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Great Grandfather

Great Grandfather

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I'm trying to find record of my great grandfather coming to the USA. His name was Jacob Kayma- B.March 6 1868. I know he lived in Germany. Not sure if he was born there though.

I found a passenger list for his wife, Wilhelmina, and children. They lived in Germany but left from Antwerp Belgium and arrived In New York New York on the ship Zeeland in 1902. The list said they were meeting him (Jacob) in Clearfield PA. I know he was a coalminer there until his death in 1926.

The only way I was even able to identify that it was in fact my great grandmother on this passenger list was by her children. Her name is transcribed as "Kina Kaima" But I believe it is meant to be "Mina".This is the link to it in case you need to see it.

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

Re: Great Grandfather

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In the 1910 census Jacob states that he immigrated in 1902
I found the following - it may be him

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Ship Name: Vaderand
Sailing from: Antwerp
Date: November 8, 1902
Arriving: November 18, 1902
Line: 10
Name: Jacob Kaymar
Age: 34 years 4 months
Sex: Male
Married or Single: Married
Calling or Occupation: Miner
Able to Read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Nationality: German
Last Residence: Bul??ke
Seaport for Laning in the United States: German
Final destination in the Untied States: Muson, Pa.
Whether going to join a relative or Friend: Friend (unable to read) Muson, Pa.

Re: Great Grandfather

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Yes this definitely sounds like it's him! Everything matches with the information I have on him and the immigration record I found for his wife the following year.

Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate it.


Re: Great Grandfather

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Hi!! I'm super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.... I'm connected to Mina Kaima, :-) Jacobs wife....i think she's my great great aunt..... As far as I can figure out Mina and the kids were going to meet Jacob when they came over. They travelled with Wilhelm Bojarzin who is listed right beneath the kids on the passenger list! said on the ship manifest that he was going to meet with his brother in law Jacob Kaima. I'm not sure if Mina is a Bojarzin or a Weigel (my great grandmothers maiden name). My great grandfather came from Klein Shiemanen, Kreis Ortelsburg,Ostpreussen.
My grandmother (great) came from Niedenburg, Ostpreussen. her name was Karoline Weigel. They were in Gelsenkirchen 1900-1910 for sure.

I'm thrilled that you had Jacobs birthdate. Do you have it in family records?

I've been finding information that is leading me to believe 'Kaima' is Finnish ...whether or not it is ... Who knows :-)
Would you happen to have information on where they were married ... What year?
I look forward to talking to you!! :-)

Re: Great Grandfather

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Hi... Forgot to say that Jacobs last residence probably was Bulmke, Germany .......... This place seems to come up frequently.. It was a mining town and is now incorporated into Gelsenkirchen .... If I have it right..:-)

Talk soon :-)

Re: Great Grandfather

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Hey there!

I didn't even notice the man listed below Wilhelmina(Minnie/Mina)and her children or that he was also going to meet Jacob. Thank you so much for pointing that out!

We were told by my grandmother that Minnie's maiden name was Rapin (or Rapine, not sure on the spelling). Jacobs birth date was also told to me by my grandmother. Unfortunately, I don't know when Jacob and Minnie were married or very much at all about the Kayma family. My grandmother is now deceased so I cannot ask her either.

I too was researching the area Jacob and Minnie were from and had learned it was a mining town, which makes sense since that was Jacobs occupation in Pennsylvania.

It was so great to hear from you and thanks for sharing your info with me!


Re: Great Grandfather

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Hi :-)
Well, I'm very puzzled now .... I guess that's what happens when one makes assumptions.... Doesn't mean that Wilhelm isn't connected by marriage of a sister or sister in law .... But it does add to the mystery with Minnie's maiden name being Rapin... Could she have been married once before? Or because Wilhelm was traveling with her was it better to say he was her brother in law... Since she was traveling alone as a woman with kids? Or... Another thought... Had Jacob been married before, and that's where the connection is? Sooooooo many questions!!!

One thing I know for sure is that Wilhelm Bojaryn was living in Bulmke too... It's on my grandfathers birth certificate. So there definately is a connection ... Just what it is, who knows. We might be related yet :-)

Good luck in your search... If anything else comes up in mine I'll let you know. :-)

Re: Great Grandfather

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Hello Jonib,

Just checking back in with you to see if you ever found a connection between the Bojaryn, Rapien and Kayma families.

Best regards,


Re: Great Grandfather

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Hi KMLC :)
I'm still in the process ...... I did find the marriage record of Minna and Jacob. They were married in Gelsenkirchen June 8,1895. Birthdates, parents(and place they are from) and address are on the record. Still no mention of Bojarzin. Still a start though. I'm not able to attach the record but will try to email/message you directly.
Regards, Jonib

Re: Great Grandfather

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You have no idea how excited I am that you have their marriage record! I have been trying to hunt it down for a long time. I would be so grateful if you would send it to me.

My email address is

I look forward to seeing it!

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