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Coolspring Presbyterian Church, Sussex Co, DE

Coolspring Presbyterian Church, Sussex Co, DE

Cynthia N. Russell (View posts)
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Interested in anyone else researching or connected with the Coolspring Prebyterian Church located west of Lewes, DE in Sussex County off Route 18. I have visited the church and cemetery there and transcribed the records for the James FERGUS (b. 1751, Co Tyrone, IRE, and older brother to Francis FERGUS (b. 1752, Co Tyrone, IRE who resided in Rockbridge and Montgomery Counties) family and related SMITH family through the marriage of the daughter Eliza to John D. SMITH in 1813. Please contact me with any information regarding these families.

Re: Coolspring Presbyterian Church, Sussex Co, DE~FERGUS

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Surnames: Fergus
I have a book called: "Vital Records of Kent and Sussex Counties Delaware, 1686-1800" compiled by F. Edward Wright. This was the only info I found in it for anyone with the name Fergus:

on pg. 121, it says that a James Fergus was baptised at Lewes and Coolspring Presbyterian Church, Lewes, Delaware, on 2/2/1798.

My mom and I visited that church last summer--I think we have some ancestors burried there too, but at the moment I can't remember who. Anyway, I know the above info isn't a whole lot of help, but I thought I"d offer it. Good luck on your search!

~Beth Alamo~

Re: Coolspring Presbyterian Church, Sussex Co, DE~FERGUS

Dave Schoolfield (View posts)
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Where can one get a copy of that book? I'm looking for information on Schoolfields. Possibly Esker who died in Sussex county. Supposedly he was married to Angeletta Evans. She later married Watson Wharton and moved to Guilford Co. N. C. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Vital Records of Kent & Sussex Co, DE 1686-1800

Beth Alamo (View posts)
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Surnames: Schoolfields, Evans, Wharton
The book is by F. Edward Wright and cost about $16. It is published by Family Line Publications, and they give a phone number in the book that you can call and recieve a free catalog. This Vital Records book can then be found in the catalog. The number is:1-800-876-6103

I quickly checked the book's index for the names you listed and Watson Wharton was the only one listed.
On 27 June 1778, he subscribed some money to a ministerof Blackwater Presbyterian Church, near Frankford, Delaware. There is also a David Wharton listed that subscribed in 78 and 79. And there are James and Matthew Wharton who subscribed in 1780.
Also listed on that list is Benjamin Schofield (another spelling of your Schoolfield) who subscribed in 78.
There is also Ebenezer, Eli, Elijah, many Johns, William, and Lemuel Evans listed on the same list.

I'm not sure if you are aware of the book "A Somerset Sampler: Families of Old Somerset County, Maryland 1700-1776" book. Old Somerset and much of Sussex, DE cover the same land, and families.

In this book, there is a history of how the Schoolfield family started out in the Somerset/ Sussex area of Delaware, though I did not find your Esker listed. There are also a ton of Evans listed in the book, but no Angeletta. The Wharton family is also in the book, with ties to the Evans family, but Watson is not listed.

The book is publisehd by Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society, PO Box 3602, Salisbury, MD 21802-3602. Library of Congress Catalog Card number: 94-78825

I did find a bit of info that you might find useful in the book: "Calendar of Sussex County Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800" Compiles by Leon deValinger, Jr. I do not believe the book is printed anymore, though I have seen it in some college Libraries.

In this book, Angeleta Scholfield is listed twice. Directly from the book:
Probate record of:
"Schofield, Joseph. Yeoman. Admin. of, to Angeleta Schofield. Granted 3 Nov 1779. Arch. vol. A98, page 33. [Note:--Arch. vol. A98, page 33 shows that Angeleta Schofield later married Watson Wharton]."

Also the probate record of:
"Schoolfield, Benjamin, Sr. Worcester County, MD. Will. Made May 1, 1774. Heris: wife Bridgett Schoolfield; sons Joseph, Benjamin, William, John, and Henry Schoolfield; daus. Mary, Diligance and Bridgett Schoolfield, Sarah Wharton and Rhoda Powell. Exec'rs, wife Bridgett Schoolfield and son Joseph Schoolfield. Wits., W[illia]m Tingle, Beavins Morris, Jerusha Morris. Prob. May 29 1776. Arch. vol. A98, page 30. Reg. of wills, Liber C, folios 44-45. [Note:--Arch. vol. A98, page 30 shows the estate was settled Sept 15, 1778 by Angelitta Schoolfield, admr'x of Joseph Schoolfield, one of the exec'rs.]"

So, possibly the Esker Schoolfield you mentioned might be this Joseph Schoolfield, son of Benjamin and Bridgette.

Bridgette is listed also:
"Schofield (Schoolfield), Bridget. Will (copy) made July 8, 1776. Heirs: sons Joseph, Benjamin, William, John and Henry Schofield. Daus. Diligence and Bridget Schofield, Rhoda Powell, Sarah Wharton and Mary Smith. Exec'r, son Benjamin Schofield. Wits., W[illia]m Tingle, W[illia]m Evans, Zipporaw Crapper. [No.prob.] Arch. vol. A98, page 32. {note:--Arch vol. A98, pg. 32 shows the estate was settled by William Tingle, adm'r of Benjamin Schofield; also mentions Francis Wharton and wife, and Rebecca Schofield]."

I am a descendent of William Tingle. Off the top of my head, I believe his wife was a Powell, thus Ben & Bridgette's daughter Rhoda, is probably a sister-in-law. I have found him connected to the family thoughout my research.

