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Bullis in Michigan area

Bullis in Michigan area

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Looking for the Bullis family in the Detroit Michigan area. My father was Roy Lee Bullis, his father was Frank Nelson Bullis, married to Nellie Whitaker(?). My father and mother divorced when I was 2 years old (1958) and I have lost track of my fathers side of the family.

Bullis in MI

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Perhaps your family might be on the World Family Tree disc #22,family #1562.We found an ancestor, Nelson James Bullis and many descendants there.

BULLIS in Michigan

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Have done a little research on my husband's BULLIS line in Livingston Co., MI. We have a Nelson that was a brother to his grandfather, a C. Nelson who was his gr-grandfather's 1st cousin and a Frank who was his grandfather's 1st cousin. I don't have any other info than names. Only just recently obtained the names through another researcher. I live near Livingston Co. and could do some searching as I have time if you come up with anything else you want checked out. Feel free to email me at and I would be glad to give you the Bullis names and relationships that I have.

Bullis Line in Michigan

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You posted a response in October about your husbands Bullis line in Michigan. I would appreciate any information you had on the Bullis line in Michigan. I have a lot of holes in the charts.

BULLIS in Michigan

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This is what I have on the Bullis line:

Descendants of Charles Bullis, Sr.

Generation No. 1

1. CHARLES1 BULLIS, SR. was born 1789 in New York, and died 11 August 1858 in Unadilla, Livingston Co., Michigan. He married SARAH HALSEY. She was born 1792, and died 28 September 1871 in Unadilla, Livingston Co., Michigan.

2. i. Robert H.2 Bullis, b. 1811, New York; d. 1882, Unadilla, Livingston Co., Michigan.
3. ii. William Bullis, b. 1817.
4. iii. Sylvester Bullis, b. 1821, New York.
5. iv. Catherine Bullis, b. 27 April 1822, Columbia, New York; d. 08 October 1904.
6. v. Sarah Ann Bullis, b. 29 April 1824, Ghent Twp., Columbia, New York.
7. vi. Charles Edward Bullis, b. 1828, New York; d. 1901.

Generation No. 2

2. ROBERT H.2 BULLIS (CHARLES1) was born 1811 in New York, and died 1882 in Unadilla, Livingston Co., Michigan. He married ANNIS. She was born 1816, and died 1880 in Unadilla, Livingston Co., Michigan.

Children of ROBERT BULLIS and ANNIS are:
i. C. Nelson3 Bullis.
ii. Annis Bullis.
iii. Frances Bullis.
iv. Josephine Bullis.
v. Athaline Bullis.

3. WILLIAM2 BULLIS (CHARLES1) was born 1817. He married CAROLINE H. SLATFORD 12 September 1842. She was born 1820 in England.

i. Ellen3 Bullis.
ii. Calvin Bullis.
iii. Frank Bullis.
iv. Ada Bullis.

4. SYLVESTER2 BULLIS (CHARLES1) was born 1821 in New York. He married ELIZA DAILEY. She was born 03 June 1821 in New York, and died 10 December.

8. i. William M.3 Bullis, b. 1855, Michigan; d. 1914.
ii. Nelson Bullis.
iii. Jasper Bullis.
iv. Jeanette Bullis.
v. John Bullis.
vi. Sylvester Bullis.

5. CATHERINE2 BULLIS (CHARLES1) was born 27 April 1822 in Columbia, New York, and died 08 October 1904. She married JOHN HOFF 16 March 1842 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan. He was born 1804, and died 12 July 1869 in Unadilla, Livingston Co., Michigan.

i. Sarah Ann3 Hoff.
ii. James Edmund Hoff.
iii. Charles M. Hoff.
iv. Ellen Hoff.
v. Emma Jane Hoff.
vi. Adaline Hoff.
vii. Frank Hoff.

6. SARAH ANN2 BULLIS (CHARLES1) was born 29 April 1824 in Ghent Twp., Columbia, New York. She married CHARLES WOOD 25 November 1847. He was born 29 September 1826 in Brookfield, Mass..

