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Free Christian Church - Fitzroy 1906

Free Christian Church - Fitzroy 1906

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Surnames: Taylor, Lamprey
Looking for any information about this church and in particular - Rev James Taylor
I have a marriage certificate for George Francis Taylor and Emma Lamprey at Free Christian Church 1906 at 24 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and it says George's father was a clergyman and I wondered if he was a minister at the Free Christian Church
Any information would be great ...... Alison

Re: Free Christian Church - Fitzroy 1906

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Is this the son?

Name: George Francis Taylor
Father's Name: James Taylor
Mother's Name: Christina Johnston
Birth Place: Melbourne, Victoria
Registration Year: 1859
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration number: 11692

There are mentions in the papers for Rev James TAYLOR - seems to be baptist...there is mention of a George Taylor threatening the life of his father, Rev James TAYLOR ( 1885)
and again in 1889!!

also a denial of adultery etc by JT....1869

The above GFT is correct, he had siblings-eg Jeanie T who was a teacher at the Baptist school Richmond


On Thursday an inquest was hold by Dr. Youl, on the body of Bertie Taylor, aged eight years, son of the Rev. James Taylor, lato of the Collins-street Baptist Church. Deceased was in the habit of going for a ride in themilkcartdriven by John Withers, and on the 17th inst. got into the cart and remained in it until the driver got out to serve a customer. AVhile the man was away the horse, which was usually a quiet one, ran away, and the cart upset near the Treasury, falling on top of the boy, who sustained severe scalp wounds, a comminuted fracture of the lower jaw, and fracture of the ribs on....etc

also check out the Wills - there is a Methodist minsiter and another one out of Melbourne:

and this maybe GFT's mother:
Name: Christina Taylor
Death Place: Richmond, Victoria
Age: 75
Registration Year: 1891
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration number: 3612
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1816

Name: Jeanie Taylor
Death Place: East Melbourne, Victoria
Age: 80
Father's Name: James Taylor
Mother's Name: Christina Johnston
Registration Year: 1929
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration number: 10713
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1849

Name: Joseph Patrick Taylor
Death Place: Melbourne, Victoria
Age: 72
Father's Name: James Taylor
Mother's Name: Christina Johnston
Registration Year: 1929
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration number: 10851
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1857

Name: Bertie Taylor
Mother: Christina Johnstone
Father: James
Birth: abt 1862
Death: 1870 - Victoria

Name: Isabella Taylor
Mother: Christina Johnstone
Father: James
Birth: abt 1847
Death: 1874 - Victoria

a long letter to the Editor about Rev JT..finishes this way:

The history of the church does not present a more disgusting and insult- ing spectacle to the religious sentiments of a Christian people than that now presented by Mr. Taylor. He holds up the office of the ministry to the contempt and scorn of all the enemies of truth! Your article of this morning deserves the thanks of every lover of morality and of truth. I shall not trespass further on your space, only to advise the Rev. Mr. Taylor to ponder over the example of Mr. Sibthorpe, and "go and do likewise."
I am Sir, your obedient servant,
May 11, 1869 DECENCY.

I found George F T in some electoral rolls - no sign of Emma as far as I can make out - he was an engineer ( there was another GFT fellow, a gardener)

He died 1937 - in the papers there is an article about an auction of very fine furniture - that of Keith Murdoch and George F TAYLOR...March 1937 - don't know if he is your man, but we know who Keith Murdoch was!

you could probably just google the address of the church and see what comes up

Hope this helps with some background


Re: Free Christian Church - Fitzroy 1906

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Found a bot more:

Arrival in Australia:

Name: Christina Taylor
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1815
Age: 42
Arrival Date: Apr 1857
Arrival Port: Melbourne, Australia
Departure Port: Liverpool
Ship: Great Britain
Nationality: English
With James Taylor b 1814, Josiah TAYLOR b 1833, Mary b 1841, Isabella b 1846, Jane b 1849, Grace b 1851, William b 1854, and Joseph( no age maybe born on ship)

It took a while, but I finally located Christina and the children in 1851 - they were living with James' parents - James wasn't home :

