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Laura Ann Rogers

Laura Ann Rogers

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Surnames: Rogers, Shadwell, Bault
I am looking for information on Joel Nelson Rogers married to Sarah Ann Bault. Their daughter Laura Ann Rogers was married to William Jefferson Shadwell. Laura and Willliam's son Earl Richard Shadwell was born in Saline City,Clay, Ill.
Joel, Sarah, and Laura were all born in Indiana.

Re: Laura Ann Rogers

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May I ask you what year your Laura was born?



Re: Laura Ann Rogers

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9-14-1866 in Indiana

Re: Laura Ann Rogers

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Joel Nelson Rodgers, b. May 27 1827 in Kentucky, married Sarah Ann Bault on Sept. 30, 1852, Adair County, KY. Joel died on Apr 13, 1906 at his home in Saline City, Perry Township, Clay County, IN.

Sarah Ann Bault, b. September 4, 1832 in Adair County, KY, d. 2/12/1919 in Jasonville, Green County, IN.

Children of Joel Nelson and Sarah Ann Bault Rodgers are:

Frank Rodgers, died in infancy
Sarah Catherine, b. 8/24/1853 in Douglas, IL, d. 6/21/1929, Solsberry, Green County, IN
Martha Emma, b. 3/15/1855, Spencer, Owen County, IN, d. 6/3/1875
Cancia Verdun, b. 2/14/1857, KY
David W., b. 4/13/1858, d., December 1920
Louisa Alice, b. 2/14/1860, KY
William Carl, b. 5/15/1862, Bloomington, Owen Cty, IN, d. 12/6/1939, West Terre haute, IN
Charles W., b. 4/4/1864, d. 7/20/1945
Laura - well you know about her.
Homer M., b. 11/17/1868, d. 6/25/1923
Lillian Pearl, b. 3/31/1871, d. 1/27/1956
Edward Boaz, b. 3/19/1873, d. 3/6/1945

Joel Nelson was one of 5 children of John W. Rodgers and Elizabeth Cheatham. John W. was born c1796 in Virginia, married Elizabeth in Adair County, KY on 9/1/1852 and d. 5/22/1848 in Jalapa, Mexico probably from cholera or typhoid.

They had 5 children:

Windle B., b. 12/27/1821, Adair County, KY, d. 7/31/1882, Benton County, MO.
George A., b. c1824, d. 2/18/1898, Daviess Co., IN
Joel Nelson, b. 5/27/1827, KY, d. 4/13/1906, Saline City, Perry Township, Clay County, IN
William C. b. c1830, KY
Mary A., b, c1834, KY, Married 1/30/1852, James B. Rogers

John W. Rodgers was the son of John B. Rodgers and Mary (Polly) Brawley (possibly Bralley). John B. was born c1771 in Cripple Creek, Botetourt County, Virginia and died c. 1860 in Adair County, KY. No further information is available on Mary Brawley at this time.

Children of John B. and Mary Brawley Rodgers are:

Leany H., b. c1796
John W. - detailed above
Josiah, married Prudence Cheatham 3/20/1822, Adair Cty, KY

It is believed the Elizabeth and Prudence were sisters, but this has not yet been proven.

John B. Rodgers was the son of William Rogers and Veletta (Lettie) Downing. William was born 5/24/1748, Culpepper Cty, VA and d. May 1, 1835, Adair Cty, KY. Lettie Downing was the Cherokee in the family (this is not proven, but she is mentioned in Starr's book as being Cherokee)

Some genealogists have claimed that Veletta Downing is the daughter of Alexander Downing and Mu-Go-YO-S-T. Alexander Downing was the chief of the Cherokee Wolf Clan in the late 1700's. Mu-Go-YO-S-T was the daughter of the previous chief.

If this is true (and it has not been verified) then the Downing family lived in the Georgia/Tennesse area known at the time as the Cherokee terrorities. Alexander Downing and his family did not go on the "Trail of Tears", but as one of the Five Civilized Tribes, moved instead to what is now Tennessee.

Veletta (Letty) Downing and William Rogers were probably married in Virginia, as the Five Civilized Tribes were considered free citizens of the Virginia Colonies during the 1700s. It wasn't until the early 1800s that the white settlers started legislating against the Cherokee.

This would means that Veletta Downing was full-blooded Cherokee and that John W. Rogers would be the half-blooded Cherokee in the family.

