0
CHASTAIN, James E.,,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Earnest,,,Charlie Clifford /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, James Felix,19 Sep 1892,30 Jul 1942,John Lee /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Garvin,18 Dec 1853,,Edward Jourdan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Gary,,,James Hallie /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, James H.,,,Rene Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Hallie,,,(S)-Bonnie Grace /ENTREKIN/,2
CHASTAIN, James Hallie,,,James Hallie /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, James Hoyt,,,Carl Hoyt /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, James Hudgins,22 Nov 1875,16 Aug 1954,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Hudgins,22 Mar 1876,,Phillip Hudgins /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Lafayette,10 Apr 1801,14 Mar 1862,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Lewis,,,(S)-Sylvia /OWEN/,2
CHASTAIN, James P,12 Mar 1911,27 Jun 2002,(S)-Blanche Ruth /BEACHAM/,1
CHASTAIN, James Paul,,,James Gary /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Polk,3 Jun 1839,15 May 1901,Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, James Ray,,,John B. /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, James Riley,15 Sep 1849,9 Apr 1931,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, James W.,,,John Vandiver /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jan Marie,,,(S)-Jonathan Milton /HOLLIDAY/,0
CHASTAIN, Jane,3 Oct 1734,,Jean /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jane,,,Lyle Eugene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Janette,,,(S)-James Bobby /TANTT/,0
CHASTAIN, Janice,,,Rembert Williaam /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Janie Lucille,,,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Janie May,13 Nov 1891,24 Dec 1972,Jehu John /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Janne,1716,12 Jan 1721/1722,Pierre /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Japtha Marion,1830,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jason Champ,,,George Vernon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jason Lee Matthew,,,William Don /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jean,,,Edward Earl /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jean,1694,25 Jan 1762,Pierre /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Jean,,,(S)-William Luther /MOORE/,0
CHASTAIN, Jean Wynell,,,Abner Cleborn /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Jeanette,,,Clinton S /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jeanette Lynn,,,Joseph Hartsel /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Jeanne Ellen,,,John B. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jefferey,,,(S)-Joyce /HARDEN/,1
CHASTAIN, Jefferson,1842,,Abner Henley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jefferson,,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jefferson Clay,29 Dec 1920,,(S)-Hazel Irene /TIMMS/,1
CHASTAIN, Jefferson Davis,10 Mar 1860,12 Sep 1918,Edward Jourdan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jeffrey,,,Steven Garvin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jehu,30 Dec 1801,20 Jul 1863,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jehu John,7 Dec 1851,15 Dec 1936,Maxwell Denton /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Jehu Lafayette,4 Jun 1852,27 May 1893,Rene Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Jemima,10 Jun 1818,14 Jun 1907,Capt Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Jemima,Oct 1833,,France Friendly /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jemimah,,,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jennifer Marie,,,Edward Blake /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jeremiah,,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jeremiah Alexander,24 Sep 1866,13 Nov 1920,Phillip Hudgins /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jeremiah S.,28 Mar 1805,1860,Capt Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jeremiah Seymour,,1924,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jerry,,,Freeman /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Jerry,,,George /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jerry Lee,,,William Dewey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jesse Virgie Lee,27 Feb 1909,,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jessie,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jessie L,2 Mar 1872,,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jim,30 Jan 1919,,Grover C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jimima Catherine,,,John /CHASTAIN/ III,0
CHASTAIN, Jimmy,,,James Earnest /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jimmy Lee,1957,13 Jan 2001,Joe Landis /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Jo Ann,,,Tillman R. /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Jodie T.,27 Jan 1864,21 Sep 1930,(S)-Minnie Lee /SWAYNGHAM/,2
CHASTAIN, Jody,,,James Lewis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joe,,,(S)-Josie /GOSS/,0
CHASTAIN, Joe Abner,10 Feb 1923,18 Apr 1964,Caleb James /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Joe K,24 Nov 1914,Feb 2003,William Henry /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joe Landis,1923,12 Mar 1992,Jodie T. /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Joel,,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Joey,,,Larry Buck /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John,1857,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John,1783,,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John,,,Ralph Rolin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John,3 May 1800,31 Jan 1876,John /CHASTAIN/ Jr,12
CHASTAIN, John,,13 May 1880,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John,,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John,1820,,(S)-Rebecca /DENTON/,0
CHASTAIN, John,1743,31 Jul 1805,Pierre /CHASTAIN/ Jr,14
CHASTAIN, John,14 Mar 1838,6 Mar 1883,Robert Edward /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, John,,,,1
CHASTAIN, John,,1845,John /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, John,1796,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John,,,Stephen /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, John,2 Jul 1864,10 Jan 1865,Martin Shelton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John,1790,1864,Abraham /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, John A,1865,6 Jan 1942,(S)-Sallie /SHELTON/,8
CHASTAIN, John Abner,1821,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, John Abner,16 Jun 1902,26 Jan 1992,Abner Briant /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, John Abner,31 Jul 1888,28 Apr 1976,Abner B /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, John Alfred,23 Sep 1852,13 Apr 1940,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, John Alfred J,,,Hilliard Anderson /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, John Allen Thomas,,,George /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, John Alton Bubba,,,John Alton Bunk /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Alton Bunk,27 Apr 1906,Feb 1965,William Washington /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, John B,1853,,William B /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John B.,,1863,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John B.,6 Jun 1926,29 Apr 1977,John Abner /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, John B. Lee,11 Aug 1874,,Phillip Hudgins /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Benjamin,23 Oct 1924,Sep 1925,John Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Benjamin,17 Jun 1902,4 May 1948,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Sr,6
CHASTAIN, John Bunyon,20 Feb 1807,1 Jan 1886,Capt Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,20
CHASTAIN, John Butler,6 Dec 1881,20 Sep 1960,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John D A,1859,,John Abner /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, John Denton,,,(S)-Cuma Mae /SUTHERLAND/,1
CHASTAIN, John Denton,1830,,Maxwell Denton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Durgen,27 Aug 1882,,John Alfred /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John E.B.,1877,,William M. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Edward,24 May 1970,4 Jul 1995,Walter Evan /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, John F.,,,George /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, John F.,1834,,Joseph /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John F.,1840,29 Aug 1871,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, John Francis,1612,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, John Furman,20 Apr 1904,2 Aug 1987,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, John Geer,15 Dec 1898,9 Jan 1942,John Alfred J /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, John H.,,,James Riley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Hillman,26 Jan 1932,20 Dec 1950,John Geer /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John L,1860,,Tillman R /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Lee,5 Jun 1865,19 Jan 1950,Rene Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, John Lewis,28 May 1868,21 Oct 1952,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, John Marian,1813,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Nicholson,1815,,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,12
