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Does anyone out there happen to have any information on Justine "Justee" Bolton who married George Hallum? She is from North Carolina, but I have nothing on her parents. According to the 1850 census, she is married to George and living in Shelby,TN along with their four children, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, and Bluford. By 1860 the family has moved to Prairie County, AR and have five more children, Cary A, Carroll B, John W, Eliza M, and George H. The 1870 census shows "Justee" living with some people by the name of Kahn(?). Her married name has changed, but I can't decipher what it says. It appears to be "Hadway". Her married daughter, Elizabeth, Elizabeth's children, and five or six of Justine's children are also living there. If someone can give me some definitive info on her, it would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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Surnames: Bolton/Boulton/Hallum family.
I think I can help...and I think the ladies name.may have been Lucy Bolton...From my history...She married William Andrew Hallum...likely in 1828.(Maybe Shelby Co, Tn.)...About 9 years after Shelby
Co, Tn...was opened..for settlement....

They had a son in Arkansas..... A daughter Jane Hallum born about 1830..who married a Martin Berry; .Amanda Hallum born about 1832, and Eliza Hallum born about 1834... Not sure if born in Arkansas. but could have been...

This family...was linked to Charles A. Boulton/Bolton
and Elizabeth Farley... of Smith Co, Tn... 1804 and forward..And before, as a young couple... Halifax Co, Va...

Charles A. Boulton/Bolton ...was born in Orange Co, N. C...about 1767; his (1) wife., ".Elizabeth Farley.".. was born about 1765-66 in VA...

I may be off base...but your message seems to
what I know of a Bolton/ Hallum marriage.....
Seemed to fit in our history.....

They spelled their names." both ways.". Boulton and Bolton... It was who..they were mad at.. My understanding.. Both are from the same family.
Does this sound right???? It does to me.....

If interested...I do have some old history of the family...
& of the Boltons..of Shelby Co, Tn.. (1825--to present...

{I come from both..wives.of Charles A. Boulton/Bolton.. thru an inter-marriage..down the line...


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Bernie...Thanks for the try, but I don't think we're talking about the same woman. I know her name was Justine/Jestine and she was married to George Hallum. The census records prove that. She may be in your Bolton/Boulton history somewhere, but she's not the "Lucy" you speak of. Thanks so much for answering my query. If you come up with anything else, please give me another shout!

Re: Bolton/Hallum

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Boulton/Bolton/Hallum
Dear Friend..
I think..I was in the same park...but had the wrong person...who married a Hallum; and did journey to
Lonoke, Arkansas.( Prairie, Co) Arkansas..
A number of the Boultons/Bolton...did also.....

{{ I will back up.}}}} I got ahead of myself. You
haven't researched the Bolton family, ".as I." I am quite sure of that...

The Bolton/Boulton familes in TN came from North Carolina and Virginia in the early years OF TN HISTORY .

There were two such familes;
Both ended up in Shelby co, Tn.. {I just live about 8 miles from Shelby Co, Tn.}..(IN Arkansas...if you please)..and have Arkansas...for just over 80 years} " I have researched both families."
Most were related in one way..or another...

I happen to come from Charles A. Boulton/Bolton and Elizabeth Farley...They migrated to Smith Co, Tn..about
1804..(. Charles.A. Boulton..had 2 families.) One in Smith Co, Tn...and one in Shelby Co, Tn...due to his DOINGS.. (13 Children...including 2 sons I come..)
(One son..from each wife...)

you come from Moses Boulton/Bolton Sr...who was born in Halifax Co, VA.. (1794)..SON OF Charles A's first wife..Elizabeth Farley....

Moses Boulton/Bolton Sr. married Cary Rust in Smith Co, TN. She was the daughter of Justine Banks and George Rust...of North Carolina.. .

Cary Rust was born North Carolina. ".either 1794 or 1798 " ( I have two records) one from the 1860 Census of Shelby Co, Tn..that showed her born in 1794..The other date..was of family records...

In 1860, Cary was living with her son...Moses Bolton Jr...and his second wife...Frances..{I think.} (Moses Boulton/Bolton Jr...married his half first cousins.. on his second , third and possible 4th marriage...and I come from his last Frances Louella Bolton... who was the daughter of Jefferson C. Boulton/Bolton and Julie Harris.....

Moses Boulton/Bolton Jr' s father's 1/2 brother's daughters... {.. If you please, but is

You come.Moses Boulton/Bolton Sr...and Cary Rust... through their daughter Justina..(Justine) who did indeed married George Hallum in 1835...Shelby Co, Tn.. The records can be obtained from Shelby Co., Today..if you wanted them... The records are still available...this late date...

if you will contact me... at my E-mail address..

I will fill you in on much family history..and I may surprise you with some family pictures that will make you a believer...
Sincerely... Cousin Bernie W. Bolton Sr..... ..

Bear in mind there were only two families of Boltons
or Boultons in Shelby Co, Tn..or Tn...for that matter
in the very earliest..and I think both families...were related; If not, they were:::: ""down the line"" there were marriages...among these family..later in Shelby Co, TN..

BINGO !!!! " You are right" Your Justina (Justine ) Bolton... was born about 1815 in Smith Co, Tn... She married...George Hallum in 1835 Shelby Co, Tn..

George Hallum...was born about 1809 in Smith Co, TN......and I have no info..on their children..(You have that.)

The main thing.... You come from my great great
grandfather's sister... " Justina (Justine)..Bolton".

(The family.. spelled their last names.. both ways ..It
was just whom they were mad at.)...

The name Justina or Justine...comes from Cary Rust
mother's name.. George Rust..and Justine Banks.. Her parents were born in N. well....

Write me..
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