TAYLOR, John Married M 58 1793 Farmer Whitburn, Linlithgow
TAYLOR, Isabella F 54 1797 Whitburn, Linlithgow
TAYLOR, Robert Nephew M 20 1831 No Occupation Glasgow,
TAYLOR, William Nephew M 12 1839 Scholar Glasgow,
TAYLOR, Christina Daughter-In-Law Married F 38 1813 Clergyman's Wife Perthshire
TAYLOR, Isabella G/Daughter F 5 1846 Airdria, Lanark
TAYLOR, Jane G/Daughter F 3 1848 Glasgow, Lanark
TAYLOR, Grace Eliza G/Daughter F 0 (6 MONTHS) 1851
Glasgow, Lanark
WARD, John M 12 1839 Herd Boy Ireland
Address: Village Of Whitburn, Village Of Whitburn, Whitburn
County: Linlithgowshire (West Lothian)
so working back as its been a tough find - you will his Mum is also staying with them

TAYLOR, James M 26 1815 Minister Scotland
TAYLOR, Christian F 24 1817 Scotland
TAYLOR, Isabela F 46 1795 Scotland
TAYLOR, John M 4 1837 Scotland
TAYLOR, Thomas M 2 1839 Scotland
TAYLOR, Elisabeth F 0 (1 WEEK) 1841 Lanarkshire
BROWN, Mary F 22 1819 F S Lanarkshire
Address: South Street, Airdrie County: Lanarkshire

Finally found james in 1851 -very odd:

TAYLOR, James Head M 36 1815 Minister Of Baptist Chapel Regart & E Whitburn
TAYLOR, John Son M 14 1837 Scholar Glasgow
TAYLOR, Mary Daughter F 10 1841 Scholar Glasgow
TAYLOR, Thomas Son M 12 1839 Scholar Glasgow
SHANNON, Mary Ann F 22 1829 Servant Greenock
Address: 105, Cumberland Street, Gorbals County: Lanarkshire


Re: Free Christian Church - Fitzroy 1906

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Hi Alison

Just wondering how much information you want...I have tracked the family from Scotland to Vic - another son of James TAYLOR also became a Baptist Minister ( in Sandhurst/Bendigo) - he married Anna LUSH 1863, had children but was convicted of fraud as a Trustee in 1870.... He died 1909 and there is a great Obit for him ( no mention of the fraud)in the papers, but very interesting anyway- one of his daughters was an author...famous for her book ' We of the Never Never'

see here - there is a photo of her:


There is lots of info on the www about her.

and this - about Rev James TAYLOR's work at the Collins St Baptist Church etc

and the details :

The house the TAYLORS lived:

and as usual with these things, I find the easy stuff last:

There are quite a few images for the GUNN family - if you google Jeanie's name, then go to the top of the google page and click on ' Images' will see some great stuff

there is a lot about Rev James TAYLOR if you google

Another son of Rev James TAYLOR, John TAYLOR was an ironmonger in Melbourne who was bankrupted to the tune of 45,000 quid after his brother Rev Thomas TAYLOR defrauded Mrs Jones.

I have information on some of the daughters marriages as well.

the TAYLOR family is the quintessential ' MIXED BAG' !!!


Re: Free Christian Church - Fitzroy 1906

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1851 sounds odd but makes sense when you realize that it might be a school where he worked and the kids might be boarding - 3 of them were school age.

Re: Free Christian Church - Fitzroy 1906

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Jocelyn - thanks for all the fabulous information. We knew a little bit about GFT and his father Rev James.
Yesterday we watched the movie - We of the Never Never on TV - how funny, we didn't know about the connection to Jeanie Taylor until your message.

We are desperate to find George Francis Taylor and Emma Ann Lamprey after they married 1906 at Free Christian Church.
We have found a death for GFT at St.Kilda 1937

We haven't been able to find them in the census since 1903
Do you know how to find 33 Roseberry Street, Auburn in the census 1906 as that is the address for both of them on marriage certificate.

Emma had two children maybe three - 1894, 1898 and no father listed on birth certificates and one that we know of was fostered as a baby (our grandmother).

Any clues to find Emma Ann (Lamprey) Taylor would be very helpful and appreciated.

Look forward to hearing from you again, and thanks for all the info ....... Alison
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