CHASTAIN, John P.,1830,,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Rufus,28 Sep 1905,30 Jan 1960,Robert Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John S.,2 Jun 1817,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Shelton,20 Aug 1833,18 Mar 1904,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John T,4 Sep 1860,26 Jun 1940,(S)-S Fannie /CARROLL/,0
CHASTAIN, John Vandiver,8 Jun 1835,31 May 1903,Samuel /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, John Wayman,2 Feb 1897,23 Jul 1986,William C /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, John Wayne,,,Emmett Alfred /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, John William,,,John B. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jonathan Allen,,,Billy Joe /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jonathan Brian,,,Joseph Wayne /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Jonathan Davis,22 May 1803,28 Nov 1847,Capt Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Jonathan Robert,,,D Harold /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph,1773,1805,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph,1771,1807,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph,1795,,Abraham /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Joseph,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph Alonzo,,[17 Jul 1951],,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph B.,1820,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph C.,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Joseph C.,14 Apr 1838,16 May 1903,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph Carlton,25 Jan 1819,6 Nov 1888,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph Carter,17 Mar 1838,,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph Edward,12 May 1904,21 May 1904,Joseph Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph Edward,14 Sep 1866,5 Feb 1923,William M. /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Joseph Gregg,1885,Oct 1980,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph Hartsel,,,Joseph Hartsell /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Joseph Hartsell,14 May 1909,3 Sep 1982,(S)-Walcia Inez /RUDDELL/,3
CHASTAIN, Joseph Inman,28 Oct 1826,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph Justin,,,Joseph Wayne /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph M.,,,Joseph C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph Maxwell Jodie,17 Jun 1873,23 Jan 1961,Abner B /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Joseph Pearson,22 Jan 1830,20 Oct 1918,Rev Jonathan Davis /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Joseph T,27 Jan 1864,21 Sep 1930,Tillman R /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph Tillman,1917,20 Dec 1990,,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph W.,,,James Riley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joseph Wayne,,,Joseph Hartsel /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Josephine,24 Oct 1855,11 Dec 1929,Edward Jourdan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joshua,,,Unknown /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Josie Assalee,28 Aug 1909,1 Jun 1914,Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Joyce,,,Dewey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Juanita,,,Otis /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Judith,1793,,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Judith,1690,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Judith,10 May 1727,,Jean /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Judy Ann,,,Barney Lee /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Judy Carolyn,,,Charles Clinton /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Judy Lavonne,,,Emmett Alfred /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Julia,,,Unknown /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Julia,,,(S)-Hardy Carter /GILSTRAP/,0
CHASTAIN, Julia,,,Roland /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Julia Ann,,,Carlee Delaine /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Julie,,,James Gary /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Julie Gwynne,,,Walter Evan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Julius Arthur,20 Jul 1884,28 Feb 1965,Abner Denton /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Julius Lee,30 Aug 1863,19 Nov 1894,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, June,,,Edward Earl /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, June Elaine,,,Quintin Roosevelt /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Karen,,,William Paul /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Kari Diane,,,Clyde /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Katherine Naomia,,,Claude William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Kathie Marie,,,Claude Edward /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Kathleen Rozelle,11 May 1926,5 Dec 1990,John Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Kathryn Estes,,,John Furman /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Kaye Irene,,,Charles Hamilton /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Kayla,,,Ralph Rolin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Kellie Helena Nicole,,,William Don /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Kenneth,,,(S)-Noleeta /CORBIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Kenneth,,,Tillman R. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Kenneth Lee,,,Charles Hamilton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Kevin Marshall,,,Don Marshall /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Kim,,,Jefferey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Kyle Ann,,,(S)-William Rush /MARCHBANKS/,1
CHASTAIN, L Davis,,,,1
CHASTAIN, Lance,,,Freeman /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Laree,,,(S)-Lloyd /GOSS/,0
CHASTAIN, Larkin N,20 Oct 1871,1 Mar 1900,Hilliard Anderson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Larkin V.,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Larry,,,Rembert Williaam /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Larry Buck,1950,23 Jul 2002,Joe Landis /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Larry Glenn,,,Charles Clinton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Larry Joe,,,Emmett Alfred /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Laura,,,Peter Robinson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Laura Ellen,6 Nov 1887,27 Sep 1939,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Sr,6
CHASTAIN, Laura Olive Lular,14 Feb 1882,27 Mar 1968,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lavina,31 Aug 1803,,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lavina T.,,,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Layfette Gregg,6 Aug 1857,,William M. /CHASTAIN/,14
CHASTAIN, Leacy Leander,,,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Lee,,,(S)-Flora Ella /GALLOWAY/,0
CHASTAIN, Lee,,18 Jul 1921,Jodie T. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lee Vern,,,Oscar Clenith /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Lee Woodrow,1915,16 Jul 1993,John Denton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lena,19 Jul 1885,22 Jul 1885,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Lena Mae,,,John Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Leon G.,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Leona,,,Emmett Alfred /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Leovia Angelina,Mar 1893,[9 Feb 1986],Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Leslie Christine,,,William Lewis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lester,,,Clifford Lester /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Letha Ann,2 Oct 1867,1 Jan 1945,Littleton Maxwell /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Lewis,1773,,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lige,,,(S)-Emily /REID/,1
CHASTAIN, Lillie,24 Oct 1903,,(S)-Henson /POSEY/,6