Children of SARAH BULLIS and CHARLES WOOD are:
i. G. Dwight3 Wood.
ii. Julia Wood.
iii. Jennie Wood.
iv. Edith Wood.

7. CHARLES EDWARD2 BULLIS (CHARLES1) was born 1828 in New York, and died 1901. He married JANE CARR. She was born 1833, and died 1905.

Children of CHARLES BULLIS and JANE CARR are:
i. Sarah R.3 Bullis.
ii. Carlia Bullis.
iii. Lillian Jane Bullis.
iv. Mary Bullis.
v. Elizabeth Bullis.
vi. George Bullis.
vii. Charles E. Bullis, Jr..

Generation No. 3

8. WILLIAM M.3 BULLIS (SYLVESTER2, CHARLES1) was born 1855 in Michigan, and died 1914. He married KATHRYN MCGRAW 01 June 1895 in Unadilla, Livingston Co., Michigan, daughter of PETER MCGRAW and MARGARET CLINTON. She was born 03 June 1853 in Oswego, New York, and died 1926 in Fowlerville, Livingston Co., Michigan.

i. Alta Mae4 Bullis, b. 28 December 1896, Unadilla, Livingston Co., Michigan; d. 29 September 1980, Hillside Terrace Retirement Residence, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan; m. (1) William Herman Meyer, 06 October 1916, Pontiac, Oakland Co., Michigan; b. 13 March 1896, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., Michigan; d. 25 November 1963, Gladwin, Gladwin Co., Michigan; m. (2) William L. Cruthers, 04 November 1972, Congregational Church, Pinckney, Livingston Co., MI; b. 14 October 1894, Genesse Co., MI; d. 28 July 1986, Hillside Terrace Retirement Residence, Ann Arbor, Wash. Co., MI.

Bullis/Bulis in Michigan

Pam Robinson (View posts)
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My husband's maternal grandmother descended from Daniel Bullis, born 1764 NY. One of Daniel's grandsons was Merinus Bullis, born
1820 Jefferson Co., NY. His son, William Mercer Bulis (note the spelling change) was born 1854 St.Lawrence Co., NY. He was married in 1876 in Coopersville, Ottawa, MI to May Platt, who was born in that town. They had 3 children (George, Earl Carrie) who were all born in Polkton, Ottawa, MI. May died there in 1886 and William took his children to Siskiyou Co., CA. Anyone share any of this line?

Re: BULLIS in Michigan - lost father, grandfather, etc.

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My father was born, I believe, in the general Detroit area in 1900. His name was Murl Lyman Bullis (I was a junior, name later changed after the divorce from my mother, Ruth). My grandfather, who I knew in the '40's, lived in Flint, Michigan. His first wife, my grandmother, was named Dora. Her other son was Fred J. Bullis. She had a sister, Bertie or Birdy, who was married, possibly in the 20's, to James Taylor - I think they had a son named Lee. I lost all touch with my father and his family, don't know my grandfather's first name. Any help would be appreciated!!

Re: 3 BULLIS families in Michigan 1919 also, familes A-B

Roberta (View posts)
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Classification: Census
Surnames: Arnold,Barunum,/Barrett,Barton,Bates,Beebe,Black,Blair, Bonck.Book.Bowen,Boyce.Braley.Brininstool.Buhl,Bullia,Burgus.Bush
Bullis name 1919, Unadilla Township, Livingston Co., MI
My husband loves old books.
He found: How to Do Things
Which included:
Lists of Residents in Cohoctah, Conway, Deerfield, Handy, Howell, Oceola, Genoa, Hamburg, Iosco, Marion, Putnam and Unadilla Townships, Livingston Co., Mich
Wilmer Atkinson Company
publishers of The Farm Journal
Washington Square
copyright 1919
I started to compile a list of Unadilla , Livingston Co. Mi familes to share. Book lists families who lived in Unadilla, 1919 .people in the household, occupation address ,phone.
A county map is divided into sections with 1-72 .
Numbers after a town name refer to where in the county the people live. example #1 Arnold, residents is at #34 on map.
If your family is listed and you should want the map, contact me..
I will post names as I manage to type them. If anyone is interested.

