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Nex Perce County Divorces (1940-1945)

Nex Perce County Divorces (1940-1945)

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Looking for documentation of divorce in time frame indicated above, between Robert H. Adams Jr. and Beattie L. (Snyder/Hendrickson).
The 1940 census places them in West Orchards, Nez Perce Co., but she married again in 1945 (Washington state).
Any help appreciated.

Re: Nex Perce County Divorces (1940-1945)

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Idaho publishes few of their vital record dates online and not divorce. You need to contact the Idaho Dept Health & Welfare, http::// and follow their procedure. They won't release divorce records until 50 years after the divorce date but you're outside of that limit. Successful Searching!

Re: Nex Perce County Divorces (1940-1945)

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The link given does not work (AGAIN JUDY?). Here is the correct:

BUT do NOT even go there for your request...
This site only maintains divorce records filed from May 1947 to the Present.

I first looked for available information on the couple:
The 1940 Census of West Orchards, Nez Perce Co, ID
Robert H Adams, JR, age 27(1912/1913), born in ID, Service Mngr/Tin shop
Beattie L, wife, age 28, born in ID
Bobbie L, son, age 9, ID
Donna, dau, 6, ID
---Based on age, the children were probably Hendrickson.
--In the 1930 census, he was in Lewis County with his parents.
A family tree posted :
shows Robert was born 30 June 1912, married on 4 Dec 1947 (to private) and died Oct 1973 in Port Orchard, Kitsap Co, Washington. Source of death, Social Security Death Index. It had three Robert Adams deaths listed, hopefully the tree owners knew the correct person by date of birth.
---The "last residence" on the SSDI is NOT necessarily where a person actually lived or died. The Social Security Administration calls it simply the "home of record," and possibly the address where correspondence by the SSA was sent. It is not necessarily where any benefit was paid to the person, survivor, or the lumpsum death benefit (in years past, it was paid to anyone paying burial expenses, family member, funeral home, city/county, attorney; today, a living spouse). It is sometimes the location where the notification of death was sent to the SSA, sometimes where the lump sum death benefit was sent.
--So, if his son was executor, the Kitsap County address might have been correspondence to him.

I'm "assuming" Beattie of Kitsap County, married William E. Van Kirk of Grays Harbor (certificate is online at WA Digital Archives). The marriage was performed on 21 July 1945 in the city of Aberdeen, witnesses, Mrs Chester Johns and John Campbell. It was recorded in Grays Harbor County and King County.

If there is some way you can narrow down the time-frame, that helps. Between 1940 and 1945 is quite a time span. Her marriage record indicated "of Kitsap, County." His SSDI record shows "last residence" of Kitsap County (although he might not have lived there). He was in tin work in 1940, Bremerton is a navy base and a tin worker would have made money during the war. So perhaps this couple moved to Bremerton/Port Orchard after Dec 1941. I did not find his name as enlisting.

If you don't know where the children went (with her, with him, to what location)I'd suggest looking for her and children in Kitsap County (1945 [marriage], then back in time to see when she arrived). The Polk City Directories are an annual publication (except for some areas during those war years). Post a request in that county if you are not from there for directory or phone book check. The downtown Seattle Library also has the Polks for WA State, some Oregon, Idaho, CA, British Columbia. I no longer work downtown, otherwise I'd do it for you. You could post at the King County board for this assistance.

Their divorce could have been handled in either Idaho or Washington, depending on who filed. (Or, both forgot to get one...).

My "stock" answer (some don't know):

A Divorce or Dissolution is a civil case and is public record. Whoever initiates the case with a Petition, is the Petitioner, the other party is the Respondent. It is filed in the Superior Court of a county. In this case, if "could" have been filed in either Fresno County, or San Bernardino County, OR any county in the State or another State. A large number of people in Washington State file in Davenport, Adams COunty, due to the low cost and fast turnover. The Petition is the first document filed within the Superior Court Clerk's office. It is given a case number (the number types vary by court) and a title, such as: "Charles P. Miller, Petitioner; versus Geraldine Miller, Respondent, Dissolution. Every additional action following is so filed. The original filing is recorded in the "Big Book" (usually the procedure across the land). These books are usually Red in color, about 24 x 36 inches. They have handwritten entry on the date of origination (Petition), the parties involved and case type. Unless there is a microfilm index, this book would have to be reviewed.

Court Clerks are required by law to maintain court records. This 1955 case may not be still filed on hardcopy, but on microfilm, microfiche. I would bet the original file is still in hardcopy. Some Clerk's office will obtain the records and make copies of those documents within the case requested. I don't know what total information you are seeking, and that would make a difference as to what documents to request. The original petition is usually a good request. The final dissolution is usually a good document. The final dissolution doesn't really say much except the marriage is dissolved, what support payments are to be made, how possessions are to be divided and how debts are to be paid. If there were children, there is usually a statement that child care/support will be followed as to requirements of a different document concerning the children (custody, visitations, support, who makes the decisions for medical, etc).

Based on "evidence," I would start with the Court Clerk's office at Kitsap County. If someone in that county will do the research for you, that saves you money, otherwise research is $30.00:

You would want non-certified documents. Who ever researches, I'd first ask to receive just the case "Docket." Then you can decide what filings you really want. Many filings are lawyers asking for continuance due to vacations, etc. You won't need the filing saying the Respondent received notification/
summons, etc. If this was a quick case, both agreed, no support for the children, there may not be many documents. If he fought it and they had to have witnesses, court records (abuse, etc), it could be lengthy.
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