CHASTAIN, Lillie Mae,22 May 1900,4 Mar 1963,John Lee /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lillie V.,,,Dan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lilly,,,Hiram Baylis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lilly,,[5 Jul 1965],Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Linda,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Linda Ann,,,Edward Carlyle /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Linda Helen,,,Lloyd Allen /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Linda Mae,,,Carlee Delaine /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Linny Malinda,,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lisa Renee Elizabeth,,,Caleb Jefferson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Littleton,4 Jun 1822,,John /CHASTAIN/ III,0
CHASTAIN, Littleton,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Littleton Maxwell,6 Jun 1827,10 May 1903,Maxwell Denton /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Lloyd,,,John Lewis /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Lloyd Allen,,,Roy Wilson /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Lloyd Hampton,20 Aug 1907,21 Aug 1907,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Locke,23 Jan 1858,4 Jul 1884,Edward Jourdan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lois Jane,,,(S)-Guy Harlin /ALEXANDER/,1
CHASTAIN, Lonnie C,30 Mar 1914,24 Mar 1972,(S)-Adelaide H /UNKNOWN/,0
CHASTAIN, Loransie,,,Unknown /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Loretta Violet,,,John Abner /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Losilla A.,,,James Riley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Louis Martin,15 Sep 1861,,Martin Shelton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Louis Napoleon,10 Mar 1856,1904,Rene Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Louis Napoleon,13 Nov 1904,29 May 1964,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Sr,2
CHASTAIN, Louisa,5 Nov 1850,5 Sep 1931,Martin Shelton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Louisa Catherine,,7 Feb 1950,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Luanne,,,John Furman /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Lucinda,23 Apr 1828,15 Jul 1891,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lucinda,1844,,France Friendly /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lucinda E.,1875,,William M. /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Lucinda Elizabeth,10 Oct 1855,16 Apr 1893,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lula,,,(S)-William David Davey /STEPHENS/,12
CHASTAIN, Lula Belle,,,William Henry /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lular,14 Mar 1910,13 Mar 1990,(S)-Luther Oliver /HIGHTOWER/,13
CHASTAIN, Lydia,18 Aug 1834,11 Nov 1911,Edward /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Lydia T.,15 Aug 1824,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Lyle Eugene,27 Dec 1922,14 Jun 1998,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Lynette Marie Anne,,,Caleb Jefferson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, M.A.T.,1869,,William M. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mack Wayne,1964,2 Mar 1964,Freeman /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Madie,,,Dewey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Madison Cleveland,21 Dec 1825,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Madison McDonald,28 Nov 1842,5 Jan 1866,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mae,26 Aug 1911,27 Dec 1997,Joseph Maxwell Jodie /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Maebelle,1897,18 Jul 1987,John A /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Magdelaine,23 Jan 1742/1743,,Jean /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Magdelaine,5 Jan 1730/1731,,Jean /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Maggie Mae,9 Jun 1893,1955,(S)-Benjamin Franklin /ELLISON/,6
CHASTAIN, Malinda,1878,,Elijah 'Pink' /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Malinda Evalene,2 Apr 1852,3 Mar 1926,Littleton Maxwell /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Malissa,1829,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Malissa,,,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mamie,,,John Alfred J /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Manuel,,,George /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Marcia Carletta,,,Oscar Clenith /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Marcus Leroy,1901,10 Jan 1936,Elijah Denton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Marcus R,1832,,Maxwell Denton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Margaret,1800,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Margaret,1844,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Margaret Ann,,,Frank Hendricks /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Margaret Annie,,,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Margaret Elizabeth,,,David Ramsey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Margaret Helen,21 Jun 1911,5 Feb 1983,William Washington /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Margaret Matilda,,,Joseph C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Margery Sue,,,John B. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Margie Odell,,,Ben /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Marion Larkin,22 Dec 1886,9 Nov 1950,Louis Napoleon /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Marion Scott,,,Ralph Lacy /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mark Edward,,,Lee Vern /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martha,,,John Vandiver /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martha,1789,,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martha,1832,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Martha,,1838,Pierre /CHASTAIN/ Jr,10
CHASTAIN, Martha,,,(S)-Cutland /RIDLEY/,1
CHASTAIN, Martha,,,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martha,28 May 1860,27 Dec 1943,William B /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Martha,1845,,Joseph /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martha,1768,1794,John /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Martha Patsy,1795,1882,John /CHASTAIN/ Jr,7
CHASTAIN, Martha A.,1867,1893,Rene Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Martha Ann,,,(S)-Peter /CANTRELL/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Martha Denton,16 Jun 1821,7 Sep 1895,Capt Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,11
CHASTAIN, Martha E.,1849,,Abner Henley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martha E.,21 Oct 1834,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martha E.,4 Sep 1854,11 May 1938,Martin Shelton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martha Elizabeth,24 Jun 1839,6 Jan 1921,John /CHASTAIN/ III,8
CHASTAIN, Martha J.,1850,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martha Jean,,,Wood Beal /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Martha Jennie,3 Jan 1846,,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martha M.,8 Oct 1862,,Nathan P. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Martin Shelton,8 Jan 1827,4 Aug 1864,Edward /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Marvin,,,John Lewis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Marvin,,,Joe Landis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,1797,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,1886,1978,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Mary,,,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,10 Jul 1797,22 Jul 1865,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,14
CHASTAIN, Mary,1771,,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,1795,,John /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,1815,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,1709,1729,Pierre /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,1831,,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,1 Jun 1883,,(S)-Silas O /COOPER/,7
CHASTAIN, Mary,15 Feb 1837,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,31 Jul 1875,,Abner Briant /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary,1810,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary A,,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary A,25 Feb 1828,31 Mar 1909,Stephen /CHASTAIN/ Jr,4