Watson Wharton is listed on page 122, probate of:
"Wharton, Hinman, Sr., Will. Made Dec 19, 1775. Heirs: wife Mary Wharton; sons David, Watson and Hinman Wharton; daus. Mary Barker, Elizabeth Smith, Cathrine Evans, Rhoda Aydelott. Exec'rs, sons David, Watson and Hinman Wharton and daus. Elizabeth Smith, Cathrine Evans and Rhoda Aydelott. Wits., William Tunnell, Elizabeth Tunnell, John Evans,. Prob. May 4, 1778. Arch. vol. A107. page 18. Reg. of Wils, Liber C, folios 146-148. {note--Arch. vol. A107, page 18 shows the estate was settled March 8, 1786 by Watson Wharton, acting exec'r]."

After finding this info, I went back to the "Somerset Sampler book" and this is a summary of the info I found on Joseph Schoolfield, husband of Angeletta:
Starts out with (and goes into much more detail, but I'm just listing the basics, I also put stars by the names that are your Joseph is descended from:
"*Joseph Schoolfield (d. 1744), cooper, son of _______ and *Margaret Schoolfield, m. *Sarah perhaps Hudson?
Joseph and Sarah had issue:
John (d. 1772) m. Katerine Givens and Mary Richardson
*Benjamin (d. 1776) m. Bridget _______
Joseph (d. 1767) m. Mary ______
Alice m. _____ Lindall
Lydia m. _______ Hudson"

Children for all of Joseph's kids is also listed. Family info on Benjamin d. 1776:
"Benjamin (d. 1776), of Sussex Co., Del., mr. Bridget _____ (d. c1776) and had issue:
1) Joseph (d. by 1778) m. Angelitta (Angeleta) _____ and died without issue in Sussex Co., DE
2) Benjamin (d. 1782) m. Anne
3) William
4) John
5) Henry
6) Mary m. Smith
7) Diligance
8) Bridget
9) Sarah m. Francis? Wharton
10) Rhoda, m. ___Powell"

the book was published by researchers, and thus does have room for errors. The book stated Joseph and Angeletta Schoolfield did not have any children, but maybe they had children and the researchers just did not know about it.

Anyway, I hope some of this has helped you in your research. Good luck!

Re: Vital Records of Kent & Sussex Co, DE 1686-1800

Dave Schoolfield (View posts)
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Thank you very much. My information on Esker must be wrong. H's supposed to have come over from England by way of Holland with two brothers. I greatly appreciate your time and effort.

Schoolfield's from England

Beth Alamo (View posts)
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Surnames: Schoolfield
Dave, you mentioned you had heard your Schoolfield's came from England. I went back and looked in the "A Somerset Sampler: Families of Old Somerset County, Maryland 1700-1776" book, and found a little more information.

I mentioned the Joseph Schoolfield, father of Benjamin who was the father of your Joseph. However, I missed that the book traced the Schoolfield family back one more generation.

This is the info given:
" ________ Schoolfield was from a Catholic family, probably from Lancashire in northern England, a Catholic stronghold after imposition of Pretestantism in 1532. Tradition says that Benjamin Schoolfield and his wife immigrated to America in 1658, and that he had bro. John. (Frederick Co., MD., 1776 census lists Schoolfields not descended from Somerset Co., branch of family; they may have been descendants of this John.) Torrence lists Benjamin Schoolfield as a settler in Somerset Co., between 1666 and 1700, but this is probably the son rather than the father. It seems likely that the father d. in England and that the widow and her four sons immigrated to America after his death and shortly before 1687. Margaret Scofield, widow, of Somerset co., purchased 200 acre tract Desart, from William and Elizabeth Stevens on 11 Nove 1687, with 100 pieces of eight paid by her son Valentine Scofield; her son Henry witnessed the deed.
_______Schoolfield m. Margaret _______ ( tradition says maiden name was Anderson) and had issue:
1) Valentine, apparently d. soon after arrival or did not remain in Somerset Co., since only reference found on him is in the 1687 deed
2) Henry
3) Benjamin
4) ***Joseph**** "

This 4th child, Joseph, is the one listed as the grandfather to your Joseph Schoolfield.

Sorry I missed that and good luck with your research.

Re: Schoolfield's from England

Dave Schoolfield (View posts)
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Thanks again. Do you live in the Somerset area? My cousin Llloyd has researched a lot more than I have. Someone sent me a link to a website that sells the kind of books you've talked about. I'm going to order some of them. It's amazing how much history there is back east. It must be staggering in Europe.

Re: Schoolfield's from England

Beth Alamo (View posts)
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I agree! There is quite a bit of history back east. I live no where even close to the Somerset area, but I do have family around Dover, Delaware, so I make frequent visits and am only slightly familiar with the region south of it.
Good luck in your research!

Re: Schoolfield's from England

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Surnames: Warrington
Hoping Beth may still be reading?

I'm researching the Warrington family. Coard Warrington and his wife Jane are buried in the Cool Spring Cemetary. His descendents are all at Barratt's Chapel. I'm curious whether his ancestors are also there at Cool Spring. They would be:

Joseph Warrington 1724-1778 (wife: Rachel)
William Warrington yeoman 1674-1755 (wife: Mary Scarburgh)

Also, do you know if birth or death certificates are maintained by this church for this time period?

Thanks so much for your time!

Re: Coolspring Presbyterian Church, Sussex Co, DE

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Hi my name is Kenneth Greathouse
I am looking for a John R Radney 1771 to 1851 and a Margret Peggy Piper Radney 1776 to 1847. for my wife, I would like to Purchase this book if they are in that cemetery if there is any way you can tell me please. You can call me at 334-258-7120..I would greatly appreciate it or email me at
Thank You
Kenneth Greathouse
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