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adopted and lost

adopted and lost

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can anyone help me im adopted so is my biological mother and her sister my mother was born about 1945 in maroopna apprently her mother was laura eva harvey father i do not have a name for he died apprently ww2 the mother took the girls shepparton where they were taken by welfare from a aboriginal camp on the banks of a river and then placed in melb and adopted by the parry's in brighton any leads would be great as i really want to find my blood trail so too speak cheers

Re: adopted and lost

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Have you been able to get your welfare records. I was taken by welfare from the same area. They might be able to help you?

Goodluck with your search

Re: adopted and lost

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yeah i have my ward file but dosent say much about my mother or family her name was margeret and her sister was gaye my aunty has since died and i havent seen my mother or siblings since i was 6 i have since found a half sister and we are trying to find margerat

Re: adopted and lost

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Have you been able to find info about the camp that you were taken from and do you have any surnames you might be able to search through cemetary records

Re: adopted and lost

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You could also try posting here:
Good luck :)

Re: adopted and lost

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Have you tried also there used to be a service called Link Up also the ATSIC used to have sites for those looking for family members, try go through the links, maybe a story in the newspaper...have a look at the even google world war 2 records next of kin laura eva harvey..birth records for that time aren't on line, salvos have a service for this too..

Re: adopted and lost

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I thought I would put a timeline together so we can start looking in a timeframe...correct me if this is wrong:

Laura Eva HARVEY ( nee ???) m - ???? HARVEY?? in Victoria?

2 daughters:

1) Margaret HARVEY b 1945 Maroopna Victoria
2) Gaye HARVEY b ?? Maroopna "

father died WW2

Moved to Shepparton after WW2
Margaret and Gaye adopted by the PARRY family in Brighton Victoria sometime late 1940's early 1950's

Do you know the first names of the PARRY folk?

Margaret has 2 children.

Do you know if the girls adopted the PARRY name??

Here is a link to the Mooroopna cemetery:

There is a list of names of those from Mooroopna who enlisted for WW2 as well...not sure it helps as we don't know who Laura Eva married..but it could be a start!

Here is an interesting Wikipedia account of Mooroopna:

Maybe you could check with the local Historical Society there - there are a number of references on the above link

If you can provide any more clues, that would be great


Re: adopted and lost Harvey

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Surnames: Harvey
Have you tried to get in touch with VIC BMD's Registrar? See if they have an adoption service contact?

I know a family in-law did this via NSW BMDs, and had wonderful results.
Jan ,[in Wet and Wild QLD].

Re: adopted and lost Harvey

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i have been hard at it today and have found my auntys name on a electrol roll and that she died 2002 and took the secret to the grave she died gaye stone its all ive got at the moment she married graeme stone after divorcing her first husband chhers for all the help
i will keep looking

Re: adopted and lost Harvey

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According to the following Gayes' date of birth was 4th May 1947:

Also on this site there are 2 Laura Evas', neither may be yours but they might be worth looking at.

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