CHASTAIN, Mary A.,1842,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Adeline,,20 Jan 1911,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Ann,,,Joe Landis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Ann,1740,,Jean /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Ann,,,Wood Beal /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Mary Coleen,,,John Geer /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Della,May 1888,17 Feb 1956,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary E.,,,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Elaine,,,Lloyd Allen /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Mary Elizabeth,25 Oct 1881,30 Jan 1940,(S)-Leander Belton /KELLEY/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Elizabeth,1878,1934,Elijah 'Pink' /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Mary Elizabeth,22 Mar 1878,5 Sep 1965,Abner B /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Mary Elizabeth,10 Apr 1862,24 Nov 1938,Littleton Maxwell /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Elizabeth Libby,,,Robert Clifton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Emaline,26 May 1850,16 Nov 1905,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Etta,21 Feb 1898,14 Feb 1962,Roland /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Mary Fannie,25 Feb 1860,31 Aug 1895,William M. /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Mary Frances,,,Tillman R. /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Mary Helen,,,George /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary J.,4 Jan 1861,2 Feb 1921,Rene Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Mary J.,,,John Vandiver /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Jane,9 Feb 1876,24 Apr 1968,Pinkney E. Polk /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Mary Jane,6 Dec 1874,7 Mar 1962,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Jane,,,(S)-Francis Marion /HIGHTOWER/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Jane,22 Sep 1843,19 Sep 1918,(S)-Marion Mark /TIDMORE/,1
CHASTAIN, Mary Lou,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Lou,31 Mar 1910,31 Mar 1941,(S)-Joe /GILLESPIE/,6
CHASTAIN, Mary Louise,7 Nov 1911,8 Jan 2000,Elijah Denton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,2
CHASTAIN, Mary M,11 Oct 1848,25 Jul 1929,Maxwell Denton /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Mary Magdelaine,1721,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Malinda,,,Thomas Jefferson /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Mary Malisa Mick,14 Nov 1850,7 Apr 1936,Robert Edward /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Mary Malissa,14 Nov 1850,1 Sep 1924,William B /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Mary Martha,,,(S)-William George /LUSK/,1
CHASTAIN, Mary Matilda,18 Aug 1901,17 Oct 1981,Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Matilda,4 May 1873,,Phillip Hudgins /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mary Sue,,,Caleb James /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Matilda Hargrove,29 Jul 1813,13 Dec 1889,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mattie Lee,1 Jan 1905,1982,John A /CHASTAIN/,13
CHASTAIN, Mattison Denton,1892,5 Feb 1957,Jehu John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Maude,3 Jul 1896,21 Apr 1966,John Lewis /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Maxwell Denton,25 Oct 1854,9 Mar 1931,Littleton Maxwell /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Maxwell Denton,20 Sep 1802,4 Sep 1883,John /CHASTAIN/ Jr,9
CHASTAIN, Melinda,,,Joseph C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mertice Jewell,,,Caleb James /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Michael,,,Ralph /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Michael Blaine,2 May 1952,22 Aug 2001,Oscar Clenith /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Michael Christopher,,,Michael Blaine /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Michael Evan,,,Walter Evan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Michelle Rina,,,Bobby Joe /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Mildred,1787,,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mildred,1912,6 Dec 1974,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Mildred,,,Wood Beal /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mildred Virginia,,,Lloyd Allen /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Millie Rebecca,1785,1821,Abraham /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Milly (Jemima),1833,,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Milton,19 Jun 1909,,Julius Arthur /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Mimie,16 Mar 1879,16 Nov 1880,Hilliard Anderson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Minerva,30 Dec 1847,10 Oct 1857,Martin Shelton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Minnie A.,,,(S)-Edward Frazier /GALLOWAY/,0
CHASTAIN, Minnie Belle,8 Dec 1884,22 Mar 1978,Jehu John /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Minnie Lee,,,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Minnie Loretta,2 Mar 1900,25 Jun 1988,Abner Briant /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Minnie Maye,20 Sep 1886,,John Alfred /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mittie N,22 Oct 1876,12 Oct 1954,William /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Mona Flora,29 Aug 1876,5 Dec 1930,Jehu John /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Monroe Claude,,,Claude Edward /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Montigue Elaine,,,Doyle L /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Morrison,,,William Washington /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mortimer,,,W. F. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Mulah,16 Mar 1881,16 Mar 1965,Jehu Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Myra Jo,,,Clifford Lester /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Myrtle,,,Joseph Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Myrtle Irene,23 Jun 1906,16 Sep 1982,John Lee /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Myrtle Leona,1904,,John A /CHASTAIN/,12
CHASTAIN, Nancy,1782,1805,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nancy,1804,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nancy,1789,,Abraham /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Nancy,1841,1918,Joseph /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nancy,,,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Nancy,29 Sep 1904,24 Aug 1906,Abner Briant /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nancy,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Nancy,1807,1890,John /CHASTAIN/ Jr,11
CHASTAIN, Nancy,14 Sep 1805,8 Feb 1887,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nancy A.,10 Jun 1811,11 Aug 1890,Capt Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nancy Anette,,,William Ernest /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Nancy E.S.,1867,,William M. /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Nancy Evaline,1838,1911,Abner /CHASTAIN/,9
CHASTAIN, Nancy L.,1840,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nancy M.,Mar 1829,,Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nancy Paralee,15 Feb 1853,25 Mar 1936,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nancy R L J,,,Alfred Moore /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nancy T.,7 Apr 1821,19 Dec 1882,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Naomi,1802,,Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nathan P.,1833,,(S)-Lucia A. /DENTON/,2
CHASTAIN, Nekoda Mary,2 Dec 1899,18 Aug 1981,William C. /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Nelia Pauline,30 Nov 1939,7 Feb 1942,John Abner /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nelle,,,J. Thomas /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Nellie,4 Apr 1921,,(S)-James /PRUITT/,1
CHASTAIN, Nelson,31 Dec 1856,Mar 1944,Tillman R /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Nelson Avery,,1921,Peter Robinson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nelson L,2 Feb 1892,18 Jul 1921,,0
CHASTAIN, Neva,20 Jul 1908,,William C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nicky Charles,,,Charles Clinton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Nina,27 Apr 1903,Mar 1986,William C. /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Norma Oba,16 Apr 1892,,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Obediah,,,James /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Obedience,,,(S)-John /PACE/ Sr,1
CHASTAIN, Obedience,,,Abraham /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ola,1 Aug 1889,4 Dec 1919,(S)-Abner Pinkney /MASTERS/,8
CHASTAIN, Ola Bell,30 Mar 1930,13 Apr 1961,Ben /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Ola Mae,8 Dec 1894,8 Nov 1921,Abner Denton /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Olis Garvin,,,Abner Oscar /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Oliver C.,29 Jan 1870,5 Sep 1931,John F. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ollie Elizabeth,6 May 1897,30 Jul 1989,John Lee /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Onie Lou,11 Nov 1915,,Grover C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ophelia,1878,29 Nov 1964,Jehu John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Orlando W.,28 Jan 1852,,Edward Jourdan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Oscar Clenith,5 Mar 1914,4 Aug 1984,Abner Oscar /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Oscar Nelson,28 Oct 1972,13 Aug 1990,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Oscar Nelson,2 Oct 1898,18 Aug 1965,Nelson /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Oscar Nelson,,,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Othell,,,Buddy Jim /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Otis,,,(S)-Beaulah /CROW/,6
CHASTAIN, Otis Breazeale,,[4 Feb 1993],,0
