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Jean-Francois Sirois dit Duplessis

Jean-Francois Sirois dit Duplessis

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Surnames: Sirois, Sirois dit Duplessis, Dumont
As my mother is a Sirois and her mother's mother is a Sirois I have research and along with the work of Drouin Genealogy of Montreal which made my grandfather'family tree back in the 40's. the First Sirois came from France to Riviere Ouelle in Kamouraska was Jean-Francois Sirois born in 1667 and died in Riviere-Ouelle in 1737, he was married in France to Marie-Angelique Dumont in St-Germain-en-Laye in Paris. Along the decendants some stayed in Kamouraska and some move to New Brunswick but all decendant from Jean-Francois.
I hope it clears up some mysteries.
Normand L. Angers

Re: Jean-Francois Sirois dit Duplessis

Edna {Sirois} Certo (View posts)
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Surnames: Sirois dit Duplessis, Sirois, Thiboutot, Roy
I have written a comprehensive history and lineage on the Sirois clan ten years ago. From JEAN FRANCOIS[Sirois]Duplissis,son of JEAN DUPLESSIS from St. Germain En Laye France., to Riviere Ouelle, Canada, to Kamouraska, to Cacouna, to Rivierre du Loup, to Nova Scatia, to Edmundston, to my last[lineage or decendant] There are no documents stating "Jean Sirois [dit] DUPLESSIS ever went to Canada. All the files will tell you that his SON {FRANCOIS SIROIS [dit] DUPLESSIS {Son of Jean Duplessis} went to Canada and in 1713 married Marie Anne Thiboutot. 2nd wife was Marie Francoise Roy.
There was a reunion of the Sirois Clan in Madawaska Me. ten years ago and over a thousand "cousins' attendant. I would love to hear from others who have more notes than I have had over the years I've spend on the Sirois Lineage.
Thank you.

Re: Jean-Francois Sirois dit Duplessis

Edna (View posts)
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Surnames: Sirois
I believe that what you wrote is as we found to be true, I also think that you did a great job explaining the arrival of our ancestor to Canada, although I feel that there is a line which reads "Nova Scotia" as where the Sirois went" could you expound on this? who was the one that ended in Nova Scotia?....
sais toute germaine.

Re: Jean-Francois Sirois dit Duplessis

Normand L. Angers (View posts)
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Surnames: Sirois dit Duplessis, Sirois
Hi Normand,

I saw your message and wondered where your birth date of 1667 came from. I have been researching Sirois when time allows, for a few years and your 1667 is the first time I have a birth date listed.

Thank you,

John Sirois
John Ludger Sirois,111
John Ludger Robitaille Sirois

Re: Jean-Francois Sirois dit Duplessis

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I am trying to locate parents of Nicolas Gatineau dit Duplessis, b-1627 Paris, France, d-1689, Hotel Dieu, QB, Canada.

My investigation seems to lead to the Sirois family. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Jean-Francois Sirois dit Duplessis

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Surnames: Sirois
I am a descendant of this line. A couple of things confuse me. I am working only with other peoples research at this point for this side of my family. Another source has Francois Sirois dit Duplessis with the dates you mention but married to Marie Anne Thilboutot. The other source has his father Jean Sirois dit Duplessis married to Marie Angelique Dumont. I am just trying to figure this whole thing out and there are too many ancestors with the same first names and I am getting greatly confused! Any help/info you may want to share would be greatly appreciated.

Just to let you know where I am related I am a direct descendat Jean - Francois - Francois II - Jean Marie-Pierre - Oliver - Oliver Arthur (went by Arthur)- Joseph -Theophile - Theophile Jr (my grandfather)- Theodore - Robin (me)

Re: Jean-Francois Sirois dit Duplessis

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You say that you have history of the Sirois clan. Is this something you would be willing to share/post? My wife's family includes Sirois and I am trying to help her gather info. Thank you

Re: Jean-Francois Sirois dit Duplessis

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Surnames: Sirois, Duplessis

Actually the info you have posted regarding our first NA Sirois ancestor is incorrect. Some common errors have occurred as the result of incomplete research and have been perpetuated for many years.

The documentary evidence available on our first Sirois ancestors indicates the following:

The first who we know came to North America was Francois Sirois dit Duplessis. He was likely born about 1680 (at his burial in 1737 the priest estimated his age as 70 and this is a big part of the confusion). There is no indication his name was Jean Francois, this seems to have come from an error in amalgamating his father's name (JEAN) and his name (FRANCOIS). The single strongest piece of evidence for his birth year and his and his father's given names is the record of Francois first marriage. Next a partial translation:

The year 1713 on this 28h day of November, after publication of three banns of marriage in this parish church of Notre-Dame de Liesse, the 5 the 12th and the 19th day of this month

between FRANCOIS SIROIS DUPLESSY, aged 33, son of the late Jean Sirois Duplessy and of Marie Angelique Dumont, his father and mother on......

Since Francois gave his age at the marriage it seems likely much more accurate than a Priest's estimate at his burial. Thus I believe Francois was born about 1680. Francois' father, Jean it seems never came to North America. The marriage record of his son indicates he died before Nov 28, 1713. Despite searching, no records of Jean Sirois and Marie Angelique Therese Dumont,his wife, have ever been found in France. All of the information about them comes from their son Francois' marriage records in Quebec(contract and actual marriage)

you can find more on all of the documents which I am aware of on this first North America Sirois ancestor starting at:

if there are any additonal original documents which can shed light on this I would be thrilled to have them come to light.

hope this helps clarify,

Mark Duplisea

Re: Jean-Francois Sirois dit Duplessis

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For Sirois history, please look at

This is my website dedicated to the Sirois-Duplessis family.

You can also find my contact info there and I would be happy to help connect your wife into the Sirois family tree..

Mark Duplisea
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