There is no mention in any of the records thus found that Elizabeth (Susan) Cheatham was Cherokee, and as her roots can be verified to England, I doubt that the family tradition would be true.

Children of William and Letty are:

John B.
William, b. c1772, Cripple Creek, VA, d. Bef. 12/5/1842, Adair Cty, KY
James, b. c1776, Montgomery Cty, VA, d. bef May, 1850, Adair Cty, KY
Sarah, b. c1784, Montgomery Cty, VA, d. 12/1854, Adair Cty, KY
Nancy, b. 6/1/1788, Montgomery Cty, VA, d. after 1860
Mary, b. c1789, Montgomery Cty, VA, d. 12/15/1859, Short Creek, Adair Cty, KY
Benjamin, NFI

William was the son of Benjamin Rodgers and Sokey (Sukey/Lukey).

Benjamin Rodgers was born in England and transported to the Virginia Colonies in 1734 aboard the ship "Caesar" for theft. He was sentenced to 14 years in the colonies. He died in 1802 in Blount County, TN. No further information is available on his wife.

They had 8 children.

If you need more information, please let me know.

Re: Laura Ann Rogers

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Surnames: Rogers, Rodgers, Shadwell
My grandmother was Lethia May Shadwell, daughter of William Jefferson and Laura Ann Rogers Shadwell. She was born in 1900 in Effingham, Effingham County, IL. I have family history notes, but the woman who wrote them for me does not give names of records that she used to verify. I would like to know if it was ever proven if she was Cherokee. Her children, grandchildren, etc. all look Indian.

Re: Laura Ann Rogers

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I'm a descendant of John Bralley and Mary Guy, the parents of Martha Bralley Rodgers (or Rogers). I'm in the final stages of a book on the family and I thought you would find some information about the two Bralley girls who married into the Rodgers family of interest. I also would like you to know that an old family on the Virginia frontier with whom the Bralley and Rodgers families had a long association, being staunch Methodists, was the family of Rev. Caspar Yost. You mention that the Native American girl who married into the Rodgers family was named Y-O-S-T. She might have been from the actual Yost family, who were neighbors of the Bralley's and Rodgers on Lead Mine Mill Creek in what is now Wythe County, VA. Food for thought. Here's from my book:

It is probably through one of Bishop Asbury’s visits to the area that the Bralley’s became better acquainted with the Methodist Church and became adherents. It is known they attended camp meetings and later built the Olive Branch Methodist Episcopal Church on their property. They were lifelong friends and neighbors of the Lockett’s.
In addition, Rev. Jeremiah Mastin was another early Methodist preacher in the New River and Holston districts and played a role in the spiritual life of the early Bralley’s. Martha Bralley was born 26 April 1766 in Cecil County, Maryland and came with her parents to the Virginia frontier in 1769. In the Revolutionary War widow’s pension application she executed in Tennessee on 12 March 1840, she states that she and Benjamin Rodgers were married at Fort Chiswell on 24 March 1788 by a Methodist circuit-riding minister named Rev. Jeremiah Mastin. Jeremiah Mastin received the call to become as a Methodist preacher in 1785 and located in 1790, according to Sketches of Holston Preachers. He preached in the Holston Conference for two years from 1787 to 1789. The History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America by Abel Stevens provides the following information about the Methodist movement on the frontier:
(Page 5) Richard Swift and Michael Gilbert, Mark Moore and Mark Whitaker, John Tunnel, Jeremiah Maston, Nathaniel Moore, Edward Morris, Joseph Dodridge, Philip Bruce, Thomas Ware, John McGee, William Burke, and others, followed, pressing further westward, before the close of our present period. An evangelist of those times, who well knew the country and its adventurous preachers, informs us that they were under the care of an elder whose district included Salisbury and Yadkin Circuits in North Carolina and the Holston in the west. In 1787 the Holston Circuit was divided into two circuits, Holston and Nolachucky, and Philip Bruce was appointed elder. Two new preachers, Jeremiah Maston and Thomas Ware, were sent in 1788, when two new circuits were made out of the old ones: the Holston Circuit, embracing all the settlements on the East and North Forks of the Holston, and all the settlements on the Clinch River, including the counties of Washington and Russell in Virginia, and Blount County in the “western territory;” and French Broad, including all the settlements west and south of the main Holston to the frontier bordering the Cherokee nation.