CHASTAIN, Patricia Edna,,,Carlee Delaine /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Patricia Jean,,,Joe Abner /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Paul,,,William Henry /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Paula,,,William Paul /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Pearl,25 Oct 1898,20 Aug 1981,John Lewis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Pearl,,,William Henry /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Pearl Y,16 Sep 1876,12 Oct 1909,Hilliard Anderson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Penny Denise,,,Jack /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Perry,,,(S)-Sybil Rose /WHITMIRE/,0
CHASTAIN, Perry Leslie,8 May 1874,5 May 1944,Littleton Maxwell /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Peter,24 Feb 1727/1728,,Jean /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Peter Robinson,1828,7 Jun 1862,Maxwell Denton /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Philip W,,,Elijah Denton /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Phillip Hudgins,1 Oct 1836,4 Feb 1898,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Pierre,1707,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Pierre,1586,,,1
CHASTAIN, Pierre,1663,3 Oct 1728,John Francis /CHASTAIN/,9
CHASTAIN, Pinkney E. Polk,10 May 1844,16 Jan 1927,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Polly Anna,,,Samuel /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Priscilla,1797,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Prudence,1836,,Abner Henley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Quintin Roosevelt,22 Mar 1919,,Abner Oscar /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, R Y,,,(S)-Alice /CAPPS/,0
CHASTAIN, R. Luther,14 Jun 1880,,Phillip Hudgins /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rachel Caroline,1836,,Joseph /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rachel L,,,Alfred Moore /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rachel L.,30 Mar 1832,27 Mar 1914,(S)-William Nicholson /ERWIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Rainey,1828,,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rainey,28 Sep 1793,3 Dec 1889,Edward Brigand /CHASTAIN/,12
CHASTAIN, Rainey,1811,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rainey F.,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Ralph,3 Sep 1930,4 Oct 1992,Tillman R. /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Ralph Lacy,16 Nov 1910,14 Dec 1989,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Ralph Rolin,,,Ralph /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Ray C,,,William Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Raymond,,,Ben /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Reba Nell,,,Caleb James /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Rebecca,1792,,John /CHASTAIN/ Jr,7
CHASTAIN, Rebecca,1799,1844,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Rebecca,3 Dec 1845,,Calvin Foster /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rebecca,25 Jul 1827,19 Jul 1869,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, Rebecca,1 Mar 1840,1 Apr 1913,France Friendly /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Rebecca A,,,James /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Rebecca Denton,18 Mar 1816,Dec 1890,Capt Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Rebecca Matilda,1842,26 May 1925,Rev Jonathan Davis /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Rembert Williaam,9 Mar 1922,,Thomas Lester /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Renay,,,(S)-Larry Jeffrey /HESTER/,2
CHASTAIN, Rene,1713,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rene,1745,21 Mar 1818,Pierre /CHASTAIN/ Jr,11
CHASTAIN, Rene Lafayette,26 Apr 1830,22 Mar 1903,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,10
CHASTAIN, Renny,,23 May 1860,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ressie,28 Aug 1902,28 Jun 1959,Robert Edward /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Rheda June,,,John Abner /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Rhoda,1775,1 Apr 1846,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Richard James,,,Richard James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Richard James,,,Walter Boone /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Richard M.,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Ricky Charles,,,James Earnest /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rita,,,Raymond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rita Fay,,,John B. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Robbie,,,Wayne /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Robert,,,Lyle Eugene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Robert Allen,,,Collon Lee /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Robert Brendan,,,Robert Allen /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Robert Clifton,8 Jun 1922,17 Jun 1993,William Thomas /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Robert Earl,,,(S)-Marcia Carletta /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Robert Edward,26 Jul 1809,10 Aug 1869,John /CHASTAIN/ Jr,3
CHASTAIN, Robert Edward,12 Mar 1871,14 Jul 1943,John /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Robert Lee,1911,[14 Feb 1978],John A /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Robert Maxwell,12 Apr 1882,29 Jun 1966,Jehu John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Robert Ransom,,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Roberta Kay,,,Robert Clifton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Roger,,,James P /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Roger Lynn,,,Quintin Roosevelt /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Roland,24 Jan 1859,25 Mar 1916,Tillman R /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Ronald James,,,John B. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rosa Drucilla,22 Feb 1876,3 Oct 1948,Aler /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Rosa Elizabeth,8 Oct 1907,,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rosa Lee,27 Oct 1927,7 Sep 1936,Joseph Hartsell /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rosa Viola,,,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Roy Allen,,,Lloyd Allen /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Roy Edward,,,Claude Edward /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Roy Wilson,9 Dec 1921,,Charlie Clifford /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Royal,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ruby,11 Sep 1912,,Grover C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ruby,,,John Lewis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ruby Elizabeth,,,Claude William /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Ruby Rebecca,1 Jun 1900,30 Jan 1992,Robert Edward /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Rudolph,,,W. F. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Rudolph,,,Lloyd /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Russell Monroe,,,Monroe Claude /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Russell R.,1846,,Abner Henley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Ruth,1 Jan 1920,,John Abner /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Ruth,,,Clinton S /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sahaha,,,Joseph C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sallie Clark,3 Jan 1856,2 Feb 1949,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Sam G,11 Jan 1870,28 Jan 1904,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Samantha Jo,,,James Ray /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Samuel,,,Stephen /CHASTAIN/ Sr,9
CHASTAIN, Samuel,Apr 1855,20 Oct 1857,Martin Shelton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Samuel J.,,,John Vandiver /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Samuel Joseph,,,Claude William /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Samuel Patterson,,,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sandy,,,Clayton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sara,,,Unknown /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sara,,,(S)-James Walter /HOWARD/,3
CHASTAIN, Sara Ida,27 Oct 1891,10 Jul 1971,Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sara Jane,,,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sara Malinda,20 Dec 1874,29 Nov 1964,Abner B /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Sarah,4 May 1848,1927,Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sarah,23 Nov 1826,,John /CHASTAIN/ III,0
CHASTAIN, Sarah,,,(S)-Stephen /MANNING/,0