Unadilla Township [ A-B]
1. Arnold, George
w Minnie
Ch Vancie,
ret 0 1251/2 a R1 Gregory 34 B tel.

2. Arnold, Otto B.
w. Agnes
Ch. Hazel, Roscoe
0 153 a 6h 20c R 1 Gregory 34b tel.

3. Barnum, Wirt T.
w. Sarah
ch. Claire R.
must be employees living here:
E. Lucile,
M. Esther,
Frank H.
187a 4h 16c R2 Gregory 70

4. Barrett, James M.
R2 Stockbridge 58

5. Barrett, William C.
w. Maude L.
ch Ercel Maude, Doris Bell
T 1291 3h 10c R2 Stockbridge 58

6. Barton Frank A.
w. Ella A.
ch. Grace E.
Wert E.
ret 0 1821/2a 2h 2c R3 Pinckney 35B tel

7. Barton James W.
w. Nillie
ret. 0 9a 1c R. 2 Gregory 71

8. Bates, George
0 H&L R2 Geogory 61

9. Bates, Frank
w. Wlizabeth Jane
ch. Maude
Emmett E.
0 185a 2h 8c R2 Gregory 52

10.Bates, Lucinda
R2 Gregory 61

11. Bates, Wendell
0 160 a 4h 15c R2 Gregory 61

12.Beebe, Mrs Clara
R2 Gregory 52

13. Black, David
w. Hazel B.
T 200a 9h 25c Stockbridge 1 Ind Tel.

14.Blair , Will
w. Anna
ch. Guy
ret T H&L 1h R1 Gregory 11 Ind tel.

15. Bonck, William
w. Hallie
T 460a 7h 18c R3 Gregory 10 Ind tel

16. Book, Elmer
w, Maggie
0 122a 4h 10c R3 Pinckney 35 B. tel
17. Bowen, Arthur
R2 Howell 13 tel.

18. Bowen, Harry N.
w. Frances I.
ch Dora D.
Joseph E.
0 80a 3h 8c R1 Gregory 33.

19. Boyce, Floyd A.
w. Carrie M.
ch. Irene M.
road worker
0 1a R1 Gregory 33.

20. Boylan, C,A.
w. Mary A.
T 238a 5h 17c R1 Gregory 28 Ind tel.

21.Braley, Elmer
w. Persis N.
ch. William N.
0 280a 3h 14c R1 Gregory 21. Ind. tel.

22. Brininstool, Joshua D.
T R1 Gregory 33

23. Buhl, Julien E.
w. Nora E,
ch, Eileen A.
0 205a 1h 9c R1 Geogory 8 B. tel.

24. Bullis, Arthur C.
w. May
ch Myer M.
0 80a T 236a 10h 16c R3 Pickney 36 Ind tel.

25. Bullis ,Charles
w. Agnes E.
ch. Arthur E.
0 236a 10h 16c R3 Pinckney 36 Ind tel.

26. Bullis, Silvester
w. Maud S.
ch. May,
T 60a R2 Gregory 44

27. Burgess, John
w. Minnie
ch. Andrew
0 210a rh 9c R1 Gegory 28 Ind tel.

28. Bush, Joseph H.
0 88a 2h 6c R3 Pinckney 38.

Re: Bullis/Bulis in Michigan

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Surnames: Bulis, Platt, Le May, Pipes, Kellison, Tubbs leBrie
I have an aunt by marriage who is great-granddaughter of Merinus Bulis. She sent me some info if you are interested. My correct e mail address is

Re: Bullis/Bulis in Michigan

Pam Robinson (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Thank you, Ruth! I'll be writing to you very soon.
Pam Robinson
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