(Page 7 & 8) But we were not idle, and the Lord gave us many souls in the place where we were assembled, among whom were General Russell and lady, the latter a sister of the illustrious Patrick Henry. I mention these particularly, because they were the first-fruits of our labors at this Conference. On the Sabbath we had a crowded audience, and Tunnell preached an excellent sermon, which produced great effect. His discourse was followed by a number of powerful exhortations. When the meeting closed, Mrs. Russell came to me and said: “I thought I was a Christian; but, sir, I am not a Christian – I am the veriest sinner upon the face of the earth. I want you and Mr. Mastin to come with Mr. Tunnell to our house and pray for us, and tell us what we must do to be saved.” So we went, and spent much of the afternoon in prayer, especially for Mrs. Russell. But she did not obtain comfort. Being much exhausted, the preachers retired to a pleasant grove, near at hand, to spend a short time. On returning to the house we found Mrs. Russell praising the Lord, and the general walking the floor and weeping bitterly. At length she sat down quite exhausted. This scene was in a high degree interesting to us. To see the old soldier and statesman, the proud opposer of godliness, trembling and earnestly inquiring what he must do to be saved, was an affecting sight. But the work ended not here. The conversion of Mrs. Russell, whose zeal, good sense, and amiableness of character were proverbial, together with the penitential grief so conspicuous in the general, made a deep imression on the minds of many, and numbers were brought in before the Conference closed. The general rested not until he knew his adoption; and he continued a faithful and official member of the Church, constantly adorning the doctrine of God our Saviour unto the end of his life.” No name is recorded, in the biographies of the pioneer intinerants among these mountains, with more grateful affection than that of General Russell. His house was long their asylum, and Asbury always entered it with delight.

Curiously, Rev. Jeremiah Mastin became a Baptist preacher and eventually made his way to Georgia for a time. He “was immersed in the Pamlico River (North Carolina) and later ordained to the Baptist ministry” before founding the First Church in Washington, North Carolina in 1822. Rev. Jeremiah Mastin died in North Carolina on 31 August 1825. His widow, Susan Mastin, died in North Carolina in 1831.
In 1833, James and Hannah Smyth Bralley gave land on the family farm to trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church for a place of worship. They called the church Olive Branch Methodist Church.

2. Martha Bralley was born 26 April 1766 in Cecil County, Maryland. She was married to Benjamin Rodgers, Jr. on 24 March 1788 by Rev. Jeremiah Mastin, a circuit-riding Methodist minister. It is thought that this was his second marriage. Benjamin Rodgers, Jr. was a son of neighbor Benjamin Rodgers, Sr. They moved to Tennessee, where she died in the 1840’s. The children mentioned below are taken from her Revolutionary War widow’s pension application. There were probably parents of a larger family. Known issue:
a. Mary Rodgers
b. Margaret Rodgers
c. William P. Rodgers
d. Reuben Brawley Rodgers?

5. Mary Bralley was born circa 1772 in Virginia. On 19 August 1793 she married John Rodgers, brother of Benjamin Rodgers, above. This was his second marriage and her first. The marriage was performed by Jonathan Bird or Byrd, a circuit-riding Methodist minister. They moved to Tennessee where she died circa 1814. John Rodgers married again after her death. Issue:
a. Reuben Brawley Rodgers
b. Sarah Rodgers
c. Benjamin Rodgers
d. Anna Rodgers
e. Elijah Rodgers
f. Thomas Rodgers
g. John F. Rodgers
h. Robert Rodgers
i. Stephen Rodgers

Hope this helps connect the dots a little.

Edgar Bralley
Miami, FL

Re: Laura Ann Rogers

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Surnames: Rogers,Rodgers
Are you familiar with a Elsberry Rogers or a John Ansel Rodgers. I have heard stories from my grandmother about some native americans in our family line. Not quite sure how they are tied in but stories have been around for years.

Elsberry Rogers had a son by the name of Solomon Washington Rogers who married a Anna Sareleda Rodgers. Her parents I beleive were John Ansel Rodgers and Adaline Hennon. John Ansel was born in South Carolina and Adaline was from Kentucky.

They all lived in the Vanderburgh Co. Princeton,Co,Indiana. I can try and get the native american names someway involved.
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