CHASTAIN, Sarah,1837,,France Friendly /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Sarah,,,George /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Sarah,1874,,Elijah 'Pink' /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sarah,20 Jul 1852,1935,Martin Shelton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sarah,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sarah,1832,,Joseph /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sarah A.,,,Samuel /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sarah A.,12 Sep 1836,,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sarah Jane,10 Apr 1867,13 Sep 1911,(S)-Thomas Asbury /MCCLURE/,3
CHASTAIN, Sarah Leona,,,(S)-Ben Frank /FIELD/,0
CHASTAIN, Sarah Malinda,9 Mar 1844,11 Sep 1888,Maxwell Denton /CHASTAIN/,9
CHASTAIN, Sarah Maria,,,James Riley /CHASTAIN/,9
CHASTAIN, Savilla B,,[18 Mar 1988],,0
CHASTAIN, Shane,,,James Lewis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Shane,,,Alton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Shannon,,,Jimmy Lee /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sharon,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sharon,,,Clifford Lester /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sharon,,,Allen Winston /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Shawn Jamison,,,Michael Blaine /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sheila Elizabeth,,,Olis Garvin /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Shelia,,,Tommy E /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Shelia Denise,,,Charles Clinton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Shelly,,,Gerold /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Shirley,,,(S)-James Allen /TEAGUE/,3
CHASTAIN, Shirley Joyce,,,Walter Evan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sidney,1 Dec 1867,,Edward Jourdan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Singleton,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Sonia,,,Clifford Lester /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Stacy Ann,1851,1933,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Stephanie Diane,,,James Gary /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Stephen,,24 May 1830,James /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Stephen,,,Stephen /CHASTAIN/ Sr,7
CHASTAIN, Steven Garvin,,,Olis Garvin /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Steven Mark,,,James Hallie /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sue Alice,31 Jan 1867,27 Feb 1953,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sula Bee,30 Dec 1911,,Abner Oscar /CHASTAIN/,11
CHASTAIN, Susan,17 Jan 1835,8 Nov 1912,Robert Edward /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Susan,1857,5 Apr 1883,William B /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Susan A.,1854,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Susan Ann,,,George /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Susan Laurene,1922,6 May 2001,James A /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Susann,,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Susanna,1842,,France Friendly /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Susanna,1707,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Susanne,1813,21 Jan 1885,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Suzanne,,,Jerry /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Sybil,,,Tillman R. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, T Faro,1888,9 Apr 1957,(S)-Maude /BAGWELL/,1
CHASTAIN, Tabatha Elaine,,,Steven Garvin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Tallie W,1894,25 Dec 1972,William C /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Tammy,,,Tommy E /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Taylor Charles,,,Charles Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Temperance B,,17 Sep 1878,William /CHASTAIN/,6
CHASTAIN, Tennessee Medora,,,John /CHASTAIN/ III,0
CHASTAIN, Terri Denise,1977,5 Aug 1990,Clyde /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Theodora,1858,,Thomas Jefferson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Theodosia A.,,,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Theresa,,,Rembert Williaam /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Theresa Diane,,,(S)-Anthony Lewis /CLEMENTS/,0
CHASTAIN, Theresa Emmaline,18 Jan 1838,Apr 1884,Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Thomas,,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Thomas Brian,,,John B. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Thomas D.,24 Oct 1924,,Dan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Thomas Denton,,,Charles Hamilton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Thomas F,,,Stephen /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, Thomas J.,11 Feb 1877,30 May 1917,Abner Briant /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Thomas Jefferson,,27 Jun 1862,William /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Thomas Lester,19 Mar 1886,7 Oct 1924,(S)-Estella Mae /HENSLEY/,5
CHASTAIN, Thomas Ramsey,,,Charles Hamilton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Tiffany DeAnn,,,James Hoyt /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Tillman,27 Sep 1924,25 Dec 1996,Tillman R. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Tillman E,9 Oct 1882,4 Apr 1916,Abner Denton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Tillman R,1827,1 Jan 1864,Abner /CHASTAIN/,5
CHASTAIN, Tillman R.,27 Apr 1892,3 Nov 1955,Roland /CHASTAIN/,11
CHASTAIN, Timothy Paul,,,Olis Garvin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Tommie Lynn,,,Vernon Thomas /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Tommy E,1937,20 Jan 1999,Ed Nathaniel /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Tulie Mae,,,Berthold Allen /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Dianne /WOODS/,2
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Susan /GARREN/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Jodie /LYNCH/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Debbie /HOLLIDAY/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Ruth Susannah /PEAY/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Mildred /MOORE/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,Samuel /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,Samuel /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Grace /HUTCHINGS/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,Samuel /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,Samuel /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Lillian /STEPHENS/,1
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Dorothy /SLOAN/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Erlene /KING/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Fannie /PHILLIPS/,1
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Elizabeth /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Alma R /UNKNOWN/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,Joseph C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Ruby Elsie /THURSTON/,1
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Teresa /GRANT/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Opal /CROW/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Lynne /MATHIS/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Lucile /WHITMIRE/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,(S)-Elenour M. /HIGHTOWER/,0
CHASTAIN, Unknown,,,Joseph C. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Valentine,,6 Oct 1843,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Velvia Lee,15 Sep 1909,,Christopher Columbus Hammond /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Vera,,,Clinton S /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Vernon Thomas,9 Oct 1924,,Thomas Lester /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Vesta,11 Jun 1913,,(S)-Tommy /SMITHWICK/,5
CHASTAIN, Vickie Ann,,,James Earnest /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Victor Jordan,9 Apr 1866,25 Jan 1931,Edward Jourdan /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Victor Thrane,18 Jan 1921,,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Violet,17 Dec 1798,,John /CHASTAIN/,9
CHASTAIN, Virgil,1848,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Virginia,,,Joe Landis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Virginia Diane,,,Collon Lee /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Virginia Jane,7 Jan 1805,1 Aug 1896,John /CHASTAIN/ Jr,8
CHASTAIN, W. F.,,,Joseph C. /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Wade Hampton,23 Sep 1876,4 Nov 1934,John /CHASTAIN/,13
CHASTAIN, Wallace,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Walter Benjamin,,,Richard James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Walter Boone,,,Walter Boone /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Walter Boone,12 Oct 1895,18 Mar 1916,Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Walter Boone,,,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Walter David,19 Jul 1912,,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Walter Evan,,,Oscar Clenith /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Walter L,,,(S)-Unknown /RIGDON/,0
