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Photo of unknown war or branch - US

Photo of unknown war or branch - US

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Surnames: Corbin ,Henderson
I have two photos of ancestors with military uniforms on, the other I am going to scan this weekend. This is a grandparent of mine named Joseph Henderson born in (Kilmarnock) Lancaster, Virginia in about 1890 I was told, I don't have any verifying documents. However, he moved to Baltimore, MD and married Louise Corbin. I was unable to find any military record of his but his oldest grandchild and others told me he was in the military but they didn't know the branch.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Mike Stafford

Re: Photo of unknown war or branch - US

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It looks like a standard enlisted man's army uniform for about 1910.

Unfortunately, the US army at that time did not use much in the way of extra insignia, hence the lack of badges, so it does not tell us much.

Re: Photo of unknown war or branch - US

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Did anyone say what he use to do in the military. Did they say he was in a fighting unit. It is important. The government didn't want to have Blacks in the military. They didn't encourage it until they found it advantageous; because of lack of manpower. The Blacks who were already in were generally in servitude roles. The same roles that they did that their White American or Eropean counterpart did. Were seen as good roles and a very worthwhile contribution to the war effort and very necessary; but there white counterpart could also serve in combat outfits if they wanted to.

There was only two combat units that had Blacks in them and were regular combat outfits; but had mostly white officers in the major deciding roles. They had Black officers; but all black troops were look at as inferior nd that was from Wilson and Pershing and the White officers in charge.

You can look at his uniform. The panths are a little different from the jacket. The panths look like some form of riding panths that the Calvary had; but he has no spurs.
If he was in a servitude role and on the front and people were dying all around him. He might have anything on; because supplies sometime didn't make it to the front. You grab what you could when things got old or worn out.

It is important to know if anyone can say what he did. I found one card that comes close; but I am still looking.

Re: Photo of unknown war or branch - US

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According to the 1920 Census. His wife was 23 and he was 23. He was living with his wifes relatives. A Samuel Dunton was head (35yrs) and a Alice Corbin. Who I think is the mother of Louise and an Ida Corbin who is probably Alices daughter who was listed.

You have Joseph, Louise and three children. One is eight months old and two otheres. If they were listed at 23 years of age and the date of the census is January 1920 and he or she were not born in the month of January. Then they would make 24 in 1920. Which would mean that his and her year of birth would have been 1896. 1897 if one or both were born between January 1st and the 12th.

You had to be twenty one to serve in the military.If he were born in 1896. He would have been eligible in 1917 to go in at 21yrs of age. If he were born in 1897. He would have been eligible in 1918 at 21 to go in. He could also have lied about his age as a lot of people did throughout the States and the world and went in.

It would not have made a difference in his case. If he were born in 1896; because they didn't start to register until 1917 and a registration card did not mean you served. It only meant you had registered and if you were found physically and mentally able. you were capable of serving.

I would put his birthday logically and counting on odds of being born in January. That he was born in1897. and would have been eligible in 1918 and if he lied would have been eligible in 1917. I don't mean to belittle his character that he would lie; but just a possibility and a mans instinct about going away to war to fight for your country.

I did find one card. That a Joseph Henderson listed himself as "African". That was interesting. It showed three possibilities:
1. He was from Africa and not born in the United states.
2. He knew his African heritage and had hung on to it.
which meant his parents were most likely still alive and were brought over here as slaves and held onto their identity and instill that in their children and probably at a cost.
3. There was a lot of dissention led by W. De Boise who was preaching against the war. Stating that why should they serve because of the way they were treated and the Army didn't want them anyway.
4. He could have just plain didn't want to be tagged as a Negro or Colored.

It was very interesting and if he were aware of his heritage. Then he must have told stories of the old country and kept those values of his mother country. There might be some stories around. If he is your grand parent. It is somethging to think about.

Re: Photo of unknown war or branch - US

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Surnames: Sample ,Corbin
Thank you for the background info and the research. He is a great grandparent of mine and all of his children are now deceased. That 1920 census record is the only records I was able to find concerning him. I only know that he had a sister who lived in Kilmarnock Va who the family refer to as “Aunt Nellie.” I can’t seem to trace his family back to Virginia. I am now going to go try to find a death record for him in Baltimore. I was told he died in the 1930s which would make sense since his youngest child was born in the mid-1930s.

Now this photo could either be my great uncle or an uncle. I was told by some living relatives that they both looked alike so they couldn’t tell.
My great uncle’s name was George Corbin born about 1901 in Baltimore. I was told he went back to Kilmarnock VA to live with his father. I could only find a 1910 censes record on him living in Baltimore. I don’t really know much about him but I was told that he was still living in the 1940s because he would come to visit the family.
The other person it could and who I think it is is George Sample who is an uncle born about 1912-(14)? in Baltimore. He lived in Baltimore all his life. Never married or had children.

Please let me know if this isn't clear enough.


Re: Photo of unknown war or branch - US

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I think I have a Draft Registration Card for him.

The second photo is more of a representative of what you would see in what we call Class A uniforms.

Do you have a copy of the 1920 Census. If so then take a good look at it. There is a George Corbin who is eighteen years old. He fits the George Corbin you are talking about and he would have been born in about 1901 and would have been two young to go into service. The census was taken in January of 1920. If he were not born in January. He would have been only seventeen or eighteen at the end of the war in 1919.

He might have lied about his age; but I doubt he could get away with that.; but stranger things happen.

You should look at the last name of the two children of six years old and three months: (1.) George Sample- 6yrs old. (2.) Stella Sample.

If you look at the complete 1920 Census:

1. Dunton, Samuel Head Married 35 Married
2. Corbin, Alice Border 48 "
3. Corbin, Ida " 14 Single
4. Corbin, George " 18 "
5. Henderson, Joseph " 23 Married
6. Henderson, Louise " 23 Married
7. Henderson, Louise " 8/12
8. Sample, George " 6 Single
9. Sample, Stella " 3 4/12 Single

George and Stella are the children of a George Sample. Who appear in a family geneology later as George and Stella Sample Henderson. the children of Louise and Joseph Henderson. Who they most likely adopted them later or shortly in life. He probably died in the War. In most families some one takes over and takes care and adopts those kids and sometimes never adopts; but incorporates them into the family by just saying figuratively " you are welcome to live with us and you are apart of our family now".

I will research further. Take care. Danny

Re: Photo of unknown war or branch - US

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It just came to me. Everyone that you have mentioned is on the 1920 Census. Which you have a copy of. They are all there accept Aunt Nellie.
Your profile shows you have been at this a pretty good while and researching quite a few families. Take care.
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