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Vastervik Sweden

Vastervik Sweden

Posted: 1096557026000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Anderson
I am trying to trace my greatgrand father Nathan Anderson
born in Westerwick in about 1837. He was a merchant seaman who emigrated to Newport Monmouth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Annelie Jonsson (View posts)
Posted: 1096963230000
Classification: Immigration
In Västervik you find Tjust Gen Soc Contact Holger Kanth (emailaddress on the webbsite).

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Karrin (View posts)
Posted: 1102042513000
Classification: Query
Hi, have you had success finding your relative??

Karrin in CA
Fellow Swede, just searching the archives.

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carolyn (View posts)
Posted: 1102262324000
Classification: Query
Hi Karrin

Unfortunately I have not had any sucess yet but I
will keep looking, thank you for your message.


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Posted: 1237991583000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Johnson
I am looking for an ancester, Alfred Johnson, born in Vastervik on June 15, 1865. He immigrated in the 1880's, before 1887. What is the best way to search parish records for his birth family? Thanks, Nancy

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Posted: 1237994916000
Classification: Query
The following url tells how to research in Swedish parish records.

I checked the handwritten parish records on the fee-based Genline site and didn't find his birth in Västervik parish on the date you provided. Perhaps the date is incorrect or perhaps he was born "near" Västervik but not "in" Västervik or there is a different/smaller Västervik. Perhaps someone has the time to dig through the SCB records (extractions of birth, marriage, and death records sent each year to those in Stockholm dealing with statistics. Those are arranged by county and are on Genline.) to find the parish where he was born. (subscription needed)

In modern times Västervik is a kommun (municipality/township) with a lot of parishes. The kommun didn't exist back then but this may give you an idea of other parishes to check for his birth record.

Västervik 0883

Västerviks fögderi
Ed, se Västra Ed
Gamla Västervik, se Gamleby
Hallingebergs norra kbfd*
Hallingebergs södra kbfd*
Nya Västervik, se Västervik
Västra Ed

Unfortunately I don't see him with that birthdate and birthplace (or even the birth county) on the Emibas CD. Emibas was made from registrations in the Swedish parish to go to a foreign country. It is about 75% complete. His name is far too common to identify him leaving from Västervik parish on the Emihamn database, made from registrations with Swedish port police before leaving Sweden. (Not all Swedes left through a Swedish port.) The problem is made worse by not knowing what form of "Johnson" he used. It was probably Johansson, Johannesson, Jonsson, Jönsson, etc.

You can find a year of immigration in the U.S. Federal Censuses for 1900-1910-1920-1930. Also compare the information about month and year of birth found on the 1900 U.S. Federal Census to the date you provided in your message.


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Posted: 1238418030000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Johnson
Thank you so much, Judy! Your post gave us a lot of good info, and a place to go on from here. Your help is greatly appreciated! We'd been thinking about subscribing to Genline and this gives us a place to begin. Nancy

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Posted: 1238550374000
Classification: Query
I found a Johan Alfred Johansson born in Västervik on June 15, 1865 in a parish called Västra Ed. I found a Johan Alfred Johansson in the 1890 Swedish Census that is absent when registering, which could mean he left Sweden with out permission, and I don’t know if these two are the same person as I tried to follow him from birth to when he became missing. I lose him on the last entry at GID: 199.51.38700.

The Johan Alfred I was following is a twin and his mother and two brothers have died and he is with his father. If any of this sound like your Alfred Johansson then maybe we can continue the search.

Married 23 Apr 1865
Johan Fredric Johansson b. 13 May 1839
Anna Mathilda Jonsdotter b. 21 May 1840 d. 26 Feb 1869
Johan Alfred b. 15 Jun 1865
Carl Vitus b. 15 Jun 1865 d. 10 Jan 1870
Gustaf Emil b. 19 Apr 1867 d. 17 Nov 1868

1862-1866 AI:28, page 85 GID: 199.46.40600 Nockstorp, Västra Ed
1867-1873 AI:30, page 120 GID: 199.49.29500 Nockstorp, Västra Ed
1867-1873 AI:30, page 218 GID: 199.49.38400 Vråka, Västra Ed
1867-1873 AI:30, page 121 GID: 199.49.29600 Nockstorp, Västra Ed
1867-1873 AI:30, page 123 GID: 199.49.29800 Nockstorp, Västra Ed
1867-1873 AI:30, page 147 GID: 199.49.32200 Troserum, Västra Ed
1867-1873 AI:30, page 139 GID: 199.49.31400 Troserum, Västra Ed
1874-1880 AI:32, page 228 GID: 199.51.38700 Troserum, Västra Ed

Post 835103
Johansson, Johan Alfred - f. Trädg.arrend.
b. 1865 i Västra Ed (Kalmar län, Småland)
Man, single
Qvarstående obefintlige sedan åren 1881-1890
Motala 'stadsförs' (Östergötlands län, Östergötland)
Absent when registering
Place of birth (original source): W. Ed Kalm. L.


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Posted: 1238600310000
Classification: Query
"Qvarstående obefintlige sedan åren 1881-1890" means that he was on a page for the nonexistent in those years. That most likely does mean he left the parish without registering. There may have been while before the priest rewrote that information on the nonexistent page.


Re: Vastervik Sweden

Posted: 1238603307000
Classification: Query

How does one find this page for the nonexistant?

My grandfather left Uråsa, Kronobergs on Oct 24, 1884 supposedly going to Hemmesjö but he never registered in that parish.

He did show up in Moorhead, MN 7 months later without leaving any tracks (EMIBAS, EMIHAMM) in Sweden or at any American ports.

I would like to see his name on a page for the nonexistant if Uråsa or Hemmesjö kept them.

Sorry to interrupt this thread.

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