CHASTAIN, Walter Lee,16 Feb 1895,2 Mar 1959,Joseph Maxwell Jodie /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Walter Richard,21 Apr 1935,21 Apr 1935,Oscar Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Wanda Kay,,,Joe Landis /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Warren Brent,,,Richard James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Warren F,,,Hilliard Anderson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Washington Pierce,1855,,William B /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Washington Smith,22 Jun 1858,4 Apr 1919,Rene Lafayette /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Wayne Artis,14 Jul 1924,,Abner Oscar /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, Webb Dewey,16 Feb 1904,3 Jan 1975,Nelson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Weston Monroe,8 Oct 1884,9 Aug 1939,Wilburn Monroe /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Wilburn Monroe,4 Mar 1861,22 Mar 1866,Joseph Pearson /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Willard Noah,Oct 1906,19 Jan 1907,William Washington /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,,,Pierre /CHASTAIN/ Jr,9
CHASTAIN, William,Aug 1819,,(S)-Mary /MCCLURE/,0
CHASTAIN, William,,,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,,,John A /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,,,(S)-Annie /MOATES/,1
CHASTAIN, William,,,James /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,1812,,William /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,,,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,1837,,John Nicholson /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,7 Aug 1801,,John /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,1783,Oct 1849,Abraham /CHASTAIN/,14
CHASTAIN, William,,1907,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,,,Rene /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,1844,,France Friendly /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William,,,(S)-Margaret A /JAMESON/,3
CHASTAIN, William A. J.,1863,,William M. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William B,14 Jan 1819,1862,Abner /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, William B.,,,James Riley /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William B.,,,John Vandiver /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Benjamin,,16 Nov 1915,Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William C,1861,1939,William B /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, William C.,1866,1940,(S)-Roseanna /MCCOLLUM/,3
CHASTAIN, William C.,16 Apr 1820,,Abraham /CHASTAIN/ Jr.,0
CHASTAIN, William D.,5 Mar 1892,12 Jun 1965,Layfette Gregg /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William David,,,William Dewey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William David,,,David Albert /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William David,,,Robert Clifton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Dewey,,,,2
CHASTAIN, William Don,,,Claude William /CHASTAIN/ Sr,2
CHASTAIN, William Edgar,1834,,Rainey /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Edward,29 Apr 1880,,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Ernest,,,(S)-Sara /THURSTON/,1
CHASTAIN, William Firth,10 Mar 1823,16 Aug 1873,Elisha /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Franklin,,,Joseph Hartsell /CHASTAIN/,3
CHASTAIN, William Franklin,3 Apr 1908,6 Jul 1968,(S)-Letha Mae /GILLESPIE/,2
CHASTAIN, William Henry,12 May 1867,20 Feb 1958,(S)-Ida Mae /GILREATH/,7
CHASTAIN, William Howard,1803,1860,Elijah /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Jack,,,Jack /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Jason,11 Nov 1869,12 Mar 1956,Benjamin Franklin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William John,2 Jan 1895,23 Apr 1931,Joseph Edward /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William L.,20 Apr 1859,,Nathan P. /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Lair,12 Oct 1869,,Littleton Maxwell /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Lewis,,,William Franklin /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, William M.,19 Oct 1835,1897,Edward Bruce /CHASTAIN/,8
CHASTAIN, William Maxwell,5 Jan 1873,18 Nov 1951,(S)-Martha Lucinda /REECE/,0
CHASTAIN, William Maxwell,27 Dec 1951,31 Jul 1979,Bruce W /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Paul,1932,29 Jul 1999,William Franklin /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, William R,,,Stephen /CHASTAIN/ Jr,0
CHASTAIN, William R.,,,Maj John Bunyon /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Thomas,3 Nov 1920,29 Jan 1921,William Thomas /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, William Thomas,26 Nov 1880,15 Oct 1977,Abner B /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, William Washington,31 Dec 1875,26 Dec 1946,John Alfred /CHASTAIN/,4
CHASTAIN, Willie Fay,,,John Abner /CHASTAIN/,2
CHASTAIN, Willie Mae,,,William Henry /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Willis Martie,2 Oct 1927,14 Nov 1979,Abner Martie /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Wilma,19 Feb 1920,,Elijah Denton /CHASTAIN/ Sr,3
CHASTAIN, Wilma Oletta,,,Charlie Clifford /CHASTAIN/,1
CHASTAIN, Winfred Lawrence,27 Jul 1930,25 May 1972,John Benjamin /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Wood Beal,28 Aug 1908,17 Jan 1979,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,7
CHASTAIN, Woodrow,,,J. Thomas /CHASTAIN/ Sr,0
CHASTAIN, Woodrow B,11 Sep 1950,15 Aug 1971,Wood Beal /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Woodrow Barthel,15 Jun 1919,2 Sep 1993,Wade Hampton /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTAIN, Zilpha,,,Samuel /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTEEN, Bonnie Terese,,,Terry Guy /CHASTEEN/,0
CHASTEEN, Brenda Gail,,,George H /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTEEN, Brenda Joyce,,,Luther Webster /CHASTEEN/,2
CHASTEEN, C Elaine,,,George H /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTEEN, Earle T,,[7 May 1990],,0
CHASTEEN, Edward H.,1876,,James Dauthard /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTEEN, Flora Jean,27 Sep 1930,31 Aug 1977,(S)-William Franklin /DILLESHAW/,1
CHASTEEN, Frankie R,,,(S)-Alvin Kenneth /LOOPER/,0
CHASTEEN, Gaynelle,1894,16 Apr 1959,(S)-Clayton Norman /MORGAN/,0
CHASTEEN, Gwen,,,(S)-Gregory Bernard /ENTREKIN/,2
CHASTEEN, Helen,,,Marvin H /CHASTEEN/,0
CHASTEEN, Herman Lewis,20 Apr 1954,27 Jan 1971,Herman Lewis /CHASTEEN/,0
CHASTEEN, Herman Lewis,19 Jan 1934,18 Oct 1960,Marvin H /CHASTEEN/,1
CHASTEEN, J W,,,(S)-Matilda Jeanette /DUNN/,1
CHASTEEN, James,,,(S)-Margaret /REESE/,3
CHASTEEN, James W.,,,(S)-Jeanette /DUNN/,1
CHASTEEN, Janet Lynn,,,William Guy Willie /CHASTEEN/,2
CHASTEEN, Judge Dauthard,,,James Dauthard /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTEEN, Keli Jean,,,William Steven /CHASTEEN/,0
CHASTEEN, Lanny,,,James Dauthard /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTEEN, Larry George,,,George H /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTEEN, Louis Furman,,[24 Aug 1981],,0
CHASTEEN, Lucinda Babbette,,,Luther Webster /CHASTEEN/,1
CHASTEEN, Luther Sylvester,,[12 May 1980],,0
CHASTEEN, Luther Webster,22 Feb 1920,,William Perry /CHASTEEN/,2
CHASTEEN, Magdeline T.,1878,,James Dauthard /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTEEN, Margaret,,,(S)-William Augustus /LOOPER/,0
CHASTEEN, Marvin H,1914,1955,(S)-Audrey Estelle /HARBIN/,3
CHASTEEN, Matthew Guy,,,Terry Guy /CHASTEEN/,0
CHASTEEN, Millie Jean,1933,25 Sep 1984,Troy B /CHASTEEN/,2
CHASTEEN, Monteith Guy Monty,,,Terry Guy /CHASTEEN/,0
CHASTEEN, Onease Welborn,,[27 Mar 1978],,0
CHASTEEN, Robert A.,,,James Dauthard /CHASTAIN/,0
CHASTEEN, Sadie Emma,,29 Mar 1990,James W. /CHASTEEN/,4
CHASTEEN, Sharon Denise,,,(S)-Donald Louis /EDWARDS/,0
CHASTEEN, Tammie Joan,,,William Guy Willie /CHASTEEN/,2
CHASTEEN, Terry Guy,,,William Guy Willie /CHASTEEN/,3
CHASTEEN, Thelma,1917,21 Jan 2003,J W /CHASTEEN/,3
CHASTEEN, Thelma Sue,,,Marvin H /CHASTEEN/,0
CHASTEEN, Troy B,,[22 Feb 1984],(S)-Lila Mae /BYRD/,1
CHASTEEN, Unknown,,,(S)-Irene /COUCH/,0
CHASTEEN, Vickie Lynn,,,(S)-Morris Lee /BALDWIN/,1
CHASTEEN, William David,,,William Steven /CHASTEEN/,0
CHASTEEN, William Guy Willie,22 Aug 1924,21 Nov 1987,(S)-Sybil /CULBERTSON/,4
CHASTEEN, William Perry,,,(S)-Willie O'dell /POWERS/,1
CHASTEEN, William Steven,,,William Guy Willie /CHASTEEN/,2
CHASTIAN, Alvin,,,Julius /CHASTIAN/,0
CHASTIAN, Julius,,,(S)-Janie /JOHNSON/,2
CHASTIAN, Lucille,,,Julius /CHASTIAN/,0
CHASTIE, Adger Sloan,1924,19 Dec 2002,William C. /CHASTIE/,0
CHASTIE, David,18 Aug 1921,Apr 1985,William C. /CHASTIE/,0
CHASTIE, Jesse,,,William C. /CHASTIE/,0
CHASTIE, William,,,William C. /CHASTIE/,0
CHASTIE, William C.,19 Oct 1893,27 Feb 1963,(S)-Annie /CARTER/,4
CHASTIN, Teresa Dianne Burdette,,,Wade Thomas /BURDETTE/,1
CHASTINE, Addie Irene,4 Mar 1905,10 Mar 1989,(S)-Ferman Baxter /COBB/,0
CHASTINE, Larry,,,(S)-Linda Fay /LEE/,0
CHASTINE, Theresa,,,(S)-Jimmy Smith /WARNOCK/,1

Re: Chastain Name in Old Pendleton District S.C. Anderson, Oconee And Pickens Counties

Posted: 1350411880000
Classification: Query

More promising has been the Chastain side where published and documented researched has facilitated my work. From 1572 in France down to Pierre Chastain in Virginia and then quite a ways down. Also, from the youngest Chastain (b.1991) backwards, I have developed a wide tree which leads me to John Withrow Chastain. Here is where I believe the ancestry connects to published sources. I have found more evidence connecting William Newton Chastain to John Withrow Chastain than the 1860 Census (which was disputed). Included was electronic correspondence with a descendant of Jason Meadows Chastain. Also, I have found a nephew living with Wm. Newton, one of Jason's sons, who was clearly identified on the census. The Pierre Chastain Family Association has agreed with this and any impartial look at the handwriting will confirm it as well. Gloria Ford has a Bible that also verifies this info . . .

I was also lucky to trace the Hoyt family line (with the help of published sources) to Walter Hoyte, b. bet. 1479 & 1510 in England.

The Chastains

William Newton Chastain

William Newton Chastain was born in Dalton, in Whitfield County, Georgia on May 17, 1855. Five years later, Abraham Lincoln was elected and the country was embroiled in a Civil War. His parents were both born in Northern Georgia. Georgia quickly sided with the Confederacy. General William Tecumseh Sherman (who was raised by his mother, born a Hoyt after the death of her husband) split the state of Georgia in half in a grueling drive to the sea. His scorched earth policy left a 15 mile wide path of destruction and Atlanta was reduced to rubble. William was 9 yrs. old and less than 50 miles away. Ada M. Noble was born in Flint, Michigan in October 1860. She married him about 1879.
They lived there in Dalton, Georgia and in 1880, Ada gave birth to their first of 8 children, Minnie Chastain.
Ada gave birth to William Fred Chastain in November 1882 at Cedar Town, in Polk County, Georgia. William Fred, like his father before him, went by his middle name. Newton was 27 yrs. old when his second child was born, Ada was only 22 yrs. old herself. John J. Chastain followed in June of 1885.
"Grandpa Fred (William Fred Chastain) told the tale that his pa traveled the country in a covered wagon and that is why the kids were born in different places. We do not know WHY he traveled so. We do not know what he did for a living really. I can only guess he met Ada on his travels, how else do you meet someone from Michigan. Which is why I do not know where he married her. But after adulthood all these folks were living within Sunday visiting distance, Fred, John, Daisy, Fannie, Pearl, (Maggie died), maybe not Dee or she may have been dead I do not know." - Shiela Rowe Chastain
In 1887, Daisy Chastain was born in Allen, Texas. On December 21, 1889, in Beckville, Texas, Fannie Chastain was born.
In May of 1892, Ada gave birth to Margaret in Cedar Town, Georgia. Maggie (as she came to be called) was not to be the couple's last child.
Essie Dee was born in July, 1894 in Canton, Texas. She went by the name Dee.
Pearl Chastain was born in March of 1897 in Daingerfield, Texas. Pearl was the last child they would have. Newt was 41 yrs. old, Ada was 36 yrs. old herself. By 1900, tragedy had struck the couple . . . their firstborn child, Minnie, had died.

William Fred Chastain

William Fred Chastain grew up in Georgia. President Garfield was in office and assassinated and Sitting Bull surrendered while he was a child. While he was not old enough to remember the first election of Cleveland, he may have discussed the second one. By the time he was old enough to take an interest in things, Harrison was elected President. The battle of Wounded Knee was certainly something he discussed as well.
Fred met and eventually married Lola Edwards Wheeler who had been born May 14, 1888 across the state line in Pike County, Alabama.
"Lola was my granddaddy's first wife who was also my grandmother's (Emily) best friend. My grandmother took care of her when she was dying and she asked my grandmother to marry her husband (Grandaddy Fred Chastain) and raise her children, which she did. . . .daddy was raised in Oklahoma and didn't come to Texas until he and my mother had been married and I was about four years old at the time.
"Lola is buried at the cemetery in Ore City next to Jessie and grandaddy." - Patricia "Patsy" Patton

Fred earned his living working at a saw mill. An accident there caused him to have half of his foot cut off. He used to talk about his Dad going all around in a covered wagon.
The couple had a child named Edna.
In August 16, 1904, Madelyn P. Chastain was born to the couple. William Arthur Chastain was born almost exactly 3 years later, on August 17, 1907.

Alvin Barney Chastain was born November 19, 1911.

Ada Noble died in 1916 and was buried in Snow Hill Cemetery, Titus County, Texas.

Lola Edwards Wheeler died June 20, 1923.

Jesse C. Chastain died Sept. 27, 1935.

William Newton Chastain died on Dec. 28, 1938 in Camp County Texas. He was buried in Snow Hill Cemetery, Titus County, Texas.

William Fred Chastain died July 21, 1960.

William Arthur died in January 1968.

Madelyn P. Chastain died March 1, 1968.

Ollie E. Chastain was born April 16, 1970.

Alvin Barney Chastain died March 25, 1992.
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